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--> Sperm is the source of erection.

--> Sperm is the most powerful love making weapon for a man.
--> Do not ejaculate in every act of sex.
--> Sperm is a very important thing for a man.
--> Root cause of impotence is the faulty way of loving; which is the culturally
conditioned lemming habit of ejaculating in every act of sex.
--> Sperm is the source of erectile power.
--> A continuous loss of sperm through repeated ejaculation in every act of sex,
brings about a hormonal deficiency crisis in every male.
This fault way of loving robs the entire biological mechanism of the body of hor
mones, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which are vital to erectile power
and potency; and the physical and emotional health of the individual.
--> Higher function of sperm is to generate and store sexual energy-orgasm energ
--> Any loss of erectile power or sexual desire, at any time, are sure indicatio
ns of the onset of impotence, resulting from the unhealthy habit of
ejaculating in every act of sex, including masturbation.
--> Pennis size is an important factor.
--> Penetration is the highest form of love making.
--> It is not compulsory for a man to ejaculate to reach orgasm.
--> Ejaculation for a man is not the highest pleasure of sex.
--> Ejaculation does not provide a man with orgasmic genital gratification.
--> Ejaculation control is a feat of muscular strength and skill. Retaining the
genital orgasmic pressure untill it fills the entire body, rather than
allowing it to escape prematurely through mindless ejaculation.
--> A man should cultivate the ability to delay his ejaculation untill his love
partner is fully satisfied.
--> We should not be overwhelmed by feminine beauty either during sex or during
normal time.
--> The average man ejaculates after just 60 - 100 thrusts. A sexually educated
man can give a Thousand Loving Thrusts! Ejaculation control empowers a man
to reward his lover with long and erotic love rides, inspiring her to as many 'ear
th moving' orgasms as she pleases.
--> A man who learns ejaculation control can make love for as long and as often
as he and his partner pleases.
--> Sexual love is not a science it is an art.
--> When a man squanders his semen, he will be sick and if he carelessly exhaust
s his semen he will die before his time. And for a man this is the most
important point to remember.

--> A good guide line is when the female is completely satisfied and the male is
not yet exhausted.
--> A man who cultivates high levels of testosterone (sperm - semen), and other
vital male hormonal essences such as oxytocin, will experience a
overwhelming enhancement of his love and affection for his woman.
--> Constant sperm loss causes backache.
--> Man is like fire and a woman is like water.
Unless a woman learns to retain her orgasm energy through the locking method, sh
e may find that her orgasmic arousal during love-making will die down very
quickly when the man stops thrusting to control his ejaculation.
'Ride the female Tiger with a thousand loving thrusts'.
Cooking female orgasm is the key to understanding the nature of female orgasm en
It is important for the man, while performing the Locking Method, to keep his pe
nis inside the woman's vagina. This maintains the bio-electrical
sexual tension of the male and female orgasm energy. With both partners at the h
eight of orgasmic arousal, the positive and negative polarities of male
and female sexual energy literally harmonize (neutralize) each other. The volati
le male orgasm energy is balanced by the calming effect of female orgasm
energy, and the man finds that he can then thrust, almost indefinitely. This kin
d of thrusting, with a rock hard, orgasmically charged penis, is extremely
erotically satisfying for a highly aroused woman. Their sanity restored, their b
io-emotional needs fulfilled... They are healed of sexual suffering.

The principles and practice of cooking female orgasm are identical to the Lockin
g Method for controlling male orgasm energy. Instead of continuing to thrust
when she feels the spousal of her orgasm energy coming to a climax, the woman lo
vingly communicates to her man that he must stop thrusting, so she can
perform the Locking Method to avoid her orgasm energy escaping through outward f
lowing genital orgasm - climax.

In this Healing Way of Love, the woman soon develops the skill to consciously ha
rness her orgasm energy. She may then find that she doesn't necessarily
have to clench her Love Muscles with nine contractions as the man does. Dependin
g on how close to the edge she is, she can clench her vaginal muscles,
hold a deep breath and squeeze tightly. This 'partial locking', with mental cont
rol, naturally draws her orgasm energy upwards into her body.
In an emergency, she can do the Total Body Lock, (clenching the fists and jaw an
d the nine contractions, etc.). Obviously, it is easier for a woman to
clench her Love Muscles when the man retreats to shallow penetration.

The method of cooking female orgasm is similar to the principle of a pressure co

oker. Clenching her Love Muscles at the moment just preceding climax, is

like sealing the lid on a pressure cooker. The build up of orgasmic pressure, de
nied an escape root, must rise up like steam into her abdomen and solar
plexus; giving intense orgasmic-pleasure - This is the root of orgasmic genital
gratification and paves the way for the healing ecstasy of Total Body

The Dual Cultivation of Male and Female Orgasm Energy is described as "Transform
ing Sexual Energy into Spiritual Consciousness".

"Those who do not know the Tao of Love will die before their time, without ever
having really known the true joy of loving'.--Su Nu. Plain Talking Girl.