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- Rukmini Iyer

Remember the eight parts of speech that we learnt in

school? Dont worry, this is not a grammar test... we
shall relook at one of those parts of speech. So gear up as
the action begins!

ction verbs are words that express an action.

Simply put, verbs denote a state of being.
However, we need to be careful in the use
of verbs because the seemingly similar ones
may have an ocean of difference separating
their usage. Here, we explore some of the
most commonly used verbs and delve into subtle
differences in their meanings.
So, do you have that burning desire to learn?
Then let us kindle the fire. When we talk about kindling,
we refer to arousing or exciting feelings or interest;
whereas to burn is to simply set on fire. On the other hand,
we have ignite, which means to burn or cause to burn.
This word is also used with reference to getting an internal
combustion engine started. Okay, so is your desire to learn
blazing by now? Then it is burning brightly indeed!
Blazing fires and desires are good things to see, but one
would rather avoid eyes that are blazing with anger and
flashing at the victim. And one would definitely not like
to conflagrate anything around us and cause massive
destruction by fire. Would you rather rouse or douse the
Putting to rest the fiery action, we shall now liberate
ourselves from it. Right, so we set ourselves free. After
all, emancipation from all bondages is what every
spiritually nourished individual aims for. So let us
emancipate ourselves set ourselves free from constraints,
release the mind from captivity, unleash the relentless
power of the will. Does it not feel good to have loosened
the controls? That means we have unfastened or untied
any limiting factors. Disenchanted? Wed rather you are
not. After all, losing your captivated attention while
reading is not a good habit being free is not synonymous
with irresponsibility or unaccountability, but freeing
yourself from inhibitions that hamper learning. While
extricating yourself from one problem after another,
remember each problem has a gift for you in its hands.
One would obviously not like to be clasped by bothersome
Now that we have a fiery will to go ahead and the
Advanc'edge MBA September 2004

Read on ...................................
freedom to perform lets grab the opportunity! To grab
opportunity when it presents itself, to use it well, is a good
idea. However, never snatch anything that does not belong
to you. To usurp power, rob or procure something that
does not belong to you is evil. Could you grasp that? So
now we move ahead, clutching the resources we have. We
have them in a tight grip lest we lose it and someone seizes
them. Seizing something is to grab or capture something
forcibly. But you can hold a childs hand and lead him on
to greater heights.
Hmm, so have we got you cogitating over action verbs?
Then you must be pondering, thinking deeply, mulling and
reflecting. But do not muse away your time to think and
to become lost in thought are not really the same!
Contemplating and deliberating on key decisions is
important, though. A careful review or meditation of
things that are central to life like your passion and career
choices is imperative. Now there are times when you dont
base everything on logic, and theres room for speculation.
Lifes a gamble, ultimately, so why not invest some efforts
in the hope of handsome gains and bright futures?
Do you get the know-it-all feeling about action verbs
now? Well, you might be aware of them, but to learn to
differentiate all of them is a matter of time because to
understand is to know thoroughly. Only then can we
comprehend everything, grasp every idea in the recesses
of the mind. Do you appreciate what weve said so far?
Then you must have captured all the necessary
information. It is also vital to be able to discern what is
correct and what is not see it clearly. Cognition is an
integral aspect of the functioning of the human brain.
When you cognise, you perceive things and acquire
Hope you have cleared your doubts about the
importance of distinguishing action verbs by now. If not,
never hesitate to clarify unless you make ideas
intelligible to yourself, you can never use them. Filter out
stray thoughts that distract and cloud vision. Go ahead
and cleanse the rust off your language skills make it pure
and correct. Keep up your efforts to refine your language,
because everyone welcomes impeccable speech.
Enough of action? This was just a window to the
voluminous world of action verbs. Some words may be
similar in meaning, but do not mean the same. Always
ensure before you use some words interchangeably and
create an embarrassing situation. Chances are that you may
be changing the meaning altogether, or inventing a
preposterous sentence. So take care and happy
The author is currently pursuing PG in HRM besides serving
as Trainer and Instructional Designer with Godrej Lawkin