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Congratulations on starting your Rapid Fat Loss diet. As you'll soon discover, I've engineered the Protein Sparing Modified Fast into the
most powerful way to lose fat at the fastest rate possible.
The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook has a lot of calculations that need to be perfomed to set up the diet itself, and for setting up the
maintenance diet for when you come off the PSMF. This calculator will automate the process of setting up both of these. Just plug
your numbers in the box below and click Submit. You'll be presented with a report of a recommended diet for you, based on the
principles in the book.
Just above the details box below, you'll see a couple of links.
The PSMF Diet Calculator will help you set up the actual Rapid Fat Loss diet for maximal fat loss. The Moving to Maintenance Diet
Calculator will help you set up your maintenance diet for when you come off the PSMF.
Good Luck, and please email me with your success stories at
PSMF Diet Calculator | Moving to Maintenance Diet Calculator








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Bodyfat % (if known):


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Here are your results for the data you entered. If any results do not look quite right, please check that you entered correct values in
the boxes above and resubmit.
If you need any clarification on the results, please check the book, which should clear any confusion.

Body Composition
Your Weight:
Your BMI:

212 lbs

Your Bodyfat %:


Your LBM:

151 lbs

Your Fat Mass:

61 lbs

Diet Suitability
Diet Category:

PSMF Diet Recommendations

Protein Per Day:

151 g

Protein Per Meal:

75.5 g

Frequency and Duration of Free Meals, Refeeds and Full Diet Breaks
As a category 3 dieter, you should have a full diet break every 6-12 weeks. You are allowed 2 free meals per week. You are not
allowed any refeeds.

Protein Suggestions for 75.5 g of protein/meal


10.8 oz


9.4 oz


9.4 oz


10.8 oz

Egg Whites:

21.6 Egg Whites

Fat Free Cheese:

9.4 oz

Other Dietary Recommendations

Essential Fatty Acids

10g per day of fish oil capsules or liquid fish oils.


1 - 2 litres of cold water/day


Unlimited amount of vegetables except starchy vegetables such as peas, carrots and corn.

Lemon Juice
All spices
Soy Sauce
Limitless Food Choices

Diet Free Soda
Coffee (no cream or sugar)

Crystal Light or other sugar free drinks

Teas (no sugar)
1 Multivitamin/day
3 - 5g of Sodium/day

1g of Potassium/day
500mg Magnesium/day
600-1200mg Calcium/day
Ephedrine + Caffeine Stack. See the book for precautions and dosing information.

Fat Burning Accelerators

Yohimbine. See the book for precautions and dosing information.

Recommendations for Athletes

5g of a fast acting carbohydrate 5-10 minuts before workouts.

Possibly 15-20g of carbs (e.g. Gatorade) sipped during workouts.

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