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The Little Book of Training

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Jan’ 2010 – Dec’ 2010
Celebrating 20 Years in Business

Yes it’s hard to believe that it is now 20 years since the owners of bpi, Ken and
Sonia Jones, cleared the dishes off the kitchen table and started work to offer
businesses high quality consultancy and training services. The kitchen table is long
gone, but the commitment to the highest quality standards still remains.

To back up this statement, a recent survey of our existing clients came back with the
clear message; that they recognised bpi training as delivering a high quality
product at a low price.

In order to let you, our valued existing and new customers, share in our celebration
of 20 years of growth we want to use this forward training plan to give you the
opportunity to trust us with your training budget and in return, we will reward you with
a significant discount off the cost of your training.

This booklet only covers the ‘open’ training courses planned in our training rooms,
however there will be additional ‘open’ courses arranged from time to time
dependant on customer’s requests and of course, we will be only too pleased to
arrange bespoke training courses, at your premises, to meet your specific needs.
Whatever you order (including consultancy work) it will attract the following levels of
discount –

Annual Spend* Amount of
Up to £1,000 0%
£1,001 to £5,000 10%
£5,001 to £10,000 15%
£10,001 to £20,000 20%
£20,001 to £30,000 25%
Above £30,000 30%

Once we have received your order we will invoice you a month prior to the training

Kind Regards

Ken Jones
Chairman bpi group

* Qualifying spend will be calculated from 1st Jan to 31st Dec. Once you have spent over £1000 in a
single year, you will qualify for 10% discount on any training purchased from that point forward. If your
annual spend goes on to exceed £5000 you will then qualify for 15% discount on future purchases,
until the next purchase band is reached etc. etc.


Health and Safety Training 4-5

Professional Skills Training 6-7

Negotiation/Influencing Skills Training 8-9

Giving Great Customer Service 10

Building a Great Customer Service Department 10

Dealing with Irate Customers 11

Effective Telephone Communication Skills 11

Business Improvement Techniques 12

CIEH Train the Trainer 13

Sales Training (ISMM) 14-15

Managing a Sales Department 16

Networking in the 21st Century 16

Sage Training 17-18

I.T. Training 19-20

Management Training 21-23

Overview of Trainers 24-27

Contact Details 28

Health and Safety Courses
Every Employer has a legal duty to protect the health and safety of their employees.
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires you to provide whatever
information, instruction, training and supervision that is necessary to ensure, so far
as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of your employees. This
is extremely important as the Health and Safety (Offences) Act 2008, creates the
threat of imprisonment for all managers and employees who may have
contributed to a health and safety offence by their consent, participation or

Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This 4 day course is a recognised qualification for May
IOSH managers. Course content - Introducing Managing
Managing Safely – Assessing/Controlling Risk – Understanding £640
Safely your responsibilities – Identifying hazards – September
Investigating Accidents and Incidents – Measuring November
Performance – Protecting our Environment.
This is a 1 day course for staff with no supervisory or
IOSH managerial responsibility and provides a grounding
Working in the essentials of health and safety. Course £140 March
Safely contents include Introducing working safely -
Defining hazard and risk - Identifying common May
hazards - Improving safety performance - our
This 11 day course is aimed at managers and
supervisors, safety representatives and
representatives of employee safety. Course
contents include - Identifying common hazards in
the workplace and advice on appropriate remedial
actions - Advice on appropriate action to minimise March
fire risks and to develop fire procedures - Assist in
NEBOSH the preparation, review and monitoring of safety
policy and procedures including Pro-Active and £1,760
Reactive strategies, Training Audits and Safety October
Committees - Investigate Accidents and other
Incidents, Prepare Reports making proposals to
prevent reoccurrence - Identify the Main
Requirements of Legislation and Codes of Practice -
Maintain Records and Information to advise
management - Communicate Effectively on H & S
matters including the use of reports etc. - Undertake
Effective Workplace Inspections and recommend
remedial action - Describe Human and
Organisational Factors affecting Health and Safety
Performance Assessment.
This 1/2 day course enables staff with an enhanced
Fire fire safety role to meet the training requirements February
Marshall detailed in the Communities and Local Government £80
guidance and current workplace fire safety July

Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This training is a legal requirement for employees
Manual involved in lifting, this 1/2 day course provides February
Handling delegates with an appreciation of how to lift safely £80
and protect themselves from injury but adopting July
correct lifting methods / procedures.

This 5 day NPORS certificated course is aimed at
NPORS members of staff whose responsibilities include the
Train the delivery of training programmes for other personnel
Trainer whose duties include the manual handling of loads.
Manual The overall aim of the course is to - Provide £800 September
Handling candidates with a thorough understanding of the
Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 -
Enable candidates to carry out manual handling risk
assessments - Determine measures to reduce the
risk of injury -Design and present training
programmes to those whose work includes manual
handling of loads.

This 1 day course helps you focus on the risks that
Risk really matter in your workplace i.e. the ones with the
Assessment potential to cause real harm. Course content - March
Understanding basic concepts/legislation - Hazard £160
identification - Identification of control measures - June
Risk Assessment calculations - Choosing
appropriate control methods - Practical sessions – November
Carrying out a Risk Assessment - Review of

The aim of the 1 day course is to increase the Safety
Safety Rep’s knowledge of the subject area, the main
Represent- responsibilities and systems for meeting these March
ative requirements and enable them to carry out the role £160
to their maximum ability. Course Content - July
Common Hazards - How to Assess Risk - How to
Control Hazards - The Role of the Safety Rep - December
Rights & Responsibilities

This 1 day course covers the following topics –
Overview of COSHH – Safety Data Sheets, Product
COSHH & Labels & COSHH Assessments – Handling, Storage
Spillage and Disposal of Hazardous Substances – How to March
Response undertake a COSHH Risk Assessment - How to
identify and assess spillages - Implementing a spill
response procedure - Assessing the chemical by-
products in the event of a release such as: mists, September
vapours, gas, fume, dusts etc - Product / chemical
labelling- How chemicals effect the body - How to
deal with the spill - The clean-up operation - Personal
protective equipment - Spill response kits – What you
will need - How to deal with leaking tanks.

Professional Skills Courses
Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This 1 day course will identify the business
Appraisals and benefits of a quality performance appraisal
Goal Setting coupled with effective goal setting. Course
content - Importance of Goal Setting in £160 February
Generating Results and Planning Performance
- Steps Involved in Goal Setting - How to
ensure goals are SMART - Active Listening -
Effective Questioning - Constructive Feedback
– the importance of Non Verbal
Communication and its impact.

This is a 1 day course aimed at getting an
improved performance from people with low
Overcoming low self esteem and a lack of confidence, to help
Self Esteem them develop and reach their full potential.
Course content- Identify what stops
£140 April
progression - Identify areas delegates feel
inferior and how to overcome them - Identify
the difference between how delegates perceive
themselves and how colleagues perceive them
- Understand body language and how other
people interpret body language - Create a
personal 5 point action plan.

This 1 day intensive, practical and March
ISO Auditors interactive ISO9001:2008 auditor’s course will
Course enable delegates to understand - The June
principles and the “spirit” of ISO9001:2008, £160
specifically the importance of
customer satisfaction and business
improvement - Clause by clause the main
aspects of the Standard - How to plan an audit December
- How to deliver a successful audit - How to
feedback and report audit findings.

Improve business performance with this 1
Team Building day course that helps the participant identify £140 August
and explain techniques to aid in the
management, motivation and influencing of the
team. Course Content - How to influence
others - Keeping the team enthusiastic and
Motivated - Managing the team - Putting it into

Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This 1 day course helps participants
understand and deal with anger. Course
content -Understanding Anger - Recognising
Anger why you get angry - Dealing with flash points - June
Management Resolving the conflict - The negative effects of
unresolved anger – Change your life by £140
becoming more calm and in control - A look at
Holistic Well Being - work/life balance - 10 November
steps to help you learn how to deal with difficult
people in a calm controlled way - Personal
areas for development.

This is a 1 day course that uses a combination
of theoretical application and group work to
Disability learn about the Social and Medical models of March
Equality Training disability. Course content - The Disability £140
Discrimination Act - Employment duties - What
causes disability - Behaviour and October
communication - How to remove barriers -
Create an action plan for change.

This is a 1 day course that helps participants to
understand what effective communication is
and how they can develop effective
Effective communication techniques. Course content - £175 March
Communication Components of communication - Barriers to
communicating effectively and how to
overcome them - The phonetic alphabet -
Verbal and non Verbal communication - Active
listening - Questioning skills - Building rapport -
Conflict resolution - Emotional intelligence.

This 1 day workshop has been designed to
provide individuals with a combination of
theoretical knowledge and practical skills to
effectively deal with difficult conversations and
situations. The workshop will be delivered by a
highly successful Drama Coach, who has a
wealth of experience in improving
Handling communication within a business environment.
Difficult Course Content - Difficult People, Who Are
£160 April
Conversations They? - Understanding Reactions - Acceptable
Workshop Standards of Behaviour - Understanding
Personalities - Addressing Hostility And
Aggression - Staying Calm - Understanding
Body Language - Appropriate Behaviour In The
Workplace - Communication Style Self
Assessment - How To Control Your Own
Behaviour - Practical Exercise

Negotiation Skills
To survive and prosper all successful businesses rely on excellent negotiation
skills. Whether this be persuading a customer to commit to purchasing from
you at the best price possible or ensuring that suppliers give you their most
competitive price and best level of service.

This fully participative 2 day course is designed to equip participants with the skills
necessary for win-win negotiation with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
Participants will be given the opportunity to practice using the new skills learnt.

By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the skills to:

• Demonstrate listening that will make the other party feel comfortable
• Use behavior and language conducive to successful negotiation
• Negotiate to successful conclusions that include an effective review
• Handle a range of difficult situations that can affect negotiations
• Identify the various styles of negotiation, in order to adopt the best approach
• Use their own negotiating style to best effect
• Create an impression that will encourage others to take them seriously
• Persuade and influence others in order to gain agreement
• Anticipate challenges and so reach agreement sooner
• Prepare effectively, using the key principles and stages of negotiation

Course Content

Day 1 – Win/Win Negotiation; Individual Negotiation Style; The Credibility Factor;
The Negotiation Purpose; Barriers & Misconception; Questioning techniques;
Empathy – listening to the opposition; Assertiveness & Confidence; Maintain &
Enhance Self Esteem; Preparation: Establishing the overall targets; Collect &
analyze the information; Define the strategy to be adopted; Select the tactics to be

Day 2 - Preparation & planning; During the meeting; Maintaining the agenda; Body
language; Personal impact; Impression Management; Turning to others; Power;
Concessions; Closing the deal, Handling Conflict: Using empathy & assertiveness.

Course Cost:- £360 per person

Course Duration:- 2 Days

Course Trainer:- T.B.A.

Course Dates:- June, October

Influencing Skills
Influencing skills are used by all of us every day and in many different
situations. Every situation has an impact or influence on each of us and to a
differing degree. The objective is to understand the power of influencing and
maximise the positive impact that it can bring to our working lives.

This 1 day course will enable delegates to learn about their own influencing style
and practice how to use different styles of influence so as to compensate rather than

Course Content

Principles of influence, Compensate rather than compromise, First impressions
count, Status, Stick to your guns but know when to give some ground.

From a business perspective there are times we need people to see things
differently or we need to get people to do things that we want them to do e.g.
negotiations on contracts, price, terms and conditions……do you hold out for all you
want or give some measure back?

A major element of influencing is negotiation. Persuasiveness is the key to
successful influencing.

Course Cost:- £200 per person

Course Duration:- 1 day

Course Trainer:- Graham Donald

Course Dates:- August

Giving Great Customer Service to Boost Profits
Organisations are happy to invest huge amounts of time and money in trying
to gain new customers but when it comes to keeping existing customers and
using them to hit their profit targets there is not always the same focus.
However your competitors are trying their hardest to take these ‘cash cows’
away from you.

This 1 day course outlines the skills your organisation needs to keep you customers
happy and coming back for more.

Course Content include – Understanding Great Customer Service – Building
Customer Loyalty – Delighting Your Customers – Creating Customer Value – Setting
a Customer Service Strategy – Exceeding Customer Expectations – Getting to
Know Your Customers – Giving the best Experience – Implementing Effective
Service Standards – Keeping Loyal Customers – Measuring Customer Service – The
Internet and Customer Service.

Course Cost:- £160 per person

Course Trainer:- T.B.A.

Course Dates:- August, December

Effective Telephone Communication Skills
The way that we communicate on the telephone is critical to so many different
areas of the business, whether it is pinning a customer down to placing an
order, or bringing forward delivery dates from suppliers, or getting longer
terms on an invoice.

At the end of the course candidates should have improved their telephone skills
raising the profile of your business.

Course Content
The Art Of Good Communication - Vocal/Listening Skills - Business Success -
Appropriate Greetings And Endings - Gathering Information - Dealing With
Difficult Calls - 10 Easy Steps - Phone Etiquette Skills - A Consolidation Of
Sessions Achieved - Difficult Calls In Practice - A Consolidation Of Work
Achieved During The Day Summarizing Key Points

Course Cost:- £140 per person

Course Trainer:- Maggie Powell

Course Dates:- March, August, December

10 | P a g e
Dealing with Irate Customers
Irate customers are good customers, because they care enough about your
product or service to complain to you. They also provide you with free market
research. Dealing properly with them and sorting out their issues can give you
a customer and ambassador for life. During the course candidates will be
taught the skills needed be able to increase repeat business by handling
customer complaints professionally.

Course Content

• Dealing with Irate Customers - The Importance of Irate Customers;
Responding to an Irate Customer; Keeping Calm, Listening Effectively;
Understanding and Empathy; Apologize; The follow up.
• What Are We Saying To Our Customers? - Verbal, Vocal, Non Verbal;
Rapport & Familiarity; Empathy; Appearance & Attention To Detail;
Communicating Information & Misinformation; Don’t Promise What You Can’t
Deliver; Perceptions & Attitudes; How Did We Do?
• Current Environment, Competitiveness And Customer Service. - Who
Are Your Competitors And How Good Are They? Review Your Level Of
Customer Service; Improvements To Be Considered In Your Level Of
Customer Service
• Loyal Customers - Why are they important; Who are they? How to build on
• Review and Moving forward.- Reflection on the day; Where do we go from
here? Action Plan, Close

Course Cost:- £140 per person Trainer:- Lynne Rees
Course Dates:- March; July

Building a Great Customer Service Department
This is such an important area in any business that many organisations set up
specific departments whose roles are to insure that their organisations
customers are kept happy and buy more.

This 1 day course outlines the skills needed to set up and run a customer service

Course Contents Include – Forming a Customer Service Department – Creating
the Right Environment - Building Customer Service Teams – Hiring Customer
Service Professionals – Motivating Customer Service people – Helping the Good Get
Better – Where to go for Help – Giving Great Customer Service to Your Employees.

Course Cost:- £200 per person Trainer:- T.B.A.
Course Dates:- July, November

11 | P a g e
Business Improvement Techniques Level 2
Process Pathway
In addition to selling more, successful businesses have to ensure that all their
costs and processes are under control and waste is kept to a minimum.

The Level 2 NVQ in Business-Improvement Techniques (Process Pathway) has
an emphasis on the application of lean principles. Lean is about the elimination of all
process waste with an emphasis on increasing speed and reducing lead time.

Business Performance

To improve business performance by applying productivity or ‘lean’ techniques and
also to provide evidence of improvement to assist in the achievement of the NVQ


The aim of the NVQ is to give a wide understanding of modern productivity principles
and improvement techniques to a significant part of the operational organization

Lean culture

Focused on reducing waste and non-value added activities to create a ‘lean’
environment. Staff makes measurable improvements in their own functions.

The main benefits that can be achieved through the course are:

• Improved business performance to assist in winning contracts
• Reduced costs and waste
• Maximised profits and revenues
• Helps reduce workplace accidents
• Improves employee morale and motivation
• Helps creates a cleaner, safer environment
• Highlights the skill of the workforce to existing and potential customers

Course Cost:- £2,150 per person

Course Trainer:- Jeff Anslow

This course cannot be delivered on an open course basis and has
to be company specific.

12 | P a g e
CIEH Train the Trainer
Aimed at:

Organisations that undertake a lot of in-house training and want to ensure that it is
delivered to a high standard, individuals who want to improve their training skills and
at the same time achieve a recognised training qualification.

Course description:

This 3 day training course extends basic training techniques by encouraging a
dynamic and flexible approach to training delivery, taking into account some of the
recent advances in accelerated learning and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Subjects covered: The qualification covers the following topics:

• Training needs and objectives
• Learning styles and preferences
• Training skills
• Training structure and design
• Training styles and communication
• Training assessment


Candidates are assessed on their design and delivery of a short training session
which they are required to deliver to other members of the group.

Course Cost:- £525 per person

Course Dates:- March, June, October

13 | P a g e
Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM)

Level 2 Award in Sales and Marketing
Sales People are the key staff in any organisation. They produce the revenue,
increase profits and grow business; nothing happens until something is sold.
‘Winging it’ may have been sufficient in the good times, but sloppy selling is a killer
now. This course is aimed at those people who are new to sales or that have had
no formal sales training. Led by Chris Olchawski, a leading expert in sales
techniques, this 4 day course will bring basic sales skills into your organisation.

Qualification will be achieved through sales role play, or the production of slides and
notes for a short presentation. The assignment will be externally set by the ISMM
and marked by the centre using a marking scheme supplied by the ISMM

By the end of the course candidates should be able to:

1. Define selling in a variety of businesses
2. Recognise the functions and qualities of a salesperson
3. Describe and apply the sales cycle, including - Prospecting; Appointment
making; Preparation; Breaking the ice; Need/problem identification;
Presentation; Negotiating and handling objections; Closing the sale;
Processing the order; Follow-up; Evaluating own performance; Maintaining
relationships with customers and colleagues
4. Demonstrate the communication skills involved in preparing for and
conducting a sales appointment, including - Meeting and greeting gestures;
Eye contact; Facial expressions; Personal space; Open and closed questions;
Effective listening; What objections may be; Types of objections; Basic
objection handling; Handling specific objections; Converting features and
benefits; Basic closing; written communications.
5. Ensure efficient use of time; Planning your day; Allocating time for tasks;
Prioritising; Diary planning.
6. Evaluate self for development and progression in sales career; Develop a
personal SWOT; Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats

Course Cost:- £495 per person plus £70.00 registration.

Course Trainer:- Chris Olchawski

Course Dates:- March to April

14 | P a g e
Level 3 Certificates in Advanced Sales and Marketing
Sales People are the key staff in any organisation, they produce the revenue,
increase profits and grow business; nothing happens until something is sold.
Therefore investing in improving the skills and performance of these people should
be a ‘no-brainer’. Now bpi is giving you the chance to invest in a series of high
quality sales training courses that leads to an accredited qualification with the
Institute of Sales and Marketing. Led by Ken Jones, a Fellow of the Institute of
Sales and Marketing, this 9 day course will challenge your existing sales team
to excel.

Qualification will be achieved through a written assessment/report, based on
improving part of the sales process within your organisation, and a role play
exercise, both of which will be externally moderated. This exercise alone will be
invaluable to the employer.

The course is split into two modules, which are outlined below together with the
course content.

Module 1 - Marketing for Sales Executives - This module provides a basic
grounding in marketing concepts for sales executives. After studying this
module, candidates should be able to - Identify the different methods an
organisation may choose in its approach to the market - Explain the need for
marketing research and their role in gathering information - Understand the need to
build a network of contacts - Explore key influences on buying behaviour - Identify
customer groups - Identify the needs and role of the salesperson with regard to
issues in the marketing mix - Describe the role of the salesperson in delivering
customer service, including; great customer service and handling complaints.

Module 2 – Selling Skills for Sales Executives - This Unit provides an outline of
the nature of selling and the qualities of salespeople - After studying this module,
candidates should be able to - Describe the organisational relationship between
marketing and sales - Discuss the nature of selling and their role and qualities
required - Understand the law relating to sales - Outline how the sales force may be
organised - Compare and contrast different selling roles - Know the qualities required
in great salespeople in New Business Selling and Repeat Business Selling (existing
customers) - Key accounts - Selling at Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and Conferences -
The Sales Cycle - Sales Skills - The Negotiation Process.

Course Cost:- £1,250 per person plus £105.00 registration.

Course Trainer:- Ken Jones

Course Dates:- May, December

15 | P a g e
Managing a Sales Department
As businesses develop we need to be able to successfully manage the sales teams
who drive the results. All too often there are not the correct controls in place to
sustain the planned growth plan.

This one day course is aimed at recently appointed managers to give them a toolkit
to use in managing their sales force.

Course Content

Objective setting, measurement of results, appraisals, feedback, development
needs, getting poor performers back on track, reward and incentives, budgetary
control, key dials for success.

Course Cost:- £200 per person
Course Trainer:- Graham Donald
Course Date:- July

Networking in the 21st Century.
The internet is the new frontier as regards to sales and marketing, those
organisations that move in first will gain a major competitive advantage. There are
many elements of the internet that we can harness to make a real difference to our
business success however the skills needed to take advantage of these new
marketing tools are different from the traditional marketing tools of the 20th Century.

This 1 day course will take business owners and managers through various
methods that can be applied to their own circumstances to promote their business
ideas. Your network of contacts is one of the most powerful tools you have. This
course will show you how to use this most effectively.

Course Content - How the marketing mix is changing; Examples of Social
Networking Sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin); Typical Screen Layout
(Linked In); Using the sites;
Creating/joining Groups; Receiving Recommendations; Reconnecting with Past
Adding Comments, Using databases and CRM; Enhancing the effectiveness of your
web site.
Directing contacts to your web site; Creating and displaying recommendations on
your profile; How to make your profile attractive and of interest to prospective clients;
Enhance your Google search engine optimisation; Become a subject expert and
have your answers published on the web.

Course Cost:- £200 per person
Course Trainer:- Graham Donald
Course Date:- March, August

16 | P a g e
Sage Courses
Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This is a 1 day course to gain a basic
understanding of how to navigate around the February
Introduction to programme and create/amend records. Course
Sage Line 50 content - How to navigate menus- Basic April
Accounts configuration- Creating cash, bank and credit £160
card accounts- Customising the chart of July
accounts - Entering budget information-
Entering opening balances for nominal, October
customer and supplier accounts.
This is a 1 day certified course. Course
content- Navigating around sage 50 payroll -
Sage Payroll Access rights - Setting up company legislation - £250 March
Level 1 Setting up pay elements - Setting up employee
records - Manual and standard payroll
processing - Time sheet entry - New August
starters/leavers - Pay reviews - Holiday pay and
absence - Pension and company loan schemes
This is a 2 day certified course. Course
content- Nominal link to sage 50 accounts -
Sage Payroll Exporting data to files - Importing data - £500 February
Level 2 Microsoft integration - Attachment of earning
orders - Student loans - The payroll tax month September
end/year end process - BACS payment - E-
submission- HMRC inspection reports.
This is a 2 day certified course. Course February
Sage Accounts content- Nominal accounts - Customer £500
Level 1 accounts - Supplier Accounts - Opening
balances - Password security – Journals - Bank July
transactions – Invoices - Customer receipts - October
Supplier payments - Error connections.
This is a 2 day certified course. Course £500
content- Bank reconciliation – Search - Credit May
Sage Accounts control reports - Customer statement and
Level 2 overdue letters - Dispute invoices - Write offs
and VAT element - Recurring entries - Fixed November
asset register - Repayments and accruals -
Multiple chart of accounts - Managing reporting
- Statutory reporting.
This is a 2 day certified course. Course
content- Stock – Products - Opening balances £500 June
Sage Accounts - Purchase order processing - Sales order
Level 3 processing - Stock taking - Period end of stock -
Delivery address - Bill of materials – December
Discounting - Product invoices and credits –
Quotations - Recurring entries - Foreign

17 | P a g e
Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This is 1 day course to help delegates
understand and utilize the components that March
Sage Act make up the ACT contact management system. £250
Introduction Course content- Navigate around the
database - Create/modify and delete contacts - September
Create secondary contacts - Attach files - December
Perform lookups - Create groups - Export to
excel - Schedule activities - Mail merging.
All the above courses, except for the
Introduction are designed to prepare candidates
to take the Sage Certification Examinations.
Examinations are taken on line and can be As
Certification £50
either taken here, immediately after the course required
or later at a location decided by the candidate.
The examination cost does not qualify as part of
the qualifying spend for discount purposes.

18 | P a g e
IT Courses
Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This is 1 day introduction to the Microsoft
Word package. Course content-
MS Word Opening/closing/saving - Enter and edit text - £125 February
Introduction Spelling and grammar check - Font style -
Paragraph alignment – Printing - Headers and
footers – Tables – Templates - Shortcuts
This is 1 day intermediate level course into
MS Word the Microsoft Word package. Course
Intermediate content- Auto text entries - Section breaks - £150 May
Borders and shading - Mail merge – Graphics August
– Formatting - Importing data.
This is 1 day advanced level course into the
Microsoft Word package. Course content- Apr
MS Word Modify and create styles - Document map - £175
Advanced Using fields - Online forms - Mail merge - August
Creating a template – Hyperlinks - Macro November
records - Customising the toolbar
This is 1 day introduction to the Microsoft
Excel package. Course content-
MS Excel Create/open/save document - Enter/edit data
Introduction – Formatting - Page settings - Creating the £125 February
basic formulae - Use 5 basic functions - Auto
sum - Relative and absolute cell referencing -
Percentage calculations - Introduction to
creating charts.
This is 1 day intermediate level course into
the Microsoft Excel package. Course
MS Excel content- Formulae construction - Create/use £150 June
Intermediate range names - Complex formulae - IF/nested September
IF statements - SUMIF/COUNTIF functions -
VLOOKUP function - Multiple sheets - Auto December
This is 1 day advanced level course into the
Microsoft Excel package. Course content-
Using scenarios - Global seeking and solver - June
AND/OR functions - Adding and tracking £175 September
MS Excel changes - Multiple workbooks - Using
Advanced database - Importing/exporting - Pivot tables - December
Advanced charts - Creating a trend line -

19 | P a g e
Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This is 1 day introduction to the Microsoft
MS Power- Power Point package. Course content –
Point Creating text slides - Inserting clip art – £ 125 July
Introduction Formatting - Applying templates/backgrounds October
- Slide transactions - Animation effects -
Running a slide show
This is a 2 day Course on the Microsoft
Project package. Course content-
MS Project Understanding project scheduling - Project May
2003 environment - Outlining a project - £ 250 November
Linking tasks - The gantt chart - working with
resources - PERT chart - Printing the
schedule - Project reporting.
This is 1 day introduction to the Microsoft
MS Access Access package. Course content- Create
Introduction and name a database - Create database £125 August
tables - Create input forms - Generate select
queries - Export data to Excel and Word -
Generate labels

20 | P a g e
Level 3 Management Course
Training your management team is the most cost effective way to use your
training budget. This course is aimed at first line managers many of whom
would not have received and formal training. Bpi is in the process of applying
to become an accredited centre for the Institute of Leadership and
Management and this course content has been chosen to map to their Level 3

Title Brief Overview Cost Dates
This is a 1 day course. Course content-
Introduction toUnderstanding leadership styles - Understand £160 March
Leadership leadership qualities and review own leadership
This is a 1 day course helping delegates to
Understanding understand the communication process. Course
the content- Understand the communication £160 March
Communication process and relevant communication media -
Process in the Know how to increase information awareness in
Workplace the workplace
This is a 1½ day course helping delegates learn
Solving effective tools to solve problems and make
Problems and decisions. Course content- Understanding a £240 March
Making problem - How to gather & interpret information
Decisions to solve a problem - How to plan the
implementation & communication of decision.

Course Duration:- 3 ½ days

Course Trainer:- Lynne Rees

If you book all three modules simultaneously the cost will be £495,
instead of £560 if you book them individually.

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Level 5 Management Award
Training your management team is the most cost effective way to use your
training budget. This course is aimed at middle managers many of whom
would not have received any formal training. Bpi is in the process of applying
to become an accredited centre for the Institute of Leadership and
Management and this course content has been chosen to map to their Level 5

Title Brief Overview Costs Dates
This is a 2 day course helping delegates to £360 June
Understanding appreciate the nature of the middle manager role
the and their ability to perform effectively. Course November
Management content – Organisation purpose - Stakeholder
Role structure - Managerial roles - Communication and
interpersonal relationships
This is a 3 day course helping to develop £540 July
Managing knowledge and understanding of managing
Projects in the projects. Course content – Plan / communicate / December
Organisation monitor and evaluate projects in an organisation
context - Evaluate own ability to manage a
This is a 1½ day course helping delegates to £270 July
Making develop knowledge and understanding of making
Professional professional presentations. Course content- Plan December
Presentations and deliver a professional presentation - Evaluate
own ability to deliver presentations.

Course Duration:- 6 ½ days

Course Trainer:- Dr. Alun Batley

Full Award Cost:- £900 instead of £1,170 if booked separately

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Managing Your Managers
The way that we work together as a business team is vital to the success of our
business goals. Today many managers need help in managing a larger team of
people so that all are working to the common goal.

At the end of this 1 day course team members will have a toolkit of ideas to manage
their direct reports and also have an opportunity to look at how they interact with
their peer group.

Course content

Setting objectives, the principle of SMART, dashboards at work for measuring
results, 360 degree feedback, listening skills, communicating effectively.

Course Cost:- £200 per person

Course Duration:- 1 day

Course Trainer:- Graham Donald

Course Dates:- April, November

Conducting Effective Board Meetings
Meetings in the workplace are often not well managed and time can be wasted by
unnecessary issues being discussed. This also applies to Board Meetings and this
style can influence the meetings culture of an organisation.

At the end of this 1 day course delegates will understand meeting dynamics and the
structure of the meeting to maximise its effectiveness

Course Content

Companies Act requirements for Board Meetings, running effective meetings, setting
the agenda, accurate minute taking, time management, teleconferences, face to face
meetings, body language, listening skills, communication skills.

Course Cost:- £200 per person

Course Duration:- 1 day

Course Trainer:- Graham Donald

Course Dates:- July, December

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Trainers Profiles
Steve Anthony
Steve is a highly qualified Managing Director with an excellent track record in
management consultancy, training and academic lecturing at the highest level.
Among his many achievement during his career Steve has:

Delivered improved staff retention in an aerospace company by implementing a
company wide personal development and career progression system, taking into
account the highly technical environment the engineers and managers were
operating in.

Designed and delivered a new staff appraisal system for a well established software
house. Trained senior managers in appraisal techniques and conducted a series of
360 degree feedback workshops with all senior and middle managers

Deconstructed and Value Stream Mapped a complete soft drinks supply chain, from
marketing concept through to production and logistics, on behalf of Pepsi Cola in
Lisbon, Portugal. Made recommendation to Pepsi head office in London, and
managed the implementation of these recommendations to reduce this process’
lead-time from 9 to 6 months

Applied Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing tools successfully in a careers advisory
company, removing over 300 hours per year from administrative and other non-value
adding tasks.

Dr. Alun Batley
Alun is a highly qualified and experienced Management Trainer and Coach who has
completed a PhD in Sustainable Business Improvement.

Alun has worked with a variety of organisations throughout Wales helping them to
build on their Management infrastructure, including Robert Bosch, Sony, Panasonic,
Royal Mint and Greggs. Alun has seen many achievements in his career, including:

Initiated and managed a team which introduced Statistical Process Control to the
PCB process. This helped to improve first time yield from 65% to 95%.

Initiated and completed logistics based projects which reduced costs and packaging
waste to landfill by 50%.

Developed and managed a strategy for the progression of EH & S at Nortel,
Cwmcarn which resulted in improving the EHS audit score from 19% to 70% over a 2
year period and achieved ISO 14001 accreditation.

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Graham Donald
A new trainer to bpi Graham is an experienced Business Trainer and Coach who has
experience of leading large teams ensuring that the agreed objectives of any plan or
programme are achieved. Examples of his past experience includes

Chief Operating Officer Communications Direct Ltd. (Mobile phone sales call
centre for the 3™ network) where he - Identified new business streams with debt
management companies and financial services advisors - Managed all support
functions. Total of 200 staff - Set up new customer research company within the
Group - Led sales teams across two sites. Achieved over 2,500 phone connections
per month

Consultant - Contracted to review the Money section of this
comparison web-site. Recommended changes to the site to ensure regulatory
compliance, improve profitability and increase the hit rate on the site

Regional Director Secured Lending, LTSB Blackhorse - Head of secured lending
operation for Cedar Holdings and Black Horse. - Led the project to merge the two
Companies and rebrand in 2003 - Head of all support functions: legal, direct sales
call centre, customer services, collections and broker introduced sales. - Managed
the project to relocate the team from Bournemouth to Edinburgh including a
redundancy programme and recruitment at the new site.

Regional Director Scotland and NE LTSB Blackhorse - Managed 26 branch
offices for the sale of unsecured and secured personal loans (Total of 120 staff) -
Pioneered a joint venture company to sell personal loans to store card customers of
Comet and headed the project team to set up the new venture - Board Director of the
joint venture business.

Lynne Rees
Throughout her career as a Travel House Manager and College Curriculum Team
Leader Lynne has learnt a variety of Communication and Leadership techniques
which she is now able to passes on through her excellent training programmes.

Lynne is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and specialises in developing
training courses that make the participants think differently about the subject being

Lynne Specialises in the development and delivery of Customer Service, Team
Building, Leadership and Management, Sales and Business Communication

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Chris Olchawski
Chris is a new trainer, taken on this year to deliver sales and marketing training.
Amongst his many achievements in a sales environment; he has

• Turned around the performance of BP Retail South London area from bottom to 2nd out of
25 areas, through creating new training solutions to improve staff development, morale &

• Re-organised a Tele-sales department for KT Quirke, which trebled sales
achievement, by introducing procedures to support sales growth and staff

• Supported a business with a reducing turnover trend, implemented a huge cultural
change on zero budget, by setting up a sales team generating a £320k contract for 5

• Acted as a consultant and reported on a petrol retailing feasibility study on behalf
of Marks & Spencer

Maggie Powell
Maggie is a qualified drama teacher, actor and business trainer who has the ability to
transfer natural and developed skills into a variety of areas. Maggie specialises in
training that helps people to develop their transferable skills in a business

Maggie now works as a training consultant but has previously worked as a store
trainer for Sainsbury Plc as well as delivering training for some of the best known UK

Her courses are a mixture of theory and practical exercises that helps participants
understand the effect that their actions and attitudes have on themselves and the
people around them.

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Jeff Anslow
Jeff is a highly qualified trainer specialising in Management training, Lean and Six
Sigma training as well as Quality Control and Auditing.

Jeff has held a variety of leadership roles including Head of Training and
Development at Panasonic and Senior Engineer Instructor at Lucas Engineering
School. Jeff holds a NEBSM Supervisory Certificate, EITB Instructor Certificate, Six
Sigma, Black Belt, Train the Trainer Status and Lean Practitioner Officer Status to
name a few.

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