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About Budha

Later on , this came to the knowledge of Deva Guru ( Brihaspathi) and he called both Tara
and Chandra, advised both.Giving scant respect to Gurus advise , both Chandra and Tara
were meeting together, both of them got the desire to marry each other. Tara could not
think that she is married and crossed the every limit. Here Chandra also lost his selfconscious about his stature and limit.
Chandra made a plan to kidnap her and told this to Tara . Tara agreed , at first she was
afraid but later she gave her consent to go along with Chandra.
Both of them one day ran-away from their respective houses and got married. Days
passed, Tara became pregnent. Devathas came to know this , even Maharshis also came to
know this , slowly the news spread to the whole world.
In the mean time , when the enquiry started at Deva loka, Tara delivered a baby boy.
Later ,that baby boys naming ceremony was done and named that baby as BUDHA. Every
one in the deva loka blessed that child. As days passedby, Budha became a lovely boy and
loved by one and all
Even Deva Guru by the obligation of dharma , started loving this boy as his own son and
blessed Budha. Budha became ready to learn vidya once the upanayana( sacred thread
ceremony ) is over.
Chandra requested Deva Guru to teach (Budha )him the Vidya. Eventhough Deva Guru is
angry on Chandra, with due respect to his Gurusthana, as per his dharma , he agreed
to the request of Chandra.
Budha started learning the vidya with shruddha and bhakthi. Thus years passed by
learning along with devatha samooha and graha samooha.
One day, among the devatha and nava-graha samooha, there raised a quarrel about --who
is the father and mother of budha. At that time , suddenly from one group Kuja stood up
and said ----Budha is the son of Deva Guru Brihaspathacharya. On hearing this , a devatha
from devatha group said ----NO, he is the son of Chandra.
Both the groups started arguing about the father and mother and the arguements even
reached the hottest point. Ultimately this matter reached Trimoorthys.

Since Budha is the 1st son of Chandra. he became mithra to Budha. he has no enemity with any planets. Here Guru accepted Budha as his son . Guru by puthra prema and by the obligation of Dharma.Vishnu came in support of Budha Shiva stood in support of Guru One group of Devathas called Budha is the son of Chandra Rest called Budha as an illegal child of Tara Angaraka ( Kuja ) started teasing Budha in front of all Shukracharya in against to Guru . Since Guru and Chandra revealed the graha rahasya in front of the crowded crowd and defamed Budha. Budha became one iof the member of Angirasa Gothra also. Athri Maharshis son is Chandra and hence Budha got this Athri Gothra. . kavya. named Budha as " OURASA PUTHRA " and agreed to take him as his son. stood in support of Budha. havanas to pitr devathas. rahu and Ketu in against to Chandra. there created a FRIEND and HATE relationship among planets. Rahu and Ketu became mithra to Budha and enemy to Kuja. But Chandra openly in that crowded sabha said -.Budha is his son. Nudha got the ATHRI GOTHRA. Jyothisha Pitha maha-. Pitr devathas are the Angiras maharshis cousins/ daayadis. Thus . sama to shani Since Chandra is harmless planet. With this . jaiminis spotted the MITRATWA and SHATRUTWA relationship of nava grahas and prepared this wonderful and truely great --JYOTHISHA SHASTRA Since Kuja teased Budha . That is why Parashara named Budha as BANDHU KARAKA. Budha got the sambandha of Agni devatha and became bandhu poojya. Deva Guru is the son of Angirasa Maharshi. Since Agni is the only devatha who delivers the havya. Agni is born in Angirasa Gothra. budha saw Guru and Chandra as his enemies.Parashara. Since Shukracharya is shatru to Guru. supported Budha Shani in against ( anger against Chandra ) to Chandra . On seeing this . SAMBANDHI KARAKA in his Jyothisha Shastra. Kuja became the enemy to Budha. stood in support of Budha.

this Masa/ month brings loss to all business people. Since Chandra is mano karaka. Budhas wife Ela stood against Chandra and Tara. this period is considered as the DAY for pitrs and Night for Devathas. treated Chandra as his shatru. green gram payasam( a Kind of sweet product prepared from green gram) came to light / practise. Theertha chengappa and Swamykoolji noted ur requests . vyapaar karaka ( business karaka ) and hence Budha does every vyapaar.All these happened for good and benefits to manava jeevana. vidya karaka budha in Karaka rashi effects ones buddhi and vidya. Budha is vyavahaar.( like what we see between daughter in law and mother in law relationship ) Since this is Dakshinayana kala. Since Budha is against to Chandra. Budha in Karka rashi makes ones buddhi and vidya upside down. Budha does all the Chandras vichaars upside down. he reveals all his shatrutwa when he enters Karkataka Rashi . Once a year he enters Karka rashi during ASHADA MASA Chandra is Mano karaka. with this reason. Later on. budha being the son of Chandra and is against to Chandra. this formality came into practise to Manava jeevana and hence manava has to under go this sufferings. So dwesha ( Opposition )between Chandra and Budha came into practise and is there till today . Buddhi karaka.Since Budha is the Karaka for Dhaanya ( Green grams and other grams). from that yuga to this yuga. business upside down during this period when he is in Karka rashi. Ela could not tolerate the injustice occured to her husband Budha from her mother inlaw Tara. Pitr is none other than Budhas father in -law and hence Budha doesnt like to go to father in laws house as son in law. both of them could not stay in the same house and hence Ela and Tara became opposite to each other. there happened the virodha by the son to mother With this reason. Budha is in Bandhu Roopa to all deva lokas. Chandras house is shatru rashi to him.

since there is shatrutwa. It is we. who have to understand these sookshma vichaars and take only dharma sookshma vichaars to our benefit and should not see in any other manner. When there is yoga of Chandra . one can experience or see during dasha and Bhukthi period. All these has happened for our loka kalyana by the ichha and sankalpa of Sri Chakra Devatha and hence there arose the AVATHAR OF BUDHA. always travel. Budha -Guru sanyog ( Yuthi ) Budha . one can see the above phala . Thus Maharshis filled these vichaars of grahas in puranas. If the native is having such in mind . common ) vidya karaka. rahu aspects Budha . ( Here 10 lakh means --days as per manavas caluculation and Ghatis as per Devathas caluculation.Guru samasapthaka ( 7/7 ).) . when Guru comes to Karka Rashi where budha is already in Karkataka. Both are shubha grahas. will travel many places by giving lectures. Kuja . roaming here and there with out any out come.In gochar. Chandra being mano karaka and Budha being buddhi karaka. This. his vidya will become the part and parcel of his enemies or his enemy will get the benefit from his intelligence. by shatrutwa in mind the native will try to develop his vidya.Budha . buddhi karaka Guru is vipareetha buddhi. Budha in gratitude towords Ma Bhagawathi. no willgness to stay in one perticular place. jnana karaka when these 2 planets joins together. well educated.Budha in sastastaka ( 6/8 ) or yuthi or in dwi-dwadasha ( 2/12).Guru yog . All these vichaars are in Sookshma Roopa . then there will be extreme variation in phala. If Shani. If Chandra . the native become Vidyawantha. there will be variation in phala. the native will have unnecessary travel . undertook the tapassu ( penence ) for nearly 10 lakh years. there happens the Graha Virodh This graha Virodh of these planets brings variations in phala as per ones poorva janma papa and punya when they enters Karka rashi and stays together in Karkataka rashi Budha is saadharan ( in general .

There is a story on this .Both were worrying that." Aputhrasyagatam Naasthi " told by Athri to Maharshi Kashyap. they dont attain moksha unless they have their own childrens. dharma.Maatha Anusuya . Maharshi Kashyap through his daiva jnana could see some where some pain on the face of Athri couples and asked the couples --What is the reason for yours unhappiness ?. Athri couples on seeing the gloving face of Maharshi . KASHYAP MAHARSHI visited the ashram of Athri Maharshi Athri couples were very happy to see Kashap maharshi in their ashram. The tear drops continuously started falling on the Sri Chakra that made . Maharshi Kashyap was very happy to recieve the sathkar and courtesy of Athri couples. thought for a while and asked Anusuya ------------------Maatha Anusuya Devi . go and get the SRI CHAKRA which u both were praying for ! Immediately anusuya placed that SriChakra on the hands of Kashyap Maharshi. kneel down to maharshis feet and recieved his blessings. This couples were CHAKRA ARADHAKAS. ?. we are not eligible to do shubha kaarya. we dont have childrens. I will explain after the break-----Athri Maharshi was bereft of childrens for many years. place your pain through your tears on this Sri Chakra On hearing this command from Maharshi Kasyap. said ----Maharshi Kashyap. Why there is unhappiness when u both serve day anf night Jaganmatha. yaga. they were praying Jaganmatha with full devotion and love. On doing these. we cannot attain sadgathi ! Without the childrens --. say what is there in your mind . On hearing this from the mouth of Athri and Anusuya. Anusuya could not control her feelings and wept profusely. one day by the sankalpa of Jaganamatha. Maharshi on holding the Srichakra asked Anusuya--. They used to serve Jaganmatha by performing dhana. yajna and please Jaganmatha. His wife Anusuya was a great pathivratha stree.Thanx Kunalji Mahrshis said Budha is Vishnu Amsha .

she could suceeded in getting Vara ( Boon ) Lord Vishnu pleased with the bhakthi of Anusuya. he became DATTATREYA ( Datta+ Athreya ) This is said in HARI VAMSHA PURANA One day Athri Maharshi. JAGANMATHA and left the ashram after blessing again to Athri couples.She got-. Time passed. Rao » Mon Jul 25. 2011 3:16 pm Anusuya started praying Devi. SHANKARA.Trimurthys as your childrens. pleased Sri Chakra Devatha as per the advise from Kashyap maharshi. Rao » Mon Jul 25. they touched the feet of Maharshi Kashyap who is none other than Sakshaath Devi Swaroopa. Since he has been given to Athri by Chakra devatha . Till then pray SRIMANNARAYANA.Doorvasa Muni Re: Ashada maasa vishesh lekhana -article by P. Re: Ashada maasa vishesh lekhana -article by P. Aadhishakthi pleased with your bakthi and tapashakthi and she will provide u both-. On hearing this from Maharshi Kashyap. 2011 2:52 pm Since this Narmada river fell on the Sri Chakra. Chandra gave birth from . this river later on became JEEVA NADHI and hence became useful for loka kalyan for manava janma. You both are dhanya on recieving Trimoorthy as your childrens.Datta rishi From Lord Shiva -----She got--.She got --Chandra Bagwan From Lord Vishnu---.3 divisions of river ( Nadhi ) .Srinivas.Srinivas. one day Anusuya devi gave birth to Trimurthys From Lord Brahma--. while doing the penence. This is the nadhi we are seeing is --NARMADA NADHI/RIVER. there was no limit to the happiness of Athri couples. Maharshi Kashyap on seeing the 3 divisions of river-------'O' athri couples.

vyapaar all will become bala heena during this month. Budha became Athri Gothra Budha. Buddhi.Athrimunis eyes. Budha ai also called as Vishnu Priya. After that. killed loka kantaka -Shumba. Mahishasura. Narayana Amsha. Since Budha is the son of Chandra and belongs to Athri gothra. Vishnu from Athris heart. This avathar of Devi took place during Ashaada Maasa and hence ashaada maasa got the promonance. Pitha maha Parashara called Chandra as Nethra karaka. Rishi Moola and Deva Moola . u will get no answers at all . Shiva from Athris stomuch. I hope readers enjoyed this article which i took it from few books and consised as far as possible [b]Inclusion:Ashta laxmi later on took the avathar of Nava Durga. namely ---Maha kali. Matha Bagwathi distributed her roopa in 4 parts . Therefore Vanijya karaka Budhas part is seen very much in Ashada Masa. Chanda. This is said in Markandeya Purana . one vichaars. u will get one . All are in sookshma roopa. We should take only the good part/ tender part. There is saying in shastra that----No one should trace the Nadhi Moola . In ashada masa . every one will have some uneasyness. we have to understand these. Devi Bagwatha with this Chandra is called as --TRINETHRA SAMUDBAVA. Munda and known to this world as Chandika Devi. Like this if u explore the puranas. vyavahar. Maha Saraswathi and . Raktha Beejasura. Since Budha is from Vishnu amsha. Mahalaxmi. Nishumba.

Lalitha Parameshwari ( Sri Rajarajeshwari ) Thus Maatha being born in Ashada Masa. agni pooja will bring good health. Next episode . During the evening time . devatha pooja will bring vishesha phala. time.Trayodashi tithi in evening time ----Rudra pooja. anuradha who encouraged me to write what our guru Sri Ramachandra Shastri taught to us. What we learnt is only a little bit ( alpa ). Trayodashi Tithi starts at 4-05pm in the evening. dev. and Gurus margadarshana and Jyothish Maatha Gayathris anugraha. so big is there to learn. Usually. like the size of an elephant. jyothisha shastra. Laxmi pooja came into practise from yuga. whether we are qualified enough. milred. arogya. kunal. That pradosha pooja is as follows:Sunday:. can we write about jyothisha. This is said in Tripura Rahasya. koti . lets understand Budhas part in Jyothisha What is meant by PRADOSHA ?:-( This is only for the knowledge of readers ) Today 28-07-2011. swamikool. But all these requires patience. . we sometime feel--whether we know jyothisha. so much. we havent learnt anything. all these question marks comes to our mind NO. Thanx to astroboy.koti pranam to Guruji. yuganthar and it is being practised till today. can we say jyothisha. As Mr Narayanan rightly said. a conversation between dattatreya and Parushurama regarding ashaada Maasas mahalaxmi Mahima On reading the puranas. the word " Pradosha " is ( an altenative ) a paryayanama for sandhya kaala ( evening time ) or we can say that evening time is called as Pradosha.

Tra tithi in eve time---Ardhanarishwara pooja will release all papas in ones life Saturday:. the native will come out from all the difficulties.8. Tuesday:. ordinarry ) phala.5. Shubha Rashi for Budha----Vrishabha. VATUKA BAIRAVA POOJA during Krishna paksha Pradosha .12 Budha usually dont likes to publish any vichaar If he is with Ravi---Buddhiwantha ( intelligent) -----Do-----Kuja-----always work but quarrel some .4.Trayodashi tithi in evening time ---Rudra pooja and Vishnu pooja will bring victory in any vyavahar/field Thursday:. Budha in Kanya Rashi-----Uchha/Exalted Sthana ( Andhra Jataka Tatwa Adhaar ) Uttar Nakshatra---Mishra Phala Hastha Nakshatra----Mishra phala Chittha Nakshatra-----Samaanya ( Ok.11 Ashubha bava----6. the native will be released from all types of Dukha ( sarva dukha vimochana ) Here Trayodashi Tithi should come during Krishna Paksha--Pl note Overall .Trayodashi tithi in evening time --.tra tithi in eve time ----Shanaischara pooja .Trayodashi tithi in evening time ---Rudra pooja and Varuna pooja will bring sowbhagya. Wednesday:.Rudra pooja and Bhoo-varaha pooja will bring happiness in ones life .7.Trayodashi tithi will bring excellent phala. Tula Nirbala Rashi for Budha ----Karkataka rashi Shubha bava ----1.2. as per our Gurus experience.10.Monday:. Simha.Trayodashi tithi in the evening time----Rudra pooja and Guru pooja will release all papas in ones life Friday:. one can say that Pradosha is good for all types of Devatha pooja.3.9.

intelligence. Budha is a Shanda Graha ( No dairya ). gave Devi payasam prepared from this green gram ( Payasam= sweet in taste ) with devotion and bhakthi. Napumpsak graha.------Do---. Budha started trembling with fear. he got the Male Lion ( simha Vahini ) as his vahana Since he started praying Devi duriing SHARADH KALA . Makara and Kanya are called as Shushka. Shanda graha . On seeing the Simha Vahini roopa of Devi. He is not a swatantra graha. dairya by praying Sri Chakra Devatha for many years. Kanishta Rashi. Budha succeeded in getting Grahatwa . so that readers can easily understand the meaning) Budha is called as Para-prakashitha graha . Budha got from his Guru Shukracharya. gave her darshan in the roopa of SIMHA VAHINI DEVI. After learning this . yasas . as far as posiible i have changed the spellings . swathanthra graha. Budha started praying Sri Chakra Devatha. the season of Green Gram. Kanishta phala (Least) because Budha is not an independent. Kanya Rashi is called as Shushka Rashi.Guru-----Vichaarvaadhi ------Do-----Shukra---Santhoshi ------Do-----Shani----Nidhaani ( slow) Shrama jeevi Dear readers . Since he prayed Simha Vahini . keerthi. Devi gave an idol of Simha Vahini to Budha and blessed Budha. Kanista Rashi why ?:Athyantha Shubha Graha in rashi Chakra --Guru gets debilitated in Makara and so nirbala Next shubha graha is -------------------------Shukra gets neecha in Kanya rashi and so nirbala Both are balaheena rashi for shukra and guru where they becomes neecha and hence these rashis are called as Shushka rashi Most of the shiksha. In realising this . He gives the phala of the sanyoga graha as per that grahas guna . . Shukracharya taught him vidhi. Devi was pleased with Budha and ate the payasam prepared from green gram and blessed Budha. dharma and adipathya. Chakra Devatha pleased with Budha for his bhakthi and shraddha . vidhana of Shakthi Devatha and its Upasana.

Thus abhichaara karakatwa has came to light from Budha. To get rid from the ill effects of abhichaara. court cases. it is told like this ----" " Apa Marga Homa Phalam. Shatru Bhadham Nivaarayeth " Thus abhichara Karakatwa has been given to Budha in Jyothish shastra. Because Budha is the lord of 6th house. udyog ) virodh from childrens. Budha used to come daily to this forest and saw one day Ela there. buddhi naasha. karma sthanas bhagya sthana ( That is why 6th house also indicates Karma. the house of ---abhichaara shatrutwa. as green gram gave Budha much happiness and hence green gram was his favourite one ) So green gram PANAK ( north india ) KOSAMBARI ( south india ) came into practise and this is a must for any Devi Pooja especially here in our place. quarrel among relatives etc. daaridrya. grand mothers house( mothers mother ) obstacles. In both the cases Guru is the lord of 12th house . shaaririka peeda. etc---. death from water or weapons . That is the reason. haani. sevasthana. it is said that MAKARA LAGNA AND MESHA LAGNA natives falls easily to abhichaaras ill effects. cyst or boils. hatred. debt. wound . grudge. sickness. mental worry. He fell in love with her and later on got married to Ela under this Utthareni tree /vraksha. part below the navel. Budha ----Apamarga. this UTTHARENI TREE came into light as per ATHARVA RAHASYA GRANTHA. married a Shapa grastha lady ( cursed) called " ELA " in a forest. Thus Utthareni Samitthu got prominence in this loka for loka kalyan. shatru. In this grantha . That is the reason . service. runa . roga. Budha the son of Chandra .So Budha got the adipathya for Green Gram from Matha Bagawathi ( since Devi was happy in tasting green gram payasam . quarrel. kidney related sickness. job. abhichaara. abhichaara nivaran homa is performed from this Uttareni sticks and it is must for this homa. Uttareni vraksha ( Tree ) Budha is also called as Athrva Veda Karaka. virodh. enemity.

Kanya Lagna :Kuja + Budha in lagna -. Sanketh Nidhi.That is why Parashara gave 6th house to Kanya Rashi in Kaala Chakra ( Starting from Mesha ----6th hiouse is Kanya ) How did Budha got 17 years as Dasha varsha/ years/period Astroboy and Sinecurve has already written in their thread earlier. Vidya Guru grantha . Till then----. work in big factories. prone to bad habits. i feel it is better to say the phala of Budha with respect to 12 lagnas instead of writing under various texts seperately/individually. In 5th house---Kuja +Budha in hubba ( poorva phalguni ) 1st pada--. This is another story. This graha is loved by Srimannarayana and by the anugraha of Sri Chakra Devatha. Sarvartha Chandrika. fine crafts men. Chandra and Guru gave the part of their dasha period to Budha. destined to loose in every vichaars In 11th house----Do -----------------Do--------------------------------------------Do---------- . sudden anger. Mesha Lagna :In 6th house----Budha +Shukra+Shani------No marital happiness. engineer. Budha the son of Chandra. Kalidasa etc. Native will have happiness till 38 years. Bavartha Ratnakara. Saravartha Chintamani. Chandra kala Nadi.waite and watch and also few examples . vishleshana of few jatakas with regard to Budha only. Chandra and Guru sent their son Budha on 17th year to Shukracharya for vidya.Sheegra Kopi. Here i selected only the important phalas from each texts like --Andra Jataka Tatwa. for readers knowledge i will write again. Let us see what these above granthas say when Budha is in different bavas for each lagna. got the grahatwa along with navagraha. born to Brahaspathi---Tara. Dear readers . Jataka Kalanidhi. Jaimini Suthra. So Budha got 17 years as dasha period . chemestry. Still. Sahadeva nadi. etc----Next episode-=. sripathi .no marital happiness. with this it has been fixed 17 years as dasha period to Budha.Let us start Budha phala from Mesha Lagna on words.

discontinuation ) Rahu in 4th to Budha-----Native will have excellent education Rahu in 8th to Budha---No interest in learning/education Rahu iin 12th to Budha----Problems in foreign education In 6th house---Budha + Rahu----Typhoid fever Budha in 6th. yajna .get the fame and name from yaga .money problems Budha in Ketu nakshatra and that Ketu in 2nd house---. ketu in 12th house---Oroblems from cousins Budha in 12th and Ketu in 6th---problems in secrete dealings Guru in 7th to Budha ( vice versa )-.always does the wrong thing / action Budha in 9th and Shukra in 10th---. may be death 8th house ---Budha in Jyesta nakshatra--problems to vidya/education and buddhi 2nd house--Budha in mrigashira ( mrigashira lord is kuja .also the 8th lord to this lagna ) nakshatra---Too much variation in ones life 6th house---Budha in Chitta nakshatra---always quarrel with neighbours or with the owner of the house if he stays in a rented house 4th house---Rahu+ Budha----vidya banga( disconnection. problem in job.Kuja in Lagna----small family If Kuja in 4th house-----aspected by Budha ----Always quarrel at home If Kuja in 5th----aspected by Budha ----always mental worry.avamana( shame) . mental strain If Kuja in 12th house----aspected by Budha----Vipareetha haani/ too much problems In 3rd house--Chandra +Budha and In 6th house--Kuja bahu ( many ) stree yoga If lagna or Chandra in Bharani nakshatra 1st pada along with Budha----native is always under the control of his wife ( Vice versa) In 8th house---Ravi + Kuja along with Rahu or ketu ( rahu and Ketu should be in Jyesta nalshatra) --.

dwesha In the above case. if Kuja aspects budha ----Quarrel may go to extreme .9.Kuja Bukthi------Bandhu virodh.12 or from badakh sthana.5. the native will have Kuja Dosha If Kuja in 4.5th house---Ravi+Shani + Budha ---No marital happiness Chandra + Budha in 4th or 8th or 12th along with Kuja or Shani or Rahu ----always quarrel in family If Kuja is aspected by Budha from 2. money ------Do-----------------------------------------------------of 4th lord-----quarrel on a/c of property.8. sickness Budha in 12 or Guru in 3rd-----Swayamkratha Aparadha Jataka.11.6.12--------. house ------Do-----------------------------------------------------of 5th lord-------do------------of childrens ------Do-----------------------------------------------------of 7th lord--------Do--with wife and on a/c of business ------do------------------------------------------------------of 8th lord-------Do-----ones property after death ------do------------------------------------------------------of 9th lord-------Do--. income ------do------------------------------------------------------of 12th lord-----do---travel If the 6th lord is aspected by Kuja or 6th lord in 6th house aspected by Kuja ---quarrel among relatives . vairathwa.father at hpme ------do------------------------------------------------------of 10th lord-----Do--business ------Do------------------------------------------------------of 11th lord-----do---labha .In Budha Dasha-.7. problems from his own actions Budha in 7th or 12th----Vana devatha Dosha Budha +Shani in lagna in Ashwini nakshatra---Ear problems Kuja + Budha in 8th----No development in life 6th lord Budha in lagna and having the sambandha of Kuja -----quarrel among brothers or with relatives Kuja + Budha in Lagna ---and having the sambandha of 2nd lord------quarrel on a/c of property.

8) Each paddathi/ system have their own reasons . Many readers have little doubt about the MAASA/ MONTH. one is called as CHAANDRA MAASA and the other is called as RAVI MAASA. from Amavasya to next amavasya. Therefore.) 5) Usually Sankramana appears during 14 th of every month . 6)Some people follow the festivals as per Chaandra Maasa system and some follow as per Ravi Maasa ( sankramana to sankramana paddathi ) 7) Because of this u find the difference in dates in celeberating the festivals. For eg:. 1) Panchangas/ Almanacs are prepared from both from the movements of Chandra and Ravi. For eg:.Too much obstacles from relatives --Do ----------------if Rahu aspects Budha ----danger from relatives --Do-----------------if Ketu aspects Budha -----Native will move far away from relatives for ever --Do-----------------if Ravi aspects Budha ------No vishwas with relatives --D0-----------------if Chandra or Shukra aspects Budha -----Native will have preethi. generally Ravi changes his rashi on 14th of every month. during the span of 1 Chaandra Maasa 2 Sankranthi appears ( refer 15-04-10 to 14 -05 10 whwre in u can find 2 sankramanas in the same Vaishakha Maasa or we call it as 1 Chaandra Kshaya Maasa. 9) Caluculation of 1 month under the following paddathis :- . Therefore i am not qualified enough to say that their system is wrong and my system is right. Ravi Maasa is caluculated from Sankramana to Sankramana . To clear their doubt and also to their accademic interest i am writing this. It is based on both Lunar and Solar system/paddathi 2) since Panchanga is based on both Lunar and Solar system. It is left to the wisdom of panchanga karthas. One is based on Lunar ( Chandramana ) system and the other is based on Solar system ( Ravi Maana ). when Ravi is in Karkataka rashi is also called as Ashada Maasa. That is. they show 2 types of Maasa in panchanga. vishwas from relatives. 4) Difference in number of days between Chaandra Maasa and Ravi Maasa is because of Adhika Maasa. In otherwords . ( Sankramana is also called as Sankranthi ). Ravi stays in a perticular it is difficult to explain this in writing.--Do-----------------if Shani aspects Budha--. 3) Chaandra Maasa is caluculated from the begining of Shukla paksha to the end of Krishna paksha. I dont know how many readers will understand after reading this . In otherwords.16-07-11 to 17-0811. Adhika Maasa means .2-07-11 to 30-07-11 is called as Ashada Maasa.

1 kaala ( summer. monsoon ) For every 12 months ---3 kaals Uttarayana ( usually ) starts on January 14 th to july 14th ---Pushya Maasa to Jyesta Maasa Daksinayana ( usually starts on July 15 to Jan 13th--.1 Ruthu For every 6 Ruthus---1 year 1 Maasa---30 tithis For every 6 months ---1 Ayana 1 year-.Ashada maasa to Margashira maasa.Ravi 21st March of every year -. 2 and a half ghati = 1 minute ) 10) For every 2 months--. winter .new panchanga will come out / published.Chandra Adhipathi to Krishna Paksha --. Adhipathi to shukla Paksha --. dakshina Ayanas ) For every 4 months--.2 Ayanas ( Uttara. .Ravi Sankramana ---30 days-26 ghatis-17vighatis Chaandra maana-----29 days-31ghatis-50vaghatis ( 1 ghati= 24 mts .