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Another reason why language

skills are tested is to look out for a
person who is aware and broadminded. A new language opens up

Why are language skills tested in

entrance examinations?

Through your study material and
classrooms, you learn the how of
cracking language based questions
in examinations. However, there
may be a lot of questions
pertaining to language that
eventually lost in the pertinences
of life. This series of articles is
dedicated to highlighting those
aspects of language that will come
in handy and make your
foundations strong.

- Rukmini Iyer

irstly let us look at why

language skills are tested
in a management entrance
test. Given a choice, a lot
of us would avoid
altogether and go for the
traditionally scoring questions on
mathematics and logic. So why
should we be good at language?
Not simply to surpass the cut-off
limits in the exam...
A good command over
language has been seen to improve
self-confidence. Communication
abilities are an important prerequisite for any profession these
days, especially management. The
ability to articulate thoughts and
ideas into impactful terms is
essential to convince those with
whom you are working.
Management, at the end of the
day, boils down to organising
resources. And one of the most
important resources is people, who
communicate via language.
Therefore, the ability to reach out,
convince and coordinate with
people is a skill that is imperative
for all managers. And this comes
through knowing the finer nuances
of a language, so that it can be




a whole new culture and our lives

take on a new dimension.
Conversely, to lose a language is
to lose a whole culture. It is a
fundamental truth that cultures
define themselves through
languages. And the global culture
that we work in defines itself
through English.
So there we have the reason why
it is important for us to equip
ourselves with a command over
English. Language testing is not
simply about vocabulary; it is
about the ability to assimilate
ideas, analyse them and infer an
opinion that can be shared. This is
comprehension is tested. Other
questions on verbal ability test
grasp of grammar that aids us in
correct sentence formulation and
further clarity of speech.
Ultimately, speed and accuracy
are only tools to do better in an
exam. They are not its purpose.
The purpose is to screen wellrounded individuals who have the
power to get their thoughts across
(Please mail in your feedback and
suggestions pertaining to this series so
that we can address your queries in the
subsequent articles.)

The author is currently pursuing

PG in HRM besides serving as
Trainer and Instructional Designer
with Godrej Lawkin ITES
Advanc'edge MBA September 2004