Grade 7 Vocabulary: Unit 11 WORD LIST: Poetry Terms alliteration metaphor allusion simile antithesis personification figurative onomatopoeia

meter stanza

1. alliteration noun Repetition of sounds, usually of consonants, especially at the beginnings of words • “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” is a sentence containing alliteration.

2. allusion noun An indirect reference to something • The politician’s use of the phrase “manifest destiny” was an allusion to a U.S. political philosophy of the 1840s. 3. antithesis noun The juxtaposition of contrasting ideas in balanced phrases or clauses • The speaker uses antithesis to make his point saying, “They promised freedom but provided slavery.”

4. figurative adjective Going beyond the normal meaning of the words used; writing in which a figure of speech is used • Irony, where words take on the exact opposite of their usual meaning, is one example of figurative language.

5. meter noun In poetry, the rhythm, or repetition of a basic pattern (similar to the beat in music). • The most common meter in poetry is called iambic pentameter.

6. metaphor noun An analogy or comparison of two unlike things in which no word of comparison is used • Sylvia Plath wrote a poem titled “Metaphors” in which she describes pregnancy.

7. simile noun Comparison of two unlike things using a word of comparison, such as “like,” “as” or “than” • Many poets create images using similes.


8. personify verb a. To represent an animal, object or ideas as having human qualities • The author personificd the house when she describe its windows as “eyes keeping careful watch over the neighborhood. Fairly or unfairly, snakes personify evil in many traditional tales.

b. To be the perfect example of a certain quality or idea •

9. onomatopoeia noun A word that resembles the sound it describes • Hiss, buzz and bang are examples of onomatopoeia.

10. stanza noun A group of related lines that forms a portion of a poem or song, similar to a paragraph in prose writing. • The second stanza of the poem was longer than the first.

Exercise 1: Write the correct word
Next to each given definition, write the correct word in the space provided. Spell correctly.

______________________ 1. the rhythym or beat ______________________2. repetition of beginning sounds _____________________ 6. a group of lines ______________________ 7. a word that sounds like what it means

_____________________ 3. analogy without a word of ______________________ 8. comparison using the word comparison like or as ______________________ 4. contrast of ideas ______________________ 9. indirect reference

______________________ 5. to describe a nonhumnan ______________________10. going beyond the thing as if were human normal meaning

Exercise 2: Complete the Sentence Write the letter for the word that best completes the sentence.
_____ 1. Our teacher showed us how to mark the rhythm or _______________________ in a poem. a. allusions b. onomatopoeia c. stanzas d. meter


_____ 2. “Oh my luve’s like a red, red rose” is an example of a(n) _____________________. a. simile b. metaphor c. personification d. onomatopoeia

_____ 3. Jacob used _____________________ to describe the ocean’s teeth biting into the wooden ship. a. personification b. alliteration c. antithesis d. alliteration

_____ 4. The title of the nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill” contains _________________________. a. personification b. alliteration c. onomatopoeia c allusion

_____ 5. The novel was full of _______________________ to other books I had read. a. allusions b. metaphor c. stanza d. antithesis

______ 6. When President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country” he employed _________________________. a. antithesis b. onomatopoeia c. simile d. alliteration

_____ 7. I had to assure my mother that I was using ________________________ , not literal, language when I said I was going to die if no one came to my party. a. figurative b. alliterative c. metered d. metaphorical

_____ 8. Our music director asked us to repeat the final ___________________ of the song. a. figurative c. meter c. stanza d. simile

_____ 9. “Life’s a journey not a destination” is a ____________________ from the Aerosmith song “Amazing.” a. onomatopoeia b. metaphor c. simile d. allusion

_____ 10. Animal sounds, like baa and moo, are examples of __________________________. a. meter b. allusion c. stanza d. onomatopoeia

Exercise 3: Find the Example Choose the answer that best describes the action or situation.
______1. An example of alliteration a. five white horses b. five angry men c. five dainty cups d. five furled fronds

______ 2. An example of personification a. the ancient tree b. the rusty screen c. the thirsty car d. the chirping chickadee


______ 3. An allusion to desserts a. rich desserts b. sweet delights c. chocolate cake d. apple pie

______ 4. An example of onomatopoeia a. sizzle b. bacon c. eggs b. breakfast

_____5. The equivalent of a paragraph in prose writing a. antithesis b. alliteration c. stanza d. allusion

_____ 6. An example of figurative language a. personification c. meter c. onomatopoeia d. stanza

______ 7. The equivalent of the rhythm or beat in music a. meter b. stanza c. allusion d. metaphor

______ 8. An example of a metaphor a. snow white skin b. bright red apple c. pale purple pillow d. sour lemon

______ 9. A word you would NOT find in a simile a. like b. as c. however d than

______ 10. When Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times,” he was using a. simile b. metaphor c. personification d. antithesis

Part 4: Finish the Thought Complete each sentence so that it shows the meaning of the italicized word.

1. An example of alliteration is ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. An example of a simile is ______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


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