Volume 22 • Issue 2 • March & April 2010 1

Director of Missions: Glenn Davis

It may be hard to realize, but spring is coming. And with spring comes our celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus. If the Lord speaks through Christmas and says, “I’m in this with you.” Then the Lord speaks through Easter to say, “I am in this with you, no matter the cost.” The message of Easter is a message of hope. All who are dead in their transgressions and sin, can be made alive in Christ. This message is both our hope and our purpose. This message is our hope because we have been made alive. This message is our purpose because we have been called to share it with others. Those around us are searching. We can say to them, FinditHere. The North American Mission Board is helping us reach the people of Wichita and Hutchinson with that message of hope. NAMB and KNCSB have purchased over 300 FinditHere.com television spots to be shown in the 3 weeks leading up to Easter. You can view a sample of these spots at the FinditHere.com website. In conjunction with the TV spots, there are door hanger brochures available at the Heart of Kansas office. If you would like to use these brochures to distribute in specific areas of the city, please contact Loren Phippen at the HOK office. There will also be FinditHere.com yard banners for your church to display to connect what people are going to see on TV with your local church. Easter is probably your best attendance day of the year. Why not use this day, when the un-churched are considering attending church, to invite them to your church? And when you do, make sure your church is ready to receive them. Give them a warm welcome. Allow them to have a place where they can find a friend. And let your church be the place where they hear the message of Jesus Christ. Let your church be the place where their darkness is changed to light, and their death is changed to life through the message of our Risen Savior. The “Buckets of Hope” ministry is just one means by which Baptists can fulfill the mandate of Jesus Christ to feed the hungry in the name of Jesus. As we are reminded in Matthew 25:40, Jesus tells us, "And the King shall answer and say unto them, 'Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.'" (KJV) For approximately $30 anyone can purchase the materials and assemble a "Bucket of Hope." The food contained in a single bucket will feed a Haitian family for a week. You are also requested to include a $10 contribution, to offset the cost of transporting the relief buckets to Haiti. Buckets must be packed with a specific list of food items inside. Please follow the detailed instructions carefully. The instructions can be found at 1 www.hoksba.org or www.namb.net. This will ensure that every bucket quickly passes through customs and into the hands of the Haitian people.

5 -6 6 8 13 KNCSB Youth Worship Arts Camp, WCC KNCSB VBS Jumpstart Clinic, FSBC, Salina Disaster Relief Meeting, HOKSBA, 11am WMU Planning Meeting, HOKSBA, 10am

4 8 12 13 17 21 24 Special Ed. Bowling, Seneca Bowl, 11am VBS Associational Training, Sharon BC , 7pm Disaster Relief Meeting, HOKSBA, 11am HOKSBA Executive Board Meeting Westview BC, 10:30am WMU Annual Meeting, TBA S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30 10th Annual HOKSBA Golf Tournament Hesston, KS

Weekly Prayer Emphasis for

Mar. 1 Mar. 8 Mar. 15 Mar. 22 Mar.29 Sharon • Pastor Steve Tims South City • Pastor Pete Dominguez South Side • Pastor Marty Million Trinity • Pastor Craig Atherton Victory • Jermaine Pennington

Apr. 5 Apr. 12 Apr. 19 Apr. 26 New Life • Pastor Aaron Fenlason Parkview• Pastor Bruce Hays • Shalom Adonai• Pastor Mike Saffle • Southwest • Pastor D. Burchfiel

Set Free Ministry
As I have mentioned before, an intricate part of the Set Free ministry is to have a discipleship “ranch” to take people to after they come in off the street. They would stay there sixty plus days. The property needs to be a good distance from town, but close enough for churches to help with Bible Studies and other volunteer ministries. An ideal location would have an old farm house and about 5 acres, either donated or have a reasonable long term lease. Please keep this in prayer and let us know if you know someone who could help with this. Also, our men’s ministry leaders are working with members of our churches to get a volunteer work/construction team to do projects like those at the Set Free house. We still need work groups from our churches to finish up the drywall and painting. Over 95% of the drywall is hung and the second floor has been painted. Once we finish hanging the drywall and painting, we can start the flooring, cabinets and finish carpentry. Please contact Loren Phippen at HOKSBA.

Evangelistic Mission Trips
Seventeen of us from Wichita went to the Rose Bowl parade outreach from December 30th to January 1st. We worked with 150 volunteers from around the country sharing the Gospel with people. We handed out over 30,000 tracts and saw numerous people give their life to Christ. Mark your calendar now to go with us next year. We just got back from a safe and successful mission trip to New Orleans. We shared the Gospel for two fourteen hour days at Mardis Gras. This is a very dark and sinful place that needs to hear the Gospel. There were a total of seven of us from Wichita that worked with another 30 men from around the country to hand out about 50,000 tracts. During the day we saw several people give their life to Christ. At night, on Bourbon Street, we handed out tracts and were able to defend our faith. We would like to have enough men next year to take several van loads from our area to witness in that very hard place. Men, please check your calendars and pray to see how God would use you in this very needy and rewarding ministry.

Local Mission Trips for 2010
Mark Jackson, Church Planting Strategist

Evangelism Training
Loren Phippen, Evangelism Director

This next year promises to be a financially challenging one for many of our families. Have you considered a local mission trip to avoid travel and motel costs? Working within your local association can be effective in terms of the impact on the Kingdom of God. We have opportunities that can involve hours or days and the need is great. By utilizing these short term opportunities along with a longer trip, all of your folks could have an opportunity to be on mission for the Lord.

The Evangelism training is going great. This week I am starting a class at one of our churches. This 4-6 week session is a combination between “Share Jesus Without Fear” and the “Evangecube”. I would love to come to your church to help train your people on evangelism and would be happy to schedule time to do hands-on training in your neighborhood. Just call or email to schedule a training class.

One Day or Less
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Prayer Walks/Drives (RiverFest, Good Neighbor Centers, churches, church plants) Pass out fliers for outreach events Minor repairs at Good Neighbor Centers, churches, or in your neighborhood Aluminum can drive Clean up, paint, repairs needed in local schools or neighborhoods RiverFest outreach, workers Work at Set Free house Food drives/funds, clothing, school supplies for the Good Neighbor Centers Block parties Juvenile Detention Center ministries Collect funds to support repair projects at churches

River Fest
Loren Phippen, Evangelism Director

It is time to mark your calendars and make plans to participate in the 2010 River Fest outreach. Our outreach will be from May 13th to 15th. We will have street evangelists here to work with you and to help train our church members. Walking with Power will return this year for our main event and will be with us on the street to share the Gospel. We also plan on having a booth that will stamp horse shoes with John 3:16 and personalize it for each person while they share the Gospel. Our Cowboy church and our Equestrian ministries will be involved in this outreach. We also need face painters and help with the block party equipment. We also welcome any praise and worship team/band that would like to provide music before the main event. As I mentioned last month, we would like to have more participation this year from our churches and would like to see all of our church members get involved with the block party and/or street witnessing. We will be sending out signup sheets soon for the block party, music groups and street witnessing. For River Fest 2009, we had the best participation from our churches that we have ever had and our prayer is to have even more participate this year. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you have any ideas that would help make this event a great success.

Multiple Days
VBS/backyard Bible clubs Creative arts camp (voice, instrument, acting, dance, etc.) Sports camps Construction projects Surveys Door-to-door evangelism Revivals/outreach/block parties House a mission team Work at Set Free or Ranch Be a part of the FamilyFest July 10-16, 2010 (see accompanying article)

An Opportunity for a Family Mission Trip
FamilyFest is a partnership with the national Woman’s Missionary Union, the Kansas/Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists, and the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association. It is designed to give families (age six and up) a prepackaged missions experience. How You Can Participate Think about the needs in the community around your church. How could FamilyFest volunteers assist you and your church members in meeting some of these needs? These volunteers could work on anything you have a vision for: Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Clubs, light construction, sport camps, survey work, etc. Perhaps some families in your church would like to travel across town to help another church. Work Projects Needed We are looking for work projects for these mission teams to work on. This could include almost anything: building repairs, VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs, block parties, health fairs, canvassing, prayer walks, etc. Please contact the Heart of Kansas for a request form. For more information contact Mark Jackson at 316-943-3446, mark@hoksba.org or Ellen Noeller, WMU Director, at 316-2150135, jenoell@prodigy.net.

FamilyFest ~ July 10-16, 2010

Ellen Noeller, WMU Director

The Heart of Kansas Women’s Conference will be on April 24th at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Wichita from 8:30-2:00 p.m. Come and enjoy the 9 different conferences as well as the fellowship. Alpha Goombi will be our speaker and she will also be leading one of the conferences. If you did not receive a flyer about this event, please contact Ellen Noeller. Also, mark your calendar for the Family Picnic at RiverFest on May 15, 2010.

Good Neighbor Centers
Our Good Neighbor Centers are still doing a great job serving the needy and hurting in our community. Our GNCs are in need of funds and food. The needs in Wichita are continually growing and all of our centers need your assistance. Many laid off workers in Wichita are running out of unemployment and we have seen a large increase of new families coming to our centers. At 16 cents per pound, we can purchase food at the Food Bank which makes our dollars go so much further. I would love to come and speak to your church or SS class on the needs of the GNCs and how we can help. At times our GNCs are in need of good used freezers. If you have one that you are not using and would like to donate please contact Loren Phippen at HOKSBA.

The Mission’s Valentine Event
Brad Simmons , Student Ministry

Since 2005, each February, save one, has brought The Mission's Valentines Event. What began as a small musical/dance production by ten or so students that drew around fifty in attendance grew into a musical-movie-drama requiring forty or so workers, and drawing nearly 400 in attendance. This year's Valentines event added a new element: food. The Mission hosted its first Valentines Dinner Theater on Saturday, February 6th at Olivet Baptist Church. The drama, "Love Please, Nothing Else," told the story of Sara, a girl whose rosy outlook on the world grew dark as she faced rejection and betrayal at school. In the end she realizes that even though the world isn't as great as she hoped, she doesn't have to give in to its ways, and instead decides to believe in love and hope. After the drama, I shared about how the world isn't the world we all want, but God has promised to someday give us that world. I told about how Jesus gave us a glimpse of that world by bringing joy where there was sadness, life where there was death and health where there had been sickness. I challenged the audience to consider Jesus' claim to be the one through which God would bring the world we all want, and to give him a fair look by reading about him in the Bible. Some students took home a New Testament. The following day, at our regular Sunday service, I challenged our students to engage their friends in conversations about the event. I reminded them that this would be one of the easiest, and most natural times to ask them questions about what they think about Jesus, and then share what they themselves believe. We continue to pray for the harvest that will come. If you would like to see pictures and video from the event, you can see them at www.themission.cc. I would like to give a special thanks to Olivet Baptist Church, for the use of their building and Pastor Ron Pracht, for the time he helped us while we were using their building, I'd also like to thank Sharon Baptist Church, and Midway Baptist Church for allowing us to use their vans to transport students from Wichita State to Olivet Baptist Church. I would also like to credit the evangelistic Bible study book "The World We All Want" by Tim Chester & Steve Timmis, for the inspiration for the message.

From the Sunday School Team

It doesn’t take long for a teacher to discover that within their classroom of learners there are varied learning styles. This is true, regardless of the age of the learner. One of the challenges for the teacher is to develop a teaching strategy which will ultimately reach every learner. This can be done! In fact, every learner can have the opportunity in each lesson to spend time in their preferred learning style. Simply, here are the four generally accepted learning styles and the sequence by which the teacher can teach to the style of each learner. The Imaginative Learner performs best in a setting which allows interpersonal relationships to develop. They learn best by listening and sharing ideas. The question you must answer for the Imaginative Learner is “WHY do I need to know this?” The Analytic Learner expects the teacher to be the primary information giver. Accordingly, they learn best by watching and listening. These learners want all the data before they make a decision. The question you must answer for the Analytic Learner is “WHAT do I need to know?” The Common Sense Learner likes to play with ideas to see if they are rational and workable. They are hands-on people who like to get the job done. They learn best when learning is combined with doing. The question you must answer for the Common Sense Learner is “HOW does this work?” The Dynamic Learner excels in following hunches and sensing new directions and possibilities. They are risk takers who like putting their personal stamp of originality on an idea. The question you must answer for the Dynamic Learner is “WHAT can this become?” “The four different learning styles actually fit together into a learning cycle. If the teacher follows the four steps in the cycle, every student will have an opportunity to learn and share his or her contributions…” (from Learning Styles – Reaching Everyone God Gave You by Marlene LeFever) You may be wondering, why is this important? (the same question the Imaginative Learner asks.) If we are going to teach, we want to reach all learners. While 30% of learners are Analytic (we really like these students because they appear focused on learning), 70% of learners fall into the other three learning styles. As a teacher, you will most likely focus your teaching to the style in which you prefer learning. Accordingly, a Common Sense teacher will most easily accommodate the Common Sense Learner. Perhaps you need to begin by using a simple assessment to determine your Learning Style (also available in LeFever’s book). Once you make this discovery, you can better plan your lesson to strengthen your teaching to all four styles. A teacher who is unaware of style may be missing students God has assigned them to reach.

10th Annual HOKSBA Golf Tournament
Over the past 9 years the overwhelming response to the question “What did you like most about the tournament?” has been “The Fellowship!” If you haven’t played in the tournament previously and you do play golf, sign up early. This is a “FELLOWSHIP” golf tournament with the primary purpose of developing fellowship among the churches in our association. We highly encourage individual sign-up. However, last year we started allowing two people to sign-up to play together. We had positive results and will continue to allow two-somes to sign up again this year. Whether you sign up as an individual or as a two-some, you will be paired with people from other churches to make up your foursome. We attempt to make the teams as even as possible based on your average declared score. Husbands and wives will play together unless the wife desires to play on an “all ladies” team; a family can play together. This can be used as an outreach event. If you have questions, please contact the Tournament Director, Charley Powell.

All entries are individual or 2-some – you will be paired with people from other churches Husbands & Wives will play on the same team (unless otherwise noted) and a family can play on the same Team. Requests to sign up as a 3-some or 4-some will only be considered if all are in the same family. This event may also be used for church Outreach Contact the Tournament Director if you have any questions. *Note: In case of bad weather, we will play if at all possible. That is not the case for lunch. Come rain or snow, we will have the luncheon starting at 1:00 p.m. Should you have questions, please contact the Tournament Director, Charley Powell at 691-1215 (h), 977-0675 (w), 650-1959 (c), xtremegolfer2@cox.net or your church coordinator.
Return this section with your registration money

Player #1____________________________ Avg Score or Official Handicap___________ Phone: ____________________________ E-mail Address_______________________ Name of Church______________________ Church Staff Position (if applicable)_____________ (While we are allowing two people to sign up together, we still highly encourage individual sign-up) Player #2____________________________ Avg Score or Official Handicap___________ Phone: ____________________________ E-mail Address_______________________ Name of Church______________________ Church Staff Position (if applicable)_____________ (personal data will not be given out – used for golf tournament contact only) *Please identify any student golfers (high school & under) and deduct $5.00 from Registration Fee they are ineligible to win prizes per KSHSAA rules. *Women: Please note if you wish to play with your spouse or on an ALL WOMEN’S TEAM *Mail entry form with entry fee made payable to HOKSBA Heart Of Kansas SBA, Attn: Golf Tournament, 3474 S. Meridian, Wichita, KS 67217

Celebrate Recovery
By: Tom Melton

Heart of Kansas SBA Non-Designated Income
Aviator Believers Calvary, VC Cambodian Cedar Pointe Celebration Country Acres Crosspointe Crossroads Crusaders Faith, Andover First, Haysville First, Maize First, Mulvane FSBC, Hutchinson Harmony Iglesia Buenas Nuevas Iglesia Emmanuel Iglesia Getsemani Iglesia LaRedencion Iglesia Nueva Vida Immanuel, Newton Immanuel, Vietnamese Immanuel, Wichita Indian Southern Journey The Way Lao Baptist Metro East Metropolitan Midway New Birth Christian New Life Community Ninnescah Valley Old Time Gospel Olivet Parkview Planeview Pleasantview, Derby Prairie Trail Randall Road River Community Riverview Rolling Hills Shalom Adonai Sharon South City Southside Southwest Southwind Fellowship The Mission Trinity True Life Tyler Road Victory Westview Wichita Korean Woodland TOTAL CHURCH GIFTS

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2010 YTD
500.00 943.14 1,579.88 285.24 1,000.00 49.97 666.61 86.00 35.00 201.49 50.00 77.00 2,069.75 50.00 2,279.85 2,524.53 676.57 31.00 949.64 289.33 1,215.24 743.52 283.74 459.00 927.49 91.67 183.10 333.35 132.00 18,714.11

Many times a newcomer in CR will ask me how long recovery will take. Many times I will respond “how long have you been trapped in your behavior?” Even though our hurts, habits and hang-ups do not develop over night, we hope that we can get through the process of breaking them with as little pain and in as little time as possible. Recently a man walked into our CR meeting whom I met in 1985. Addiction had stripped him of all self-worth, self-decency and self-respect. He had been through one recovery program after another, but nothing seemed to work for him. He claimed to be saved, so I asked him to look at his life and review the evidence of his salvation. I can not judge a man’s salvation, but if he is not bearing fruits of salvation and the evidence of a changed life, there is something wrong. I told him that he had two problems: a love problem (Matthew 6:24) and an endurance problem (Hebrews 12:1-4). He wanted salvation without repentance and commitment. He wanted victory without perseverance. This person could recite the 12 steps of AA and even give you the page numbers out of the Big Book. He had been in and out of church and had knowledge of scriptures, but he had failed to connect all his head knowledge to his heart. We must allow God to work in us the Word of God.

Homeless Ministry
By: Deborah Long

Homeless people are people too. We served 150 people with food and clothing as well as 60 personal care packages. If you have any old or new sleeping bags or backpacks we could use them. We also need volunteers to help in our clothes closet. We are looking for someone to help with the bookkeeping for the Homeless Ministry. If you would be willing to serve in any of these areas, contact Deborah at 316-204-9517.

The highlight of the summer calendar for most churches is Vacation Bible School. Regardless of whether your church uses a curriculum from Lifeway or another publishing company, V.B.S. continues to reach the unsaved. In 2008 (according to Lifeway sources), over 2.8 million people were enrolled in Vacation Bible School with more than 86,000 decisions to accept Christ as Savior. More people have come to know Jesus as Savior through V.B.S. than through any other single outreach event. Now is the time to begin planning your church’s 2010 Vacation Bible School. To assist you in this effort, the Kansas-Nebraska Convention and the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association makes available training opportunities for V.B.S. workers. The Kansas-Nebraska training event will be on Saturday, March 6th at First Southern Baptist Church in Salina, Kansas. If you need additional information, contact the Convention Office at 800-984-9092. Closer to home, the HOKSBA will offer V.B.S. worker training on Thursday, April 8th from 7 to 9 p.m. at Sharon Baptist Church in Wichita. Breakout sessions will be provided for: V.B.S. Directors; preschool; children (grades 1-2); children (grades 3-4) children (grades 5-6); crafts; music; missions; recreation; and for churches interested in utilizing the V.B.S. materials for Spanish speakers. All HOKSBA training sessions will focus on Lifeway’s “Saddle Ridge Ranch” curriculum with the exception of the V.B.S. Director’s training which will be non-curriculum specific. For more information on the HOKSBA training, contact Terry Beasley at 684-5156.

*Contributions received after the last day of the month will be recorded into the following month.

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3474 S. Meridian • Wichita, KS 67217 316-943-3446 • www.hoksba.org


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Juvenile Detention Ministry

Vision Tour 2010
April 26, 2010 6 PM April 27, all day

Loren Phippen, Evangelism Director

A Heart for the Cities of the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association

Check out the Church planting Opportunities

Catch the Vision Join the Mission Opportunity for pastors, staff, and missionminded leaders to learn of local opportunities

Meals during the tour are provided

God has blessed us in this ministry. We see many lives changed at JDF and at the Boy’s ranch. The ranch has allowed me for the last year or so to sign out 2 boys every Saturday morning at 5 am to take them fishing. For some of them this has been their first time fishing or going to the lake. It has helped to deepen the relationships to the point that some of them stay in contact with me after getting released. I am able to disciple them and get them connected to one of our churches. In January, I had the privilege of seeing one of the boys I had been working with, and had taken fishing, get baptized at one of our churches. Praise God! Please continue to pray for this ministry and your involvement in it by donating your time or providing funds for Bibles and other needs. In particular, we need youth pastors and workers who could give a night every few months or so to help in JDF. This would give a connection for them to continue being discipled after they are released. Some of these kids have never really had someone who loved and cared for them and they desperately need that.

Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association Mark Jackson 3474 S. Meridian Wichita, Kansas 67217 http://www.hoksba.org Phone: 316.943.3446