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Arborvitae, Emerald Beauty Arborvitae, Techny

Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ Thuja occidentalis ‘Techny’

Height: 10 - 15’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 3 - 8 Height: 12 - 20’ Spread: 5 - 7’ Zone: 3 - 7
Naturally compact narrow pyramidal evergreen dis- Naturally broad pyramidal-shaped evergreen displays
plays short emerald green needles in vertical sprays. scale-like rich green needles arranged in flat sprays.
Grows well in almost any condition. Fast growing Excellent adaptability to heavy pruning if a formal
evergreen, great for windbreak or privacy screening. appearance is desired. Will tolerate wet or clay soils,
but performs best in slightly wet to well drained soils in
full sun.

Arborvitae, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Woodward Globe
Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ Thuja occidentalis ‘Woodwardii’

Height: 10 - 15’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 3 - 8 Height: 3 - 4’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 4 - 8
This cultivar has a narrow, compact pyramidal form Dense globe-shaped evergreen displays scale-like green
with emerald green foliage. This fast growing ever- needles arranged in flat sprays. Will grow in almost
green makes an excellent informal hedge or windbreak. any moist, well-drained soil.
Prefers full sun in areas with adequate soil moister.
Will tolerate part shade, however this will reduce the
density of the foliage.

Arborvitae, Hetz Midget Cedar, Eastern Red
Thuja occidentalis ‘Hetz Midget’ Juniperus virginiana

Height: 2’ Spread: 2’ Zone: 2 - 9 Height: 30 - 50’ Spread: 12 - 20’ Zone: 3 - 9

This is a very dense, slow growing arborvitae that re- Densely columnar when young, turning broadly py-
quires no shearing to maintain its naturally rounded, ramidal and slightly pendulous with age. Medium
globe form. Fine dark green texture all summer long green to blue-green summer foliage turns a dull green to
taking on a purple hue during winter months. bronze in winter. Tolerates coarse soils. Good for
wind breaks or shelter belts.

Arborvitae, Holmstrup Cypress, Russian
Thuja occidentalis ‘Holmstrup’ Micorbiota decussata

Height: 5 - 6’ Spread: 1 - 2’ Zone: 3 - 8 Height: 1’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 3 - 8
Compact, Dense, Pyramidal evergreen. Colorful apple- Attractive evergreen ground cover displays short bright
green needles create a dense tree with flattened sprays green feathery needles. Turns bronze as winter ap-
that overlap and radiate in an vertical array. Versatile proaches. Grows best in full sun and moist well-
dwarf shrub great for framing a focal point or as a accent drained soil. Will tolerate light shade.
shrub. This selections is not the best option for a hedge
or wind break, due to the fact that it is slow growing.
Prefers moist to wet soils in full sun.

Arborvitae, Linesville Falsecypress, Gold Thread Mops
Thuja occidentalis ‘Linesville’ Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Mops’

Height: 12-15’’ Spread: 12-15’’ Zone: 3 - 9 Height: 3 - 4’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 4 - 8

Dwarf mounded globe with soft sage green juvenile Attractive low growing mounding falsecypress with
foliage. This shrub doesn’t require any shearing to help brilliant gold thread-like foliage. Prefers rich, moist,
maintain compact form. Can tolerate a wide variety of well-drained soil and full sun.
soil conditions even minimal salt tolerant.
Falsecypress, Heather Bun Std. Juniper, Blue Chip
Chamaecyparis thyoides ‘Heather bun’ Junipercus horizontalis ‘Blue Chip’

Height: 3-4’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 5 - 8 Height: 8 - 10” Spread: 4 - 6’ Zone: 3 - 8

Compact mounding globe on standard with soft, blue- A low mounding form with excellent bright blue foliage
green foliage. During the winter months foliage turns a with tips that turn purplish in the winter. Best grown in
plum color returning to blue-green in spring. Slow full sun. Tolerant of heavy, sandy and rocky soils.
growing conifer that requires no pruning or shearing to
maintain rounded dense habit. Grows best in moist,
sandy soils in full sun. Tolerant of moderately wet

Falsecypress, Nootka Juniper, Blue Rug
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’ Juniperus horizontalis ‘Wiltoni’

Height: 25-30’ Spread: 15-20’ Zone: 4 - 8 Height: 6 - 8” Spread: 4 - 6’ Zone: 2 - 7

Graceful weeping, pyramidal evergreen with long, A very flat and low growing, spreading juniper. Intense
pendulous branches. Flattened bluish-green or grayish- silver-blue foliage is tinged with purple in the winter.
green scale like needles cascade from braches. Native Grows in full sun or partial shade and has a fairly fast
to costal Alaska and Washington. Performs best in areas growth rate. Excellent for groundcover or cascading
with high humidity and moist soil conditions. Can over walls.
tolerate moderately wet soils if in full sun.

Fir, Korean Silberlocke Juniper, Blue Star
Abies koreana ‘Silberlocke’ Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’

Height: 12-15’ Spread: 10-12’ Zone: 5 - 9 Height: 18 - 24” Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 4 - 8

This unusual conifer adds character to any landscape. This dwarf shrub with a mounding form and dense,
The new growth has needles that are recurved, reveling steel-blue foliage is perfect for the rock garden or used
the silver-white undersides. Striking dark cones appear for Bonsai. Does best in full sun and tolerates dry soils.
on top of the branches also give this evergreen a new Slow growing.
twist. Prefers moist well drained soils in full sun. intol-
erant of poor drained soils and air pollution.

Fir, Concolor
Abies concolor Juniper, Buffalo
Juniperus sabina ‘Buffalo’
Height: 30 - 50’ Spread: 15 - 30’ Zone: 4 - 7
Height: 12 - 15” Spread: 3 - 5’ Zone: 3 - 7
Concolor fir is an excellent large evergreen tree that
can be used as a specimen or as a windbreak. Soft, Beautiful arching branches with apple-green foliage
silvery bluish-green needles curve upwards on branch . makes this spreading juniper very attractive. Grows
Prefers full sun and moist well-drained sandy soil. best in full sun.
Will tolerate drier conditions and heat better than other

Juniper, Bar Harbor Juniper, Calgary Carpet
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Bar Harbor’
Juniperus Sabina ‘Monna’
Height: 10 - 12” Spread: 6 - 8’ Zone: 4 - 9 Height: 8 - 12” Spread: 5 - 8’ Zone: 3 - 7
Low growing, blue-green spreader that has an attractive Soft green foliage on a low spreading, compact juniper.
purple cast in the winter months. Excellent groundcover Overlapping branches give this shrub a tiered effect. An
for large areas and elegant when draped over walls. excellent ground cover or rock garden selection. Grows
best in full sun.
Juniper, Hetzi Columnaris Pine, Blue Shag
Juniperus chinensis ‘’ Pinus strobes ‘Blue Shag’

Height: 10-12’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 3 - 9 Height: 4-5’ Spread: 4-5’ Zone: 2-8

Outstanding evergreen with gray-green foliage. Dense This dwarf cultivar of an eastern white pine produces
upright branches gives this tree an upright pyramidal long , soft, bluish-green foliage. Does grow faster than
form great for narrow locations. Prefers moist, sandy most dwarf conifers putting on 4-6’’ of growth annu-
loam soils. Very drought tolerate once established. ally. Might require winter protection as this shrub does-
n't handle heavy snow loads very well. Tolerant of light
shade, but color will be more green and less dense.

Juniper, Hughes Pine, White
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Hughes’ Pinus strobus

Height: 12 - 14” Spread: 3 - 5’ Zone: 3 - 8 Height: 50-60’ Spread: 20-30’ Zone: 3 - 8

Moderate, spreading grower with graceful branches and Soft long green needles provide all-season color, tex-
showy, silver-blue foliage. Holds color nicely in the ture and landscape contrast. Branches are lovely cov-
winter months. ered in snow. Displays light brown 6-8” cones. More
open and picturesque with age. Grows well in most any

Juniper, Old Gold Pine, White Columnar
Juniperus chinensis ‘Old Gold’ Pinus strobes ’Fastigiata’

Height: 2 - 3’ Spread: 4 - 5’ Zone: 4 - 8 Height: 30-35’ Spread: 12-15’ Zone: 4– 8
A colorful accent plant with mounding form and grace- Soft blue-green needles are born on columnar ascending
ful, compact, lacy growth. New growth is yellow. branches. As tree matures extremely narrow branch
Excellent golden spreader that retains its color well in angles open up creating a broadly narrow oval form.
the winter months. Prefers moist well drained soil in full sun.

Juniper, Sea Green Pine, White Weeping
Juniperus chinensis ‘Sea Green’ Pinus strobes ‘Pendula’

Height: 4 - 6’ Spread: 4 - 6’ Zone: 4 - 8 Height: 6 - 15’ Spread: 5 - 6’ Zone: 3 - 8
Popular evergreen shrub with graceful, arching branches. Intriguing selection with long, twisting, pendulous
Foliage light green color during the summer, which branches that can sweep to the ground. It must be
darkens in cold weather. staked when young to train a leader.

Juniper, Sky Rocket Pine, Pumilio (Dwarf Mugo)
Juniperus scopulorum ‘Skyrocket’ Pinus mugo var. pumilio

Height: 15 - 20’ Spread: 2 - 3’ Zone: 3 - 7 Height: 3-4’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 2 - 9
Vary narrow columnar form. Silvery blue-green, needle This dwarf evergreen has a dense dark green foliage
-like, compact foliage. Drought resistant. Very adapt- with a round habit. Great for Japanese gardens. Size can
able. Annual trimming will help maintain its beautiful be controlled by pinching candles every spring. Prefers
dense form. sandy well drained soils in full sun.

Juniper, Wichita Blue Pine, Vanderwolf’s
Juniperus scopulorum ‘Wichita Blue’ Pinus flexilis ‘Vanderwolfs Pyramidal’

Height: 18 - 20’ Spread: 5 - 8’ Zone: 3 - 7 Height: 16 - 20’ Spread: 8 - 12’ Zone: 4 - 7
This broadly pyramidal variety holds its excellent silver- Fairly narrow upright evergreen with closely spaced,
blue foliage color all year. A good background or speci- twisted, silvery-blue green needles. Grows slower and
men. remains compact compared to its parent plant limber
pine. Maintains compact dense form without pruning.
Candles or new growth can be pruned to maintain a
slender form.
Spruce, Alberta Dwarf Spruce, Fat Albert
Picea glauca ‘Conica’ Picea pungens ‘Fat Albert’

Height: 5’ Spread: 2’ Zone: 4 - 6 Height: 15 - 20’ Spread: 8 - 10’ Zone: 3 - 7
Very slow growing, compact, conical form. Dense, An outstanding, slow growing grafted variety that has a
gray-green needles. Very popular as a dwarf accent or straight leader and excellent broad, pyramidal form.
small garden specimen. The rich blue needle color and smaller size make this an
excellent variety for smaller landscapes.

Spruce, Baby Blue Eyes Spruce, Columnar Blue
Picea pungens ‘Baby Blueeyes’ Picea pungens glauca var. fastigiata

Height: 10 - 15’ Spread: 10 - 15’ Zone: 2 - 7 Height: 12-15’ Spread: 6-8’ Zone: 3 - 7
Dense, pyramidal form with bluish-green needles. Ex- Upright, Dense pyramidal evergreen with a blue-green
cellent dwarf specimen conifer putting on 2-3’’ of new cast. Great for location that need a strong vertical ele-
grown per year. Prefers moist well drained soils in full ment. Requires no pruning to maintain narrow form.
sun. Tree will be greener and sparse in if placed in Prefers moist well drained soils in full sun.

Spruce, Bacheri Spruce, Globe Nana
Picea pungens ‘Bacheri’ Picea pungens ‘Glauca Globosa’

Height: 12 - 15’ Spread: 6 - 10’ Zone: 3 - 7 Height: 3-5 Spread: 4 - 5’ Zone: 3 - 7
A slow growing, relatively pyramidal everegreen with Available in both shrub or tree variety. This dwarf,
beautiful deep blue needles. Develops horizontal compact blue spruce with globe habit makes an excel-
branching with maturity. Nice specimen for a small lent accent to a landscape. Foliage is an intense silvery
area. blue. Very slow growth.

Spruce, Bird’s Nest Spruce, Hoopsi
Picea pungens ‘Hoopsi’
Picea abies ‘Nidiformis’

Height: 3 - 5’ Spread: 2 - 3’ Zone: 3 - 7 Height: 30 - 50’ Spread: 10 - 20’ Zone: 3 - 7

Available in both shrub or standard tree varieties, this Considered one of the best blue forms, the bright blue
is a very attractive, hardy, dwarf Spruce with tight, new growth lights up the landscape. Young plants lack
layered branches creating a compact form. Requires a strong leader giving the tree in irregular form, but
little maintenance. becomes majestic pyramidal form with maturity.

Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, Little Gem
Picea abies ‘cupressina’
Piceaglauca ‘Densata’

Height: 40 - 60 ’ Spread: 30 - 40’ Zone: 3 - 6 Height: 2-3’ Spread: 2-3’ Zone: 3 - 7

Dense, symmetrical cone shape. Bright green needles ‘Little Gem’ was found as a witches broom on a
mature to blue-green. Desirable for specimen hedge or ‘Nidifomris’ both derived from a Norway Spruce. Com-
windbreak. pact, dense, 1’’ lone needles give this dwarf conifer a
unique look. This ‘Little Gem’ has proven to be ex-
tremely durable in a variety of soils. Average growth
ranges from 1-3’’ growing to about 3’ in 10 years.

Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Norway
Picea pungens Picea abies

Height: 45 - 50 ’ Spread: 20- 25’ Zone: 3 - 7 Height: 40 - 60’ Spread: 25 - 30’ Zone: 2 - 7
A popular relatively fast growing evergreen that is native Branches are stiff when young but become pendulous at
to North America. Extremely dense canopy that is per- maturity. Bright green needles when young changing to
fect for windbreaks and privacy screening. Hues of this dark green. Grows faster when planted in moist, rich
tree can vary from green-blue to shades of brilliant blue. soil Desirable wind breaker or shelter tree.
Tolerant of part shade and salt. Full sun will ensure a
denser canopy and brighter blues.
Spruce, Norway Columnar Yew, Brownii
Picea abies ‘cupressina’ Taxas x media ‘Brownii’

Height: 25-30’ Spread: 8-10’ Zone: 4 - 7 Height: 2 - 3’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 5 - 7

This columnar form of a Norway spruce is in high Naturally globe-shaped evergreen with short green
demand. Perfect for small residential lots or as a strong needles. Performs well in partially shaded areas. Use
vertical accent. Grows relatively fast and handles snow as hedge or specimen. Prefers a moist, well-drained
loads better than other upright forms. Can tolerate mod- soil.
erately moist soils in full sun.

Spruce, Norway Weeping Yew, Capitata
Taxus cuspidate ‘Capitata’
Picea abies ‘Pendula’

Height: 6 - 10’ Spread: 3 - 6’ Zone: 2 - 7 Height: 5 - 6 ’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 4 - 7

This variety makes an unusual, interesting accent in the Popular pyramidal-shaped evergreen with attractive dark
landscape. Pendulous, dark green branches can be foliage. Attractive new foliage emerges yellow-green.
staked and grown in an upright habit or left to form a Requires some pruning to maintain upright cone shape.
natural, undulating groundcover. Intolerant of wet, poorly drained soils. Needles will
brown rapidly if soil doesn't have adequate drainage.

Spruce, Pimoko on Std. Yew, Citation
Picea Omorika ’Pimoko’ Taxus x media ‘Citation’

Height: 3-4’ Spread: 2-3’ Zone: 3 - 7 Height: 9-10’ Spread: 4-5’ Zone: 4-8

Showy dark green needles, accented with a bluish cast Excellent upright, columnar evergreen that can tolerate
on top and a silvery-gray on bottom. Reddish brown full sun or part shade. Will require light pruning to
buds seem to add to the course texture of this hansom maintain desired height and width for narrow locations.
accent shrub. 2-3’’ of new growth each year. Requires Great for creating privacy screening or hedge. Like all
no pruning to maintain its naturally rounded form. yews it is intolerant of wet soil conditions. Prefers
Prefers moist well drained soils. Intolerant of wet soils. moist well drained acidic soils.

Spruce, Serbian Columnar Yew, Densiformis
Picea Omorika Taxus x media ‘Densformis’

Height: 30-35’ Spread: 12-15’ Zone: 4– 8 Height: 3 - 4 ’ Spread: 5 - 6’ Zone: 4 - 7

This unusual, pyramidal evergreen has graceful semi- Popular low, wide spreading, softly-textured compact
weeping branches with two toned needles. Needles evergreen with rich deep green short needles. Easily
have a silvery-white bottom and blue-green top giving pruned. Ideal for partial shade. Prefers a moist well-
the tree an over all shimmering silver cast. drained soil.

Spruce, Papoose (Dwarf Sitka) Yew, Hicksi
Picea sitchensis ‘Papoose’ Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’

Height: 2-3’ Spread: 2-3’ Zone: 4 - 8 Height: 5 - 6’ Spread: 3 - 4’ Zone: 3 - 6
Dwarf conifer growing at a rate of 2’’ per year. New Compact evergreen shrub with strong upright form
growth emerges like miniature puffballs on the tips of displays soft short dark green needles. Ideal selection
stiff, ridged branches. Needles have a silvery blue cast for partially shaded area. Prefers moist well-drained
on one side and a green on the other. Two toned effect soil.
gives an overall bluish-silver cast to shrub. Prefers
moist well drained soils in full sun.

Yew, Bobbink Yew, Taunton
Taxus x media ‘L.C. Bobbink’ Taxus x media ‘Tautoni’

Height: 5 - 6’ Spread: 4 - 6’ Zone: 4 - 7 Height: 3 - 5’ Spread: 4 - 5’ Zone: 4 - 7

Broad upright finely-textured evergreen with soft deep Naturally compact globe-shaped evergreen displays
green needles. Ideal for partial shade area. Prefers attractive soft feathery dark green needles. Performs
well drained soils. Foundation or hedge use. well in partially shaded areas. Prefers moist, well
drained soil.