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Newsletter Issue 19 - January 2010

From the Master
Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2010!

Since my Installation in September I have been giving attention to both our finances and our identity. As far
as the former is concerned the Court has now given approval for a new post to be created to develop a more
secure financial base for our charitable activities. Generating wealth is a specialist skill, and much patient work
will need to be undertaken.

Those of you who attended the Installation Court Lunch may recall me saying that in this twenty-fifth year
we should reflect on who we are as a Company. To help us reflect we need to be aware of our history, and
Past Master James Thomas' article was one achievement in this direction. Another is the reawakening of the
vacant post of Archivist which Assistant Patricia Stefanowicz has now generously offered to fill. She says that
she is not put off by the challenge of ten years' material to sift, edit and assemble anew. The next step will be
to assemble a biography for the shelves of the Guildhall library.

pictured left: The Master with RIBA
Presidnt Ruth Reid at the Installation
Court Lunch at Watermen’s Hall in

right: The Master receives a shield
depicting the Company crest from the
Clerk. The shield, commissioned by
the late Bob Double, had been made
by a friend of his - professional model
maker Michael Kelly. It was decided
that, as a Company treasure, it
should be looked after by he Master
of the day.

I have also been giving thought to the question of distinctiveness:
amongst108 other Companies what makes us distinctive? Is there
something that allows us to make a contribution amongst the Livery
that is significantly different? Musing on this theme I was particularly struck by the positive response shown
by other Masters to the 'Living London Bridge' competition which our Company promoted. The exhibition
possessed a welcome freshness amongst the hundreds of other events that occur in the City, all of which are
pleasurable but more predictable. It may be that we should give more serious thought to fostering this aspect
of our activities, showing how architects can bring imaginative solutions into the City's social and physical
environment. And following this line of thought we await with interest the outcome of our present
investigations into a new archway into the City to celebrate the forthcoming Olympic Games. So watch this
space. 1
a deterrent. This year’s service will be held at St
News from the Court Lawrence Jewry with a simple buffet supper at the
back of the Church to follow.
The first Court meeting of the new decade was held in
Cutlers’ Hall with the first item of business being the New Freemen
installation of two new Assistants - Peter Murray and
Stephen Wagstaffe. The Master wished them a long
association with the Court expressing his confidence Nicholas Rowe D Arch RIBA
that they would bring their particular skills to the
benefit of the Company. It was sad to see the moving Nick established his practice init-
on from the Court of Peter Ullathorne a member of ially in the City in 1979 to carry
long standing and Guy Booth - a more recent addit- out his role as project architect for
ion. Both had given good service and will be missed. the Bank of Scotland Chief Office
in Threadneedle Street with its
Patricia Stefanowicz has nobly (or perhaps rashly) magnificent Burmantoft ceilings.
volunteered to become the Company’s Honorary The practice, based in Sussex for the past 25 years,
Archivist - a post which has been unfilled for some few now covers work on residential property, especially
years. Patricia’s task will be to compile the year on listed buildings, and on churches. Nick is Inspecting
year history of the Company recording, in her own Architect to some 20 churches in the Diocese of
words, each Master’s year. The product of her labours Chichester, and has been able to indulge his passion
will be an elegant volume incorporating copies of with architecture in the reordering and conservation of
newsletters, menu cards, service sheets etc, illustrat- these beautiful build-ings. Of these, the reordering of
ions of buildings recognized by the Company’s awards St Mary's Slaugham with it's Purbeck stone floor, and
interwoven with references to current events. One the conservation of great mediaeval ceiling at Holy
copy will be presented to the Master with a second Trinity Cuckfield painted by CE Kempe, stand out.
going to the Guildhall Library.
After training at Kingston his early career path had an
It has long been a tradition that a list of the events interesting diversion for, before setting up his own
attended by the Master since the previous meeting is practice, he was company architect to engineers
recorded in the minutes. This shows that, in the three Mason Pittendrigh, designing Castlebridge Colliery at
months since his installation, the Master has attended Clackmannon, and Beckton Surface Water Pumping
some 35 events of various types. It requires fortitude Station near London City Airport!
to take on the role these days!
Architecture seems to dominate Nick's spare time; he
Two new members - Nicholas Rowe and Justin Bere has been chairman of RIBA Sussex, is a member of
- were elected and installed as Freemen and Isabelle EASA, the Kempe Society and SPAB Sussex. But in
Desa, Alexander King and James Burrell, having 2007 he had the fun of being Mayor of the *Independ-
taken up their Freedoms of the City, were admitted to ent State of Cuckfield (*a fund raising charity)! Above
the Livery. all, his family - wife and three daughters - has been at
the centre of his life.
Peter Murray was able to report on progress with the
2012 Legacy project - useful support has been offered Justin Bere BA (Hons) Dip
by a number of other construction industry related Arch RIBA
Companies and the City Corporation is also willing to
offer assistance with the staging of the design compet- Justin Bere has over 20 years
ition which will be launched in March, Results will be post qualification experience in
announced during the Festival of Architecture in July. both large and small offices.
Having worked initially in
The other matter of interest was the decision to go it Somerset, he moved to London
alone with the Carol Service and supper this year. The to work for Sir Michael Hopkins
cost of the supper had increased to a level that had an & Partners before linking with
adverse effect on attendance and the distance between Bill Dunster in founding Eco-iD Architects Limited.
the two venues - particularly in bad weather - was also Bere:architects were founded in 1993 and are pioneers

of ecological and environmental design and leaders in Paul’s Cathedral. Gaunt and grimy on the inside it
the adoption of the Passivhaus standard in the UK. The belies its elegant exterior. It sits on top of the grand
practice has undertaken numerous public realm central lobby that can often be seen on television.
projects for local authorities and other public sector
organisations and maintains a keen interest in historic Issues surrounding the conservation of worn out floor
buildings. tiles, inaccessible statuary and decaying stonework
were the subject of thorough coverage by our guide.
They have received numerous awards, most notably
for the Focus House and the Muse House. The Muse, The visit generated a need for sustenance which was
Justin’s home and currently his office for ten people, satisfied by a buffet supper at the National Liberal Club
receives visitors from around the world who are built in 1885-87 to the designs of Alfred Waterhouse in
interested in environmental architecture and land- conjunction with the architects respon-sible for the
scape design, and it is currently featured as an example adjoining gothic confection, Whitehall Court.
of best practice in publications by CABE, Natural
England and the RIBA. As supporters of the Conservatives, Lord and Lady
Naseby had seemingly little difficulty in overcoming any
Justin has lectured and taught in Europe and USA and problem of party affiliation by joining us in this bastion
regularly participates in conferences. He takes a keen of Liberalism in a jovial end to the day. Many thanks to
interest in global, environmental and policy issues and him and to Adam Watrobski for opening our eyes to
has acted as an environmental consultant to the the architectural problems associated with keeping the
London Boroughs of Islington and Camden, The City fabric and architectural character of this marvel of
of London and the GLA. In addition to architecture, he Victorian architecture in good repair.
has considerable experience of the study and analysis
of building maintenance programmes, project manage-
ment and business management and the practice has Later in October, The Lord Mayor, Alderman Ian Luder
skills in advanced energy saving design methodologies kindly agreed to unveil the New City Architecture
and software; much of it new to the UK. Award plaque at New Street Square. Lord Mayor
thanked all those who had been involved for bringing
Recent Events such a vast improvement to this particular corner of
the ward he represents as an Alderman. He particular-
ly welcomed a development which had delivered not
Autumn leaves were just a considerable architectural statement but also a
falling on Friday 2 Oct- very successful public open space served by retail
ober around Westmins- outlets and catering establishments. He had been
ter Abbey when Com- pleased to learn that those using the square during the
pany members gathered summer months had been able to enjoy the pleasure of
to meet their host, Lord seeing England regain the Ashes on the giant television
Naseby and guide, Adam screen kindly put in place by the landlords.
Watrobski, for a special visit to the Palace of
Westminster which, when built was the largest public
building in the world, and at the cutting edge of
technological development. We were taken into places
off the tourist track. Inside the roof space we saw the
cast iron roof tiles (in dire need of attention) and
supports. Following the fire that destroyed the original
palace, the Victorians avoided the use of combustible
materials in the structure.

Then we were taken some hundred steps up to the
great lantern that originally served as the principal
ventilating element in the complex. Stone on the
outside and brick on the inside, it has within its base a Pictured above - the Master, Award winning architect Rab Bennetts, The Lord
restraining chain, rather like that in the dome of St Mayor, Land Securities Director Jonathan Evans and the Clerk 3
The Master expressed his thanks to the Lord Mayor was held in 1989 with the Furniture Makers joining us
and to the building owners - Land Securities - who some years later. In that period the two Companies
provided generous hospitality on the occasion. were responsible for the design and construction of
the Miesian crib still in use at Christmas services in the
The Master’s Reception was held at St Stephen’s church. For the records, the crib was designed by
Walbrook on Tuesday 10 November. The finest Wren Duncan Greenaway - then a Student of the Company.
neo-classical church in the City, it is ranked among his
best and, started before the design of St. Paul's was A presentation by Kate Ashley of following her trip
approved, the arrangement of the dome and columns to Sri Lanka as the winner of the Stuart Murphy Travel
ought to be seen as an experiment for the design of Award for 2009 was made at Westminster University
the cathedral. on 25 January - this was well attended by both mem-
bers of the Company and students from a selection of
London Schools of architecture.

The Court meeting was held the following day at Cut-
lers’ Hall followed by an informal Court and Livery
Dinner for members and their guests. It had been
decided to keep this a low key event with no require-
ment for formal attire. It was most successful in that it
attracted a good attendance including some who
reported that they would not have come had they had
to wear a black tie. It also gave members a chance to
have a good chat without the interruption of too many
speeches. In recognition of the fact that it was Australia
Those attending were welcomed by the Master and Day, wines from that part of the world were selected.
had an interesting talk on the church including the
theological reasons for its original and current exist- Coming Events
ence by the Venerable Peter Delaney MBE – the priest
in charge.
Friday 19 March - United Guilds Service - there
The church was constructed from 1672 to 1680, built are still places available in the Company’s allocated
of stone and rubble, at a cost of £9,412 12 shillings and pews and for lunch following the service at Plaisterers’
8 pence. Wren received the sum of 20 guineas for his Hall. Bookings to the Clerk please as soon as possible.
design (at something less than 0.25% he was probably
lucky that the RIBA had not yet been formed and that The Annual Livery Banquet is to be held in a new
he had other sources of income). venue this year - Ironmongers’ Hall - on Tuesday 13
April. A calling notice accompanies this newsletter -
The Henry Moore travertine altar donated by Lord please book early to assist the Clerk in making the
Palumbo proved to be very controversial - its exist- catering arrangements.
ence survived appeals to several ecclesiastical courts
and continues to be both used and a subject of strong A calling notice is to follow for a City Lecture
opinions to this day. involving Joe Weiss - Transportation & Projects
Director in the City of London Corporation and Prof
The members of the Company and their guests enjoy- Georgia Butina Watson BA, MA, PhD - head of the
ed a glass of wine and canapés after the talk and Peter Department of Planning and Research Tutor in the Joint
Delaney joined in the discussions about the style, fur- Centre for Urban Design at Oxford Brookes Univer-
niture, art and architecture of the church. sity. This will be held in the City Marketing Suite on
Monday 26 April. It promises to be a good evening.
As noted above, the Carol Service and Supper held
at St Mary-le-Bow and the Furniture Makers’ Hall on The Master is arranging for a party of members to visit
15 December was to be the last in these venues. Our the offices of Wilkinson Eyre Architects in Britton
first Carol service (arranged by Peter Luscombe who Street. A calling notice for the early May event will be
was, at the time, A Church Warden at St Mary-le-Bow) issued shortly.

Courtesy of the directors of the Rolfe Judd Group, a selected as one of Building Design’s Class of 2009. He
lunch is to be arranged on the SB Ardwina in St has, more importantly, won the RIBA’s President’s
Katharine’s Dock in June or early July. The speaker on Silver Medal for his Part 2 design project entitled ‘A
will be Lord Palumbo of Walbrook who will talk on the Defensive Architecture’. He gives a synopsis of the
subject of Mies van der Rohe. As one who owned the project - illustrated below - as ‘a reflection of and
Farnsworth House for 30 years and has also owned response to the effects of climate change. Set in the
houses by Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, he is Blackwater Estuary, Essex:’ He’ imagines a set of austere
well placed to talk on the residential works of the 20th and stark coastal defence towers that have multiple
century masters. Early booking is suggested once the functions. Not only do the towers act as an environmental
notice goes out as places are limited. protection device that serve as a warning to mankind of
the dangers that lie ahead, but they are also repositories
There are still places available on the Master’s Week- of knowledge. The militarised towers are alive - breathing,
end Visit to Bath on 17 - 20 June. For those who creaking, groaning, sweating and crying when stressed.
wish to be reminded of the joys in store a further copy Nick also won the SOM Travelling Award and the
of the calling notice is being sent out. Please note
though that hotel accommodation is becoming scarcer
with every passing week.

Common Hall for the Election of Sheriffs and other
City officers will be held on Tuesday 24 June. A
notice inviting applications for tickets for this and the
Common Hall in September and the lunches which
follow both events will be sent out later in the year.

The Election Court Dinner which follows the Com-
pany’s Annual Service at St Lawrence Jewry Church
will be held in Armourers’ Hall on Monday 5 July.
Again, notices will be sent out later but please note the
date in your diaries.

A notice giving details of the annual architectural
study trip arranged by the Clerk accompanies the MAKE Award for Sustainability. He is currently working
newsletter. The trip starts in Boston on 22 August and for Michaelis Boyd Associates in Holland Park working
wends its way south through Cambridge, New Haven, mainly on high spec residential projects. He is, he
New Caanan to New York, Philadelphia to Washington advises, ‘giving no thought to his Part 3 preferring to have
with a day added on visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monti- a year off doing some honest work’.
cello. The tour ends on 5 September. In the interests
of having a manageable group, numbers are limited to
20 so an early response will be appreciated. Life as a Client Advisor. Richard Saxon CBE

To round off the year the Installation Court Lunch Architects' roles are changing
will be held in Innholders’ Hall on Monday 13 Sept- as the industry responds to
ember with the Open House Weekend running over client demands. Sir John Egan's
the weekend of 18-19 September. As always, Step- recommendation that clients
hen Wagstaffe and Patricia Stefanowicz will welcome should usually appoint integ-
help in stewarding the City churches on the two days. rated teams of contractors
and designers has led to a
majority of new-build clients
Members and their work opting for design-build. This
path often means that the client does not meet an
One of the current batch of indentured students architect until after tender, and then it's not 'their'
Nicholas Szczepaniak has distinguished himself in architect. Clients' skills in preparation for the project
final year at the University of Westminster by being and choosing their team vary hugely. In the public 5
sector the in-house architect who used to advise is
largely extinct. This opens up an advice gap and clients
are increasingly looking for architect advis-ers to help
form the brief, prove feasibility, choose the team and
ensure quality.

I decided to work in this area after moving on from 39
years at BDP. Whilst I was RIBA Vice President for
Practice I supported the initiative of Company Free-
man Simon Foxell and CABE to create an accredited
cohort of RIBA Client Design Advisors (CDAs), people
with experience and skills suited to the role. Liveryman
Richard Brindley, then Practice Director, led the creat-
ion of this service and Liveryman Peter Ullathorne and
I are on the Steering Group of the RIBA CDA Scheme. Designing interactive environments for commercial clients
About 100 CDAs are on the list now, with intake every was challenging but I was keen to investigate such inter-
six months and CPD to develop our skills. The biggest ventions in public space. After finishing my Part III at the
demand is from schools clients: CABE insists they must Bartlett part time I became self employed and collabor-
have a CDA. Visit Find an ated with a former colleague on a series of public art
Architect/Client Design Advisor for more. commissions for site-specific interactive artworks. These
ranged from an installation of wind reactive light masts in
My own work has involved helping a bank, a special the city of Poole to a series of four responsive landmarks
school, a church, a local authority for its new offices, in Havering. In 2005 I moved to Germany (my husband is
the Lottery and the London Olympics. My website, German) and took the opportunity of a change of setting, shows you my offer. It's a sensible to embark on my PhD, initially in Bremen in North Ger-
specialism for senior practitioners to use design many and then in Weimar at the Bauhaus University.
thinking, if not design itself, to help clients get what
they really need. Over four years I studied the role of wayfinding and urban
legibility when we experience space with mobile and
wireless technologies; such as mobile phones, GPS and
Katharine Willis - one of WiFi. I successfully defended my thesis in August 2009
the Company’s earlier and was awarded the grade 'magna cum laude'. I have
indentured students now also published my work in a number of publications with
lives and works in Germany. chapters in books such as 'Augmented Urban Spaces' and
Of her past and current 'Encountering Urban Places', and most recently a book
work she writes: which I both edited and contributed to entitled ' Shared
Encounters'. Now employed at the University of Siegen I
‘My work over the last the am continuing my research, supervising student theses
years has been concerned and getting more involved in teaching. My academic web
with exploring the many ways site is:
through which we perceive and interact with our spatial’
environment. A key aim of the work is to propose
approaches for creating legible environments when urban Of general interest
space is experienced through new technologies. After
completing my Diploma at the Bartlett, UCL, where my
my final year project focused on the design of an inter- Notice has been received of a call for submissions for
active site-specific interface designed along a stretch of an exhibition ‘50 Years of Architecture 2010’. This aims
urban road, I took a position as designer at Imagination to exhibit over150 buildings during the London Festival
Ltd. I worked for the first two years primarily on the des- of Architecture 2010 which are either:
ign of a series of interactive installations as part of the
Talkzone at the Millennium Dome (shown in the adjacent · Significant in the development of architecture in
column). London/Britain
· Representative a particular strand of architectural 6
thinking before the heavens opened and they got exceedingly
· Excellent examples of their kind wet and uncomfortable while their companions rode in
the Modern Companies battle bus.
The exhibition will be hosted by the Architecture Club
at the Mall Galleries from 19-26 June and anyone wish- They were in distinct need of a restorative glass (or
ing to submit entries for consideration should email a two) of health giving stout which was purchased for
100 word description, credits and low resolution them by the Master of Students who had shared their
images to before 1 March. discomforts.

Progress is being made on the competition that the It seems to be generally thought that the Clerk speaks
Company is organizing for the design of a new Gate- in jest when he mentions the words ‘Company Tie’.
way to the City - the Aldgate Arch - the 2012 There is news. A limited number of the new ties will
Legacy Project. Peter Murray and his team are put- very shortly be available. No
ting the conditions together for a launch in March with more were ordered than can
entries being returned in June with the results announ- be disposed of in the coming
ced during the London Festival of Architecture in July. millennium and competitive
Given the healthy response that the London Bridge bids will be entertained from
Competition attracted, it is hoped that this venture those who now realize that
which carries the advantage that we aim to have the they have missed the boat.
winning scheme erected will be even more successful.
By way of reminder the new
We are fortunate to have the support of a modest model (see the adjacent
number of construction related Companies and the illustration) is available either
Corporation of the City of London. in blue or mid grey silk with
multiple Temple Bar motifs in
red. Either regular or bow tie versions are available.
Be careful what you wish for ..........
Seriously, the asking price is a mere £16.50 to cover
There is seldom a shortage of volunteers willing to postage and packing. For those who want something a
take up the few places that the Company are allocated little different there are several hundred of the old ties
in the Lord Mayor’s Show each year. the 2009 show still avialable in red or blue silk at the knock down
was no exception. While the Company got lucky this price of £10.00. Please don’t hold back!
year in that we were allowed to have a couple of extra
walkers, those who took part were not so lucky.

Pictured below are the Master, Wardens Edward King
and Michael Wilkey, Master of Students Jaki Howes
and Student members Kate Ashley and Dan Slavinsky
before they set off on the march and, it must be said,

David Cole-Adams
The Clerk
The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects
82A Muswell Hill Road
London N10 3JR

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