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10 great fantasy books.
A Song of Ice and F ire

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10 great fantasy books.
11 hours ago · 13,544 views
by IllyriaD
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George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favourite fantasy series. It's
enthralling to a scary level and dark enough to make you question humanity.
T he Wheel of T ime


. and did an admirable job. Robert Jordan spun a world so vast and rich that it nearly got away from him at times. Sadly. T he Kingkiller Chronicle http://imgur.Imgur Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time was the first fantasy series I ever read and what made me love the genre. The final book was split into three. but you can rest assured that it's a pleasure reading it. Brandon Sanderson was tasked with finishing it.1/22/2014 10 great fantasy books. due to the sheer volume of it. Robert Jordan passed away while writing the final 2/24 .

Mistorn Series. It's my favourite series that I have found in recent years. He jumped straight into fantasy and took it by the reins. . T he Deed of 3/24 . so her world is filled with authentic grit.Imgur Patrick Rothfuss is one of the most surprising new authors. Elizabeth Moon's trilogy is probably my favourite fantasy series.1/22/2014 10 great fantasy books. It has some of the most humourous and heart wretching scenes I have ever read. Moon was in the Marine Corps. http://imgur.

Imgur This trilogy is what made me love Brandon Sanderson. . F arseer T rilogy 4/24 . It's right up there with Rothfuss' series for favourite series of recent years. T he Gentlemen Bastard Series Scott Lynch's series is another series that took me by surprise.1/22/2014 10 great fantasy books. The unique magic system and characters will have you in love in the first hundred pages.

1/22/2014 10 great fantasy books. Definitely worth a read. T he F irst Law Joe Abercrombie's series starts strong and ends stronger. http://imgur. Brett's series has great characters and another unique magic system. It's refreshing to find yet another unique and well written fantasy book. It starts with all of the fantasy cliches and then throws them around in a loop to make it uniquely amazing. .Imgur Robin Hobs' trilogy is completely unforgiving to her characters and make it nearly painful to read. T he Demon Cycle « prev next » to top Peter 5/24 .

. and Robin Hobb's Soldier's Son trilogy is superior to the Assassin books. and you're left wondering if the author actually wrote that. m yanrue lle r 97 points : 11 hours ago re ply Wheel of Time is phenomenal. Extremely dark. . he's an incredible writer and has inspired some of the greatest fantasy works. I haven't finished it yet. .. coffe e onm ars 184 points : 3 hours ago re ply The lack of Terry Pratchett is disconcerting. MJKThe Dark R abbit 64 points : 10 hours ago re ply Upvote for WoT IllyriaD O P 40 points : 11 hours ago re ply I actually had the third book in Malazan Book of the Fallen on my lap as I made this list.. And then you find out it's the main protagonist. so I didn't add it.Imgur T he Broken Empire Under $100. 6/24 .441 points Submit a comment 967 comments sorted by best + + + + + + · + save expand all arive risarive r 283 points : 11 hours ago re ply Patrick Rothfuss was my creative writing teacher in college. The book starts with a scene you can rarely find with completely heartless antagonists .1/22/2014 10 great fantasy books. Loved that dude. All these are great/ je nm ovie s 28 points : 7 hours ago re ply The Riftwar Saga by Feist (Magician etc) is missing. Every one knows ASOIAF. HodorUse dHodor 151 points : 10 hours ago re ply +1 for Wheel of Time. IMHO. http://imgur. TinyLittle Llam aSaurus 48 points : 7 hours ago re ply I'm really surprised David Eddings series isn't on this list. best of SALE styles Tinley Road SHOP NOW A See site for details Mark Lawrence's series is. dark. Well.

Brilliant satire set in a colorful world of magic and heroes. Redwall! EULALIAAAAAAA! Naiirita 33 points : 11 hours ago re ply Lets not forget Sword of truth.and Dragonriders of Pern? No Xanth? Redwall? MirachR avaia 10 points : 3 hours ago re ply I assume you didn't include Tolkien because everybody knows about him already. Fie rNe ve rm ore 8 points : 11 hours ago re ply Joe Abercrombie is terribly underrated. And Stormlight archive is also amazing. The followup series (Fool's Errand... Feist.that was rough.. Fool's Fate) is a little kinder to the characters. To building another shelf.? saigancat 16 points : 3 hours ago re ply Redwall? Redwall.The Dark Tower im acdon 10 points : 3 hours ago re ply What?! No Terry Pratchett?! sam wise 85 8 points : 9 hours ago re ply No raymond e feist? Harsh http://imgur.1/22/2014 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + · + + + · + + + 10 great fantasy books. squie rtx 6 points : 2 hours ago re ply DISCWORLD is hands down IMO the best Fantasy series ever. one of the best new fantasy writers today siliconstyle 18 points : 11 hours ago re ply Awww.. thatsabitsilly 6 points : 3 hours ago re ply This post is missing the Riftwar Cycle by Raymond E.. then Peter V Brett. gohanssj2 8 points : 2 hours ago re ply I can tell someone never has read RA Salvatore and any of his works..Imgur Tate rdude 19 points : 3 hours ago re ply No Discworld. supe rspiffy 6 points : 2 hours ago re ply I also enjoy Terry Brooks and R.. Then Brent Weeks who somehow didn't make the list classyfancygay 10 points : 3 hours ago re ply Finally! Someone else that appreciates the Mistborn trilogy! The Alloy of Law is fantastic as well.Is that Nicholas Cage in the background on the WoT book? O rnithope r 12 points : 9 hours ago re ply No Love for DragonLance? Dragonlance is a pretty epic series. Sorrow.. the Deverry series. Personal recommendation: Memory.. Lyrian 16 points : 4 hours ago re ply Good list recommend reading Rothfuss first.. Bardic Voices by Mercedes Lackey.. My bookshelves are already bursting at the seams. TondaTonda 7 points : 3 hours ago re ply No Piers Anthony? IllyriaD O P 6 points : an hour ago re ply I feel like I'm getting more recommendations than I gave. Great series! LastNightIThoughtItW asAGoodIde a 6 points : 3 hours ago re ply Stephen King . Golden Fool. David Eddings books.... sunnywank e nobi 6 points : 2 hours ago re ply There needs to be some Tad Williams on this list. and Thorn 7/24 .. Drizzt is the reason the Drow are awesome.A. Salvatore. sp4ce pope 9 points : 3 hours ago re ply You know why Terry Goodkind isn't on this list? because he's a terrible author LadyW ide bottom 12 points : 5 hours ago re ply . then Moon. . scythe 121 14 points : 11 hours ago re ply Farseer trilogy. then Sanderson.