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day 1

register with hr
get the card
introduce with team member
1st task
format laptop that has given to me
recovery laptop
install a propriate application .
install IBM notes for working use in information system (desktop operation and s
ervice centre)
day 2
format a new laptop
the old one .. win xp
find the driver
day 3
format laptop
setup 5 printer connect to 1 laptop
diagnone user laptop wifi connection
day 4
seperate computer accesories (powercord,adapter,cddriver,battery)
format and setup a laptop (alienware m17x r4)
intall driver and install a propriate application .
install IBM notes for working use in information system (desktop operation and s
ervice centre)
day 5
checking computer accescories ( ok, or broken ) power cord, battery
make a checklist for the broken to dispose
solve user computer that very slow because have ram max limit(200mb per 4gb only
). remove the limit
teach new trainer how to setup a printer to a new laptop
troubleshoot user printer and scanner

cheking laptop component keyboard laptop
check battery laptop and adapter funtionly or not
label the component model
trouble shoot user iphone to connect
checking computer item ( desktop powercord)
troubleshoot cpu .
send computer item to dispose
make new backup data on user 6th floor.
label the computer item
visit server to look cooling system maintenance
troubleshoot virus on desktop Helpdesk user

visit helpdesk department

Checking Computer/Laptop component (dvc/cd drive)
make new sharing file backup at pc user 6th floor
transfer id to new cpu for helpdesk user.
label new asset at 2nd floor.
label all new asset in SOC security operation security mesiniaga.
setup video conference townhall
label dvd item ..
checking ..
day 11
open laptop ..
take the ram ..
take the monitor to be a sparepart
kekah pc
amik ram
amik harddisk
kekah printer
troubleshoot vpn user laptop form mdec norin osman
setup laptop dilla. install lotus note
recovery lappy t420
setup townhall video conference
troubleshoot user wifi mobile
format laptop t420
setup lappy installation
setup vpn , wifiaccess and IBM notes
take computer to check functinally and dispose if not function.
take computer item before dispose (ram,hdd,cpu)
keyin data asset status
learn how to troubleshoot cpu hardware.. checking hardware 1 by 1 .. start from
ram, and detect ram working or not
format win8 laptop
configuration application setup
change laptop monitor.
day 16
configuration printer fuji xerox
configuration laptop antivirus conflict 4 anti virus in 1 pc
learn how to reset paswrod in win7

testing battery spare for user

configuration user lotus note (workspace problem)
configuration user printer
checking laptop spare one by one.
update list of laptop spare status.
send new emp id to secteray usj.
configure user ibm note. cannot access the server becoz he offline set.
setup new laptop. change inditifier,owner and status.
setup cpu client
hdd problem
recovery harddisk
recovery deleted file
backup hard disk
user wifi mobile address
learn setup bios
learn how to jumper cpu (clear cmos setting)
setup printer .. 5 printer
belajar cara nk backup server using magnetic tape
learn how to replace magnetic tape backup.
setup printer
setup MyCloud Mirror.
configuration device
add user
make user guide
change the magnetic tape backup.
access MyCloud Mirror with new IP to USJ from Menara.