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NEW ProteoExtract®

Glycopeptide Enrichment Kit
Unbiased glycopeptide enrichment for parallel
determination of glycan and peptide structure

Protein glycosylation influences The ProteoExtract® Glycopeptide
crucial biological and Enrichment Kit uses a proprietary
pharmaceutically relevant events. ZIC® Glycocapture Resin to capture
Glycoanalysis studies of antibodies, high-mannose, hybrid, and complex
receptors and other glycosylated glycosylated peptides from complex
proteins by mass spectrometry protein mixtures for effective
(MS) require highly sensitive, downstream analysis by MALDI
selective, efficient and reproducible and ESI-MS. In combination with
sample preparation methods. the included optimized buffers, the
Effective analysis of glycans and ZIC® Glycocapture Resin is highly
corresponding attached peptides selective for glycosylated peptides
requires efficient sample enrichment and enriches samples without bias
of low abundance glycopeptides towards or loss of particular glycan
in complex biological mixtures. structures. The enrichment protocol
is optimized for efficient removal
of non-glycosylated peptides
with close to 100% glycopeptide
recovery (as quantitatively assessed
by N-Glycan mapping) and offers
the flexibility to perform both
site-specific determination of the
glycan structures and parallel
analysis of the attached peptides.

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Key Features:
Highly Selective | Efficiently removes non-glycosylated peptides without losing your desired glycopeptides
Versatile | Allows for both site specific determination of the glycan structure and parallel analysis of the attached peptides
Compatible | Designed for downstream analysis by MALDI and ESI-MS
MALDI: (figure 1)

Glycopeptide enrichment from a complex
mixture. The ProteoExtract® Glycopeptide
Enrichment Kit allows for selective and
sensitive glycopeptide enrichment with
low background and significant higher
number of different identified glycoforms.
A complex peptide mixture derived from a
tryptic digest of human IgG1-4 was enriched
using the ProteoExtract® Glycopeptide
Enrichment Kit as outlined in the detailed
user protocol. Mass spectrometry analysis
was performed by offline MALDI-TOF/TOF.
Samples were directly spotted on a MALDI
target using a 2,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid
matrix without prior LC-separation. (A) MS
spectrum of the enriched sample. (B) MS
spectrum of the original unprocessed sample.

ProteoExtract® Glycopeptide Enrichment Kit
Product Size Cat. No. Components

ProteoExtract® Glycopeptide Enrichment Kit 50 rxn 72103-3 • 2.7 ml ZIC® Glycocapture Resin, 50% slurry

• 0.3 ml ZIC® Binding Buffer

• 7.5 ml ZIC® Wash Buffer

• 5.5 ml ZIC® Elution Buffer
One ProteoExtract® Glycopeptide Enrichment Kit provides sufficient reagents for 50 enrichment reactions. 10 μl trypsin-
digested protein sample with maximum glycopeptides concentration of 2-4μg/μl can be processed in one reaction.

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