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March 2010 C

What is at the end

8 The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro
of your rainbow?
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
The Haunting of Brentwood (continued)
A New Book by Floyd Alister Goodwin
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
16 Support Your Local Fisherman
We are all fascinated by rainbows. One of the many legends that exist claim that leprechauns hide

18 Voice for Children
their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, and if you can catch a leprechaun, he must lead you
to his treasure. I don’t believe any of us will ever catch a leprechaun or lay claim to his pot of
gold, but we all have treasures that we value. What treasure do you have hidden at the end of

19 Moveable Feast
your personal rainbow? The following story doesn’t talk about rainbows but relays a message of
one man’s pot of gold and what it eventually meant to him. What you value and what you think

Blessing of the Inlet
is at the end of your personal rainbow may surprise you!

This is a story about what a teacher found one special day . . .
20 Life By The Sea - Part III I found myself on the east coast of New Jersey not far from Atlantic City. I had gone there to get
away from the pressures of my work for awhile and had gone to Barnegat Lighthouse. Climbing

21 Life By The Sea - Part III continued
the 250 or so steps to the top of this ancient structure and being able to see from 168 feet in the
air the area along the coast was a beautiful experience. I could see the inlet, the bay, and the
Atlantic as it pounded on the shore some distance to the east. There were birds flying all around

22 Hottest Dinner in Town
me, and I found it hard to leave the beauty of my perch to return to the traffic below.

2010 Marathon Race for the Inlet
When I made it to the top of the lighthouse, there was a man with a white cap on who stayed in

Ground Zero to Join Local Churches & Businesses
one spot the whole time that I was there, staring at the marinas behind the business district of

Couples Retreat at Sea View Inn
town near the lighthouse. The marinas stretched as far as I could see to the south. They were
filled with huge yachts and expensive fishing boats--most of which gleamed of white enamel and
bristled with antennas, radar units, and fishing gear. On the way to the lighthouse, I had driven by
elaborate houses with expensive cars in the driveways and eloquently decorated with exotic
plants and art work. It was an odd contrast--the works of man to the south and, in my opinion, to
the beauty of God's creation to the north.

"You want to look out this window?" the man asked as he gestured toward the window facing
south. "No, thanks," I replied. "I like what I see to the north better anyway." He smiled wryly and
turned back to the window. "Yup, and it's a whole lot easier to get along with too." "I take it you
work out there," I remarked, pointing toward the yacht basin. "You might say that," he replied. "You
have a boat out there?" "No," I responded. "I'm a school teacher. Won't find me in anything much
bigger than a canoe." He turned to look at me and said, "Just keep the canoe, Son. All of this stuff
is nothing but grief." "You sound like a man who's had some run-ins with the jet set out here," I
said. He smiled again, but did not say anything.
Volume 5 Issue 3
When I got ready to go down, I said good-bye to him. "I was serious in what I said about the
PUBLISHER: canoe, Son. I own that marina over there and about half the boats that are in it. Every house you
Schaefer Design Studio see on the street going to the entrance is mine. This morning, I found out I don't have too much
P.O. Box 2221 • Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 longer to live, and I have to say I don't see anything out there that I'm proud of or anything that
makes me think my life has been worthwhile."
Advertising & Information:
843-421-2363 I went over to him and said, "Let's look the other direction for a few minutes," and as he turned
toward me, I saw that tears had been flowing for a long time. I introduced myself and we talked
about how beautiful God’s creation is and later he said he never seriously considered his relation-
ship with God. "All I know is I've never really been happy," he said. "It's never too late," I respond- ed and we parted with a hug--two people whose lives are light-years apart but who met in a light-
___________ house at a time that at least for me will always be special.
Sherrill “Shea” Schaefer - 843-421-4602 The end of the rainbow is impossible to reach, because it is an optical effect. At an early age, we
learn the true meaning behind the rainbow . . . after Noah's Flood, the Bible relates that the rain-
bow gained meaning as the sign of God's promise that terrestrial life would never again be
destroyed by flood (Genesis 9.13-17)[26]:

Bruce & Shea
Bruce Schaefer - 843-421-2363 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the
earth. And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be
seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and
every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: all flesh. And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember
Laura Bright - Pawleys Island • Floyd Alister Goodwin - Conway the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon
the earth. And God said unto Noah, This is the token of the covenant, which I have estab-
lished between me and all flesh that is upon the earth.
Linda Ketron - Litchfield • Stephen Lancaster - Myrtle Beach
Willie Lee - Murrells Inlet • Cherie Wilson - Garden City • Lee Wilson - Garden City

The treasure of a leprechaun is magical and fun to think about, but it is fictitious! Many
times we think our treasure is out of reach or doesn’t exist, when actually, it’s right under
The Coastal Journal is a monthly publication that is distributed FREE along the Grand our nose! Treasure can be something as simple as a child’s handpainted picture for the
Strand, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Litchfield, refirgerator; a note from your Sunday School class; or flowers given by your husband for
Georgetown, and Conway. no reason!

What treasure is at the end of your rainbow?
All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material, in part or whole, designed by Schaefer Design Studio and
appearing within this publication is strictly prohibited. The Coastal Journal 2010 ©


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“The Brentwood was definitely one of the most interesting places I have investigated
in terms of the unexplained occurrences that were experienced. It’s not very common
to find a place that has so many different types of unexplained events and experiences
happening together,” P.I.T. Crew Researcher Brad Hayes stated. “What I experienced
that night was quite intriguing and has yet to be explained,” added Brad.

As the night continued, the activity grew momentum. A few seconds before an
unknown voice was heard saying, “what are you doing?” both Stephen and Brad expe-
rienced a severe temperature drop, followed by a stationary camera, which was
plugged into an outlet, powering off.

As it grew colder outside, the night grew darker, the rain turned to ice and the experi-
ences inside the restaurant began to amplify in activity.

Rooms previously investigated that evening had changed. At one point, a dirty rag
On January 30, 2010, with a full moon lightly hidden behind the dark clouds, the local from a hamper inside the kitchen was found out of the hamper and placed right in the
paranormal investigation team known as The P.I.T. Crew spent the night researching line of direct sight. A cork from a wine bottle was discovered on the floor in the center
the Brentwood Wine Bistro in Little River, SC. What began as a typical routine inves- of the downstairs bar area. A door on the first floor area which kept opening and clos-
tigation, quickly turned into one of the most productive nights the team has ever expe- ing was found open once more, even after the team placed a chair in front of it. The
rienced. chair was found tucked back under the table in which it came from.

“Brentwood had a mysterious atmos-
“When you have researched and inves- phere. It felt different from any other
tigated a countless amount of allegedly place I’ve investigated – especially in
haunted locations and you eventually the kitchen and around the 2 bars.
find the treasure chest you have been There were some events that could not
looking for, it really gives you the most be explained, like the loud crash on the
rewarding feeling... is almost spiritu- lower level,” P.I.T. Crew Researcher
al,” said Head Investigator Stephen Kevin McCray said.
The unexplainable continued leading to
The night started like every other for the one of the best experiences the team
team with a detailed tour of the facility has ever had.
by the ownership describing their expe-
riences and showing the “hot spots” Walking towards the bottom of the
they feel houses the most activity. stairs, both P.I.T. Crew members Brad
Following the tour and the interviews, Hayes and Stephen Lancaster heard
the team geared up and set up cam- what sounded like a female “sighing”
eras, audio recorders, and various other from upstairs. They stopped momentar-
pieces of equipment frequently used in ily to verify the other had heard the
paranormal research. voice as well.

“Without a doubt, the Brentwood Wine Bistro is the most active location for paranormal The team continued up the stairs to investigate. At the top of the stairs, yet again, a
activity that I have ever had the privilege of researching. That night changed a piece stationary camera was found completely drained of power. No sooner was that discov-
of me, and that piece will remain a very important part of my existence until the day I ered when Brad reported the camera he was running, went dead as well.
become what I’ve been looking for all of these years,” Lancaster added.
At that moment, a six foot, three dimensional, solid black silhouette of a person was
The lights went out, the restaurant was powered down and The P.I.T. Crew began their seen walking behind the bar twenty feet in front of the investigators. The team was
investigation into the Hauntings of Brentwood Wine Bistro at approximately midnight. awe struck. Witnessing this entity further validated what Brad had seen hours before.
This also added a great deal of credibility to all of the claims coming out of the
The activity wasted no time finding the attention of the researchers. Within the first Brentwood by its ownership and staff.
hour the team experienced mysterious voices, objects moving, doors closing, and a
loud crash just a few feet in front of them. No logical explanation could be found. The “I had my camera trained on Brad as he was telling me his just went dead. I turn my
team pressed on. head towards the bar and see what appeared to be a person walking behind it.
Needless to say, I reacted accordingly in total shock,” Lancaster said.
“If you are lucky, you may experience one or two unexplainable occurrences during an
investigation. All others can easily be dismissed through various debunking methods. Stephen was unable to swing his camera around fast enough to capture what the team
The Brentwood was much different. had witnessed.
These strange occurrences just kept
happening, one right after the other, “That was really disheartening. We played my camera back just minutes afterward in
almost always on cue of the team mak- hopes of at least catching just one frame of it. I told the team I was about to cry. It is
ing a verbal deal, or our cameras not every day you get to see something like that,” Stephen said.
becoming drained of battery life.
Uncanny is the best way to describe it,” All was not lost however. The stationary camera that was found powered off prior to the
said Stephen. teams physical sighting held a piece of captured footage that brought their spirits up.

Brad Hayes, a paranormal researcher “When we were on the first level, walking towards the bottom of the stairs, both Brad
for the team was stationed on the stairs and I heard a female voice. We proceeded to go up the stairs only to find one of our
where he could view both a section of cameras off, witness Brad’s camera go off, and then we see this manifestation behind
the second floor and a section of the the bar. It was while we were downstairs, prior to hearing that voice, when the station-
first. He witnessed a black shadowy fig- ary camera caught a glimpse of something extraordinary,” Lancaster said.
ure walk across the second floor hall-
way, where ironically, is the spot most of The team placed a stationary camera in front of the hallway and bathroom door the
the Brentwood employees have claimed owners and staff of the Brentwood claimed to have seen a shadow entity. The cam-
to have seen it. Hayes was in such dis- era was left running to document the area when the team was in other sections of the
belief that he instantly thought it was restaurant. This camera, moments before it powered off involuntarily, and just minutes
one of the team members. The cameras later showed it was not a member of the team before the team witnessed the manifestation themselves, caught a few seconds of
as they were in various other locations in the building at the time. what appears to be a full bodied, completely black entity walking towards the camera.

“It is very dark, light was minimal, but without a doubt you can tell something is there.
If the entity continued moving in the direction it was currently going it would have went
past the camera and towards the bar, which is exactly where I saw it. Everything just
New Book by Conway
falls into place,” Stephen said.

The monsterVisionTV episode The Hauntings of Brentwood Wine Bistro shows you
Author Tells the Story
these claims first hand through the eyes of the researchers. In a special review sec-
tion of the episode, the team breaks down, further explaining every occurrence cap-
tured on film. During the review, the team also shows the alleged entity their station-
of Life on a Rice Plantation
ary camera caught.

“What is really haunting about that piece of evidence is the only sound heard is that of
in Georgetown
the camera running. No footsteps. No talking. Nothing other than the images you see.
It is dark, so don’t expect to see what you view in the movies. Something was there. Floyd Alister Goodwin Pens
I saw it with my own two eyes, and this little piece of video footage, alongside all of the
other experiences from that night present a solid case of research. We will be back,” Survival of an Old Rice Plantation;
Lancaster added. Belle Isle, Georgetown, SC
“The entire night was a highlight in my opinion. Nowhere else have I been that put forth
so many unexplained events in one night as the Brentwood,” added Brad.
“One generation passeth away and another generation
“Based on the group’s findings on January 30th, I personally believe that there is def- cometh; but the Earth abideth forever.”
initely some activity going on within the Brentwood walls. I think there is more than one
entity in that house,” Kevin added. Ecclesiastes 1:4
The P.I.T. Crew is essentially comprised of six members. The Brentwood Wine Bistro A new book by Conway author Floyd Alister Goodwin tells the story of life on a
investigation was conducted by Head Investigator Stephen Lancaster, and Paranormal
Researchers Brad Hayes and Kevin McCray. Their experiences that night has war- Southern rice plantation based in Georgetown, S.C. Survival of an Old Rice Plantation;
ranted the scheduling of further investigations and research at the Brentwood Wine Belle Isle, Georgetown, S.C. is a story about a South Carolina low country rice planta-
Bistro, happily welcomed by the ownership. tion and the people who lived there. Beginning in the earliest days of the colony when
Winyah was the northern Indian frontier, the story travels forward through the centuries
“The P.I.T. CREW did an awesome job. Exceeded any expectations we had and were
very professional. They really impressed us with their knowledge and professional- and tells stories of the struggles and victories of twelve generations from three differ-
ism. I hope the P.I.T. Crew does further research. They witnessed things and I ent families.
believe there are more things to witness. They established a relationship with the enti-
ty and hopefully will be able to uncover more activities,” said Kim Masson, owner of the Survival of an Old Rice Plantation was published by Publish America and can be pur-
Brentwood Wine Bistro.
chased locally at Lighthouse Christian Supply, located at 2104 Main Street, Conway.
“Their findings just confirm what we and others have been experiencing over the years. Goodwin will also be available for a book signing during the Conway Chamber of
It will be interesting to learn more and especially the history of the house may give us Commerce’s upcoming Spring Showcase Table Top Expo at the historic Peanut
and them insight to who the ghost could be. I am glad that the activities have been Warehouse on Saturday, February 27, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
recognized by paranormal investigators. I know it’s not just me imagining things,”
added Kim.
The P.I.T. Crew founder Stephen Lancaster produces the independent program
monsterVisionTV in hopes of creating public awareness about the ever growing para- Floyd Alister Goodwin grew up in Round O, an inland rice-growing area, framed by the
normal community. Strongly footed in non-fiction, monsterVisionTV strives to educate, Edisto and Ashepoo rivers of Colleton County. He pursued an education in the upcoun-
entertain, and give the viewership a front row seat into the real life of paranormal
researchers, so often misconstrued by network programming. try and received a BS in chemistry from Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. He mar-
ried Louise Cartrette of Conway and Columbia College; they spent the next nineteen
The P.I.T. Crew operates out of North Myrtle Beach, SC. In 2009, the teams research years in Horse Creek Valley working for United Merchants as a chemist, chemical engi-
included such locations as Poogan’s Porch Restaurant (Charleston, SC), The Hotel neer, and a mill superintendent. For 12 years, Goodwin served in the Cold War as a
Aiken (Aiken, SC), The Battleship North Carolina (Wilmington, NC), Colonial Floral captain in the United States
(Georgetown, SC), The Old Vision Hosiery Mill, (Belmont, NC), various of residential Army Reserves. Moving back
locations, and dozens of others.
to Conway in 1976, Goodwin
and his wife opened a
In 2009, The P.I.T. Crew and their journalistic, documentary style program Christian bookstore. Thirty-
monsterVisionTV were featured in various news publications, NBC, Maury: three years later, they are still
Shocking....Scary...Paranormal Videos, WMBF, WCBC, WECT, as well as numerous working and serving as
paranormal websites just to name a few. The show and its viewership quickly grew Methodist lay-speakers and
from 10,000 to over 400,000 in less than a years’ time.
members of the Gideon
The team and their show was recently picked up by Insights Management based in Los International.
Angeles, California with the goal of taking the 400 plus thousand in viewership to the
next level.
“monsterVisionTV is a fresh way to look at paranormal phenomenon. With many information
shows already on TV they found a niche and a way to offer a brand new perspective,” about
Insights Management CEO Mike Belleau stated.
Survival of an Old
“I decided to take them on board because of what they do and how they do it! These Rice Plantation;
guys are passionate and true and that’s a quality I love! I believe in a near future, a
broadcaster will see the potential and understand the different approach Belle Isle,
monsterVisionTV P.I.T. Crew uses. We’ll be ready to make it happen quick,” added Mike. Georgetown, S.C.
For more information on The P.I.T. Crew and monsterVisionTV,
is available
visit by contacting
Goodwin at
For more information on The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro,
visit 843-248-9632.

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including regional wine favorites. 16, 9-Hole Rounds
All our dishes are prepared to order Included with each card . . .
using fresh local ingredients. Our
menu includes traditional dishes as
• 5 Medium Buckets of Balls
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HYPNOSIS FOR Support Your Local
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Thing Of The Past
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• Get The Competitive Edge and more! The recent snapper/grouper closures have impacted not only our local commercial
fishermen, but all fishermen down the east coast. Regulations that have been pro-
Call 843-650-8940 to Schedule An Appointment. posed could shut down all bottom fishing from 33 degrees North Latitude down through
Florida. That means no more local grouper, snapper, sea bass, and triggerfish and so
on. This will impact us all including: Marinas, Sporting good stores, Hotels,
Restaurants, Gas Stations and more. If you do not think this can happen, it can and
has. Go to and and look at the laws that have recent-
ly passed.

Currently the US consumers are eating more and more imported seafood product.

A 3 Step
Always ask where the Seafood is coming from before you purchase or eat it. If you
cannot find a local product, please try and get a product of the USA. Imported prod-

Success Program
ucts typically come in frozen, not fresh and only 2% is inspected by the FDA. Frozen
products are not always bad; many are quite good such as crab legs, tuna steaks and

Satisfaction Guaranteed
lobster tails. There are those that are passing off frozen imported products as fresh
local, which is hurting the industry even more. The frozen maybe good, but probably
will not touch the quality of the local product. Our fishermen put great care in handling
the seafood, so it will be the best there is. Local fish markets are a great place to get
Counseling & Hypnosis Center the best quality you are looking for some have websites such as www.fishmon-
1018 16th Avenue NW, Surfside Beach which will give you links to more information about seafood. • 843-650-8940 SC is one of the largest producers of shellfish in the country; most is being shipped to
Northern states. So, if you eat oysters, clams or crabs in Maryland; you have a 50/50
chance of eating a product from the lowcountry of South Carolina.

Go to
for more information on our local seafood.

Photo: (left to right) David Weaver, Lee Wilson and Right Jay Sims

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the art of being an advantageous purchaser,
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Household Furnishings
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(Business 17, just south of Denny’s)

In June 2008 Voices kicked off a new literacy program for the children in foster care
and has since expanded the program to include all children involved with Child
Protective Services in Georgetown County. Every month, each child receives a new,
age and developmentally appropriate book. The children love receiving these books.
The gift of books helps promote a love of reading and also gives the children some-
thing to call their very own.

Submitted by Cherie Wilson In 2009 we started the Bright Blue Sea Bookshelf. Bookshelves are located throughout
Georgetown County, as well as Horry and Williamsburg Counties. These bookshelves
WHO ARE WE? are filled with gently used children’s books. Children are encouraged to take a book
Voices for Children is a grass roots nonprofit organization whose mission is to support home with them, read it, love it and return it to any other Bright Blue Sea Bookshelf.
the Guardian ad Litem program in Georgetown County and the children they serve. This program has distributed approximately one thousand books in just one year!
Guardians ad Litem are court appointed advocates for children in foster care. The job
of the Guardian is to speak out for the best interest of their child. COMING IN 2010:
Books at Birth is a program we will be starting in 2010. Our goal is to provide every
WHAT DO WE DO? newborn in Georgetown County with their first book. We will also provide the parents
Our mission is to help recruit, retain and fund training in child and family law for the with information on the importance of reading to their baby, as well as applications for
Volunteer Guardian ad Litem program. We also provide a research library for the a library card and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.
Guardians to help them prepare for their cases.
SERVICES WE PROVIDE: If you would like to make a donation to fund any of our programs, please contact either
Bear Necessities Bags are duffle bags or back packs filled with clothing, toiletries, a Ann Harris (president) at 318-1732 or Cherie Wilson (vice president) at 655-4874. Fish
blanket, toy, stuffed animal and Bible. They are distributed to each foster child when Monger Seafood, Bait & Tackle in Surfside Beach (903-2722) and Scrapbooks by the
they come into care. Many of these children enter the foster care system with only the Sea in Pawleys Island (235-9909) are drop off sites for donations of gently used chil-
clothing on their back. dren’s books.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian ad Litem,
please contact Myra Dingle in Georgetown County at 545-1057 or
Helen “Sam” Hodges in Horry County at 248-7374

The Moveable Feast
Through April, 2010
Fridays, 11 am - 1 pm, $25 each
Literary luncheons with exciting authors at area restaurants.
Each Feast is followed by a signing at Litchfield Books at 2 pm
Reservations are requested by the Wednesday prior to the feast.

The Winter 2010 schedule through April is available onsite at
Art Works inside the Chocolate & Coffee House at the Litchfield Exchange,
by phone at 843-235-9600 or online at

March 5 - Thomas Brown (City of the Silent) at Pawleys Plantation: Author Ted Alston Phillips
died last spring shortly after the publication of his book about Magnolia Cemetery, which its
Superintendent Beverly Donald calls “the best kept secret in Charleston.” The book’s editor will
share the stories of “planters, politicians, military leaders, bootleggers, whorehouse madams –
you name it, anybody from the last 150 years of Charleston’s history is out there.”

March 12 - Ben Moise & Jim Casada (A Southern Sportsman: The Hunting Memoirs of
Henry Edwards Davis) at Pastaria 811: Henry Edwards Davis (1879–1966) began his hunting
adventures as a boy riding in the saddle with his father on fox hunts and deer drives in the compa-
ny of Confederate cavalry veterans. Born on Hickory Grove Plantation in Williamsburg County, SC,
Davis developed his taste for the hunt at an early age. In later years he became a renowned sports-
man and expert on sporting firearms. Published here for this first time after a four-decade-long hia-
tus, his collection of southern hunting tales describes his many experiences in pursuit of turkeys,
deer, ducks, and partridges through the fields, forests, and swamps of South Carolina’s Pee Dee
region. Edited by retired lowcountry game warden Ben Moise and featuring a foreword by outdoor
writer Jim Casada, Davis’s memoir is a valuable account of hunting lore and historic firearms, as
well as a record of evolving cultural attitudes and economic conditions in post-Reconstruction South
Carolina and of the practices that gave rise to modern natural conservation efforts. Belin Memorial
United Methodist Church
March 19 - Sarah Addison Allen (The Girl Who Chased the Moon) at DeBordieu Clubhouse:
While Booklist labeled her debut novel, Garden Spells, “spellbindingly charming” and Publishers Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
Weekly found The Sugar Queen (a New York Times Bestseller and award winner) “bewitching,”
Allen describes her style as “Southern-fried magic realism.” She brings the full flavor of her south-
ern upbringing (Asheville, NC) to bear on her fiction – a captivating blend of fairy tale magic, heart-
warming romance, and small-town sensibility. Submitted by Willie Lee
March 26 - Bob Kapsch (Historic Canals & Waterways of South Carolina) at Sea View Inn:
After writing definitive works on the Potomac and Erie Canals, the author (holding doctorates in Mark Your Calendars for:
American studies, engineering and architecture) turns his attention to the canals and waterways
of South Carolina. Peppered with full-color illustrations, the coffee table book tells the story with
Saturday, May 1, 2010 • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
academic acumen, aesthetic acuity and great vitality. •
April 2 - Wayne Caldwell (Requiem by Fire) at Bove: Cataloochee, Caldwell’s acclaimed debut,
To create a festival filled with worship, food, fun and fellowship and highlighted by a
was “a brilliant portrait of a community and a way of life long gone, a lost America.” Now, in

“Blessing” ceremony that celebrates our Christian heritage and gives thanks to our Lord and
Requiem by Fire, Caldwell returns to the same fertile Appalachian ground that provided the set-

Savior Jesus Christ for His continued blessings in our Inlet Community, while generating
ting for his first novel, recalling a singular time in American history when the greater good may not

funds for many missions, charities and nonprofit organizations.
have been best for everyone. A moving, timeless tale of survival and change told with humor and
pathos, this magnificent novel transports readers to another time and place – and celebrates
Southern storytelling at its finest.
See Ya’ Saturday . . . Of course we are talking about the 14th annual “Blessing of the Inlet”
celebration! As always, it is held the First Saturday of May, and this year is no exception!!
April 9 - Rose Senehi (Listen to the Wind) at Kimbel’s, Wachesaw: Rose Senehi is that rarest
Belin Memorial United Methodist Church is so excited to be hosting this event.
of combinations: fiction writer and environmental activist. Her books are as much about the rever-
ence for the natural world as they are about the fictional history of the places she has inhabited and
loved. Set in rural Western North Carolina where, for one hundred years, there has been the high-
est concentration of organized youth camps in the country, Senehi’s story is as much about the With over 50 arts and crafts vendors showcasing their wonderful handmade goods a
preservation of place as it is the preservation of souls of the people who inhabit these pages. virtual treasure trove awaits you. Whether it is the beautiful paintings or handmade
jewelry, there is something for everyone! Don’t forget about all the delicious food pre-
April 16 - Karen Zacharias (Will Jesus Buy Me a New Doublewide? Cause I need more room pared by some of Murrells Inlet’s finest restaurants! Also, to tempt you, we have our
for my Plasma TV) at Inlet Affairs: A lot of us want to help the poor on our own terms. We want incredible children’s events, which include face and hair painting, numerous inflat-
to give them a home in the burbs and a big-screen plasma TV because we believe that is the able’s, climbing wall, and the ever popular “Dunking Tank” where they can take turns
American Dream. Generations are being taught that God wants to prosper them, but what hap-
trying to “dunk” your friends. There will also be a full day of outstanding entertainment
pens to their faith, then, when they don’t get the job they prayed for, or the big house on the hill?
featuring dance troops, gospel choirs, contemporary Christian musicians, and more.
Karen is a former crime beat reporter, wife, mom, Tennessee Volunteer, Georgia Peach, Beaver
graduate of Oregon State University, sister in faith, water moccasin bite survivor and 25th Infantry
Gold Star daughter. Her commentary has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek and This festival is highlighted by the “Blessing of the Inlet” Ceremony which starts at
National Public Radio. 11:30a.m. The blessing will be administered by the Reverend Dr. Mike Alexander and
the Reverend Marty Nason. There is no admission or parking charge and the event will
April 23 - Patricia Falvey (The Yellow House) at Sea View Inn: Born in Northern Ireland and be held rain or shine. So come help us celebrate the Glory of God and all He has
raised in Ireland and England before immigrating to the U.S., Falvey has set her debut novel dur- “blessed” us with!
ing the highly dramatic Revolutionary Period at the beginning of the 20th century and the person-
al struggle of young Eileen O’Neill torn between two men on opposite sides of the conflict. We are NOT associated with The Blessing of the Fleet. Due to Belin’s focus on the
April 30 - Marjorie Wentworth (The Endless Repetition of an Ordinary Miracle) at Carefree
people and lives of Murrells Inlet and the surrounding South Strand, the “Blessing of
Catering: The Moveable Feast celebrates Poetry Month with South Carolina’s Poet Laureate’s the Inlet” does not include the blessing of animals.
third collection of poems (following Noticing Eden and Despite Gravity). Wentworth’s poems have
appeared in numerous books and magazines, and she has been nominated for the Pushcart We need crafters! To become a crafter at the “Blessing of the Inlet”
Prize three times. Call Judy Irish at 843-424-0509

Life by the Sea
a dream captures images of yesterdays adventures . . .
CONTINUED from the February issue . . . Written by Sherrill Schaefer

“Oh don’t be silly William, you look wonderful! After-all, it’s the female who frets over Eve said Mr. Winslow insisted that we have a cup of warm tea and they would be down
what she is wearing to a dinner party?” He had put on a starched white linen shirt with to join us directly. We thanked her for the tea and she scurried out of the room as
link cuff buttons, a broad end grey cravat and an oxford evening jacket to match his quickly as she appeared. William took a sip or two of his tea then continued his con-
trousers – perfect choice I thought! William is such a handsome fellow and carries him- versation. “Sophie, all I wanted to say on the matter is that you shall have the treas-
self well no matter how he dresses. On the other hand, my clothing selections have ures you desire but, isn’t it worth more to have treasures of the heart, rather than the
been scrutinized as being too conservative. William often refers to me as the “Gibson abundance of material treasures?” “Absolutely, you are right William, how foolish of me
Girl” because my wardrobe reflects a more active lifestyle than one of worldly fashion. to act so childish, especially since living by the sea with my beloved gives me such
I believe he would like to see more glamour, and more skin than I am willing to reveal pleasure!” Sophie replied with a smile.
in public! I do have a nice white laced blouse and a blue shirt that should be elegant
enough, and I will adorn myself with accessories and a large feathered hat. We heard laughter and foot steps coming from the main stairway so we hurried to fin-
ished our tea, then placed the tea cup and saucer on the serving tray. Mr.
As we pulled up to the Winslow and Tillie entered the room and I just about fell off the sofa when
I saw Tillie’s evening dress. It was sophisticated, to say the least, and
front of Mr. Winslow’s
such a beautiful creation that could surely grace the cover of famous
cottage I felt butterflies in
magazines! The sight caused me to see myself as drab and plain. Even
my stomach. It seems I
though to some my choice of outfit would be considered simple, I thought
have been waiting for this
it was appropriate enough for the evening – obviously not! Tillie’s stan-
moment for years. I
dards on fashion was that of modern America mixed with a glamourous
could see movement of
European flair, and more to the liking of the male gender.
several figures moving
about in the house; Mr. Winslow and Tillie displayed warmth and sincere hospitality as they
based on what little I approached with hand shakes and hugs. Eve brought in a tray of hors
could see through the d’oeurvres and patiently waited for further instructions while Mr. Winslow
windows, it was absolute- asked what we would like to drink before dinner; I told him I would take a
ly beautiful with splendid glass of red wine and William had a Scotch neat. We talked casually for
furnishings. This is so a few minutes then Tillie placed her arm in mine and told Mr. Winslow that
exciting and sure to be an evening that William and I will talk about for years to come! she was going to take me on a tour of the cottage before we sit for dinner. William
laughed and told Mr. Winslow that I was dying to see the inside and had been count-
We approached the front door and knocked; an attractive middle aged woman dressed ing the days to this great event! Tillie and I excused ourselves and off we went. It was
in a high-necked black and white blouse, black shirt and white apron, opened the door a great opportunity to escape and view the renovations while our noble fellows got bet-
to greet us. She said that Mr. Winslow and Miss Tillie would join us in a few minutes. ter acquainted! The rooms and decor were fabulous of course, just as I had expected,
We followed the woman through large double doors into the drawing room and she and I also enjoyed sharing “lady talk” with my new friend Tillie.
motioned for us to be seated on a red velvet covered sofa. Before leaving the room
she introduced herself; her name is Eve, and said if we needed anything, to ring the Tillie is a beautiful slender lady with long wavy red hair, brown eyes, a long neck and
small bell that was on the table beside the sofa. just a few light colored freckles across her nose like faint little heavenly stars. She car-
ries herself well and displays clothing and jewels like someone of royalty – a babe from
My eyes quickly made account of the rooms fabulous contents. The decor reminded a rich bloodline I’m sure!
me of photos I’ve seen in magazines in Mr. Brilles store. The furniture was made of
exotic woods, brass mounts and inlays and the staining and painting of the furniture As we started back down the stairway I got up enough nerve to ask Tillie about her
was characteristic of royalty. Even the drapery that hung from the ceiling above the beautiful dress. She said the designer of her dress is Jacques Doucet, a famous
windows were tailored to fit perfectly! The carpenters did a fabulous job re-doing the French designer. Mr. Winslow bought the dress for her when they were in Europe last
month and this morning she happened to find a pair of satin shoes to match while
ornate molding and wood paneled walls.
shopping in Mr. Brilles store – before our first introduction occurred!
As I finished circling the room, I caught William looking at me with one of those “oh no,
Acknowledgement of my own appearance had once again returned as I had earlier
here we go again” looks, as if I were about to point out
described it as being drab and plain. Outwardly, I was everything a young lady should
all the wonderful treasures that we lack having in our
be; proper, respectable, and conservative, but there are times when inside I am
little seaside home. “I know what you’re thinking
screaming to be someone different! My thoughts had become distant while pondering
William,” I said as I turned my head away. “Sophie, over the current “fashion” dilemma, and I had become noticeably quiet. Tillie gently
you are reacting the same way you did the first time patted my cheek and said, “Sophie . . . Sophie, are you okay? Did I say something to
we were invited to Ms. Sarah Ann’s home. It takes upset you?” “Oh no, not at all Tillie, thank you for the tour,” I replied.
time to acquire such finery and I have only been in my
current partnership for a short time. I know the desires Our gallant men were deep in discussion about politics and business as we re-joined
of your heart my love and someday you shall have . . . them in the drawing room. “Mr. Winslow, your home is lovely and cleverly decorated;
William stopped talking briefly as Eve entered the the carpenters did a marvelous job in renovations,” I said. “Sophie darling, please call
room with a serving of warm tea. She reacted to the me Sabastian, not Mr. Winslow; and thank you for the compliment; I agree, the carpen-
sudden silence with a smile on her face as if she ters did a superb job and I recommend them highly to anyone in need of their servic-
already knew how the conversation was going. es! Now, shall we head to the dinning room for dinner ladies?” Sabastian said.

After an absolutely delicious meal, Eve and a gentleman entered the dining room to We were preparing for bed when William brought up the discussion about the trip to
remove the dishes. Sabastian, introduced the gentleman as Robert; Eve’s husband, see the Titanic. I told him that although it would be a wonderful event, it was not my
and said they work for him in Boston and will be joining him on most trips to the cot- idea – it was Tillie’s grand idea! William nodded that he understood, then pulled out a
tage. Considering his status, and obvious level of wealth, Sabastian is charming and folded sheet of paper from a wooden box he had in his bedside table.
down-to-Earth and not at all like some gents from the big cities! His clothing is of the
latest fashions and he walks, speaks and looks like someone of royal decent, just like “My darling, this is the itinerary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage – it was going to be my
Tillie. Sabastian is tall and slender with black, combed back hair, olive completion, high surprise to you in celebration of our anniversary and birthdays. Since construction first
cheek bones and a small mustache. began in March 1909, I have been following the progress of this ship, which is the
largest steamship in the world, and I wanted to take you to see it. Besides what you
Sabastian took two cigars out of the humidor, then poured a small glass of brandy for have seen in magazines, the only ships you have ever had an opportunity to see up
William and himself – the four of us walked out onto the veranda overlooking the close or travel on, are the side-wheelers in Georgetown and Conway. When Tillie
ocean. The moon was rising and so breathtaking as it lit a path across the water approached Sabastian and myself with her plans, I realized I had to confront you and
straight to where we were standing. This is truly a night to be remembered, I thought. make known, my own plans .” William said. “I was not the least bit upset with you, I
was just stunned, and my emotions got the better of me,” he said.
As the men walked around smoking their cigars and sipping after-dinner cocktails, Tillie
and I sat down in large, beautiful rocking chairs and admired the awesome view. Like I gently took the paper from his hand; it was a colorful advertisement featuring the
young school girls, we talked and laughed while sharing almost every detail about our Titanic and its itinerary . . . Leave Southampton at noon on Wednesday 10 April; Arrive
lives from childhood until present day and it seemed as though we have been friends Cherbourg at about sunset on same day. Arrive Queenstown/Cobh just before noon on
forever! Her childhood was a bit more glamorous and adventurous in comparison to Thursday 11 April. Depart Queenstown/Cobh 2-20pm on Thursday 11 April. Arrive New
my own, but nevertheless, we both had a loving and stable childhood. York in early hours of Wednesday 17 April. The advertisement had been mailed to
William’s office, inviting his financial firm to join other businesses for a first-class view-
I remember the very first time I saw Tillie when she came with Sabastian to our house ing and participation in celebration of the Titanic’s arrival.
to inquire about carpenters in the area for his renovations. Based on first impressions,
I didn’t think she and I could ever be friends. Mother was right, never judge a book by Tears streamed down my face; I was shocked and overwhelmed to learn, that for over
it’s cover! While getting better acquainted, we discovered that we both love horseback two years, my beloved had been holding a secret surprise for me; and in just one night,
riding and fine arts. Even our birthdays are in the month of April. William’s birthday is the joy of presenting his plans at a more appropriate time and in a loving manner, was
in April as well. Tillie’s birthday is on April 5th, Williams’ the 17th and mine is the 26th. stolen from him. Even though it was Tillie’s plan that caused sudden exposure to
William’s surprise, I expressed to William how I felt as if I had somehow betrayed him
We sat for a moment in silence and listened to the waves breaking upon the shore in by the joy that was within me, as I listened to Tillie speak with such fierce excitement!
a beautiful harmonious rhythm, then suddenly, the silence was broken as Tillie jumped
up out of her rocking chair as if she had just been stung by a swarm of bees! “I have William kissed me tenderly then held me close in his arms and said “I have heard this
a marvelous idea,” she said. “Next year in April, a new steamship called the Titanic will saying many times . . . Angels fly out with grace and ease where some hesitate to
be making it’s maiden voyage from Southampton and is scheduled to be arriving in tread. The innocence of your world Sophie doesn’t allow you to be cautious of worldly
New York on the 17th. My uncle works for White Star Line and a grand event is ways, therefore you tread with no fear. I am not saying that Tillie should be feared, but
planned for the ships arrival. Sabastian and I would love to have you and William join she is a woman of the world and as magical and alluring as it must be to see the world
us for a private tour and be our guests at the Captain’s dinner party on-board the ship! through her eyes, it is wise to be cautious. A lifestyle that merely roams about wildly in
We can celebrate our three birthdays and the haste, grows old in haste as well!” he said. I listened intently; what William said made
arrival of the new ship; it will be good sense. Before the lights went out, we kissed and said good night, then right
splendid!” Tillie cried out! before being overtaken by deep sleep, I heard William say – “rest well my love!”

My soul bubbled Sunday morning came quickly! The warm sunshine beamed through the
over with joy at window onto the breakfast table, displaying cups steaming with freshly
the thought of brewed coffee, two plates with scrambled eggs and toast with homemade
being part of blackberry jam that Ms. Emma had given to us during our last visit at the
this historic lodge. I opened the doors to allow fresh air to flow through the house and
event, but before as I turned to go back to the kitchen, I glanced out the window toward
I could say a word Sabastian’s cottage. My thoughts went back to last night. I knew it would be
in response to her an evening to remember, I just didn’t know to what degree.
invitation, Tillie had
already raced over to tell William came into the kitchen and was ready to eat. He likes to be on time for church
Sabastian and William the plans! William so I usually get dressed early then prepare our breakfast while he is getting ready. At
looked at me with such disbelief and all I could do is shrug my shoulders in response first there was silence at the table, then at the same time, each of us burst out “I love
to his reaction. Based on his expression, it was not a subject he was prepared to talk you!” It was such a comical moment that we couldn’t help but laugh. “About last night,”
about, nor commit to in haste! I got up from the rocker and walked over to where the William blurted out, “I would love to take you to New York; it would give me such pleas-
three of them were standing. I feared that William thought I had jointly conspired with ure to do so!” He went on to say that when we arrive in New York we can meet up with
Tillie to plan something without discussion. Sabastian and Tillie for the viewing of the ship, then afterwards, instead of eating with
the Captain, we can eat dinner at one of the restaurants then catch a play or tour New
Immediately, I approached Tillie and told her that I haven’t a thing to wear to such a York. “What do you think Sophie?” William said. “Earlier this morning, while cooking
grand occasion and that we must consider everything before committing to such a long breakfast, I thought of that very same idea; it does please me, and to know that it will
journey. Her reply was that we have almost a year to prepare for the trip and she will be your pleasure as well, pleases me more! So, it is settled – we shall find time to
help me shop for the appropriate clothing choices for the event. At that moment I real- approach Sabastian and Tillie to let them know our decision” I said.
ized how headstrong Tillie is! I feel certain her budget is bountiful for shopping, but I
don’t think that even a portion of our budget can be devoted to such an indulgent whim. After church, William and I ate a light meal then took a small blanket and walked down
to sit on the beach to enjoy the cool salty breeze; watch the ocean and the sea gulls
I smiled at Tillie and told her that William and I would discuss the plans and let them busy at play. The gentle rain last night was just enough to give my garden and the sea
know our decision. At this point, William’s demeanor had changed and was noticeably oats a little nourishment. William and I were having a splendid day, laughing and talk-
less relaxed; he quickly replied that it was getting late and we must be heading home. ing about future plans, when suddenly, I felt a bit faint and a little nauseated. William
We gave Sabastian and Tillie a hug and thanked them for a lovely dinner and their helped me up and as we were walking back to the house, out it came like a bolt of light-
warm and gracious hospitality. They waved goodbye before closing the front door and ening; my stomach wasted no time in relieving it’s contents! What is causing this . . .
just as we had gotten into our new “tin lizzie”, it began to gently rain. to be continued in the April issue

Dinner in Town
High Hammock Hosts Chris Hastings,
Hot and Hot Fish Club
Submitted by Laura Bright, Maverick Southern Kitchens

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. For Chris Hastings, chef and co-owner of Hot and
Hot Fish Club (Birmingham, AL), that place is Pawleys Island. He will return home to join Chef
de Cuisine Steven Musolf in the kitchen for a guest chef wine dinner at High Hammock on
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010. Guests attending this exclusive event will enjoy an evening of chef
camaraderie and guest interaction, in addition to a unique menu showcasing indigenous ingredi-
ents in dishes paired with award-winning wines of Bouchaine Winery.

“I spent every summer from the age of four to 20 at Pawleys Island. I cannot wait to go back as
Missed the Marathon?
an adult and as a professional chef to use the local ingredients I know so well,” said Hastings. “It
is a tremendous opportunity for me.” Run, Walk or Bike Under The Oaks
along beautiful Murrells Inlet, SC.
The evening will begin with an hors d’oeurvres reception at 6:30 pm followed by a seated four-
course dinner with wine pairings and tasting-notes from the celebrated Michael Richmond, Vice
President and Director of Winemaking for Bouchaine Winery. The price for the dinner is $65.00 Registration is NOW OPEN
per person, plus tax and gratuity.

Chef Hastings’ popular cookbook, The Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook, A Celebration of Food, 2010 5K Race for the Inlet
Family & Traditions will be available for purchase and signing at the event, and can be reserved
early when making your reservation.
Sat., March 20 at 8:00 a.m. Murrells Inlet waterfront

Reservations are required, and can be made by calling 843.979.0300. All skill levels, all ages welcome. USATF Certified Course.
High Hammock is located in the Hammock Shops of Pawleys Island at
10880 Ocean Highway (Hwy 17).
Runners Timing by RMS. Registration includes a free t-shirt!
For more information and to register online, go to
High Hammock is the newest property of Maverick Southern Kitchens, a Charleston-based restaurant and hos-
pitality company. Maverick Southern Kitchens owns and operates a collection of unique restaurants, an inn,
and a kitchen store and culinary school. The properties are: Slightly North of Broad Charleston); High Cotton All proceeds from this event go towards the nonprofit community revitalization organization dedi-
cated to keeping Murrells inlet a nice place to live, work & visit. For more information about

Ground Zero to Join Local Couples Retreat at the
(Charleston and Greenville); Charleston Cooks! (Charleston); and Old Village Post House (Mt. Pleasant). For
more information visit MI2020, go to

Churches and Businesses Sea View Inn
for Youth Outreach Event Submitted by Linda Ketron

Ground Zero is joining with local churches and businesses to provide support for an upcoming The Sea View Inn on Pawleys
youth outreach event in Myrtle Beach. Although this is not a Ground Zero event we encourage Island has long provided locals
you to find out more about this opportunity and get involved. with a great place to enjoy a fine
meal, a bit of porch sitting and
On average, 99 young people between the ages of 10 and 25 die every day in the United States. spectacular views of the beach
THE 99 is a walkthrough reality theater that reenacts the five leading causes of death in teenagers and the marsh. Have you ever
and young adults and ends with the message of Salvation. Typically more than 80% of those that daydreamed about staying there
attend this event do not attend church. with your partner, a world away
without being far from home. Join
THE 99 National Youth Outreach will be held at Broadway at the Beach property (parking lot at local historian Lee Brockington for
the corner of 29th Ave & Grissom Pkwy) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from March 19 a three-day, two-night couples
- April 18. THE 99 needs your help to make this outreach to youth a success. There are a variety getaway at this historic and rustic
of volunteer areas such as Cast, Counseling, Security, Hospitality, Organization, and several oceanfront hotel, arriving at noon
other areas. You can volunteer for one night or many. This is a great volunteer opportunity for indi-
on March 21 for Sunday dinner and departing after dinner at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 23.
viduals, small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups, etc.
Discover the history and ecology of this coastal island while you learn of other couples from this
Event/Meeting Location: 20,000 square foot inflatable tent in the Broadway at
blessed isle. Joseph and Theodosia Burr Allston, Plowden and Emily Weston, Joshua John Ward
the Beach parking lot at 29th Avenue & Grissom Parkway (the aquarium side) and all his wives, Cap’n Boo and Miss Lucille Lachicotte, Buddy and Roberta Priolieu, Frank and
Faye Marlow, among others, are part of the past and part of what makes Pawleys a special place.
Event Dates: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from March 19 – April 18 Bring your spouse and enjoy three meals a day, afternoon rest hour, guided or intimate walks on
(minus Easter and ADD Thursday April 15) the beach and along the creek, sunrise, sunset, and sessions full of facts and frivolity.

March 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 & 28 and April 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17 & 18 The all-inclusive fee
Volunteer Meeting: Saturday, March 13 @ 9:00 a.m. OR Monday, March 15 @ 6:30 p.m. (room, meals, guided walks and talks)
For more information about THE 99 or about getting involved in this youth out- is $700 per couple.
reach please contact THE 99 directly by using the following contact information:
Reservations may be made by calling
Brittany Morgan - - 1-877-843-9909 Ext 710
Daniel Henshaw - - Cell (918) 606-0454 CLASS at 235-9600 or visiting the website
Terry Hensahw - - Cell (918) 606-3988 at

Our mission . . .
• Dentures • Whitening • Cosmetic is to provide all patients with access to
• Crowns • Orthodontic • Root Canals great dental care so they can smile with confidence.
Every effort is made by the staff to ensure that all patients
are made to feel as comfortable as possible while receiving
• Bridges • Fillings • Extractions
expert gentle care during their visit.

South Strand
• Restorative • Partials • Implants

Dental Associates
1616 Azalea Drive, Surfside Beach, SC 29575
843-238-5111 •

Our menu is made to order
for a one-of-a-kind flavor
and prepared daily
from scratch - the true Italian way!

and Ragtops Speakeasy
Italian Cuisine Monday - Saturday 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Saturday 5:00 pm - until

Speakeasy Room
Presents . . .

Featuring Nationally Touring Comedians
As Seen on HBO,
Showtime, Comedy Central,
Letterman, and Jay Leno.

Some of the credits include:
"Joan Of Arc"
In the Eddie Murphy Film,
"Coming To America"
Fox's Comedy Express and
Starting March 6th BET's Comic View.
Come laugh with
JUST JUST JUNE is a world renowned comic
JUNE who has entertained
soldiers both at home and abroad.

Don't miss this one of a kind, multi talented act.
3956 Highway 17 Bypass South, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
(Half mile north of Waccamaw Hospital)
Phone: 843-492-0632 •