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February 23, 2010

To: Commissioners Court

From: Commissioner Maurine Dickey, District 1

Subject: To Create the Dallas County Toll Road Authority

At this time, it is known that the State of Texas is facing potential and hazardous transportation
funding shortfalls. Tx-DOT Dallas District’s top 12 priority projects total $19 billion dollars with
no dependable revenue funding source.

Dallas County is the home of 2,412,827 plus residents. Dallas County registered 1,999,039
vehicles for the fiscal year 2007/2008, which averaged 166,586 registrations monthly. For the
fiscal year 2008/2009 Dallas County registered 2,057,712 vehicles for an average of 171,476
registrations monthly. The growth in Dallas County will require maintaining and constructing
additional infrastructure capacity of which unsecured funding mechanisms have been identified.
Dallas County has an excellent relationship with the Regional MPO (NCTCOG), its members
and the NTTA and its members. Dallas County Commissioners Court recognizes the NTTA as
the primary provider of toll roads in Dallas County and the region. But, if a contingency plan is
not implemented to address the method of moving millions of citizens throughout Dallas County
safely and efficiently in the future, and the revenue generated stays in the county, the impact to
Dallas County will be critical.

In 2007 the 80th Texas Legislature Session, with the passage of Senate Bill 792, allowed local
and regional authorities in Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth and other metropolitan areas to proceed
with certain specific listed projects on a traditional basis, while providing a pilot program for
“market evaluation” of other projects. Loop 9 is just one example which could fall under this
scenario. Chapter 284 of the Transportation Code also provides for counties to create and operate
toll roads authorities.

This request is consistent with Dallas County’s Strategic Plan Vision 4 to implement programs
and conduct services to address Dallas County’s air quality and transportation issues by
leveraging the County’s resources and influence to ensure appropriate allocation of resources to
the region.

It is recommended that the Dallas County Commissioners Court create the Dallas County Toll
Road Authority to consider the County’s Loop 9 Project, along with other projects to be
identified in the future by the Commissioners Court. The governing board of the Dallas County
Toll Road Authority Board shall consist of the members of the Dallas County Commissioners