I've been waiting for you......

I’ve been waiting for you……. Chapter1: when we meet. Flashback: 1918, Chicago.

Me and Edward been best friends since we were 5 years old. Now he ’s 17 and I’m 16, Edwards dying he has catched the Spanish influenza. I know he wont make it, dr. Cullen has been treating him. I walked inside Edward room he was sitting in the bed his green eyes are so enchanting. (coldplay-yellow) “hi b ella” Edward said in a raspy voice I smiled and sat beside him “ how are you fe eling?” I asked “ a little better” he replied. End of flashback. I remember this day, it was the only memory I had left of Edward he died that sa me day. I went to his funeral , it was the most tragic thing I had to do. After a year passed , I was turned into a vampire by a mysterious person. My human lif e was so hazy to remember but some memories haven’t perished neither this one af ter more than 50 years I still remember the last time Edward lived. It’s now 201 0 and I’m a 17 year old immortal. I am moving to a small town named forks, Washi ngton. I haven’t been here since 1955. My name is Isabella swan , and this year I will try to move on and try to be happy once again. I know Edward wouldn’t lik e for me to be this way, but I’m willing to try now. I will be living with my fr iend anelis , she is also a vampire I got off my black mustang and knocked on th e door. “hey! Bella I missed you” anelis greeted me I smiled “ I missed you too! ” I replied enthusiastic we both hugged and I came inside . We started talking a bout random things, she showed me my room , it had red walls a black carpet, pla sma tv. Tomorrow I will be starting my junior year, so I freshened up and change d into red skinny jeans, a black corset, and black leather boots. The best way I would describe myself is long red -brownish hair, red eyes, I have curves that would drive a guy crazy, and of course my dead-pale skin. Anelis she has long bl ack hair with white high lights, also a meat eater( red eyes) and her pale skin. I went downstairs and we both headed to anelis white lexus. “ your going to lov e this school, especially the boys” anelis squealed “ wow, have you fed on them already” I asked sarcastic “ hahaha, your so funny no shit bella but we do have some competition” anelis warned “who?” I asked “ the Cullen’s” anelis said . Tha t last name sounds very familiar, “ are they vampires?” I questioned “ yes but t here very unlike , they feed on animals” anelis said In disgust “ how so?” I ask ed curious “ I don’t know Bella , I haven’t even talked to them “ Anelis confess ed . That got me thinking , we parked and proceeded to the office . A blonde lad y stood behind the desk “ may I help you” she asked “ I need my schedule my name is Isabella swan “ I said in a hurry. She handed me the slip but without her st aring at me “hhave a nice day” she stammered that happens when you stare at my e yes. “ what do you have first” anelis asked “ uh, math” I responded “ great!, I have that too” anelis said exacted . During the day I kept thinking of that last name: CULLEN. It sounded so familiar, I put that thought away and continued on. Flashback: 1906, Chicago. My mom dressed me in a blue dress that reached above my knees my hair was so long all the way to my waist. “ mommy where we going?” I asked “ to a dinner party, sweetie you’ll meet new kids “my mom said . We arriv ed at a white house it was like a mini mansion. “ hey!” my mom greeted a lady sh e smelled like liquor, and perfume. “ oh your daughter is so lovely Renee , how old are you” the lady asked me “ I’m 5” I said “ oh your so cute Bella, here I w ant you to meet my son Edward” the lady said . I saw a boy with messy brown hair , and green eyes: end of flashback. That was the very first time we meet oh how I loved that day. The bell ranged an d it brought me back to the present. I met Anelis in the cafeteria “ so how’s yo ur day been going “ she asked “ Lame” I said while putting my fingers in a L sha ped form against my forehead. We both laughed and that’s when I saw them. They w ere 5 of them laughing, there trays untouched. “ are those the Cullen’s” I whisp ered so low anelis would be the only one to hear me. “ yes, the girl in short bl ack spiky hair that’s Alice Cullen, the blonde babe is Rosalie hale, the one tha t looks in pain japer hale, the buff one Emmet Cullen, and last the sexy one Edw ard Cullen” anelis said . I gasped NO!!! IT CANT BE I LOOKED AT EDWARD AND IT WA S HIM ,MY EDWARD. He’s still alive “ what’s wrong” anelis asked “ uh nothing I g ot to go” I said in a rush I got up and headed toward the exit. I saw the Cullen

’s staring at me I practically ran out of the cafeteria. Once away from school a nd inside the forest. I started to sob “ no it cant be!!” I yelled he couldn’t be alive he’s dead. All this time he was alive everyday I would cry for him, mis s him. And he shows up alive (well almost) the shy started to turn black and thu nder to started to roar I had to calm down. If not I could cause a massive hurri cane , the wind started to blow harder. I started to breath in and out and it wo rked. The sky wasn’t blue but it was like before “ I have to leave “ I whispered . I cant be here I turned around and there he was “ Bella…” Edward whispered. To be continued:]…… what’s going to happen next?

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