2010 Asignatura: Taller de Literatura Inglesa (Ex ECA) Semana

Carrera: TIE Contenidos

N° horas: 2 horas semanales Lunes de 11.45-13.15 Bibliografía y Fuentes de información
Glossary of Narrative and poetic terms, from Narrative, Paul Cobley. Articles selection, from Literary Theory: An Anthology, Rivkin and Ryan (Propp, Freud, Lacan, Foucault) J.R.R.Tolkien’s analysis of Beowulf and excerpts. Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, “Wife of Bath”, from Adventures in English Literature by Inglis Spear. (Intro to the Wife). Fragments from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film The Cartha Magna. William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Docente: Nicolás Poblete Pardo Metodología
Lecture (handout and discussion)



Introduction to Literary Studies

2° 3°

Mar-29 April- 5

Beowulf Medieval Period sample Geoffrey Chaucer Chaucer II Carta Magna Elizabethan Age/Theater William Shakespeare Elizabethan Age II Shakespeare

Lecture (questionnaire) Lecture-Historical Background&Chaucer outline Questionnaire and comparison between text and film. Carta Magna Lecture Group work (Discussion: The Tudors/Elizabethan England) and Shakespeare’s context). Lecture Group work (Handout. Analysis of the film’s point of view). Handout for test including John Milton Lecture Lecture Group work (Poetic analysis & application of the glossary to the poems).

Presentation: Beowulf in context (Genesis of this epic-historical background) Presentation: The relevance of Chaucer in Literature. Oral presentation on Carta Magna Oral presentation on the rise of Theater in England Presentation: Shakespeare today (with background).

4° 5°

April-12 April-19


Shakespeare II Fragments from Midsummer Night’s Dream film (BBC).

7° 8°

May-3 May-10

John Milton and TEST 1 Poetry (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries)

Excerpts from Paradise Lost A case from the Seventeenth Century (John Donne) and the Eighteenth (William Blake), excerpts from Adventures in English Literature.

Cumulative Test 1 Oral presentation on these poets.


The Victorian Age

Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Markheim”

10° 11°

May-24 May-31

The Bloomsbury group Ireland (Between Modernity and Postmodernity)

Selection of Letters by Virginia Woolf (short story by Woolf) Excerpts from Texts for Nothing by Samuel Beckett. Comparison between Beckett and James Joyce by Gregor Rumpf (article). Short film “Not I”, from Beckett on Film (BBC) Analysis of Joyce’s “Eveline”. Angela Carter and her influence on women writers. Angela Carter, short stories from The Bloody Chamber, and author interview.

Lecture Group work (Handout with concepts by Freud and Lacan, to be applied to the story) Lecture (questionnaire and analysis on Woolf’s narrative) Lecture Group work (Application of Freud’s ‘Uncanny’ to Beckett’s works) Lecture Group work (Questionnaire: Point of view : Women studies and Carter through Vladimir Propp’s essay.). Group work through handout Discussion: Lacan’s concepts and Feminism approach) -------------------------------

Oral presentation on Victorian writers (Brontë sisters, Dickens, Conrad, Trollope, etc.) Presentation on the Bloomsbury group. Oral presentation on Samuel Beckett and James Joyce



Contemporary narrators

Presentation on Carter’s legacy.

13° 14°

June-14 June-21

Panoramic review and TEST 2 British Fiction Today. Shifting Identities No classes Stories by Nicola Barker and Jeanette Winterson from The three buttons trick and The world and Other Places, respectively. ---------------------------------------------------

Cumulative Test 2 Oral presentation on British Fiction today (including Julian Barnes, Kazuo Ishiguro, Doris Lessing and others). --------------------------


June-28 (San Pedro/Pa blo) July-5 July-12 July-19

16° 17° 18°|

Nobel Laureate Lecture: Harold Pinter –Review and Guide for Final Exam Final Exam Repetition exams.

A political approach. Harold Pinter’s Nobel Lecture, 2005 Guidelines for the exam-Revision.

Lecture Activity: Sequence and Summary of Topics.

*Students will need to organize groups (or couples) in the first two classes for the presentations. *The teacher will provide a ‘reader’ with most of the texts required for class. *Winter Break: July 27th-August 8th

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