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Brain Quiz
1. Explain why the brain is called the command center.
2. The brain is a part of the nervous system.
a. True
b. False
Read the passage below from this week’s text. Then answer question 3.

Your brain is a part of your nervous system. It works together with
your nerves. Your brain gives and receives orders and your nerves
carry the orders to other parts of your body. If you want to kick a
ball, your brain must send a signal to your foot, telling it to move. If
you stub your toe, your nerves send a signal from your toe to your
brain and you feel pain!
3. What is responsible for sending and receiving messages to and from the brain?

Read the passage below to answer questions 4, 5, and 6.
Your brain is made up of five different parts. Each part does very
different jobs. The largest part of your brain is called the cerebrum.
It is where thinking takes place. When you use your imagination or
solve a math problem, you use your cerebrum. The cerebrum also
controls movements that you choose to control, like walking,
jumping, or riding a bicycle. The cerebellum is another part of the
brain. It controls balance and coordination. The brain stem is small
part of the brain that does a very big job. It keeps you breathing,
keeps your heart beating, and keeps food moving through your
digestive system. These are all important jobs that you never have to
think about doing. Your body just does them. That is because of the
brain stem.

4. The brain stem
a. Controls involuntary movement (breathing, heartbeat, digestive system)
b. Controls voluntary movement (kicking a ball, writing, tying a shoe)
c. Only controls unimportant things since it is so small
5. The cerebellum affects a very important ability. Without this ability you would not
be able to walk, ride a bicycle, and do a cartwheel.

8. where thinking takes place Read the passage below to answer questions 7. humor. Your ability to process reading. writing. drawing. what ability does the cerebellum control? ____________________________________________________________________ 6. In general. It controls the right side of the body. numbers. painting. It is also the center for things like shapes. The right cerebral hemisphere likes to work with the whole. and 9. reading. cerebellum . cerebrum. 7. and logic problems. ELACC5RI3. ideas. The left side is more verbal. the left cerebral hemisphere likes to work with the idea that parts make up the whole. both a and b b. 8. It controls the left side of the body. ELACC5RI7. words. writing. music. The left hemisphere controls the ___________________side of the body. 9. and math is centered in which hemisphere? _______________________________________________________________________ Use the word bank to label the diagram below. The right hemisphere controls the ___________________side of the body. ELACC5RI8 Name: Date: To do these things. The cerebrum is a. Word bank: brain stem. The largest part of the brain c. and intuition. It is also the center for speaking. calculations.ELACC5RI1.