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Dear Constituents

This past year has been tough for people in the area, and for the state, but there
are some positive signs that the recession is easing.

Home prices have stabilized and fewer mass layoffs are being announced—and
some industries are even growing. Quidel expects DHI to grow at the Athens
location, and several clean energy companies have demonstrated remarkable
growth in the past couple of years.

But our work to prepare Ohio to emerge stronger as the national economy
recovers continues. The Third Frontier program is headed to the ballot this May,
and will offer voters an opportunity to expand a proven job creator in Ohio. The
program has created over 41,000 jobs in Ohio and the 92nd district has seen
$17.2 million invested and 85 jobs created or retained since 2006.

Global Cooling and DHI in Athens, Thermo-Fisher in Washington County, and
TechGrowth Ohio serving the region, are all funded through the Third Frontier. All
of these companies have hired new employees, and TechGrowth Ohio is supporting
entrepreneurship throughout the region. These investments are helping our
region's young people find ways to stay in our local community, while developing
and using their talents to strengthen Ohio's position in the global economy.

This spring, I am expanding my efforts to be directly available to you by hosting a
series of community meetings across the district. These meetings will take place in
communities large and small across the district from Athens and Belpre to Chester
and Stockport. These are in addition to my quarterly roundtable meetings and
monthly office hours, and will be a chance for me to listen to you about your
concerns and priorities.

Finally, please make sure you're counted in the 2010 Census. The Census will
determine how federal dollars are spent for the next 10 years, as well as how
many seats Ohioans have in Congress. In order for our communities to receive a
fair share, we must ensure everyone is counted. These funds are used for roads,
community health centers, economic development, education and other vital
programs throughout the region.

CONTACT As always, I welcome your thoughts, comments and opinions on matters before
the House. If you are ever in need of assistance on a state matter, please contact
Columbus Office my office.
92nd District
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Sincerely, Save the
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1 in 5 Families Qualify For a Federal Tax Credit
How to See If You Are Eligible to Receive a Larger Tax Refund
As this years tax season eral tax credit and connect Ohioans to
approaches, we want to make sure tax preparers who can assure that every
you have all the information you Ohioan who qualifies for the EITC re-
need to claim the largest possible ceives it.
The amount of money you can get back
The Earned Income Tax Credit through the EITC is based on your an-
(EITC) is a refundable federal tax nual taxable income and the number of
credit that allows Ohioans earning children in your family. To determine
lower or moderate wages to receive your eligibility for the tax credit, visit
a larger tax refund. At present, one and click on
in five Ohio families qualify for this ―Earned Income Tax Credit‖ under the
credit. However, as many as 20 ―For You‖ tab.
percent of these families do not take advantage of the
credit because they either don’t know about it or don’t
Should you require help in filling out your EITC forms,
know how to access it. you can contact a volunteer income tax
assistance (VITA) program near you. With VITA, certi-
Ohio Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce and Ohio Attorney Gen- fied volunteers prepare returns at no cost to tax pay-
eral Richard Cordray co-chair the Ohio Commission on ers of low to moderate income. To find a VITA site
EITC. The goal is to share information about the fed- near you, call the IRS at 1-800-906-9887.

Ohio Extends Unemployment Compensation
Those Enrolled Full-Time In Education or Training Programs Now Eligible
The Ohio House has taken great strides this past ―To build a robust economy from the ground up,
year to enhance Ohio’s education system in order to Ohio’s working people must have every opportunity
secure prosperity for our state both today and to get the education and training they need to land
tomorrow. the new kinds of jobs our economy is creating,‖
Governor Strickland said. ―This policy change
In a further show of support of education, will help those Ohioans hardest hit by the
Governor Strickland has announced a state recession to obtain job training skills without
program that extends unemployment sacrificing their ability to continue providing for
compensation benefits to all students their families.‖
enrolled in full-time education or training
programs. Previously, only those students The Obama Administration is also looking to
enrolled in certain education or training ease the financial burden of those looking to
programs were exempt from the program’s go back to school. Under current
work-search requirement. This provisions, those getting unemployment
requirement states that those applying for compensation can receive special consideration for
unemployment compensation declare they are ―able, financial aid to pay for education or job training
available and actively seeking work.‖ programs.

The benefits expansion makes going back to school To find out more about applying for unemployment
an option for those who were not previously compensation, visit the Ohio Department of Jobs and
considering it because it was out of their reach Family Services at or call 1-877-
financially. 644-6562.
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Third Frontier a Good Investment for Ohio
Independent research confirms jobs, businesses created

The numbers are in, and the Third Frontier Program Supporting small businesses in their earliest stages
has proven to be a winning investment for the state. to develop new products

Ohio’s future economic prosperity depends on our Helping existing companies become more
ability to shift from traditional manufacturing productive by addressing their technical issues
industries to the high-growth, technology-intensive Creating high-paying jobs in technology
industries of tomorrow. Third Frontier not only accel-
erates our economic transition, it also creates good- Promise Kept
paying jobs for Ohioans.
In its seventh year, Third Frontier is living up to its
History of Support commitment, delivering measurable results.
Third Frontier began in 2002 with bipartisan support
and voter approval. It is a 10 year, $1.6 billion bond According to an independent evaluation conducted by
program. Third Frontier supports technology compa- Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International, Third
nies that diversify and grow Ohio’s knowledge-based Frontier created 41,300 jobs over the past seven
economy. years with over $2.4 billion in employee wages and
It was founded on the commitment to shape the
future economy of the state through a variety of Despite the recession, Third Frontier has given Ohio
technology-based programs. the ability to increase employment in technology in-
dustries by 4%, creating nearly 20,000 jobs since
How does it work? 2004 in this field alone.
The program funds five key technological areas,
including: Advanced and Alternative Energy, The report also showed that taxpayers were seeing
Biomedical, Advanced Materials, Instruments - more than a 10 to one return on their investment.
Controls – Electronics, and Advanced Propulsion. That means from 2003 to 2008, an investment of
$681 million of state expenditures resulted in over
In these areas, Third Frontier drives the growth of ex- $6.6 billion of statewide economic impact.
isting and emerging industry by:
Increasing high-quality, marketable research Third Frontier is an innovative, forward-thinking pro-
Making funding more accessible and available to gram that is transforming the way Ohio conducts busi-
create, expand, and attract technology-based ness in the 21st century. For more information about
companies Third Frontier and the projects it supports, log on to

Third $681 6.6 41,300 500 3,000
INVESTED RETURNED high-tech jobs are COMPANIES awarded to Ohio
by the through Third to Ohio’s economy growing while created, students with
Frontier in research, sales others have attracted, nearly 700
from 2003-2008 and construction declined and capitalized companies
March 2010 State Rep. Debbie Phillips Page 4

House Approves Common-Sense Regulatory Reform
Improving Regulatory Environment Part of Ohio House Job Creation Effort
The Ohio House recently approved the Common- Several job creation measures were passed in the
Sense Regulatory Reform Act (HB 230), a key part Legislature and signed into law by Governor Ted
of a series of important job creation and economic Strickland earlier this year, such as the new
development initiatives in the House. markets tax credit to bring businesses and
development into new areas across the
Improving Ohio’s regulatory environment is state; a film tax credit designed to lure
critical to fostering job creation and new industry into Ohio; and a sporting
strengthening Ohio’s economy. The bill event incentive to bolster local
promotes smart regulation that reduces economies, encouraging
over-burdensome rules and helps small municipalities and counties to
businesses grow and prosper. compete to attract major sporting
Several key highlights of the bill include
creating a proactive and transparent rule- The Common Sense Regulatory
making process, holding public meetings to Reform Act was born out of an
gather input on troublesome regulatory executive order signed in 2008 by Gov.
processes, and creating an Ohio Small Business Strickland. At that time, he brought
Panel to cultivate an ongoing and open dialog with together Ohio’s major business organizations for a
small businesses. The bill also expands the Ohio series of meetings to ask them how Ohio could
Environmental Protection Agency’s compliance improve its regulatory environment. The result of
assistance program for small businesses. those meetings was the Common-Sense Business
Executive Order and HB 230 codifies many of these
The impact of the national recession makes the provisions into law.
effort to strengthen our economy even more
critical. The goal is to give Ohio a competitive advantage as
the national recession lifts.

Highlights of the
Common-Sense Regulatory Reform Act

Criteria for Rule Review. H.B. 230 requires Small Business Advocate. Designates a Small
agencies to evaluate and review all new rules to Business Advocate to act as a liaison for small
make sure they are needed, outcome-based, can business owners experiencing difficulty interacting
be applied consistently, and easy to comprehend. with state government agencies.

E-Notification. The bill encourages transparency Panel for Small Business Input. Creates the Ohio
and stakeholder participation in the rulemaking Small Business Panel that will be chaired by the
process, including the requirement that the Small Business Advocate and will meet on a semi-
Department of Administrative Services create a annual basis. The Panel will periodically make
web site where interested parties can register to recommendations to the Governor and the General
receive early e-notification of agency work on Assembly on ways to improve the small business
proposed rules. climate in Ohio.

Assistance for Regulated Community. Creates an Semi-Annual Meeting for Further Input. The bill
ombudsman for each agency to help with problem also requires the Department of Administrative
solving, and requires each cabinet agency to Services to hold semi-annual meetings to receive
conduct customer service training for employees feedback on agency processes which are causing
and conduct customer satisfaction surveys. the greatest delays to businesses.
Legislative Survey
MARCH 2010
Your views on issues facing state government are important to me. Please take the time
to share your opinion on the following topics. I look forward to hearing from you!

1. Should Ohio’s Third Frontier program be 6. Would you support eliminating the state income
expanded to promote new jobs and economic tax if it means cuts to vital public services such as
development in Ohio? police and fire protection and libraries?
□ Yes
□ No □ Yes
□ Undecided □ No
□ Undecided
2. Do you support a statewide ban on texting
while driving? 7. Would you like to see an increase in the use of
solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable
□ Yes energy system at schools and other government
□ No buildings?
□ Undecided
□ Yes
3. In the State of the State, Governor Strickland □ No
mentioned four areas of focus in creating new jobs □ Undecided
and growing industry in Ohio. Which of the four do
you believe we should most focus on?
8. Please list what you believe to be three
□ Accelerating Ohio’s Advanced Energy Economy of Ohio’s biggest strengths:
□ Supporting Innovation for Entrepreneurs
□ Expanding Education and Training Opportunities 1. ________________________________________
□ Revitalizing our Cities and Rural Economies
4. Do you support limits on marketing by credit 2. ________________________________________
card companies on university and college
campuses? __________________________________________
3. ________________________________________
□ Yes
□ No __________________________________________
□ Undecided

7. Which alternative energy choices do you Additional Comments:
believe hold the most promise for job creation in ________________________________________
southeastern Ohio?
□ energy conservation ________________________________________
□ wind
□ solar ________________________________________
□ co-generation ________________________________________
□ cleaner coal

Please fold and return this form to me at the address listed on the other side. If you would like to
receive information and legislative updates in the future, please provide the following information:

Name ___________________________________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________
Phone number _______________________ E-mail: _______________________________

with any issues or opinions you may have!
Please don’t hesitate to contact my office
Thank you for completing this legislative survey.


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__________________________________ WILL NOT
__________________________________ WITHOUT

Hon. Debbie Phillips
State Representative, 92nd District
Ohio House of Representatives
77 South High Street
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