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Rokade roto techniks

Company profile-

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the ROKADE ROTO
TECHNIKS undertaking Repairing & Services For any type of Rotary
Type Of Services :
* In-house Dynamic Balancing
* Condition Monitoring
* Vibration Consultancy
* Site Dynamic Balancing
* Rotor Repairs & Services
As you are aware that excessive vibration on any rotating machinery will
severely damage its many important parts like rotary elements, Bearings,
Shafts etc. To avoid a major breakdown of the machinery due to the above
problems it is always advisable to get it Dynamic Balanced any type of rotary
elements before assembly as well as periodical checking of the Dynamic
imbalance of the rotating parts of your plant machineries & corrections
thereafter can solve your vibration problems.
And for large machines, we have Site Balancing Facility to do the Dynamic
Balancing without dismantling the machine thereby minimising the down
time, labour cost & production loss etc.
Our company is indulged in business Associates of SCHENCK Rotec india ltd.
Corporate office of SCHENCK India is on four Acres of property located at
Schenck Manufacture Following Products In India
1) Dynamic Balancing Machine
2) Dynamometers
3) Vibration Monitoring Systems
4) Vibration Analyser / Balancer

We have various Balancing machines installed at our works for any type of Rotors weighing up to 15 Tones and we are using the latest Technology from SCHENCK RoTec to provide precision. you can get accurate information about the correction weight and their position . Additionally we have resources & facility for Balancing your jobs at your factory site anywhere in India by Transportable (Mobile) Hard Bearing Balancing m/c (model HT 100 of SCHENCK) for rotor weighting upto 100 Tons INSTRUMENTATION FOR BALANCING MACHINESCAB 803 For Hard Bearing Balancing Machines The CAB 803 operations with a WINDOWS 2000® operating system. and offers all the functions of the CAB 700. readout of the unbalance in a vector display shows the balancing expert the exact unbalance condition of the rotor at a glance. In this mode.5) Parameter Identification/Vibro Acoustics Diagnosis Systems. Our Mission : Leadership in Dynamic Balancing Services & Marketing Of World-class Highest Quality Standards Dynamic Balancing Machines & Vibration Equipments with Advanced Technology & Testing Solutions. reliable and cost effective solution for Balancing of your jobs. In addition. depending on the type of correction. You can also select the calculated correction instructions of the measuring unit. BALANCING SERVICESInhouse Balancing :::::::: -------- RRT offer a complete range of Balancing Services for rotors weighing up to 100 Tons.

Set-up data storage for up to 100 different rotor types .. numbers. With this unit you are able to balance at service speed. mass units and clear symbols and color display ensures fast and accurate readout. CAB 690 High-accuracy. CAB 700 . CAB 610 For Hard Bearing Balancing Machines CAB 620 For Soft Bearing Balancing Machines The economic solution for standard balancing applications . Even occasional balancing becomes a piece of a cake! The overview display appears in clear text in your own language: words. The measured signals are digitally processed in a large unbalance measuring range with high resolution and interference suppression. easy-to-read digits . not only in balancing of rigid rotors but also with rotors that have elastic behavior.Universal and cost-effective CAB 700 is operated through a menu guidance in a few steps by fixedfunction buttons. multi-faceted and for special tasks The CAB 690 has proven itself.even when it has a choice of up to 100 position for components correction. shape deviation or impact values as extra-cost options.Clear operator prompting for instrumentation set-up .Characteristics features of this instrument include: . acquire measurements to evaluate the rotor behavior during run-up as well as measure vibration velocity. It offers a broad application range as well as extraordinary accuracy in signal preparation and measurement.Unbalance display in large. Software for carrying out unbalance correction supplements this very powerful measuring system. numeric push-buttons and cursor-buttons.Function keys for frequently used operation TRAINING & SEMINAR- .

We also undertake training program on chargeable basis for operator level training on Schenck Machine. Site Balancing etc with highly professional & German trained SCHENCK Personnel. VIBRATION MEASURING AND MONITORING SYSTEM= Smart Balancer An integral solution for field balancing . Operation & Maintenance of Balancing Machines.RRT conducts on regular basis seminar on topics such as Fundamentals of Balancing. Vibration Analysis.

accurately and cost efficiently without dismantling the machine – in one or two planes. Typical examples are blowers. fatigue cracking. fans. centrifuges. turbines . Vibrations can also present a danger to operating staff and may result in undesirable downtime for plant and machinery. VIBRATION MONITORING SYSTEMWhy Is Machine Monitoring necessery? Since all machines are subject to wear during usage.e. compressors. Provides high measuring accuracy and long term stability. Large standard package can be extended with further accessories for specific balancing tasks. During operation. statically and dynamically.The majority of mechanical defects and machine malfunctions are caused directly or indirectly by vibrations due to rotor unbalance. in time. any functional irregularity should be recognized before the machine itself is endangered. Machine monitoring is especially important when machines are exceptionally susceptible to wear and tear and/or operate in hostile environments. which works as a permanent guard of the machine at a very minimum cost. sudden rupture. battery-powered instrument enables rotors to be balanced quickly. The compact. become necessary. these will cause premature bearing wear. certain maintenance and repair work will. Smart Balancer – Compact and light-weight design Conceived for every day use in a rough workshop environment High ease of operation makes for short training periods Provides a comprehensive range of measurement and analysis functions as part of the standard package. this protection can be achieved. or shaft deformation. i. The new SmartBalancer is the ideal tool for accurately determining the state of balance of your machines. To minimize cost and increase the time intervals of maintenance. air cleaners. Through permanently installed monitoring instruments.

We. <="" td=""> We also offers AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract) For your machines at very reasonable rates. apart from our standard products. which helps you to preplan regarding maintenance Spares of your machine. It monitors absolute bearing vibration using velocity transducers which represent a reliable criterion for the vibratory behavior of a machine with ball or roller bearings.and pumps. How VIBROCONTROL 1000 monitoring helps? Permanently installed VIBROCONTROL-1000 ensures protection of the machine through immediate detection. CALIBRATION & SERVICING Regular calibration of your machine or system is cost efficient as well as helps to avoid down times. Schenk RoTec are SOLUTION PROVIDERS in the vibration monitoring field and serve our esteemed customers by providing them tailor made solutions as per their requirements. It minimizes maintenance cost by recognizing the functional irregularity of the machine before damage and by increasing the time interval of maintenance. In such cases your machine will be in our observation regularly. As per our .

.recommendation you have to recalibrate your machine twice in a year. This will avoid measurement discrepancies and faulty machine settings.