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Edited dialogue “Gob”; topic “MegGobUnderworld” (end); Vault101a == 0 &&

added result script “showmap MuseumAmericanMarker”. CG04Vault101Security02REF.getdead == 0

Edited dialogue “ColinMoriarty”; topic “MQ01GNRTopic” (end); CG04Vault101Security02REF.moveto
added result script “showmap GNRMapMarker”; changed condition CG04XMarkerHeadingVault101a01
“GetStage MQ01 >= 20” to “GetQuestVariable MQ01.MoriartyDad endif
== 0”. End
Edited dialogue “ColinMoriarty”; topics “MegMoriartyChoice3a” Added (1001c0d) “CG04TriggerZoneVault101d01” to cell
(begin), “MegMoriartyChoice3aFavorDone” (begin), “Vault101d”.
“MegMoriartyChoice3c” (#2 begin), “MegMoriartyChoice3d” (end); Wrote script “CG04TriggerZoneVault101d01Script” for
removed result script “set MQ01.MoriartyDad to 1”. “CG04TriggerZoneVault101d01” as follows.
Edited dialogue “ColinMoriarty”; topic “MegTownFatherChoice” Begin OnTriggerEnter Player
(#2 begin, #3 begin); added result script “set MQ01.MoriartyDad to if CG04Vault101Security02REF.getdead == 0
1”. if GetDeadCount CG04RadroachAmbushA !=
Edited script “MS11BombScript”; changed “set skillNeeded to 3
25” to “set skillNeeded to 30”, “set skillNeededDisarm to 25” to if
“set skillNeededDisarm to 30”, and “set playerSkill to player.getAv CG04Vault101Security02REF.getitemcount
explosives” to “set playerSkill to player.getAv science”. Weap10mmPistol == 0 &&
Edited message “MS11BombMessage”; changed “a highly CG04Vault101Security02REF.getitemcount
skilled explosives expert” to “some skill with computers, as the Ammo10mm == 0
only means of interacting with it appears to be via a terminal on its
Edited messages “MS11BombMessageNoSkill”, CG04Vault101Security02REF.additemhealthpercent
“MS11BombMessageDisarmFail”; changed “Explosives” to Weap10mmPistol 1 .25
“Science”. CG04Vault101Security02REF.additem
Replaced (2b793) “VaultSchoolDeskRight” with Ammo10mm 8
“VaultSchoolDeskLeft” in cell “Vault101d”. endif
Added (1001c0b “CG04XMarkerHeadingVault101a01”) endif
“XMarkerHeading” to cell “Vault101a”. endif
Added (1001c09) “CG04TriggerZoneVault101a01” to cell End
“Vault101a”. Begin OnTriggerEnter CG04Vault101Security02REF
Wrote script “CG04TriggerZoneVault101a01Script” for if GetDeadCount CG04RadroachAmbushA == 3
“CG04TriggerZoneVault101a01” as follows. if CG04Vault101Security02REF.getitemcount
Begin OnTriggerEnter player Weap10mmPistol == 0 &&
if CG04Vault101Security01REF.getincell CG04Vault101Security02REF.getitemcount
Vault101a == 0 && Ammo10mm == 0
CG04Vault101Security01REF.getdead == 0
CG04XMarkerHeadingVault101a01 CG04Vault101Security02REF.additemhealthpercent
endif Weap10mmPistol 1 .25
if CG04Vault101Security02REF.getincell CG04Vault101Security02REF.additem
Ammo10mm 8 Made (60c8e) “CG04Radroach” in cell “Vault101b” persistent
endif reference “CG04RadroachVault101b01” and initially disabled.
endif Edited script “CG04OverseersOfficeTriggerSCRIPT”; added
End “CG04RadroachVault101b01.enable” after “setstage CG04 60”.
Moved (36bb5 “CG04ButchYellForGuardsMarker”) Moved (4160d), (41601), (41607), (41608), (6d924), (41603),
“XMarkerHeading” in cell “Vault101d”. (41605), (41613), and (41612) “XMarkerHeading” in cell
Added (1001c10) “CG04TriggerZoneVault101a02” to cell “SuperDuperMart”.
“Vault101a”. Created (10022ce) “XMarkerHeading” in cell
Wrote script “CG04TriggerZoneVault101a02Script” for cubic “SuperDuperMart”; edited patrol data; added idle time 5 seconds.
activator “CG04TriggerZoneVault101a02” as follows. Edited (41605) “XMarkerHeading” in cell “SuperDuperMart”;
Begin OnTriggerEnter CG04Vault101Security07REF added linked ref (10022ce) “XMarkerHeading”.
if CG04Vault101Security07REF.getitemcount Moved (41611) “LvlRaiderGun” in cell “SuperDuperMart”.
Weap10mmPistol == 0 && Moved (31819) “TableVaultR01”, (3181c
CG04Vault101Security07REF.getitemcount “MS04LeskoPortacompRef”) “MS04LeskoPortacomp”, (c3124
Ammo10mm == 0 “MS04LeskoCompChair”) “ComputerChair01L”, (cb5af)
“BookSkillScience”, (2e2b9) “MS04MutagenTank”, (bce65
CG04Vault101Security07REF.additemhealthpercent “MS04MutagenRedRef01”) and (bce64 “MS04MutagenRedRef02”)
Weap10mmPistol 1 .25 “MS04MutagenGelRed”, (2e2bb “MS04MutagenRef01”) and (2e2c1
CG04Vault101Security07REF.additem “MS04MutagenRef02”) “MS04MutagenGelGreen”, (2e4ba)
Ammo10mm 8 “MS04MutagenWire01”, and (310cf) “WeapHuntingRifle” in cell
endif “MarigoldStation02”.
End Deleted (221de) “GeneratorWire” from cell
Begin OnTriggerLeave CG04Vault101Security08REF “MarigoldStation02”.
if CG04Vault101Security08REF.getitemcount Changed (310d0) and (310d1) “Ammo10mm” to
Weap10mmPistol == 0 && “Ammo32Caliber” in cell “MarigoldStation02”.
CG04Vault101Security08REF.getitemcount Edited count for (310d0) “Weap32Caliber” in cell
Ammo10mm == 0 “MarigoldStation02” from 1 to 8.
Edited count for (310d1) “Weap32Caliber” in cell
CG04Vault101Security08REF.additemhealthpercent “MarigoldStation02” from 1 to 7.
Weap10mmPistol 1 .25 Edited base “MS04LeskoPortacomp”; changed base hack
CG04Vault101Security08REF.additem difficulty from average to unlocked; removed password; added
Ammo10mm 8 menu items “Disable security screening parameters”, “Enable
endif security screening parameters”, “Deactivate guard robot”, and
End “Reactivate guard robot”.
Moved (68dac) and (68dad) “XMarkerHeading” in cell Added result script “LeskoRobotREF.modav braincondition
“Vault101b”. -100”, condition “LeskoRobotREF.getav braincondition > 0”, and
Edited patrol data for (68dac) “XMarkerHeading” in cell result text “Parameters disabled, please stand clear…” to menu
“Vault101b”; added idle time 2 seconds. item “Disable security screening parameters” on terminal
Edited enable parents for (60c8e) “CG04Radroach” in cell “MS04LeskoPortacomp”.
“Vault101b”; removed enable parent “CG04AllenMackREF”. Added result script “LeskoRobotREF.modav braincondition
100”, condition “LeskoRobotREF.getav braincondition >= 0”, and before “MQ08FawkesREF.moveto MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”,
result text “Parameters enabled, stand by…” to menu item “Enable “if JerichoREF.getincell TaftTunnel02 == 1 || JerichoREF.getincell
security screening parameters” on terminal PPurity == 1” before “JerichoREF.moveto
“MS04LeskoPortacomp”. MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”, “if StarPaladinCrossREF.getincell
Added result script “LeskoRobotREF.setunconscious 1”, TaftTunnel02 == 1 || StarPaladinCrossREF.getincell PPurity == 1”
condition “LeskoRobotREF.getunconscious == 0”, and result text before “StarPaladinCrossREF.moveto
“Guard robot deactivated” to menu item “Deactivate guard robot” MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”, “if ButchREF.getincell TaftTunnel02
on terminal “MS04LeskoPortacomp”. == 1 || ButchREF.getincell PPurity == 1” before “ButchREF.moveto
Added result script “LeskoRobotREF.setunconscious 0”, MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”, “if RL3REF.getincell TaftTunnel02
condition “LeskoRobotREF.getunconscious == 1”, and result text == 1 || RL3REF.getincell PPurity == 1” before “RL3REF.moveto
“Guard robot booting up…” to menu item “Reactivate guard robot” MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”, “if CloverREF.getincell
on terminal “MS04LeskoPortacomp”. TaftTunnel02 == 1 || CloverREF.getincell PPurity == 1” before
Moved (c8e23 “MS04LugNutREF”) “LugNut” in cell “CloverREF.moveto MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”, and “if
“MarigoldStation01”. DogmeatREF.getincell TaftTunnel02 == 1 || DogmeatREF.getincell
Moved (c6dfc) “Weap44MagnumScoped” in cell PPurity == 1” before “DogmeatREF.moveto
“MarigoldStation01”. MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”, and added the following after line
Corrected navmesh in cell “MarigoldStation02”. 99.
Moved (40875) “LvlFeralGhoul” and (b2996 if MS15SydneyREF.getdead == 0 &&
“TaftGhoulsMarker01”), (b299a “TaftGhoulsMarker02”), and (b299e MS15SydneyREF.getincell TaftTunnel01 == 0
“TaftGhoulsMarker03”) “XMarkerHeading” in cell “TaftTunnel01”. if MS15SydneyREF.getincell
Made (3dcf7) “UtlDoor01” in cell “TaftTunnel01” persistent TaftTunnel02 == 1 || MS15SydneyREF.getincell
reference “MQ05UtlDoor01TaftTunnel0101”. PPurity == 1
Added lock for (3dcf7 “MQ05UtlDoor01TaftTunnel0101”) MS15SydneyREF.moveto
“UtlDoor01” at level “Requires key” in cell “TaftTunnel01”. MQ05FollowerCatchupMarker
Changed lock level for (3dcf6 “TaftGhoulDoor”) “UtlDoor01” endif
from “Hard” to “Requires key” in cell “TaftTunnel01”. endif
Edited script “MQ05TaftCheckpointAttackSCRIPT”; added if RedREF.getdead == 0 &&
“MQ05UtlDoor01TaftTunnel0101.unlock” and RedREF.getincell TaftTunnel01 == 0
“MQ05UtlDoor01TaftTunnel0101.setopenstate 1” after if RedREF.getincell TaftTunnel02 == 1
“TaftGhoulDoor.unlock”. || RedREF.getincell PPurity == 1
Moved (bde8b) “Clipboard02” and (bde8c) RedREF.moveto
“LootAmmoBox10mm” in cell “TaftTunnel01”. MQ05FollowerCatchupMarker
Replaced (bde8c) “LootAmmoBox10mm” with endif
“LootAmmoBox556mm” in cell “TaftTunnel01”. endif
Moved (b5c50) “MQ05VictimSceneTrig” in cell “TaftTunnel01”. Moved (6aa1d “MQ05LDwaveTerminalREF”)
Edited script “MQ05FollowerCatchupTrigSCRIPT”; added “if “MQ05WaveTerminal”, (be881) “MQ05OpenWallTerminalMarker”,
CharonREF.getincell TaftTunnel02 == 1 || CharonREF.getincell and (6a912) and (af6b5 “MQ05GarzaWaveWaitMarker”)
PPurity == 1” before “CharonREF.moveto “XMarkerHeading” in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
MQ05FollowerCatchUpMarker”, “if MQ08FawkesREF.getincell Moved (b876c) “LootFirstAidKit” and (bdefb)
TaftTunnel02 == 1 || MQ08FawkesREF.getincell PPurity == 1” “RaiderGutsDressing07” in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
Moved (6b95e “MQ05LDwaveTrigREF”) “MQ05LDWaveTrig” in VictoriaWattsREF.kill
cell “TaftTunnel02”. endif
Edited script “MQ05LDEnclaveWaveSCRIPT”; changed “set End
timerMax to 45” to “set timerMax to 450”, Added (10036cc “MS08XMarkerHeadingRCHangar01”)
“MQ05BacktrackDoorREF.lock 5” to “MQ05BacktrackDoorREF.lock “XMarkerHeading” to cell “RCHangar”.
100”. Added (10036ce) and (10036d0)
Moved (af6b6 “MQ05DanWaveWaitMarker”) and (af6b7 “MS08TriggerZoneRCHangar01” to cell “RCHangar”.
“MQ05AlexWaveWaitMarker”) “XMarkerHeading” in cell Added (10036d3) “MS08TriggerZoneRCHangar01” to cell
“TaftTunnel02”. “RCUpperDeckMid”.
Edited scale for (b5c32) “RWDoorwayFree01” in cell Wrote script “MS08TriggerZoneRCHangar01Script” for
“TaftTunnel02” from 0.67 to 0.82. “MS08TriggerZoneRCHangar01” as follows.
Moved (b5c33) “OffDoorMetalDoor01EXTERIORMinUse” and Begin OnTriggerEnter player
(b5c32) “RWDoorwayFree01” in cell “TaftTunnel02”. if VictoriaWattsREF.getdead == 1
Replaced (6a9ed) “UtlHallSm1WayReg01” with VictoriaWattsREF.resurrect
“UtlHallSmStairsSht01” and (6a9ef) “UtlHallSm1WayReg01” with endif
“UtlHallSm1WayExSmReg01” in cell “TaftTunnel02”. End
Added (100301b) and (100301d) “UtlHallSm2WayReg01”,
(100301c) “UtlHallSmStairsReg01”, and (100301e)
“UtlHallSm1WayReg01” in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
Moved (b5ef6) “UtlHallSmEndExSmReg01” and (b5eff)
“UtlDoor01” in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
Added (100301f) “VacuumTubeLight” and (1003020)
“IndLightFillWarm” in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
Added lock for (6a92a) “UtlHallBgEndSewerExLad01” at level
“Requires key” in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
Removed inaccessible flag for (b5eff) and (6aa21
“MQ05BacktrackDoorREF”) “UtlDoor01” in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
Moved (b2976) “DefaultEnableLinkedRef” in cell
Corrected navmesh in cell “TaftTunnel02”.
Removed essential flag for “MQ04ChineseSoldier”.
Added (10036ca) “MS08TriggerZoneRivetCityExterior0301” to
cell “RivetCityExterior03”.
Wrote script “MS08TriggerZoneRivetCityExterior0301Script” for
“MS08TriggerZoneRivetCityExterior0301” as follows.
Begin OnTriggerEnter VictoriaWattsREF
if VictoriaWattsREF.isessential == 1
SetEssential VictoriaWatts 0