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What is ALPs? Why ALPs?

Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs) provides an oppor-

tunity for athletes who wish to expand their role in Special
Olympics Missouri beyond the field of competition.
ALPs truly is a program for every single one of our athletes
and SOMO is committed to making sure every athlete feels
welcome in this setting. It’s important for potential athlete-
leaders to recognize that this program will push you. It will be
hard work and the expectation is that you will attend classes,
be attentive and engaged and complete homework for every
class. You will get out of this class what you’re willing to put in;
so long as you’re willing to work hard, you will excel.
On the field of competition, our athletes learn how to
achieve success, joy and acceptance, while Athlete Leadership
Programs teach them how to achieve those same goals and
feel just as empowered while off the field of competition as
respected leaders and spokespeople in their communities.
Throughout Special Olympics, athlete-leaders take on roles
and responsibilities from many different ALPs initiatives. They
Athlete perspective:
can work as employees of Special Olympics programs, speak
on behalf of SOMO as Global Messengers, serve as coaches
and volunteers, officiate competitions and represent other
athletes and leaders as part of the SOMO Input Council.

ALPs University
SOMO has offered Global Messenger (GM) to its athletes Parent perspective:
for years, but ALPs takes GM trainings to the next level by let-
ting its athlete-leaders choose from a variety of majors based
on their interest.
We offer ALPs University twice a year in the spring and fall.
A typical University will have athlete-leaders and mentors
come in on a Friday evening and stay through Sunday mid-day.
It’s suggested (not required) that athlete-leaders have men-
tors to assist both during and after classes. Mentors can be a
family member, coach, Unified Partner or a new volunteer.
Each ALPs University session costs $75 for the athlete-
leader; mentors do not have to pay to attend. This cost covers
meals, housing, registration and any printed materials. If you
aren’t planning on using the housing we set up, the cost is Offerings
only $25 for athlete-leaders. We understand it’s a financial ob- • Communications • Technology • Other classes offered:
ligation to attend, but this shows that there is a buy-in to the - Global Messenger I & II - Email/Internet - Personal Finances
program for the athlete-leader. Scholarships are also available. - Engaged Storytelling for - Google Slides/PowerPoint - Self-Advocacy & Professionalism
Active Performers - Social Media/Blogging - Teamwork/Problem Solving
- Photography
For more information on the upcoming • Governance
- Boards & Committees - Videography (four courses)
ALPs University, including how to sign - Input Councils • Health We are always looking to add
• Coaching - Lifetime Health & Fitness classes to this list, so if you
up, visit - General Session
- Exercise Science 101
have a suggestion, let us know!
- Nutrition & You
- Sport Lessons - Healthy Athletes
- Sport Psychology
ALPs Initiatives Area Offices
There are so many ways for our athletes to become leaders in
their communities. The following are only a handful of ways, so
The best way to get more information on ALPs in
if there are other ways that we aren’t currently offering, please your area is by contacting the area offices below:
email to discuss any other potential ALPs
initiatives. CENTRAL AREA
Leaders on the Board of Directors (Governance major)
One leader presently serves on the Special Olympics Missouri
1001 Diamond Ridge, Suite 800
Board of Directors.

Leaders as Spokespersons (Communications major)

Jefferson City, MO 65109
Through the Global Messenger program, leaders undergo
training to act as spokespersons on behalf of Special Olym-
Programs (ALPs)
Leaders in Leadership for Life (Leadership for Life major) 9001 W. 67th St.
Leaders are encouraged to participate in the leadership train- Merriam, KS 66202
ing programs offered through ALPs University, whether it’s to
write resumes and find a job or to balance a checkbook and
keep tabs on personal finances.
Leaders as Committee Members (Governance major) 816-233-6232
Leaders serve on a variety of local, area, and state commit- 702 S Woodbine Rd.
tees, Games Management Teams, fundraising committees and
Games Evaluation Teams. St. Joseph, MO 64507

Leaders as Input Council Members (Governance major)

Athlete Input Councils allow SOMO’s many athlete leaders SOUTHEAST AREA
around the state an opportunity to share with SOMO staff 573-339-6733
members what works and what can be improved at the many
local, regional and statewide events throughout the year. 1625 N. Kingshighway
Input Councils are held at every state competition, but they Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
can also be held locally in a leader’s community.

Leaders as Coaches (Coaching major)

Through ALPs, leaders receive training to serve as coaches for
Special Olympics Missouri sports teams throughout the year. 417-624-5505
2914 E. 32nd St., Suite 304
Leaders as Officials (Officiating major -- not offered yet)
Through ALPs, leaders receive training to serve as officials Joplin, MO 64804
for Special Olympics Missouri sporting events throughout the
Empowering our athletes
Leaders as Volunteers (Any major + Volunteer elective)
Leaders join the volunteer forces of Special Olympics Missouri
314-961-7755 to be leaders in their
by helping out with sporting events, fundraising events and
other activities throughout the year.
2945 S. Brentwood Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63144
Leaders as Storytellers (Communications/Technology major)
Leaders contribute to Special Olympics Missouri blog posts
and other communications projects, such as the TV Show.