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ISSUE NO. 15 | March 10


Wedding ISSUE
Inspirational Ideas
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good looks good to know
Inspired themes, tableware, decorations, food and drink
recipes, invitations and favours how-to. The School of Parties –everything you need to know
and nothing you don’t.
SAMANTHA (page 31)
CARRIE (page 105) BRIDAL SHOWER (page 73)
Party must-haves and where to get them. good life
RING PILLOWS (page 4) Snapshots of your style and soirees.
FLOWER GIRLS (page 47)
TERRY & TIFFANY (page 25)
THAMAR & RICHARD (page 48)
ALEX & GUY (page 94)
good to meet you BAILEY & JAN-JAN (page 82)
INGRID & TIM (page 65)
MIMI (page 63) MICHELLE & RICHARD (page 56)
JILL & MARK (page 116)

good bad and ugly
READER FEEDBACK (page 3) in good hands
What you had to say, your story ideas, subjects you CRAFT PROJECTS
would like covered, questions you would like answered. Make it yourself with our easy step-by-step instruc-

good riddance VENDOR THANK YOU CARDS (page 61)

Turn something old into something new – and some- BRIDE ON BOARD (page 131)
thing green!

FLOWER POWER (page 81)
In Good Company also has a blog - fill of daily inspiration and good things we just had to share it with you straight
away. This is our notebook where we’ll be jotting down bits of advice and presenting ideas ranging from real events to
personal stories. It’s also a place for you to share your thoughts and tips on how you put a party together. After all, as we
always say, “Be In Good Company”.

2 |

Hi there,
I would love to receive your newsletter and become part of your data base. I got your details
in the Ideas magazine or Woman and Home - not sure which and have been on your website.
WOW - I am so glad to have found you. You truly have the most beautiful things and I love
throwing parties. I will certainly be dropping your name all over the place.
- Shelley

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Here are some of our wedding
photos, the reception was
held at Buitengeluk. The
colours were maroon and pink
and the table flowers were
mini flower arrangements,
which each lady at the table
took home as her “favour”.
- Laura | 3

Going to the chapel never looked more stylish than with our chic Personally
Yours Ring Pillow. This pillow combines simplistic style and modern charm to
traditional wedding day material. Fashioned in crisp satin, the ring pillow comes
with a personalised, silver medallion engraved and satin ribbon. Feel free to
substitute in one of your own ribbons to coordinate with your wedding theme.

Personally Yours Ring Pillow
Available in White and Ivory.
Size: Pillow measures 16cm by 16cm.
Materials: Matte satin
Engraving: The medallion may be engraved with two first names (max of 10 characters per name) separated
by an ampersand on a silver plate at no additional cost. Silver plate may be positioned on ribbon and tied to
placement of your choice upon arrival.
R260 each

4 |
Platinum By Design Square Ring Pillow
The perfect balance of glittering crystals
and classic pearls accent premium
duchess satin. The result is a ring
pillow with enduring style and stunning
sophistication. 20cm Matching garter and
guestbook also available.
R425 each

Pure Elegance in Wedding White
Square Ring Pillow
Luxurious matte satin accented with a
crystal tailored bow - a ring pillow with
brilliant simplicity! 20cm
R510 each

Simply Satin Guest Book & Ring Pillow
A combination of sophisticated style
with simple elegance. Fashioned in crisp
matte satin, this guest book and ring
pillow set features glass pearl accents
and one of kind personalisation. Surely
to match any wedding day decor, the
understated elegance of this pair will let
you shine on your big day! Available in
White only.
Guestbook and Ring Pillow Set
Guestbook R340 each
Ring Pillow R250 each | 5
6 |
Charlotte’s Bridal Shower

wonderland bride
Show off your worldliness by having an afternoon high tea at a pretty bed and
breakfast or transform your garden and arrange an assortment of tea sandwiches
and sweet treats on cake stands and pretty platters, and serve with pots of
different kinds of tea. | 7
The White Rabbit, teacups and red hearts from
the book itself were the inspiration for the
shower’s stationery, shown here on the invitation,
with a quirky matching envelope.

Printable Party Collection includes invitation,
notecard, envelopes, food picks, cupcake rappers,
book plates, bookmarks, favour boxes, bunting
and patterned paper. Available from the IN GOOD
COMPANY SHOP for R50 for the pdf. file;
Petersham ribbon from R5 per metre.

8 | | 9
If you are outdoors, set up tables outside on the lawn in your garden with
mismatched chairs nicked from both the patio and dining room. For an overall
air of refinement and sophistication, dress the tables with white crisp linen
tablecloths and add brightly coloured table runners and pretty napkins.

10 | | 11
THIS PAGE: Greengate Naomi Spot French Bowl R55
each, Side plates R120 each, Café Latte Cups R75
each; Red Naomi Spot Paper Napkins R40 for 16.
and Plates as before, Cath Kidston Polka Dot Table
Runners R30 each for hire, Greengate Naomi Spot
Jug R310 each, Glass Apothecary Jar for hire from
R30 each, Vintage Glass bottles R25 each, Rosanna
Inc Teacup and saucer R5 for hire. Maileg Mouse
(comes in a matchbox house) R175 each

12 |
Arrange brightly coloured flowers in unusual vessels:
teapots, creamers, jugs and hatboxes. The more
mismatched the better. | 13
Earl Grey tea is a must, as is an array of flavoured teas
– have coffee and non alcoholic punch on hand for
those not partial to tea. Don’t forget the lemon slices,
a cream pitcher, honey and a heart shaped sugar cube
placed on each saucer.

14 |
For a dramatic display consider a high tea buffet. Guests will be thrilled with a
selection of scones, petit fours, chocolates, cupcakes and fruit covered meringue
tartlets. For those with not such a sweet tooth: tiny finger sandwiches crudités,
smoked salmon and mini-quiches. All displayed on different sized silver
compotes, and bowls of jams, butter and clotted cream. Finish it off with a
16 |
Give each guest an hour of the day, by attaching a circular tag with a printed
clock thereupon, and with the hands of the hour drawn in. The guests then bring
a gift that corresponds with that time of day. To help with the opening of gifts,
ask the bride to turn the hands of a large kitchen clock (where the glass front has
been removed), with her eyes closed. Then whichever hour it lands on; is the gift
that she should open.

5 AM – 8AM 9AM – 11AM
alarm clock office plant or pot plant
gym towel, water bottle coffee thermos, mugs
bath towel, lotions, salts, soaps office stationery
juicer, blender, glasses diary, calendar
egg cups, toaster
coffee mugs and plunger, tray

2PM – 6PM
12PM – 2PM gift vouchers for shopping or a day at the spa
sandwich maker sports equipment
bread board, knife CDs or DVDs
crockery and cutlery garden tools and pots
kitchen utensils year-long magazine subscription
dish towels

7PM – 11PM
pots and pans 11PM – 4AM
wine and wine glasses pillows, duvets, cushions,
table linen and napkins bed linen, blankets
candlesticks and candles pyjamas, gown, slippers
vases lingerie
cushions | 17
18 |
Polystyrene hat for each guest Pipe cleaners
Real or fake flowers and leaves Wire
Different coloured rolls of satin ribbon Scissors
Feathers Pins
Feathered butterflies Glue
Plastic bugs and butterflies Glue Gun
Prize for the winner.

Set up tables with all the materials, and as guests arrive direct them to the tables to get started in decorating
their hats. After everyone has had a chance to decorate their hat, have a mini fashion show, and have the
guests vote for their favourite hat. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Instead of decorating the hats at the party, as part of the invitation give guests a polystyrene or straw hat,
and tell guests that they must decorate their hat for the party, and the most original “mad” hat will be given a

1 deck of playing cards
8 pieces of A4 White Paper

Divide the A4 paper into 8 blocks (2 by 4). In each block print or write out five words. Repeat this until there
is a block for each guest. Cut out the blocks and stick these to the back of the playing cards, so that the face
of the card is uncovered.

As the bride is about to open a guest’s gift, give the guest a card. They have 30 seconds (use an egg timer) to
try and make the guests guess what are the five words on her card, without saying any of the words that are
actually printed on the card, but by using other words to explain the words on the card. If the guest succeeds,
they are given a small prize.

inspired 30 seconds cards on our website GOOD
20 |
Since we were little girls, we dreamed of being a princess who is saved by her
prince, and they live happily ever after. So make the bride’s fairy tale come true
with one of these alternative party themes.

• Chocolates or cookies shaped • For invitations roll paper • Make an enchanted forest
as shoes, with a tag saying invitations into a scroll with a with large branches in vases
“Bride’s name has found her wooden stick on each end, use with fake apples, birds and
sole mate”. a Medieval font for the wording butterflies.
and tie with ribbon or stamp a
• Dress the bride up first in wax seal. • Hang a big mirror on the
“rags” (as a maid) wall and instruct guests to
and then as a princess. Possibly • Host the shower in a hotel ask it their deepest question.
rent appropriate costumes, or a room, bedroom, or lounge Place a bowl nearby and fill
few accessories here and there converted to a bedroom, a with pre-printed responses on
will do. Think a handkerchief simple mosquito net hanging cards. Guests then draw their
and feather duster to be will work wonders. “answers” from the all knowing
replaced by a tiara and wand. mirror.
• Create the wall of roses that
• At many showers, no one the prince had to climb over. • Serve apple inspired food and
knows exactly who the Hang from a curtain rail, lengths drinks, think apple pie, apple
bridesmaids are, so to make of ribbon, and tie rose heads strudel, apple sweets, apple
it very obvious, have the girls 30cm. Ask guests, to fill in cards salad, apple juice and apple
dress up as the Ugly Step Sisters with their details and wishes for martinis.
by wearing the most hideous the bride, and attach this to the
gowns they can find - maybe “wall” with little mini pegs. • Ask each guest to bring a gift
from the back of their closet. relating to their assigned dwarf
• Buy the Princess Barbie, and name:
• Does the shoe fit? Place a similar to a kid’s party, make Sleepy – Bedding and
smart shoe on a pillow and a cake around her body as a sleepwear.
borrow or make your own shoe dress, and ice accordingly. Dopey – Kits or gift vouchers to
measurer, and award a prize to learn something new.
the guest with the smallest feet • Give eye masks embroidered Chef – Anything related to the
and one with largest. with “Sleeping Beauty” as party kitchen.
favours. Doc – First Aid Kit, Blankets, Hot
• Play a longer version of “Pass water bottle.
the Pumpkin (Parcel)”. Wrap • Trying in with the theme, ask Grumpy – Not for long! Cheer
a gift in many layers of orange that guests bring only gifts that her up with books, CDs, DVDs
paper and this is passed around relate to either the themes: and games.
while the bride is opening gifts. sleeping or beauty. Happy – Anything that the bride
When the clock strikes twelve loves that will immediately
(when an egg timer goes off), • Make a guestbook by bring a smile to her face!
the person holding the gift has filling the pages with colour Sneezy – Flowers, Pepper Mill,
to answer a question on the photocopies from the children’s tissue box, smart toilet paper
outside layer, about the bride story book, as well as matching holders for the bathroom.
or anything wedding related! papers, stickers, ribbon and
Attach sweets to the layers, as a glitter. Start off the first page
little treat. with “Once Upon a Time” and
the last with “Happily Ever
After”. | 21
22 |
• Decorate a room like Aladdin’s HOOD • On the invitation sketch a
cave. Have Oriental carpets, rugs • Buy the bride a hooded jacket, castle, then punch a hole near
and floor cushions for guests to in red of course. A good idea the top and thread through
sit on. would be to embroider “Future plaited wool or embroidery
Mrs. Bride’s new surname”. cotton, with a ribbon bow at
• Close the curtains, turn down the end. Print below – “Bride’s
the lights and decorate the room • For the food, line large baskets name is tying the knot.”
with coloured lanterns, and fill with red checkered napkins and
glasses and vases with coloured fill with “Grandma’s Homemade • For a bit of fun, tell guests to
water and floating candles (use Treats”. Set the table to look like come dressed in “Smart Wear -
food colouring). an old fashioned market bake Funky Hair! Award prizes for the
sale and have food labels like wackiest hairdo.
• Serve traditional Moroccan “Nana’s Nut Loaf”.
food; you can either make the • If the guests are game, have
dishes yourself or order in from a • Similar to the clothes peg a tug-of-war competition, with
take away place. game, but instead just have one the rope mimicking Rapunzel’s
shower cap (call it grandma’s locks.
• Serve Moroccan tea in the bed cap), and who ever says
specialised glasses with lots of or does the banned word or • Give pretty hair clips, slides
mint and sugar, these glasses action, has to wear the cap! and other accessories as party
can also be used as votive candle favours to the guests.
holders and make great party • For a bachelorette party,
favours. welcome guests, with a sign on • If guests are stuck for gift
the front door, stating “Beware ideas, have them contribute, to
• Give incense and/or burners as of the Big Bad Wolf”. And for a hair salon gift voucher for the
party favours. a clever striptease act, buy a bride to use for her wedding
blow up man doll or cut out or rehearsal dinner. There may
• Have a humbly bubbly for a cardboard silhouette of a been even enough for the bride
guests to try out. man and dress him in clothes. to have her nails done as well!
During the shower have each
• Buy the DVD, and have it guest ask the bride any question • This is also a great theme for
projected onto a wall in the about the groom. Each time an a pre-wedding party for just the
background, turn off the sound. answer is correct, the bride can bride and bridesmaids if you all
remove a piece of clothing off plan to go to a hair salon, and
• Buy the CD and play the the “stripper”. When the last have hair trials for the wedding
original soundtrack from the piece of clothing is removed day. This is perfect if the day
movie. Also consider getting hold have only a fig leaf in the right coincides with a pre-wedding
of other Eastern music to create place. And just in case the bride party, as you will all look
an authentic atmosphere. is tempted, underneath have a stunning!
message, “Not on your life”.
• Have a golden lamp and ask
guests to make a wish for the
bride on a slip of paper, and
put this inside the lamp, not
forgetting to give it a few rubs. | 23
Norman Dent
24 |
lovespringseternal GOOD LIFE

Love blossoms
in this beautiful
spring wedding, as TERRY & TIFFANY PETYT
described by the 24 SEPTEMBER
Bride Tiffany:
“We decided to theme
our wedding... and
entitled our day “Love
Springs Eternal”. The
reason for this was
three-fold: Firstly, we
were celebrating LOVE
- God’s for us, ours
for Him and ours for
each other. Secondly,
we were married in our
South African Spring
- signifying new life,
fresh beginnings (and
beautiful blossoms for
the pics!), and thirdly
to celebrate eternal life
in Christ where we are
settled in the truth that
we, as a couple, will
know each other forever
and know God’s Love
forever, glorifying Him.” | 25
It was held at the Johannesburg Country Club in the gazebo garden, which
meant the natural flowers all around enhanced our chosen displays of
violas and pansies physically growing in boxes of soil surrounded with
pure white stones. The bouquets were made up of freesias - due to them being
truly spring flowers, having a heavenly scent, and it was an added plus
that they were my mother’s wedding flower, too. The theme was threaded
through the stationery and each personalised gift (a growing flower for
each lady, and a honey pot for each man) had tags on them with quotes or
scriptures that contained each of the words: love, spring, eternal.

26 |
“The stationery was designed,
printed, sliced, folded and
glued in my spare time, as
were the honey pots filled
and decorated... such fun! It
was quite a small wedding,
but personal. We were
both happy with how it
all panned out - except my
dratted nerves! Oh, and the
fact that I flashed everyone
present...” | 27
28 | | 29

30 |

sexy in the city
Is the bride a big fan of the series “Sex in the City”? Does she epitomise all
things glam and chic? For a bachelorette party that redefines sheer style and
individuality, host the event at a truly hip hotel perfect for the guests to meet
and greet before dinner, and even better for the post dancing activities | 31
Keeping in touch with the “hotel” feel,
here is an invitation that allows guests to
display their whereabouts on the night
with a bit of pizzazz!

Heavy weight white cardboard
Personal computer

Print the free downloadable door hanger
template from our website GOOD TIMES/
DOWNLOADS onto heavy weight paper. Fill in
the party details, cut out and tie a pink ribbon
around the handle, and place in a pink or black

Theme your whole party with our Bachelorette
Printable party that even includes this fun fill-in
Truth or Dare cards for a night out of antics.

The Bachelorette Printable Party
Note card
Cupcake wrappers
Food Picks Bunting A-Z
Favour Bag
Paper Tiara
Truth or Dare cards
A4 Paper sheets
R50 for the pdf. file

32 |
Dancing Shoes
We are also in love with our Party Shoe Note cards that will make a real statement as invitations.

Party Shoe Note Cards
R80 for pack of 4 (4 different styles per pack)

Suggested Invitation Wording:

Take off your pearls, girls!
Be a glamour girl, come dressed in your LBD and killer heels


(including those who may be fashionably late!)

TO CARRIE 082 412 0964

The advantage of hosting the party at a hotel is that all the décor is practically taken
care of, and just with a few personal touches here and there, the room will be perfect.
Have a potted orchid placed on the coffee or bedside table, with a note card from the hosts, not only does
this brighten up the room, but the bride can take this home to beautify her bedroom. In the bathroom, fill
the bath and basin with water and float pink votive candles and pink rose petals. Put pink candles and pillows
all around the room to set a romantic mood. Next to the bed, place a mini box of chocolate mints, and a note
to the bride, wishing her sweet dreams.

Pink and Black Boudoir Pillows
Available for hire
R20 each

34 |
By having the dinner at a restaurant all the food and drinks are already catered for, as
well as basic table decorations. This gives you the advantage to focus on adding a few
goodies to really make a statement.

Glam up restaurant white linen table napkins with hot pink ribbon and graphic damask felt cutouts. As a
“toast” to each of your guests serve pink cosmopolitans or rosé champagne and add a little purse or shoe
charm around the glass stem as a little pressie. For place cards slide these into our shoe clips, that also make
great favours for your guests to use as a photo clip holder. Fill small glass chandelier votives with fuchsia pink
roses and sprinkle a box of black and crystal table gems for an extra bit of bling!

Bon Voyage Side Plates R450 for a set of 4, or hire for R10 each
Felt Damask Placemats R10 for hire
Mirror Coaster R5 for hire
Purse Charms (various charms available) R40 each
Fuchsia Pink Spot Petersham Ribbon R12 per metre
Felt Damask Decorations R3 each for hire
Chandelier Glass Votives Large R15 each, Medium R10 each
Shoe Place Card Holders R150 for 6
After Dark Canapé Picks R35 for 24 | 35
As the guests arrive in the hotel room, hand them
each a sexy pink cosmopolitan and point them in the
direction of a few platters of hors de oeuvres and bowls
of olives, nuts and pretzels.

36 |
Once all the girls have arrived and had a drink (or two!), descend down to the
hotel’s dining room for a delicious main course meal. Tell the girls to hold out for
dessert, as this will be had back upstairs.
Make your way back up to the room for some dessert and after dinner activities. While you were
having dinner, organise that room service delivered to the room, a bottle of champagne, glasses, as
well as tea and coffee, and a huge bowl of cut up fruit. Then (with the hotel’s permission of course)
bring out a chocolate fountain or chocolate fondue pot and get dipping! Another good idea is to have
hat or our fancy shoeboxes jammed pack full of cupcakes, chocolates and caramel popcorn! The latter
being perfect for the late night TV watching. | 37
Like any visit to a hotel, who can leave without taking
home some of those mini toiletries.
Give guests their own “sexy in the city” version, by making each of them their
own little goodie bag. Buy shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and moisturiser
in bulk, and then decant them into small bottles, pack the items together with
other bathing essentials into little organza bags tied with ribbon. Add one of light
up novelty rings for that special touch! For the bride, make a similar one, but
consider throwing in a rubber duck or a terry cloth robe with Bride embroidered
on the back or slippers with “I” on the left one and “Do” on the right!

Light Up Novelty Rings
Set of 6, 1 white, 5 pink
R140 for the set

38 |
Make shoe bags for your guests. Buy beautiful pink and black raw satin. Then
folding together the right side, cut out the two sides that will make up the bag.
Sew together the two sides and the bottom of the bag leaving 3 cm at the top
not sewn. Take the top edge of one side and fold this over and sew this down.

Do the same for the other side. Take the opposite colour satin ribbon and thread this through the
open flaps, do for both sides. Then tie together the two ribbon ends in a knot, on either side of the
bag. If you like, and before you do the sewing, have embroidered on the bag, in the contrasting
colour: “Party Shoes”. Or buy this pretty stripey stain one with diamantes from the In Good
Company Shop for R200 for the bride.

If the bride to be loves the series, consider buying her as a gift the complete six
series box set, or for the evening, hire the DVD with her favourite episode, and
this can be played later on in the evening, or simply have the whole series on
during the shower, sound off !

Another great option is to buy the board game for the bride. Then later on in the evening, when
it is just the bride and the bridesmaids left to spend the night, you can play your hearts out to the
wee hours of the morning. If you’re giving game prizes, you could give a copy of Candace Bushnell’s
(creator of Sex and the City) new book The Carrie Diaries as one of them. | 39
As part of the invitation encourage the guests to bring small change. You may even
suggest that they do not buy wrapping paper or a card and simply bring the gift in its
shopping bag.

Buy a few really smart pink and black shoeboxes and tissue paper, and then as the guests arrive,
they can place their unwrapped gifts into these boxes. Not only does this highlight any girl’s love
for shopping, but the money the guests would have spent on paper, bows and cards (which all get
discarded in minutes) can be put into the “shoe fund” money box.

Boutique Shoe Boxes Boutique Gift Boxes
As pictured on the floor Also available not pictured
Large R120 each Large R60 each
Medium R100 each Medium R50 each
Small R80 each Small R40 each

40 |
What is this “shoe fund all about?” This is a great idea, especially if the bride is a
shoe lover, or has her heart set on a pair of dream designer shoes for the wedding
day, but have a hefty price tag to match!

Buy a few really smart pink and black shoeboxes and tissue paper, and then as the guests arrive,
they can place their unwrapped gifts into these boxes. Not only does this highlight any girl’s love
for shopping, but the money the guests would have spent on paper, bows and cards (which all get
discarded in minutes) can be put into the “shoe fund” money box.

Shoe Fund Money Box
Made from Aluminium
Height 12cm
R250 each | 41
This is definitely a game for after dinner and dancing! The results are messy,
hilarious and make for great photos!

Write down the name of items of makeup on little bits of paper - eyeliner, lipstick, blusher, eyebrow
pencil, etc. Place the pieces of paper in a makeup bag and have all these items of makeup ready to
use. The bride-to-be sits in a chair and the guests in turn are given a pick out of the makeup bag.
They must read the name of the makeup item. Then, a blindfold is placed on the guest and then she
has to apply the item of makeup to the bride.

If you buy the makeup and bag brand new, this
will make a great gift for the bride, especially if
the she is planning to do her own makeup for
the wedding day. Be sure to inspect her makeup
kit beforehand for what she likes, better yet ask
her mom.

42 |
As the invitation suggests ask the girls to wear their best LBD (little black dress), and
smart sexy shoes. You may even suggest that they only wear the signature colours
black, white and hot pink!

In line with the adage a women can never have too many pairs of shoes, buy the bride a real sexy pair
of shoes for the bachelorette evening. Then take a spin on the Turkish wedding shoe signing tradition,
and have all the guests sign her bachelorette party shoes.

This will be great for the thank you cards, as
the bride can take a picture of the shoes the
next day, and have this on the front of the card,
saying “guess who is getting married next?” This
will be fun for the guests to try and make out
for themselves whose name has rubbed off the
most after a night of serious dancing! | 43
44 |
As the guests arrive at the hotel, have them go straight to the reception desk, to
pick up their room key. Here the concierge can hand over a fake room key with a
pretty key ring and card attached.

On this card have the room number, and ask the guests to fill in the card, which details their name,
contact details and post box address. You can even have a space for the guests to write a few wells
wishes to the bride. Then when you greet them at the hotel room door, ask them to hand in their
card for a lucky draw later on in the evening, but keep their key ring. Collect all of the key cards
together, and have these laminated and threaded onto a key ring. This can be given to the bride as
the perfect “rolodex” of everyone’s details to use when she writes her thank you cards.

Diamante Initial Key Rings
R50 each

Opposite Page:
After Dark Conversation Cards
Two Styles:
Table Talk
Controversial Conversation
R40 each | 45
If the bride will be staying the night at the hotel, organise that she has all the
necessary clothes, makeup, toiletries to not only spend the night, but look her best
the next morning where you have organised that her fiancé meets her for a late
breakfast in the hotel’s lobby room. Or you can even plan that room service deliver
the breakfast to the room, but instead of the butler, it’s her beau at the door!

If you and the other bridesmaids and close friends, are not too sure what to buy the
bride, why don’t you all club together for a gift voucher for the couple to spend a
night in a hotel. This can be used for their first night, or later on in their marriage,
for example to celebrate their first month as newlyweds!

Similar embroidered coat hangers available
from In Good Company Shop
R60 each

46 |
flowergirls GOOD TO KNOW

A flower girl is usually a young girl between the ages of 4 and 8 and has
a special connection to the bride and groom. She follows behind the
bridesmaids (sometimes before and sometimes after the maid of honor)
with a basket of flowers, scattering them down the aisle.

There’s no reason why you can’t have two or even IN GOOD COMPANY SHOP
three flower girls. Flower Girl Bag R160 each
Flower Girl T-Shirt R160 each
Avoid choosing someone who is too young – she
Buy both for R300
may be scared or confused and an older girl may be
more suited for a job such as a reader or a junior

GOOD TIP: Buy her a book about being a
flower girl which will explain her role and
makes a lovely keepsake. Like this one
from Ryland Peters Small: When I was a
Flower Girl.
Seat her parents on the aisle, near the front so that
she can see them when she walks down the aisle and
during the ceremony itself.

Ask a bridesmaid to “look after” her and make sure
she uses the bathroom before the ceremony.

Often, a flower girl is dressed in a mini version of
the bride’s dress, or a white dress with a sash that
matches the bridesmaid’s dresses.

You can find flower girl dresses at bridal shops,
children’s clothing stores and most clothing stores.

The parents typically pay for their daughter’s dress,
so try to choose something relatively inexpensive.
You may choose to buy her the dress as a gift.

Other sweet gifts would include this Flower Girl
Bag available from our shop. As well as we have a
matching t-shirt. | 47
48 |
sw eethearts

Richard & Thamar’s wedding was a light hearted and fun-filled celebration,
epitomised in the heart-shaped and 3-D glasses they wore when exiting the
chapel after the ceremony, to the song ‘All You Need is Love’, originally by the
Beatles. | 49
“Richard and I met on grueling
5-day running race called the
Cape Odyssey and it’s been a
great love adventure ever since.
We both love the outdoors and
the feeling of freedom when
we go for drives on Minti (our
Vespa from 1967) - she was the
inspiration for our invites that
featured us in animated form
(Richard is an animator) driving
her, veil and all.”

“We got married
in Natal on a
game farm owned
by Richard’s
extended family,
called Lake Eland.
It’s rustic, wild
and spectacularly
beautiful and
so even when
it rained on our
wedding day,
the setting was
magic. We bought
some delicate
bamboo fans for the chapel (which was an old
milking station converted - with a tree growing
through it and all) as favours - which weren’t
really needed with the weather. The matching
parasols did however come in handy.”

50 | | 51
“I am addicted to
cute bird drawings
- being a regular
tweeter myself (I am
online editor for
Women’s Health), and
so asked Richard to
make table numbers
with them on. The
little boy and girl on
the guests’ nametags
reminds me of our
childlike natures -
always poking fun at
each other and being
a little silly.”

52 |
“Having lived in Cape Town for the last 10 years and because we met there, we
decided we need to bring in something from the Cape - hence the giant pink
Proteas which we flew to Natal from Cape Town. All the other little details like
the glass-shaped hearts, mirror vases, candles, fairy lights and heart shaped wire
baskets with chocolates were added extras which simply reflected the colours of
these iconic flowers.” | 53
54 |
I will remember…
our first dance to
Dirty Dancing – every
big little girl’s dream | 55
56 |
love&lavender MICHELLE & RICHARD
19th DECEMBER 2009

Michelle and Richard met on a gorgeous spring evening in Cape Town at
none other than a Spring and Singles Party. The connection was instant and
within a couple of months of knowing each other Michelle thought: “Now
this is the man I can see myself marrying!”

With such a long engagement (21 months) and having a very handy and creative mom and sister, Michelle
had her fair share of indulging in ideas and special touches: she outsourced all stationery to her sister’s
design company: “Who better to interpret my wants, dreams and needs than a sister I spent my childhood
fantasising and role playing my wedding day with”. Her mom has always been very talented at making things,
so she set about making all the delicate details: from the bonbonniere’s - gorgeous beaded key rings made
of clear heart shaped beads on a string of beads in the colours of the day packaged into gorgeous silver
boxes and placed delicately waiting at each lady guest’s seat to the table name stands, strings of clear beads
hanging from the pergola where they said their vows as the sun set against the backdrop of the majestic
Stellenbosch mountain range. | 57
58 |
“I wanted each guest to know how special they were to Richard and
myself and so made a “memory lane” of photographs of each guest
framed and then strung on ribbon to hang in the courtyard where
Cocktail Hour would take place.”

“I spent the day sun tanning, relaxing and remaining calm to
look as beautiful as I could for my groom that evening. The day
was spent doing sisters nails, curling hair, bathing, drinking
celebratory glasses of champagne with brothers, sisters, nephews,
moms, dads who were all together as a family for the first time
in many, many years. Richard on the other hand spent the day
getting our honeymoon suite at the Devon Valley Hotel ready
and geared for his bride to come back to and getting ready to
enjoy an afternoon with the boys.” | 59
60 |

Your wedding day went off without a hiccup, so remember – a handwritten
note is the best way to say thank you. And with our designs, you’ll be sure
to carry out the same style and grace you’ve had throughout your entire
wedding down to the very last detail.

These cards are ideal to coincide with gratituities that you may give to your vendors, so allow your maid of
honour, groomsmen, father of the bride, or any other wedding party member to personally hand them out
on the wedding day.

Download this set of free printable Vendor Thank You Cards - an absolute must for every bride and groom on
their wedding day!
Set includes note cards for the:
Wedding Planner
Make Up Artist
and a general Thank You for anyone else. | 61
62 |

Name: Militza Sboros
Age: over 30 unfortunately
Occupation: Chartered Accountant
Location: Mozambique and South Africa
I am… a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, Greek, South African, Mozambiquan,
shopper, accountant, cook, driver, cleaner, electrician, plumber (only once though
and never again!), and everything else when I have time!

What makes me laugh? My husband trying to change biltong, Woolies, Mrs. Balls chutney, especially when
a nappy. you don’t live in the country anymore and cant get
Life would be simpler if…we could understand what
babies are trying to tell us when they cry! My simplest pleasure is…enjoying a cup of coffee
in the morning and having a few minutes to myself
I feel most beautiful…when I have just come back before the day begins
from the hairdresser, pity it doesn’t last more than a
few hours. Favourite magazine? Living and Loving
Babies? One gorgeous 9 month old, who has already
What I wanted to be when I was little… everything vomited, weed and pooed on me all in one sitting!
but an accountant, it sounded so boring. But when he wakes up smiling with that toothless
grin my heart melts and all is forgiven!
Something that no one knows about me is…I’m quite
shy Who is the person from your past you wish you could
go back and talk to? My grandfather who fought in
My favourite possession is…my credit card!!! the war, I wish I had met him.

What surprises you most about adult life? How much If you could have any job you wanted what would it
patience you seem to develop when you have a baby. be? The FD of Banana Republic or Zara!

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt in life? What is your greatest weakness? Halva with pistachio
Nothing comes easy. nuts all the way from Greece.

What’s your idea of a perfect meal? Having a braai What’s your favourite kitchen item? At the moment
just me and my husband sharing a bottle of red wine. it’s my cappuccino foam frother, it makes awesome
froth in an instant!
What I would do with a R1 000 in spare cash:
SHOES!!!!!!! I love… watching my son and husband giggle with
What makes you proudly South African? Boerewors, | 63
64 |
onedaylikethis INGRID & TIM

One day, a long, long time ago…
It all began at book club at my friend’s house in Cape Town when I
was admiring a photo of a guy who ticked all the TDH criteria: tall,
dark and handsome! “Who is THAT?” I asked my mate Julia. “That’s my
brother!” she replied, and the game was on. | 65
Estuary chic
We decided right away that we
wanted to have the wedding at his
family’s cottage in the Eastern Cape.
Chalumna is a private estate set on a
tidal river that three generations of
Tim’s family have spent many happy
holidays. It’s a very special place for
all of us, and was the most beautiful
backdrop we could have wanted
for our wedding. We were able to
accommodate most of our guests in
cottages on the river and the rest five
minutes away at Kidd’s Beach. The
other added bonus was that we didn’t
have to pay for a venue and could
bring in all our own food and booze.
We could also get it all exactly as
we wanted it: rustic, but stylish with
special touches - “estuary chic” as my
mother called it!

66 |
Keeping it in the family!
Tim’s sister Alice is a very talented graphic designer and
she did everything from the save-the-dates and invites
to hymn sheets and name cards. So we really did keep
everything in the family! | 67
68 |
The run-up
The week running up to the wedding was a whirlwind of fishing competitions and braais with family
and friends who made a holiday out of the trip. This way, we got to spend time with all the special
people in our lives so that on the day we didn’t feel guilty about not seeing everyone. | 69
high tea
After the reception, we held a high tea for the guests on the river, complete with macaroons, mini scones,
finger sandwiches and mismatched vintage tea cups and cake stands that we had collected from antique
markets and borrowed from our grannies. While the girls indulged in champers with pink crystallized rose
petals, the guys had a boat full of beer and biltong so that they didn’t feel left out!

70 |
I had my heart set on gorgeous vintage tin birds as favours for the ladies, but at £4.50 each on the high street,
everyone told me it was not worth it. So I tracked down the supplier and a friend managed to find a vendor
in a random car boot sale in North London who could get them for a quarter of the price. At the end of the
night, when the girls were fighting for the last few birds, I knew it was worth the effort!

After the reception, we hopped
on a speedboat and zipped up
the river to the reception and
got some fabulously cheesy
Titanic shots! We could see the
tent all lit up and our friends
and family all milling around on
the bank of the river when we
arrived. | 71
We had an amazing, unforgettable day, and it was all the more enjoyable because we had done it all
ourselves, on a very strict budget. It just goes to show that with a little creativity, attention to detail and
support from family and friends, you don’t have to break the bank or turn into Bridezilla to get The Big Day
of your Dreams!


72 |
partytime GOOD TO KNOW
There are many variations, but here is a general “schedule” for bridal showers.
Add or remove any part and re-order it to your liking. Two to three hours is
a good estimate, but things may wind down early or they may likely continue
on as guests chat together.

Be sure to have a “greeter” stand post at the door to say hello to new arrivals. The greeter should tell
guests where they can put their belongings, their gift for the bride, and where they can find refreshments.
The greeter can also make introductions if the guest is not acquainted with anyone.
After all or almost all guests have arrived, go around the room and have each guest introduce themselves
and identify how they know the bride.

It is good to play games at the beginning as icebreakers. Remember some guests may not know “anyone”
but the bride.

Let everyone go get whatever food may be available and then once everyone has been served, the bride
can begin to open her gifts. Be sure to have someone write down each gift and who it is from. It will make
sending thank-you notes a lot easier.

People chat and usually leave a few at a time. Make sure the bride gets to say goodbye to everyone and
the hostess thanks the person for attending. If the hostess has shower favours, she should give these to the
guests now | 73

Whether it is for the bachelorette party or the wedding day itself, these little
party survival kit bags are just what you need to recover and be ready to
party all night long again, and again!

74 |
Simply print, cut and stick these goodie bags
together. On the back fill in the bag’s contents IN GOOD COMPANY SHOP
and any little extras that you think you might Party Survival Kit Printable
need. This printable pdf. file includes the follow-
ing: Handbag shaped Favour Box Favour Tag
Suggested party bag fillers include: that reads: “Thanks for being my bridesmaid. I
- Sewing Kit couldn’t have survived without” and “Thanks”
- Clear Nail Polish Mini Petal Envelope Circle tags: - “Take two, and
- Nail File call me in the morning” (to stick on petal enve-
- Makeup
lope with Panado inside) - “Pucker Up” (to stick
- Brush and comb

- Tissues (both dry and wet)
on Tic Tacs/mints in petal envelope) .
- Eye Drops R30 for the pdf. file
- Panado
- Breath Mints

- Band Aids | 75
76 |

We adore high tea and tradition so together with my sister, Cheska, and
mom, Kim, I planned a traditional kitchen tea for my sister, Bailey in
anticipation of her upcoming wedding.

Cutting the Apron Strings
Every guest received a handmade apron, lovingly sewn by my mom, to wear during the day and to take home
as the favour. Instead of dressing the bride up in some strange get-up my mom made her a cute, elaborate
apron and some glam washing up gloves to suit the theme. | 77
Table Treats
We held it at my parent’s house set up along the dining room. Mismatched antique tea cups and saucers and
pretty glasses and linen were used. We adore beautiful food and flowers - they add so much to any event. So
all our favourite tea time treats were displayed using lovely dishes and cake stands and we used cute kitchen
containers and equipment to hold the bright flowers. White wooden letters are a really effective décor touch
to add to any event and we placed two Bs on the table.

Tea For Me
We had asked guests to give Bailey a vintage tea-cup and saucer as the gift and so as she unwrapped her gifts
she built up a tea set to always remind her of her fabulous kitchen tea!

78 |
Run, run as fast you can
We planned a few activities as entertainment during the tea and judging by the giggles and shrieks much fun
was had by all. A gingerbread girl biscuit was placed at each setting along with white icing and some cake
decorations, such as silver balls and colourful vermicelli. The task was to create a wedding dress to transform
your biscuit into a bride. The creative results were so impressive and we had a tough time choosing a winner.
They looked so sweet lined up for judging!

Pass the Presents
We had a pass-the-parcel game with cute little gifts in each layer for the guests, such as heart-shaped
measuring spoons and a button sewing kits. We also stuck pictures of the bride- and groom-to-be on each layer. | 79
All Dressed in White
The activity that caused the most laughter was toilet paper bride, where we split the guests into two teams
and gave them a kit containing sticky tape, toilet paper, tinsel, some ribbon and other bits and pieces.
The task was to dress the team’s model (the bride and groom’s moms) up as a bride. The results were

80 |
flowerpower GOOD RIDDANCE

Weddings are synomous with beautiful blooms, but did you know that on
average 8% of your wedding budget will spent on them? Here are a few
ways to get the most out of your flowers.


No need for two, toss your bouquet. Decorate the ceremony site with potted plants to be replanted in your
garden. Sometimes the most basic flowers look amazing in mass – even baby’s breath! Reuse ceremony
arrangements at the reception. Make your centerpieces up of many containers of flowers –give these out
as favours. For large arrangements on the back of place cards write a message for that special guest and ask
them to take the centerpiece home as a gift. | 81
“Jan-Jan and I knew each other at Stellenbosch University although that’s
not really the story of our meeting. A few years later, while I was living in
New York and Jan-Jan in London, we were reconnected through a good
friend and, after much planning, met up one balmy December night in Jo’burg.
Our dinner turned into a days-long date and a drive across the country,
before I had to head back to New York. But love was in the air and the trans
continental visits began. A year later Jan-Jan surprised me very early one
morning on the doorstep of my East Village apartment in Manhattan and
asked me to marry him. I was still in my pyjamas. I said yes. He knew I would.”

82 |

It is hard to describe one’s own wedding day. It was beautiful. Fun. Nerve-
wrecking. Breathtaking. The reception took place at my uncle’s home on his
farm. It is situated right on the Crocodile River and overlooks the Kruger
Park. In essence, I was surrounded by people I love, in place that I love,
marrying the man I love. I couldn’t ask for anything more. | 83
84 |
So with a bride-to-be in NY, a groom-to-be in Johannesburg, and a wedding on a farm outside
Malelane, the wedding planning began. Luckily I came equipped with a Supermom and much thanks
is owed to her for logistics, site visits, opinions, dressmaking (my mother made 6 bridesmaid dresses,
one rehearsal dress and two wedding dresses for the occasion) and most other things. To bridge
the cross continental wedding
planning gap my two wonderfully
imaginative and dedicated sisters
and I started a blog to share all
our wedding ideas. I also took full
advantage of being a bride-to-be in
NY and attended wedding events,
participated in bridal forums, and
tried on designer dresses. With
three weeks to go to the big day I
packed my bags and moved back
to South Africa. Jan-Jan and I were
together at last! | 85
Three days before the wedding we put all our months of planning into action. Flowers were all done by my
aunt, my bridesmaids and I embarked on non stop craft, table setting, and menu making, my uncle and father
were climbing trees to hang lanterns, my mother in law was giving dancing lessons. The whole family was
involved. It was the most wonderful atmosphere to be getting married in.

86 | | 87
88 |
The decorations were a combination of things I had found in New York, family collections of silver vessels and
glass vases, tablecloths and napkins handmade by my mother, and a variety of beautiful items (tiered cake
stands, huge white paper lanterns and parasols) hired from my sister’s company In Good Company. Special
touches included the beaded elephant table number holders and the custom button badges for guests’ escort
cards. | 89

90 |
The sparkler send-off and the
quad bike as a get-a-way car! | 91
Almost all weddings will have one of many toasts to the bride and groom, so
why not say it in style with one of our stunning toasting flute sets. A lovely
keepsake to enjoy champagne afterwards at every wedding anniversary.

Above: Pure Elegance in White R570 for the set
Right: Stacked Hearts R570 for the set
Opposite Page: Ring of Crystals R640 for the set

92 |
1. Be calm and be yourself.

2. Start by thanking the groom and
bride for asking you to be best

3. Make a point of addressing the
couple, and especially of talking to
and about the bride. (Many best
man’s speeches almost entirely
overlook her.)

4. Have fun with it; incorporate
some one-liners into your speech
but nothing nasty or offensive.
5. Provide some good sound
marriage advice

6. Thank the host.

7. Toast the bridesmaids and how
lovely they look.

8. Read any messages from invited
guests unable to attend the
wedding after your main speech.

9. Conclude with a toast to the
bride and groom.

10. Keep your best man speech
short. Five to ten minutes will
suffice. | 93
94 |
96 | | 97
““There was never a question of where I wanted to celebrate
our marriage - I had always dreamed of a garden wedding
at my parents’ home. Inspired by my mom’s lovingly tended
rose-filled garden, our English garden wedding was filled
with hearts and roses, pink and green, and as we said on
the hand-made invitations “come celebrate and love, dance
and sing”. Months of wedding preparation went into even
the tiniest detail from my groom’s “just married” beaded
shirt, to the guests takeaway cotton cushions and the
collection of vintage flower containers.
Our perfect summer’s day wedding stretched into a
gorgeous night surrounded by those we love the most - I
had the wedding of my dreams.”

98 | | 99
100 | | 101

102 | | 103
104 |

What could be more inspiring than the old English adage: something
old symbolising continuity, something new signifying hope for the future,
something borrowed speaking of future happiness; and finally, something
blue, the colour of purity. | 105

Something Old
This invitation is made out of white paper and is folded to look like a handkerchief, an old fashioned staple
in any ladies purse. The instructions on folding the paper have been provided below, but to enhance the
handkerchief image, use a lace punch and punch the corner edges. In the centre square of the invitation print
the party details including the heading Breakfast at “Bride’s Name”.

Something New
The invitation cleverly folds into a cootie catcher, where when played reveals, the category of gift the guest
should buy. Print on another white card, inserted into the envelope, the following so that guests will be able
to find out what gift they should buy:
In Keeping with Tradition,
Buy a Gift that ties in with the English Adage,
Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed and Something Blue.
To find out your chosen category, select a number between 1 and 8. Move the cootie catcher that many
times, select another number from the 4 options. Move the cootie catcher that many times, finally select a
number from the next four options. Lift up that number to reveal your chosen category.
Under each flap, write one of the following
SOMETHING OLD - symbolic of continuity
SOMETHING NEW - signifies hope for the future
SOMETHING BORROWED - symbolic of future happiness
SOMETHING BLUE - the colour of purity

106 |
Something Borrowed
Include on another white card in the invitation envelope: Pearls of Wisdom and then a few empty lines for
guests to share their secrets. On the back of this card print the following instructions:
Something Borrowed
For “Bride’s name” Guest Book
Write on the back of this Card,
A Pearl of Wisdom
For a Future Happy Marriage

Something Blue
And finally, what is more appropriate than the most distinct blue of all - that is the Tiffany Blue. Have square
envelopes in this colour, in which the invitation and two cards can be placed. On the front of the envelope in
the bottom right hand corner print the word’s “Bride’s Name & Co.” and then paste white ribbon to the left of
the print vertically and below the print horizontally sealing the envelope to look like a gift box.

Using white paper in the shape of a square 20cm by 20cm fold a cootie catcher.
Fold in half diagonally and repeat on the other diagonal.
Then open up the square and fold each corner to the centre.
Then turn over the paper and repeat by folding each corner to the centre.
Then fold along the horizontal line and along the vertical line, but only to create folds, open to show the
square again.
Then under the square folds place your fore finger and thumb under each flap on the left and to do the same
with your right hand on the right, and then pinch your fingers together.

Here Comes the Bride
Dress the bride up well as a bride!
In addition to a pretty veil and tiara,
add an oversized floral corsage to
wear on her wrist, as a brooch or in
her hair. | 107

Aqua Blue Table Runners White Cake Stands
R30 each for hire Large R550 each/R50 for hire
Medium R450 each /R40 for hire
Aqua Blue Satin Ribbon Small R300 each/R30 for hire
From 50cents per metre
White Gateaux Cake Stands
Vintage Glass Bottles Large R650 each/R60 for hire
R25 each to buy/R5 each to hire Medium R450 each/R40 for hire

Vintage Glass Hurricanes
R285 each/R30 each to hire

Vintage Glass Votives
Various styles & colours available
From R40 each to buy/R5 each to

108 |
Big Blue Set the scene, with a beautiful view and more importantly one of the blue! Be it indoors or
outdoors with a view of the blue skies or blue sea (possibly alongside the swimming pool edge).

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Take a cue form the movie and create a setting that has that restaurant feel,
by placing tables alongside each other, seating four to eight guests at each table.

Blue Ribbon Lay the tables with the finest white linen, crockery and silverware. Then add a touch of
aqua blue, by having aqua blue linen table runners and aqua blue ribbon napkin rings.

Budding Beauties Forgo large floral arrangements and scatter numerous vintage glass bottles or
votives in shades of turquoise blue and opal, fill with white lilies, roses, even chrysanthemums and
baby’s breath look beautiful all in white and en mass.

Blueberry Bundt Blue flowers are hard to come by, so instead for centrepieces display a Bundt
cake on a cake platter filled with white flowers – see fun and games section – charmed for a further
idea. | 109
Health Kick Cereals, muesli, yoghurt and fruit. If your shower is in the colder months
consider making homemade porridge. Nice and Toasty Breads, bagels, croissants,
toast, jams, marmalade, cream and butter. Instead of cake, have at each table
a basket filled with an assortment of muffins and pastries, especially blueberry
muffins. Bubble & Squeak Have an open grill and make eggs to order: fried, boiled,
poached even omelettes. And have a buffet filled with sausages, bacon, tomatoes
etc. Cheers For drinks, serve different kinds of coffee, tea, fruit juices, and if you like
mimosas (champagne and orange juice).

110 |
With the centrepiece of each table being a cake, why not let the bride start
practicing her cake cutting skills. A nice touch is to present her with a Silver Cake
and Serving Set that can be used at the bridal shower and then at the wedding;
and all of her future milestone moments to come. Be sure to engrave with a
sentimental message or quotation. Another take on this is as a group of close
friends buy a Cake Serving Set and use the same set at each other’s bridal showers
and weddings to come, and even further afield as you think of baby showers,
baptisms and birthdays!

Silver Plated Cake Serving Set R390 for the set • Stacked Hearts cake Serving Set
R470 for the set | 111
Create your own Tiffany & Co atmosphere, by setting up a “jewellery counter”.
Collect vintage rings or even novelty rings will be just as effective, placing each on
a ring pillow, or in an open jewellery box – ready for the ladies to try on and choose
one as a favour. Or simply place them already in the aqua blue boxes, tied with
satin white ribbon, and a tag, with the following printed in lieu of Tiffany & Co., the
“Bride’s Name & Co.”

Novelty Light Up Rings Set of 6: 1 clear and 5 pink R140 for a set of 6
Ring pillows from R250 each

112 |
In keeping with the theme ask guests to buy something old, new, borrowed or blue. Refer to
the section on invitations, where this request to the guests is made as part of the invitation
card. Have a list of suggestions, so that if asked you will have a few ideas that you know will
be appreciated by the bride. Also, you may suggest to the guests that the main part of the
gift need not relate to the category, for example an old photograph can be placed in a
beautiful silver frame. Then when the bride opens the gift, she must try and guess to which
category the gift belongs. Have the guest reveal which is the correct category, and if the
bride has guessed incorrectly, the guest wins a small prize.

Vintage clothing, accessories or
Old fashioned silverware,
crockery or cutlery.
Add to the bride’s collection of
Picture frames or photo albums
for old memories.

Anything electrical from a
blender to curling tongs.
Modern or retro furnishings or

Lend your skills to the bride:
possibly for the wedding if you
are a florist, photographer,
videographer etc.
Offer to pay for the hire of
wedding related items: clothing,
decorations or transport.
Promises, not gifts are brought
where friends pledge to paint,
wallpaper, garden, or donate
their talents in any number of

Bathroom towels, sets, toiletries.
Swimming pool or beach
related items: towels, umbrellas,
swimming costume.
Give a gift voucher to a spa for
the day.
Contribute to the couple’s
honeymoon on an exotic island. | 113
Bundt cake • All different charms, one for each guest • Blue, white and cream ribbon (5mm
thick), 30cm for each guest • Blue, white and cream tags, one for each guest • Fresh white
flowers (with large flower heads)

At the shower, each guest pulls one ribbon from the centre of a Bundt cake to find a good-luck
charm and message dangling from the other end. Buy charms and add your own messages,
ribbons, and tags. Ribbons can be colour coded so single (cream), married (white), and very
young (blue) women will choose charms that are appropriate for their situations. To assemble,
bake or buy your favourite Bundt cake, put the charms in the centre, and drape the ribbons
over the cake; fresh flowers provide decoration while hiding the charms.

Buy charms and complete with fortunes, ribbons, and bags: Coin (for good fortune),
Horseshoe (for luck), Aeroplane (for travel), Telephone (for a special phone call), Key (for new
opportunities), Present (for a surprise), Ring (for engagement), Baby carriage (for a baby)

Charms: Various styles available @ R40 each

114 |
Buy four small albums, and label each album separately, or divide one album into four sections
naming each something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. These
can be different colours as well: old is cream, new is white, borrowed is brown and blue, well is
For each section, type a text box explaining what each album is about.
Something Old Be inspired by the past. In this chapter, include black and white photographs of
famous brides, and brides of the family and friends; also include wedding traditions especially
related to a bride. Something New A time to celebrate a new chapter in your life. In this chapter
include all the photos of the bride and guests at the bridal shower). Something Borrowed Pearls
of wisdom - our little bit of seasoned advice for a happy marriage. In this chapter have little
cards for guests to fill in with their well wishes or words of wisdom to the bride. Something Blue
Time to throw your little black book out the window, but here is a little blue book containing all
of our details. In this chapter, print sheets that look like the inside of an address book, and have
each guest fill out their contact details, especially their postal addresses. | 115
116 |
Bride: Jill Denise LaRocco,
Vice president in the prime brokerage department
with an investment bank in Manhattan.

Groom: Mark Worringham Buckley-Jones
Chief Financial Officer with a Manhattan hedge fund.

It all started with
the payment of
“labola” last week
Saturday. I chose
a statuette of
the Wall Street
appropriate. | 117
As told by Mark
We were supposed to be having dinner with
friends at a restaurant called Top of the Tower
with great views over the city. Unfortunately,
as Jill and I were arriving at the restaurant, I
received a voicemail from Neil saying they
“had broken down in NJ”, that we should
go ahead without them and we could
meet up for drinks later. Jill was a little
upset, and was saying we shouldn’t eat
without them, since they had picked
the restaurant, and being fairly pricey
it made no sense for us to eat there
by ourselves anyway. Fortunately she
didn’t resist too much, so I didn’t have
to be too pushy to stay.

We had a lovely dinner, and then made
our way towards the next rendezvous
point. But being early spring, there was
still a little nip in the air so I told Jill we
should swing by her spot so I could get
my jacket. We arrived at her place and
for some odd reason, one of “us” had
forgotten to lock the top lock, and she
was definitely a little puzzled. But she
opened the door to see her apartment
entrance filled with candles and rose
petals on the floor (courtesy of the
broken down couple!). She was definitely
shocked, and ran back a few steps, not
wanting to go in. This was bad for two
reasons: firstly,
I didn’t particularly want to
drop onto one knee in her
hallway. Secondly, the ring
was inside the apartment!
I eventually got her inside but she was
babbling at a million miles an hour about
“so, did Neil and Chloe not break down?
Are we going out for drinks? Where are
Neil and Chloe?” And I was thinking,
“Would you keep quiet for a second?!”
I finally managed to get a word in, and
thankfully she said yes (neither of us can
remember the exact wording of the proposal,
but I received the correct answer).

118 |
C. Stephen Hurst | 119
120 |

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New
York, New York!“. Not only did Mark wake up in the city that never
sleeps but met his beautiful bride Jill there. On the 14 August 2009, they
celebrated their union in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and danced the
night away in the Palm House to the sounds of ‘ol blues himself... in the
form of their bestman. | 121
122 |
Ceremony and Reception: The Brooklyn
Botanical Gardens and enjoyed a second
reception at the Bryanston Country Club,
Honeymoon: After a honeymoon trip to
Mauritius and South Africa, the newlyweds
will live in Manhattan.

Sand Pouring Ceremony
Signature Frame Guestbook
Groom & Best Man’s Frank Sinatra Karaoke Show
Favours: The couple made a donation to an
organisation called LEAD Uganda, which is a
charity their church works very closely with.
The organisation serves as an educational
leadership initiative for children affected by
AIDS, war, and poverty. In a nutshell, they
locate children living on the edges of society
– AIDS orphans, former child soldiers, child
labourers – and mould them into leaders.

“One of our “kids” is actually in the process of writing his SAT’s from the African Leadership
Academy in Jo’burg, and is applying to a bunch of varsities in the US at the moment.” | 123
124 |

For a bit of fun my husband Liam and I decided for our 5th Wedding
Anniversary to renew our vows Vegas Style! So on the 23rd June 2009 we
jetted into Las Vegas, and went straight to the Bellagio Hotel to make the
last minute preparations before we were going to the chapel...and we’re
going to get married - again!

That was the plan but things got a little bit halted when our room key (read: card) did not
want to work in the door. Now if you have been to the Bellagio you will know that the front
desk is a far, far away, so after three treks there it was time to call in maintenance. Need
less to say it ended up that we were getting dressed in our room with both security and
hotel maintenance present! So within only a few minutes, speed dressing was required -
luckily we had done this before! | 125
Following tradition, I wore:
Something old- My engagement ring and
wedding band
Something new - Tommy Hilfiger White
Summer Dress
Something borrowed - the red roses from
the Bellagio Hotel garden display
Something blue - Tiffany & Co. bracelet

And as for those red shoes? When Liam
and I first met at Varsity, he whispered
to me in Financial Management class,
“Can you tap your heels three times and
take us out of here?” I was wearing red

The highlight of the day obviously being
married by Elvis himself - little did I know
that Liam could do a good imperson-
ation as well!

126 | | 127
Chapel: Graceland Wedding Chapel
Photographer: ImagineVegas
Bride’s flower and birdcage veil:
Bride’s dress: Tommy Hilfiger
Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss
Reception: Bellagio Le Cirque

128 | | 129
guestgestures GOOD TO KNOW

Do you want to be a really stellar wedding guest? Of course you do! Here are
some last minute but thoughtful ideas that will allow you to do something
sweet and simple for the bride that will make all the difference.

After the wedding, send a thank you card or email to the couple. Very often in all the excitement of the
wedding, the bride will never know how much you enjoyed being a part of their wedding day, so tell her!

The couple will most probably have had a professional photographer taking all the formal pictures, but the
photographer can only be at one place at one time, as will be the case for the couple. So send copies of your
photos to the happy couple. Include a note saying how you can’t wait to see every single official photograph!

Another nice memento for the bride (and her groom) is a copy of the newspaper from their wedding day,
wrapped in a ribbon. At the very least, the groom will enjoy the sports pages.

Leave a message on their voicemail, welcoming them back from their trip and into their new home as Mr. and

As this will be the first time the bride will be a “Mrs”, it will be great for her to see a posted letter or postcard
in her mailbox for the first time with her new name!

Stay in touch with the newlyweds after the wedding, especially if they live far away. Your friendship after the
wedding shouldn’t dwindle because your friend is now married.

As the first anniversary is extra special, and in keeping with the tradition that the first gift is “paper”, place a
reminder in your diary a year from now to send a card to the married couple, congratulating them on being
married for a year!

130 |

Is it your role to decorate the newlyweds car, are you not so keen on crepe
paper and beer cans (or maybe you know the bride is not!). Here is a great
sign for all to see – and no mess, no fuss. Simply print, cut and tie with
pretty ribbon inside the car. For the authentic touch attach to a suction cup.
Not only will the newlyweds enjoy flashing their newfound status in the
get-a-way car, but they can use it on their honeymoon in the rental car too!

In addition, we thought why not make something similar to a “baby on board” sign but instead dub
it “bride on board” and have this decal hanging from the vehicle that you choose to jol around town
in for the bachelorette evening! Who knows, the bride might like it so much, she will use it in her car
for the run up to the wedding, and even graduate it to the wedding day itself!

Car Decals
Styles available
Newlyweds on board
Bride on board
R10 each /pdf. file | 131
THE WEDDING DATE: Nick’s toast
“A wedding is a sacrament... a joyous
celebration of love and commitment. In
Utopia. In the real world... it’s an excuse
to drink excessively and say things you
shouldn’t say.”

132 |

The rehearsal dinner is a practice party, usually first held at the church/
ceremony site and the afterwards everyone gathers for a celebratory dinner.
This a great opportunity for the wedding party to get better acquainted
before the big day.

A formal rehearsal of the ceremony is not mandatory, but most officiants will want to run through the
service giving everyone their cues for the wedding day. The dinner is traditionally hosted by the groom’s
parents and is usually held at a restaurant or the groom parent’s home.

GOOD TIP: The more formal the wedding, the less formal the rehearsal dinner should be.

The bride, groom, immediate family (parents and siblings), wedding-party members and any spouses and
significant others, and the parents of any child attendants. One should also invite the officiant and his/
her spouse to the dinner.

GOOD TIP: If many out-of-town guests are invited to the wedding, one
may wish to invite them to the dinner if they are already in town.

This is held usually held one or two days before the wedding day.

Toasting: As host of the party, the groom’s father will toast his soon-to-be daughter-in-law and her family;
the groom also says a few words.

Gift Giving: The Bride and Groom may choose to present the wedding
party with thank-you gifts during the course of the evening, as well as
anyone who was an integral part of the wedding-planning process. | 133
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