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Constitutional Law II (Prof.

Michael Vernon Guerrero Mendiola)

Prof. Michael Vernon Guerrero Mendiola
Arellano University School of Law
First Semester, SY 2013-2014
III.Power of Eminent Domain
A. Definition and Nature
1. Power of the government
2. Power not absolute
3. Power of eminent domain as against Procedure of expropriation
4. The general power to exercise the right of eminent domain and the right to exercise eminent domain

C100 City of Manila vs. Chinese Community of Manila, GR 14355, 31 October 1919; First
Division, Johnson [J] ( <
5. Power of eminent domain different from police power

C101 City Government of Quezon City vs. Ericta, GR L-34915, 24 June 1983; First Division,
Gutierrez Jr. [J] ( <
6. Intermingling of police power and power of eminent domain; Determination

C102 Association of Small Landowners in the Philippines, Inc. vs. Secretary of Agrarian
( <

B. Limitations
1. In general
a. Constitutional
(1) Article III, Section 9, 1987 Constitution
(2) Due Process and equal protection clauses (Article III, Section 1, 1987 Constitution)
(a) Due Process
[1] Specific to eminent domain
[a] the government may not capriciously or arbitrarily choose what private property
should be taken
[b] Just compensation when private property taken for public use
[2] In general
(b) Equal protection clause
(3) In relation to Non-impairment clause
b. Not merely for public convenience
c. Prohibition does not lie against expropriation

C200 Yusay vs. Court of Appeals, GR 156684, 6 April 2011; Third Division Resolution,
Bersamin [J] ( <
d. Eminent Domain Not Barred by Res Judicata

C201 Republic of the Philippines vs. de Knecht, GR 87335, 12 February 1990; First Division,
Gancayco [J] ( <
2. Local government
C. Construction and Burden of proof
1. Construction
2. Burden of proof
D. Stages for expropriation

C300 Municipality of Biñan vs. Garcia, GR 69260, 22 December 1989; First Division, Narvasa [J]
( <

xxxx Republic of the Philippines [University of the Philippines] vs. Legaspi, GR 177611, 18 April
2012; Second Division, Perez [J] ( <
E. Judicial process
1. Role of court
2. Nature of proceedings
3. Jurisdiction

C400 Barangay San Roque v. Heirs of Pastor, GR 138896, 20 June 2000 ; Third Division,
Panganiban [J] ( <
4. Rule applicable
a. Ordinary cases (Rule 67, Rules of Court)
b. National Government Infrastructure Projects (RA 8974)
5. Procedure
F. Authority to expropriate
1. National government
2. Local government
a. In general (Local Government Code)
b. Charters

C500 Philippine Columbian Association vs. Panis, GR 106528, 21 December 1993; First

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