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Re: Can anyone interpret past life chart (D60)?

Wed, August 29, 2007 - 12:03 PM

Hello all,
I, too, find the D60 chart fascinating. I am happy to share what bits I know about D60 via my own chart
correlations. Maybe others will chime in with more pieces of understanding about D60 or D60 as it relates to your
It is my understanding that 3rd from AL (in D60) shows nature of death from past life. I have Mars in Libra (3rd
from AL) and in a Vedic reading was told that my past life ended in a violent death. (I was not surprised to hear
this because I had heard from a psychic several years ago that many of my lives have ended violently.)
Sometimes 3rd from AL in D60 relates to fears/phobias in this life. While I do not have any specific phobias, I was
intensly tuned into survival and safety from a very young age. (I was also very driven to understand what the
heck I was doing here and what's this whole livin' in the world thing about and if I wasn't here where would I
be.....questions that make a 9-year-old kid's head hurt!)
Other D60 observations: D60 AL is my rasi Lg( Leo) ; D60 Mars is 21 Libra - Rasi Moon is 21 Libra along with
Venus, AL, UL, A7 in Libra. I suspect last death was somehow connected to a lover, although not necessarily
death by a lover.
D60 Lg is 10 Sag in Mula nakshatra; Rasi has Jupiter 2 Sag in Mula. I'm not sure how this figures in exactly but it
seems significant.
D60 AL with Ketu/ Rasi Lg with Rahu.
Survival/safety doesn't consume me the way it once did. Sometimes I really wonder if a part of this life's learning
is simply to have a peaceful death. I've already seen (or so I believe) and I will. I feel very alive in many ways
now but that is in part because I live like I'm dying. I don't feel it as intense as it sounds. Simply, I live more and
more in accordance with the pull of my heart and less by the push of the material world. A very happy place for
Obviously no profound answers here about D60, but maybe something to get those interested looking at your
own chart.
In Joy and Gratitude,

In my understanding first of all you look at the rasi 12th house, Ketu and possibly the eighth house, as well as all
planets in Ketu nakshatras. A story will unfold from there. Also, if you have corrected your birth by studying some
significant events like for me leaving the country where I was born which obviously coincided with my Saturn
mahadasha in Vimsottari.
After that, shastiamsha will give results correctly interpreted.
Use it with Moola dasha to see the connections to this life.
I think in my case I received an in-between life from the 12th house one which was German (Aries).
You could study what signs are traditionally attributed to cultures and periods in history.
It's like a trip to your own Natural History Museum.

A person who truly loves you will never let you go or give up on you, no matter how hard the
situation is.
@Fact: A great relationship is about two things: First, appreciating the similarities, and second,
respecting the differences.

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