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“Citizen” vs “natural born Citizen”

with Obama’s constitutional eligibility question and exact
citizenship status, it’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”


*“Citizen” of the
* U.S. if he was
physically born in
Hawaii, not born
elsewhere and
falsely registered
as born there
after the fact.

FATHER – A “British Subject” born in Kenya while under the jurisdiction of British Empire. The father never attempted to become a
naturalized citizen of the U.S. He was in Hawaii on a temporary student visa. He returned to Kenya and became a Kenyan citizen
when Kenya became an independent country.

MOTHER – “Natural born” U.S. citizen because both of her parents were citizens at the time of her birth in the U.S. How her
parents acquired their citizenship is irrelevant, as long as they were citizens when she was born. The term “natural born Citizen”
was defined by Vattel in his legal treatise, “The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law”, and adopted by our Founders when
they wrote the Constitution, specifically and only in the Article II eligibility clause for the President and Commander-in-Chief of
the military and for Constitutional successors to the office.


CHILD – Born a dual “Citizen”. Born a British Subject through his father and which fact was governed by the British Nationality Act
of 1948. He is also a citizen of the U.S. if he was physically born in Hawaii, not born elsewhere and falsely registered as born
there after the fact. His being a British Subject does not expire. Once a Brit, always a Brit per British nationality law. The child
does not meet the definition of a constitutional Article II “natural born Citizen” because only one parent was a U.S. citizen when
he was born. Our founders intended to exclude dual-citizens from eligibility for the Presidency and Commander-in-Chief of our
military as a “strong check” against foreign influences on the person in this office.

CONCLUSION: While Obama may be a statutory U.S. “Citizen”, Obama is NOT an Article II “natural born Citizen” to constitutional
standards. Obama is NOT constitutionally eligible to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of our military.

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