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List of Funded Final Year Projects (FYPs) 2013-14 (Province wise




FYP Title
Implementation of Qos for IEEE 802.11 WLANS


Bahauddin Zakariya
University Multan,

Telecommunication MPLS Based Falt Switching Network
Wireless Data Encryption & Decryption by AES using Radio Frequency
NFC Incorporated HRMS


Path and Obstacle Detection Mobile Applications for Visually Impaired
Using Computer Vision
Real Time Hand Gestures Recognition

Fatima Jinnah Women
University, Rawalpindi

Online Learning System with Conducive Visualization of Information for
the Visually Debilitated Students
Computer Science

Corporal Protection of Animals Using Exigent Sensors and GPRS
Online Biometric Authentication Mechanism Confirming Facial and
Figure Print Recognition Technique

Computer Science
& Information

GC University , Faisalabad

Behavioral Analysis Model
Know Pakistan Cross-Platform Game
Voice Controlled Wireless Wheelchair


Efficiency Enhancement of GPR Antenna and Designing an Efficient GPR
System with Variable Range and Accuracy
Real Time Patient Monitoring System using Zig bee and GSM
E-Smart Application

Computer Science

A Mobile Phone Jammer
Man Vs Sea Creature


GC University Lahore

Hidden Bodies Detection during earthquake/Flood Relief Activities using
Microwave Transceiver

Robotic Vehicle with Hurdle Avoidance and Traffic Signal Detection
Distribution, Generation, Integration and Control in Smart Grids
Anti-Terrorist Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)


HAJVERY University of
Lahore (HU)


Solar Powered Car
Intelligent Multi Purpose Armed Self Powered Vehicle
Micro/Zero Head Hydro Power Generation


HITEC University


Design and Development of Intelligent Energy Monitoring and
Management System for HITEC University
Design and Development of Locomotive Anti-Collision System


Islamia University
Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur


Implementation of Real-time detection, Tracking & Recognition of
Moving Object for Surveillance in Sensitive Area
Spy Rover with 2D Mapping and Live Video Transmission
Automated Monitoring and Control of a Power System using Smart Grid
approach through Matlab integrated with Lab view
Mine Sweeping Robot

Telecommunication Study and Simulation of WDN-PON with DSPK Modulated downstream
and re-Modulation of the downlink signal for OOK upstream

I>E>B) University of Management and Technology (UMT). Lahore Centralized Wireless Local Area (WLANS) Efficient Resilient Data Center Architecture Smart Grid Test Bed Electrical Engineering Real Time Control of Irrigation Network Efficient Storage Less of Motor Lads with Intermittent Energy Source 10 11 National Textile university Faisalabad SUPERIOR University Lahore Computer Science Computer Science & Information Technology GSM Based Multi User Surveillance of Electric Appliances Designing & Synchronization of Robotic Arm with Human Arm in Real Time Real-Time World Traffic Automation System Cell Phone Based Remote Home Control System Electrical Engineering Hybrid Renewable Power Generation System AndriodBased Load Control & Monitoring Via GSM 12 The University of Faisalabad Electrical Engineering Hybrid Grid Station using Peloton Turbine UAV Surveillance System 13 The University of Lahore Electrical Engineering Implementation of Grasp Movement with one Degree of Freedom for Hand Amputee using EMG Signals Magnetic Levitation System: A low-cost Experimental Setup for Undergraduate Control System laboratory Human Fall Detection (Fixed Camera Based) Computer Science & Information Technology 14 Video Summarization Kinect Interactive Event Board (K. Fire Fighting Robot Electronics Engineering Control Shed Designing and Implementation Solar Powered Pump for Irrigation Purpose Computer Science & Information Technology 9 Lahore University of Management Science. Lahore. Lahore Computer Science & Information Technology Cartography of Unknown Environment using a Robot .Smart Voting System using Image Processing Implementation and Simulation of deficopter using PC interface Efficient Polio Vaccination System Computer Science & Information Technology Moving Target Detection and Locking with Moving Camera Digital Prescription System Signing Savvy( Android Application) Computer Science 8 Guard Monitoring System Smart Electricity Controller for Small Offices Lahore College for Women University. Lahore Face Recognition with Quad copter Via Raspberry Pi Electrical Engineering Micro Hydel Power Plant Intelligent Helping Hand 15 University of the Punjab .

Rawalpindi Electrical Engineering Robotic Sowing and Harvesting System for Advance Agriculture Performance Analysis of Feed Line Mechanism Dual Band Micro strip Patch Antenna for WLAN Application . Lahore (Faisalabad Campus) Electrical Engineering Micro controller Based Solar System Electrical System with Intelligent Charge Controller PMSG Based MPPT Control of Standalone Wind Energy System University of Engineering and Technology.pressure. Lahore (Rachna College of Engineering & Technology) Hexapody Surveillance Robot Biased with Solar System Electrical Engineering Design & Implementation of Solar Water Pumping System Power Quality Improvement Using Dynamic Voltage Restore PCB Designing CNC Machine University of Engineering and Technology. Fabrication and interfacing of signal Phase Transformer Trainer Prepaid Smart Energy Meter Electronics Engineering University of Engineering and Technology. Main Engineering Campus Wireless Sensor network for battlefield reconnaissance Surge Current Provider UPS for Heavy Loads Electrical Engineering 17 Design.Electrical Engineering Software Engineering Electrical Engineering New Strategies for Low Noise Agile PLL Frequency Synthesis Static Voltage Stabilizer Using Pulse Width Modulation 3D Visualization of search Engine on Android Human Acceptance of Autonomous Social Media Agent Design and development of ECG and EEG system based on STM32F4 microcontroller Grid Connected Solar System with Power Quality Analysis Using USB Data Logging AGV Based Automatic Storage and Retrieval System University of Engineering and Technology. Taxila.level) control of BOILER using PLC Army Public College Of Management & Sciences (APCOMS). Taxila (Sub Campus Chakwal) Wind Power Plant SCADA and Control Pressure level and temperature control of fluids using PLC & PID Controller design Electronics Engineering Design and Implementation of RC based Process Parameter Parameters (temperature. Lahore (Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research) Electrical Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Software Engineering Design and Fabrication of Reactive Power Compensator Based on Low Voltage Device Interlinked with WAPDA (PEPCO) Design and Implementation PLC Based VFD System for Three Phase Induction Motor Power Metering System for Measuring Consumption in Multiple Remote Modules using Power Line Communication Home Automation through WIFI-Module using Android Application P300 Based Spelling system using EPOC EEG Headset An Automated Traffic Congestion and Evasion Mobi Blind Signaling WSN Based Pipeline Surveillance System University of Engineering Telecommunication and Technology. Lahore Main Campus Repetitive Scene Discovery and Search in Video using Manifold Learning Computer Science Intelligent Monitoring System Suspicious Activity Detection & Video Annotation Utility in Real Time Enviorment (SAVOUR) 16 University of Engineering and Technology.

A. Taxila ( CASE) Electrical & Computer Engineering Implementation of Human Motion Detection in real time on FPGA using stereo cameras Design and Development of Medical Ultrasound Imagers Electricity generation using sterling engine Dr. Islamabad Campus Department Final Year Project FYP Title Automation of Water Boiler Via PLC Electronics Design and Fabrication of RC PWM Compatible Drive for a Four Wheel Engineering Differential Drive Vehicle Intelligent Spy Robot Telecommunication Local Positioning System Engineering Developing Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Upgrading CNC Drilling Machine to CNC Milling Machine Bio-Gas Automation using PLC SCADA Electrical Engineering Autopilot of Bicopter Plane with Video and Geographical Surveillance for Flood Affected Areas Facial Expression Recognition using Facial Geodesic Paths Computer Science Mobile Base Queue Tracking System & Information Secure & Smart User Authentication Application using a Heart Wave Technology Sensing Wrist Band . Science & Technology.Q.N o University 1 Dawood University of Engineering & Technology 2 Federal Urdu University of Art. Lahore Electrical Engineering Design and Fabrication of a Wireless-Controlled Mobile Robot Construction of an Autonomous Self_blancing 2-Wheeled Robot using Interial Sensor Computer Science & Information Technology Social Media Mining Remotely Operated Unmanned Ground Vehicle Electrical Engineering 22 University of Wah Gas Detection and Fire Protection System Integrated with GSM Module Tranformer Theft Detection Based on GSM Computer Science & Information Technology Cell Phone Based Remote Home Control System 121 Sindh S.CHARIAT Robot University of Engineering and Technology. Khan Institute of Computer Science & IT Computer Science & Engineering Automatic Programming Solar Powered Fiber Optical Lighting System Electrical Engineering Intelligent Power Sharing of Transformer with Auto Protection & GSM Monitoring Voice Recognition Solar Vehicle 18 University of Gujrat. Gujrat. Raspberry Pi Car Automation Information Technology Wireless Health Monitoring System Enhancement of Usability and User Acceptance for Farmers 19 20 University of Sargodha University of South Asia Computer Science & Information Technology Electrical Engineering Team Co-0rdination Application Image Processing and PLC Based Conveyor Belt System for Industrial Automation and Control Designing of a System for Improving the Working Efficiency of Generator by Implementing Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) Sign Language Translator using Flex and Mem's Sensor Mind Controlled Wheelchair 21 University of the Central Punjab.

Telecommunication Design and Performance Analysis of Multiple Input and Multiple Output Karachi. Karachi Snake-o-Bot (SNAKE Robot) Campus Computer Science Intelligent Patient Monitoring and Diagnosis System & Information Cloud Operating System (COS) Technology Computer Science & Information Test Bed for Ad-Hoc Wireless Mesh Network Applications Technology Design and Implementation of a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Link in IQRA University.Based Object Tracking Algorithm Electronics Industrial Electroplating Plant (PLC Based) Indus University. Islamabad Campus Engineering Advance and Centrally Controlled Traffic Signal 3D-Printer USMAN Institute of Electrical Home Automation Via Android Application Technology. Karachi Traffic Congestion Tracking System Automated Human Following Shopping Cart Electronics Real-Time Automatic Target Detection and Tracking Using Visual Engineering Feedback IQRA University. Computer Software Mobile Personal Assistant . An Intelligent and Cost Efficient Home Security System (ICEHSS) Engineering Jamshoro. Main Campus Engineering (MIMO) Antenna for Mobile Terminals Voice Communication Using Zig bee Computer Science Smart Recommendation System for Severe Patient & Information Hardware Implementation of Montgomery Modular Multiplication Technology URL Filtering and Blocking System using FPGA Long Range Quad-Robot with FPV Camera Hamdard University. Karachi File Encryption with Face Recognition Technology Electronics Development of Search Algorithm for Path Planning of Mobile Robot Engineering Mehran University of Computer system Engineering & Technology. Hyderabad Integration of IP-PABAX with PBX Engineering Integration of IP-PABX & PSTN Computer Science Intelligent Vehicle Automation System & Information Rule Based Clinical Decision System Technology Telemedicine Booth Computer Science Smart University Navigation (Through Augmented Reality) Jinnah Women University for & Information Women. Karachi Engineering Controlling and Monitoring of Electrical Distribution Network Implementation of FPGA. Islamabad GNU Radio SDR Framework Campus Electronics Voice and Manual Operated Motorized Wheelchair with Real-Time Engineering Obstacle Avoidance Bomb Disposal Robot 3 Axis CNC Router/Miller Electronics Modern Industrial Process Using Conveyor Belt Along With Robotic Arm Engineering UPS Cum Generator Wireless IP-PABX (on LAN) Telecommunication ISRA University.3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Development of Model Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (ROV) (HU-UUV2014) Electronics Energy Storage System Based on Supercapacitor Engineering Design of Elcetronic Control System for Prototype Segway Model Implementation of a Digital Down Converter for LTE on an FPGA Hamdard University. Electronics Karachi. Karachi Engineering Unmanned Ground Vehicle Quad rotor Capable of Autonomous Flight by using RC Controller Electronics Enhancement in Photovoltaic Cells in a Day and Night Vision Engineering Lighting System on Solar Power with Light Ambient Sensors Computer Science U-Commerce Environment Implementation & Information RFID Based Class Attendance Institute if Business & Technology Technology (BIZTEK) VOIP Services over LAN Telecommunication GSM Based Car Tracking System Engineering SMS Through Email-Gateway Online Inventory System & Sale Point with Barcode Tagging Software Engineering LibSya with Integrated RFID Autonomous Hover of Quad Copter Institute of Business Computer Science ASL to Speech Conversations Administration.

Karachi 14 Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering.Engineering 11 Mohammad Ali Jinnah University. Islamabad Campus 12 NED University of Engineering and Technology 13 PAF-KIET. 15 Sind Agriculture University Tandojam 16 Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology 17 Sukkur Institute of Business Administration 18 SZABIST.Karachi 19 University of Sind Jamshoro Traffic Prediction App Automated Organic Farm House Management Computer Science SIM Package Manager App Electrical Appliance Automation Automatic/Manual Rescue Robot with Robotic Crane and Omni Drive System Electronics Automatic Carving Machine with 3-Axes Engraving Engineering Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Ground Penetration Radar Brian Controlled Wheelchair for Handicapped Person Telecommunication Agriculture Land Monitoring using Blue Tooth Based Wireless Sensor Engineering Network Human Recognition Using Electroencephalography (EEG) Signals FPGA Based Smart Wireless Control System for Industrial Automation Microprocessor Based Controller for Injection Pump Electronics Engineering Design and Development of Microprocessor Based Control Panel of Spot Welding Machine E-Conference Table Computer Science Inexpensive Self Monitored Infant Incubator System for Rural Areas of & Information Pakistan System Engineering Identification for re-filling of shelves at Shopping Mall using Image Processing Quran Analythic:Mobile Application Offering Analytic of Quranic Verses to Aid Interpretational Texts Computer Science Route Tracer Simulator on Android Secure and Robust Iris Recognition with Application Ground Control Station for UAV Electronics Personal Identification using Vascular Pattern Recognition Engineering Real Time Face Tracking using FPGA Vehicle Automation & Monitoring using Android Electronics Reprogrammable Pentagon (PENTA ROBOT) Engineering Industrial Automation Control System Through PLC Using Lab view Computer Science 3D Virtual Tour of Quest & Information Automatic Active IP Base Security Camera Technology Computer system GSM Based Smart Digital Notice Board Engineering PHP Based Conference Online Management System (COMS) Electrical Monitoring of Oil Temperature of Multiple Transformer using Recorded Engineering Call alert Based System Computer Science Real Time Mouse Controlling Through Colored Object Detection & Information Collaborative Attendance Analyzer Technology ERP Based Accounting Financial Module Computer system MC3D Object Creator Engineering Computer system RFID Based Electronic Shopping Store Engineering Electronics Electrical & Mechanical Side of Physal Action Controlled _Entity Engineering Electronics PAF-E (Physical Action Controlled Entity) Engineering The Intelligent Tutor for Blind People Smart Solar Real Time Web Based Monitoring & Control Electrical Engineering Performance Evaluation and Implementation of MIMO-OFDM using Water Filling Algorithm for LTE-Advanced Plant Identification using Android Device Computer Science Cardio-Detector Mobile App Green Campus Initiative An Intelligent Energy Consumption System Research Provenance Suite Computer Science Human Mobility Park-A-Lot Generation of Electric Power Through Traffice Electronics Lego Mindstrom NXT 2. Science & Technology.0 Tracking using Particle Swarm Optimization Engineering Smart Home Control Through Android Computer Science Urban Serach & Rescue Robot (USAR) & Information Fingerprint Classification by Cpmaring DC Component & its Application Technology in GSM Registration 115 . Nawabshah.

Electrical Engineering COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Islamabad. Electrical Engineering COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Islamabad Final Year Project FYP Title AEMRBS Detection and classification of EMG signals for finger control Efficient Heat Sink Model for Electrical Transformers to Curtail power losses/overheat losses Machine learning based classification of Rice using Image processing NFC based android task launcher Eye tracking for drowsiness detection for driver's safety Fire Detection and Emergency evacuation plan Automation of solar powered water distillation system An efficient nonlinear control strategy for MIMO twin rotor system Interface design for VLC-PLC systems Smart Learning Advanced tools for education in Math's unto grade 2 Converting Urdu sign language into voice/text using RGB-D camera Ubiquitous National Security System Humanoid Robot Wireless Power Transfer through Magnetron Power Generation through Heliostats Simulation and Implementation of a redundant Robotic Manipulator (Arm) for Rescue in Terrorist Attacks Simulated Arena Design and Path Planning for a rescue mobile robot Designing Cubical Path Planning (CPP) energy efficient cluster protocol for under water sensor networks Human detection from a mobile robot using PIR and Vision information An android based pharmaceutical Inventory system Hand gesture and virtual keyboard based control system Smart system for facial expression recognition Vehicle Security and Monitoring system (VSM System) Android based Holy Quran Explorer. Implementation and flight test of navigation and control system for a quad copter UAV Telecommunication Design and Implementation of PITCH and YAW control of missile nozzle Engineering in closed loop Wireless hand Gesture Recognition Device using Artificial Intelligence Electrical Engineering . Islamabad Computer Science Computer Science Computer and Software Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering 3 Bahria University. Abbottabad Campus. Islamabad. analyzer with speech recognition features Solar Controlled auto irrigation system Real time Image stitching using beagle board ATM system design through finger print with solar panel Autonomous Robot Control with obstacle avoidance Autonomous Quadcoptor Practical installable system for biometric Authentication using FR Design and fabrication of autonomous UAV drone with high speed image processing and wide range control Tidal Power Plant Production of electricity through Biogas/Human wastage through PLC AI based Timetable Generator Rule based event log Student Performance forecasting m-Tourism: An interactive multi-lingual moblie app for city exploration Voice Transformer Smart Attendance System FPGA implementation of RLS Algorithm for brain imaging using multiple channels Steering control of self-balancing bicycle Brain controlled Robot Touch Screen based personal Diary Fetal Anomaly Detection Automatic storage and retrieval system iRobo3-rover Simulation. Islamabad Electrical Engineering 5 Air University. Computer Science COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Islamabad Electrical Engineering 6 Institute of Space Technology. Electrical Engineering COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Islamabad. Computer Science COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Islamabad. Karachi Campus Computer and Software Engineering Computer Science 4 Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences.Attock Campus Bahria University. Lahore Campus.Wah Campus Computer Science COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.N o University Department 1 Allama Iqbal Open University Computer Science 2 COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Islamabad 7 Foundation University. Computer Science & Telecom Networks COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.Federal S.Sahiwal Campus COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.

Islamabad. Computer Science National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences. CEME. Lahore Campus. National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences.Islamabad 8 International Islamic University. Rawalpaindi Electrical Engineering Software Engineering Computing 12 RIPHAH International University.N o University 1 Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology. Data Handling and Attitude Determination and Control System Modules Surveillance System using UGV-UAV Synthesis Smart Solar UPS RF Front end for C-Band Conical Beam Radars Burried Cable Perimeter Intrusion Detection Wireless Power Transfer Smart Pedometer Pages of History Flash Flood Detection System (FFDS) Hotels in Cloud Solar powered auto water irrigation system Quad rotor helicoptor UAV Voice and head control wheel chair Khyber Pakhtunkhwa S. Karachi Campus Electronic Engineering Electronic Engineering Computer Science & Software Engineering Engineering &IT Electrical Engineering Computer Science Electrical Engineering Computer Science 10 National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences. Islamabad (SEECS) Electrical Engineering National University of Science & Technology. Islamabad 9 National University of Modern Languages. Peshawar Campus 11 Computer Science Electrical Engineering National University of Science & Technology. Islamabad. Topi. Electrical Engineering National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences. Electrical Engineering Wireless Chair Movement Control using Eye ball Embedded control of bilateral arm prosthesis Driver safety system using Fatigue Detection Solar Powered automatic Pettier Water Dispenser Wireless Digital Advertisement System Computer Numerical Control based PCB design All Pakistan universities Admission Information System u-Healthcare Application Amazon Review Summarizer Multi Sensor Wall climbing Robot Considering Alternate source of energy Glove interface to sense hand gestures & replication of robotic hand Biometrically controlled motorized electric wheel chair Traffic congestion monitoring system using a smart flying robot Fleet Management System Electronic Voting System Obstacle detection and voice recognizing Robot ^2 Myoelectric prosthetic hand Skeletal Tracking controlled UAV through Kinect for windows Suspicious Activity detection from surveillance videos Smart health care using near field communication Automatic Facial expression recognition 3D printer Stalker Robot Robot differentiator QR code and KIOSK Implementation Fun Urdu learning Smaurbs Speech Control Camera Iris Recognition for windows 8 phones Survellience drone UAV controlled through head motion Hybrid bike using DC motor Optimizing of Hybrid Energy System through Sharing of Renewable Energy Source PC Based Eddy Current NDT System Design and Development of an Assistive Hand Gesture Interpreter Thermal Camera Based Tracking & Classificaiton Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting From Road Traffic Two DOF Remote Sniper Platform with Intelligent Tracking and Targeting Pakistan National Student Satellite (PNSS-1) Power. Islamabad Electrical Engineering National University of Science & Technology. Department Computer Science & Engineering Final Year Project FYP Title Virtual Reality Based Wearable Gaming Design and Fabrication of Low Cost EEG Device and Detection of P300 Signal Virtual Surface 102 . Female Campus .International Islamic University. PNEC Karachi Electronic & Power Engineering National University of Science & Technology. Islamabad. MCS. National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences. Islamabad.

Mardan Prepaid Energy Meter with Theft Detection Telecommunication Campus Object Sorting Robotic Arm using Image Processing (OSRAUIP) Engineering Home Automation using Smart Phone App Isolated High Frequency DC-DC Converter University of Engineering & Electronics Technology. Swat Software Coin Based Solar Mobile Charge System Technology E-class Attendance System for University of Swat Web Based Expert System for Students Admissions. Loans Computer Science and Jobs University of Agriculture & Information Mobile Auction Application for KP Agricultural Research Centers Peshawar Technology 3D Virtual MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) for Distance Learning Puzzle Game for Windows 8 Smart Phone Computer Science Home Automation Via Android City University of Science & Zig bee and GSM Based Gas Leakage Monitoring and Protection System Information Technology Electrical Visible Light Communication System (VLCS) Local Area Network Engineering RF Energy Harvesting System for Small Wireless Devices Traffic Congestion Alert System Islamia College University. Scholarships. Electronics & PIC Based Automatic Solar Radiation Tracker Peshawar Telecommunication Automatic Vehicle Parking System using RFID Performance Analysis of WiMAX IT & Telecom Design of Photonic Crystal Fiber for Ultra Low Dispersion Hazara University. Controlling and Metering Over Ethernet Electrical Autonomous Mine Detecting Robot Capable of Obstacle Avoidance Engineering Run off Water Mill Generating Power Hi-Tech Medicare Wheel Chair for Physically Challenged People Electronics Radio Controlled Robot with Live Human Being Detection at Disaster Engineering Affected Sites University of Peshawar. Mansehra Automatic Adjustable Antenna Engineering & GSM Based Electronic Voting Machine Technology Kohat University of Science Information Online Car Services Portal (OCS) & Technology. Design and Development of Automatic Engineering Incubation using Peshawar Solar Energy Electrical Improving the Dynamic Response of an Electric Motor Engineering Electric Vehicle Powered by Solar Energy and Electrical Mains University of Swat Smart Admission System Computer & University of Swat.Electronic Engineering 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 CECOS University of IT & Emerging Sciences Computer Science & Information Technology Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for River Water Monitoring Real Time Patient Monitoring and Alert System Design and Fabrication of Prototype Machine for Cutting Silicon Steel Sheet of Transformer Core Pakistan Research Repository Parents-EYE Designing and ICU monitoring using GSM Technology Smart Home power Monitoring System through ZIGBEE Voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher robot Automatic Wheel Chair Control by Zig bee Technology Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospital Patient Computer Science through Radio Frequency (RF) GSM and Zig bee Based Theft Detection and Monitoring System in Iqra National University. Quad Captor Drone UAV Peshawar Image Restoration of Blur Image Capture From Camera Computer Science Optic Disk Detection in Retinal Fundus Images for Diabetic Retina Home Automation University of Malakand. Power Lines Peshawar Three Phase Load Monitoring. Kohat Technology Computer Software Sale and Distribution Management System Engineering Management System for Sports Academy University of Engineering & Technology. Abbottabad Engineering RF Energy Harvesting System for Charging Portable Devices Electrical Engineering . Computer Science Maintaining Stock Record for Flour Bags using CCTV Camera Chakdara & IT Optimization of Vision based Interactive Display GSM Based Security System Computer Science Presentation Assist: Wi-Fi Based Presentation Assistant Mobile System &IT Easy Load Kiosk: Android Based Touch Screen with Software and Sarhad University of Science Database System & Information Technology.

2 AL-Hamd University. Quetta 3 University of Baluchistan Department Final Year Project FYP Title Advance VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) to Drive-3 Phase induction Motor Electronic Autonomous Path Learner and Obstacle Avoidance Robot Engineering RFID-based localization tracking system VANET Performance Monitor Information Technology Fleet Telematics Telecommunication Vehicle Accident Automatic Detection and Remote Alarm Engineering Wireless Optical under water data transfer GPS based Soldier Monitoring System Computer Design of Navigation & Ground control station for UAV Engineering Wireless Hand Gesture based wheelchair for physically challenged people SMART HOME Computer Science Electronic Voting System Computer Science Virtual Learning Management System & IT Smart Eye Evolution 14 Azad Jammu & Kashmir S. Bannu Campus University of Engineering & Technology. Peshawar 14 Gomal University. Quetta.N o University Department Computer Science 1 2 University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.Campus University of Engineering & Technology.N o University 1 Balochistan University of Information Technology and Management Sciences. DI Khan Electrical Engineering Computer System Engineering Computer Science & IT Engineering & Technology Multi Camera Object Detection and Tracking System Automation of Boiler using DCS (Distributed Control System) through Wireless HART Protocol High Power Long Range Wireless Charger for Laptop Control and Automation of Electric Generating units Using Load Flow Curves Wireless Controlled Rescue Robotic Boat Low Cost Autonomous & Portable UAV FPGA and GSM Based Industrial Automation Vehicle Counting Using Web Camera Fire Fighting Robot through Image Processing and Heat Sensor Wireless Control 66 GSM Based Electronic Voting Machine Balochistan S. Mirpur Software Engineering Computer Science & IT Computer System Engineering Electrical Engineering Final Year Project FYP Title Design and Development of PC based Electrocardiogram Holter Monitor Bluetooth based chat application for Mobile devices Mobility Assistance for visually Impaired Automatic System for switching off the electrical devices of vacant room An embedded automotive monitoring device Fabric Analyzer using image processing algorithms Anti-traffic Jam system Automatic vehicle accident detection Interactive wall display Electricity theft detection system for WAPDA using GSM module Electrical Power Generation through footsteps Intelligent Vehicle control system 12 . Muzaffarabad Mirpur University of Science & Technology.