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Shenzhen Chuangyi Garment Ironing Equipment Co., Ltd.

is a professional company engaging in production of industrial ironing equipment and related
accessories. After several years of efforts, CYC Chuangfeng Series Fusing Machine produced in our company has gained deep trust of large numbers of
garment manufacturers and distributors. The maintenance service center of our company can maintain fusing machine, needle detector and other ironing
equipment from various countries. We have built up good service image among the customers.
Our company has firm economic basis and strong professional technical strength. Nowadays, the garment industry requirement is constantly changing, our
company bravely develops and innovates. Sticking to the tenet of joint advancement and common benefit creation, we continuously develop new products to
suit for various requirements of customers.
Coexistence of Quality and Development and Coexistence of Credit and Cooperation. We will set up a friendship bridge based on our sincerity and
jointly create beautiful future for both of us!

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Small fusing press CR-400/300/200


29 times

Descripti  This machine aesthetic, and rational sturcture, appleed to small
pieces of adhesion.
 Unique anti-deflecting device guarantee for the normal operation
of the.
 Low-power, operation simple and convent.
 the appearance of color and electrical configurations are
difference between CY and CR machine.

















1630(L)×820(W)×38(H 1610(L)×600(W)×255(H




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Continuous straight linear pusing press CY900L/600L

to achieve accurate temperature control.  Using seamless Teflon transport belt. and improve production efficiency. ion:  Using automatic devices that will ensure normal transport belt line. at the same time using the advanced electronic thermostat and solid state relay(SSR).clicks: 4 times Descript  Continuous operations.  Installed a cooling devices in material outlet to ensure that the pieces in a short period of time cooling shape. while increasing joint effect.5kg/cm2 . MODEL CY-900L CY-600L POWER SUPPLY 3P-380V 3P-380V HEAT 12Kw RATED ER OUTP MOTE UT 230W R FUSING WIDTH 900mm MAX FUSING 5 sec(max) SPEED PRESSURE 0-4.  Using compressing air to ensure the pressure more evenly and accurately.  A special heating designed to control temperature difference between the two sides and middle are in normal rang. and extended belt life. upper / lower dual-use heating select switch. according to different piece to select. adjust more simple.6Kw 230W 600mm 5 sec(max) 0-4.  Set up front / rear.5kg/cm2 9.

TEMPERATU 0-200℃ RE 0-200℃ DIMENSION 2940(L)×1500(W)×1200 2740(L)×1200(W)×1200 (H)mm (H)mm WEIGHT 474kg *Required an Air Compressor Categories: Bonder Product number: CY-I Product name: Flat-pressing machine for T-shirt CY-I clicks: 7 times 390kg .

 The heating lines are distributed rationally with three controlling regions. MODEL CY-I POWER 3P-380V SUPPLY RATE 5.4KW OUTPUT TABLE SIZE 1000×250mm PRESSU 4-6kg/cm2 RE WEIGHT 0-200℃ MCAHIN 1300(L)×1120(W)×1560( E SIZE H)mm WEIGHT 705kg . Heat is transferred through high quality aluminium sheet and temperature on each part of the operating panel is even.  This machine is suitable for adhering high quality Tube-Shaped part and collar of T-Shirt. and oil pressure effect can be achieved through pressurization. and an ideal adhering effect can be reached.Description:  Air-driven is adopted.

double way belt stop device will automatically stop to deviate from the belt. Air-cooled system of enter bracket and income material can be .  Rectification micro-switch designed long-handled "R" in the effective protection the belt. enhance adhesion effect.  All four upper and lower heating plates are evenly distributed.Categories: Bonder Product number: CY-450SB Product name: Small automatic fusing press CY450SB clicks: 9 times Descripti  This machine is equipped with automatic adjust belt on: device. and durable. with a belt close touch.  Using seamless Teflon transport belt.  The use of advanced electronic thermostat and solid state relay (SSR). TO achieve accurate temperature control.  CY-450SB were improved base on characteristics of trademark manufacture.

ironing boards.5m/min PRESSURE 1. If you are after a professional clothes iron. including innovative vacuum ironing tables and clothes steamers. upholstery and drapes.0Kw FUSING WIDTH 450mm MAX FUSING SPEED 8. ironing boards. Our garment pressing products include clothes steamers. noncrease iron. steam boilers and clothes presses can be used for commercial dry cleaning and clothes pressing. sell a wide range of inexpensive top quality dry cleaning equipment and clothes pressing machinery. irons and formers.5kg/cm(max) TEMPERATURE 200℃(cax) DIMENSION 1660(L)×880(W)×490(H)mm WEIGHT 180kg :: Garment Pressing Machinery :: Simons Boiler Co. MODEL CY-450S/450SB POWER SUPPLY 1P-220V HEATER RATED OUTPUT MOTER 4. Our clothes steamers offer an effective solution to removing creases from clothing.choose to use. . Formers also use steam for a perfect. tablecloths. browse through our range of steam irons. Our vacuum ironing tables.

High standard quality components and minimum maintenance. Fashion Houses & for the home.5Kg High-yeld steam generators with iron for household or light professional use. Ideal for use in Laundries. Simons Domina 1000 High output steam generator with stainless steel boiler and professional iron . will not press well without the aid of steam. New materials being released make this job even tougher without steam as Polyesters. Please browse our range of units. Natural Fibres etc. Simons carry the largest range of steam ironing equipment in Australia and can offer a solution to business ranging in size from small home pressing services up to the requirements of large clothing manufacturers and Dry Cleaners. Approved by Workcover & Electricity Authorities. Retail Stores. Technical Data: Electrical power supply: 230V 50HZ Boiler capacity: 2 liters Water level: 1. .4 liters Average usage duration : 2hrs Iron resistance: 450W Boiler resistance: 700W Net weight: 7. Rayons.:: Steam Irons :: It has long been known that pressing without the aid of steam makes the task a much more difficult & lengthy process.

Stainless steel boiler with high capacity for up to 2 hours of non-stop usage Long lasting. self-cleaning heating element Two safety thermostats in the boiler Safety cap Professional iron with double thermostat protection Low maintenance Low power consumption: only 1150W Uses tap water Iron rest and cable stand included. Simons All Steam Non Electric Irons :: .

steam volume adjustment. teflon braided steam hose cover. Magic teflon shoe (optional). long lasting button. demineralizer (optional).35kg Base size: 191mm x 108mm Simons Gravity Feed Bottle Steam Irons :: ES-94A Features include: comfortable superb quality handle. Technical data: Wattage: 1000W Weight: 2.1kg Base size: 205mm x 124mm :: Vacuum Ironing Table :: . special rubber handle.BS-3PC Features include stainless steel base. waste water valve. Magic teflon shoe optional Technical data: Weight: 1. sharp body design.

Suction motor: 0. :: Simons Domostir Plia :: Semi-professional folding. These tables are also fitted with heating elements to keep the tables dry and to allow pre-heating to the underside of a garment being pressed. Simons stock a large range of "Trevil" Vacuum Ironing tables from Italy. 50Hz. Equipped with movable suction command foot pedal Technical Data: Electrical power supply: 230V. the addition of a vacuum suction fan to heated ironing tables has seen a drastic improvement in the quality of finish of garments being pressed. height adjustable and heated suction table.4 kW Board dimensions: 110x38x25 cm Overall dimensions: 135x38x85-90 cm Net weight: 17 Kg Gross weight: 19 Kg Packing dimensions: 119x36x48 cm .06 kW Table resistance: 0. These tables also allowed for much greater speed of pressing and therefore a greater output of garments could be achieved.Since the early 1980's.

no attention. an electrically heated ironing table. • Simons miniature steam boilers of the size indicated above are available in capacities to produce an adequate quantity of steam for l. if required. no operator required to ensure the satisfactory operation of the boiler. • The steam is produced in a miniature fully automatic packaged electric steam boiler measuring 250mm x 350mm x 640mm high and is situated adjacent the ironing table as illustrated on our brochure.690 kPa. The boiler is fitted with a pressure gauge. . 2. In addition a blowdown valve is fitted to the side of the boiler beneath the automatic feedwater pump for thorough draining and cleaning of the boiler. The boiler produces steam at between 550 . is fully automatic in that it has a built-in feedwater pump which automatically during the day pumps water into the boiler as and when required. safety valve and pilot lights. and is fitted with a fully automatic pressure switch which maintains the pressure at the desired working pressure without any operator's supervision. The automatic electric steam boiler is enclosed in an attractive marvi-plate sheet metal enclosure which consists of vinyl covered sheet metal to ensure maintenance free care and attractive appearance. thumb switch controlled electric steam iron and. There is no supervision. • The boiler requires only switching on in the morning and switching off at the end of the day's work. 5 or 6 irons.THE ADVANTAGES OF SIMONS AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC STEAM IRONING UNITS AND ELECTRICALLY HEATED IRONING TABLES • The Simons Automatic Electric Steam Ironing Unit manufactured by W Simons & Sons (Aust) Pry Ltd consists basically of an electric fully automatic steam boiler. 4. 3.

bright nickel plated. tefane steam hose which is supported from a spring stanchion to provide a neat assembly of hoses and flexes as illustrated on the brochure. Steam is supplied to the iron via a P. 3 and 4½kg irons are fitted with a gun-metal base.E. The construction of the iron is such that maintenance may be carried out with the least possible inconvenience. The thumb switch and solenoid valve controlling the flow of steam to the iron is reduced in voltage to 24V so that there is no danger from the micro switch fitted to the thumb switch on the handle of the iron should damage occur to same. • The steam iron is available in four weights . 3 and 4½ kg. 2½. The steam from the boiler is transferred to an electric solenoid valve as illustrated on the brochure. for maintenance. Therefore. adjustable between 90 C and 230 C so as to provide a full range of temperatures for the ironing of all types of garments. by the removal of the iron bonnet each component may be individually replaced without the destruction of any other one . The l½kg iron is fitted with a polished aluminium base whilst the 2½. superheater and thermostat are placed in turn on the base before the fitting of the iron bonnet. which includes an element.T. The thermostat adjustment knob is located beneath the iron handle as illustrated on the brochure.Once switched on it will automatically maintain the desired pressure and water level to produce the steam required for the number of irons for which the boiler is selected.1½. All model steam irons are fitted with a fully automatic thermostat to control accurately the temperature of the base of the iron.F. The iron is constructed with the base from which two studs rise vertically and each component. The electric solenoid valve which controls the flow of steam to the iron is controlled from a thumb switch fitted to the handle of the iron.

• The steam iron unit can be supplied as a one-iron unit. The configuration and lay-outs as illustrated and as detailed on our drawing are typical only. three. the second iron is served from the solenoid valve fixed to the table where the second iron is to be located. thus avoiding expensive pipework and steam traps. etc. • The steam produced in the boiler when transferred from the boiler through the solenoid valve and teflon steam hose to the steam iron leaves the steam iron with such velocity that it has the capacity to blow a distance of 15 metres from the iron. and steam is supplied to the second iron via pipework which is connected into a socket provided on the right hand side of the boiler. The unit can be further extended to a three-iron unit as illustrated on our typical "3-iron unit lay-out" drawing. The first iron is served from the solenoid valve located immediately on top of the boiler. A close study of the . as can be seen on the illustration.component. thus maintenance costs are kept to an absolute minimum. two-iron unit. A table is included at the end of this precis detailing approximate "Pressing Time" for various types of garments when using a Simons automatic steam iron and which has been compiled from information supplied by Australian Clothing Manufacturers using Simons steam irons. but with these types of lay-outs they ensure a very economical installation utilising the principle of gravity condensate drainage. The actual amount of steam used for steam pressing is a quantity of steam equal to a blow of approximately l½ metres and this flow is controlled from a needle valve fitted to the solenoid valve. four. five or six-iron unit. A typical example of the lay-out of a two-iron unit is as illustrated on our brochure.

drawings and illustrated brochure will indicate to the user the simplicity of installation. It is essential that the ironing surface on the table is bone dry. To overcome this problem Simons manufacture an electrically heated ironing table. The principle of operation is that the heated surface of the ironing table withdraws the moisture which would normally collect in the cotton padding to re-evaporate same to ensure a continuous and perfectly dry ironing. the ironing table is of cast aluminium with an electric element and thermostat fitted to the underside. provides a problem of condensation of steam into the cotton padding ironing surface covering the ironing table. -ELECTRICALLY HEATED IRONING TABLES• The substantial quantity of steam available from the Simons automatic electric steam ironing unit which is essential for industrial steam ironing to ensure immediate relaxation of the tensions of the fibres of the garment being ironed.4m long tapered to one end. pipework lay-out and freedom of maintenance.2m long and tapered to one end. the most common being for the frock trade 300mm wide x 1.2m long. • The ironing tables are available in several shapes and sizes. shape and finish created by the ironing operation. are thermostatically controlled to maintain a surface temperature of 90 C and are . All tables are of cast aluminium. The electric element heats the aluminium table to a temperature of 90 C under the control of the thermostat. as the garment prior to ironing is dry and the garment on completion of ironing must again be dry to ensure retention of tension. for the tailors a table 180mm wide increasing in size to 430mm and for trouser leg seam busting a seam buster table 100mm wide x 1. are fitted with an electric element. for the frock and slack trade 360mm wide x 1. surface.

Simons 'Presrite' electric steam iron low-boy unit. Suction is automatic. generally as illustrated on our brochure.Powerful suction (vacuum) guarantees extra dry cool garments . -SIMONS SUCTION ELECTRICALLY HEATED IRONING TABLES• The Suction (Vacuum) Electrically Heated Ironing Tables as illustrated on the reverse side of the Steam Ironing Unit brochure incorporates all the features of the standard electrically heated ironing table referred to above plus a powerful suction fan to provide quicker ironing with extra dry cool garments.Fitted with continuous suction manual over-ride switch with indicator lamp for ease of operation . no levers or arms to pull. Simons Alisea :: .Table tapered to ensure proper ironing of shaped garments . readily fitted.Electrically heated corrosion-free pressing surface with automatic variable temperature control .Lifelong construction with suction tub of rust-free cast aluminium and suction plate of perforated aluminium .Quiet operation and fitted with directional discharge outlet Options: Sleeve arm with powerful suction and swivel action.Suction controlled by a single foot pedal .mounted on an attractively finished steel column and aluminium base for securing to the floor.Supplied with fitted heat resistant ironing covers . The Simons Suction (Vacuum) Heated Ironing Tables feature: . surpassing even the existing standard range of Simons electrically heated ironing tables.

Ergonomic design unbeatable for its price and quality Technical Data: Electrical power supply: 230V.45 kW 1ph Table resistance: 0. Suction Motor: 0.4 kW Table dimensions: FU 112x38x23 cm Overall machine dimensions: FU 130x38x75-95 cm Net weight: FU 60 Kg. 50Hz. Gross weight (carton): FU 69 Kg Packing dimensions: FU 135x46x78 :: Simons Planora :: .Height adjustable heated suction ironing tables with interchangeable forms.

varnished folding steel tube frame with automatically adjustable steel top.PLS 140x82x78:95 cm . Features include 122 cm x 35 cm ironing surface with cover and padding. Available in three different ironing surfaces and fitted for manual exclusion of suction when arm forms are utilized.PLM 200x95x78:95 cm Simons Framar :: Portable light duty non-suction.PLM 180x90 cm Overall machine dimensions: . .PLS 120x65 cm .PL 130x80 cm . Suction Motor:0.55 kW 3ph Suction discharge outlet: Ø 160 Table resistance: 0.55 kW 1ph / 0.Height adjustable rectangular heated suction table.PL 160x95x78:95 cm .8 kW TableTop dimensions: . non-heated superior ironing table with iron stand. Technical Data: Electrical power supply: 230V. 50Hz.

Wrinkles are wiped away quickly and easily with a strong continuous flow of warm moist steam. So whether you are a technician operating a large professional shop. a worldclass globetrotter looking for a portable travel steamer or a home owner looking for that personal professionalism when using a personal clothes steamer. SIMONS Garment Steamer .Model 203 :: .Steamers :: Clothes Steamers often preferred over a traditional hand iron for their ease of use and functionality. you will quickly depend on the Steamer's quality for dozens of tasks.

moist steam removes wrinkles from your personal wardrobe helping to reduce dry cleaning bills. .The powerful Simons Steamer.FEATURES - . drapery. Your Simons Steamer with proper maintenance will last through years of demanding use. -Warm. Use it on clothing. furniture and any fabric to remove wrinkles quickly and easily. Steamers remove wrinkles while being gentle on the fabric. -Hang pants by the cuff for quick and easy wrinkle removal. -Care for delicate and difficult-to-treat apparel in a matter of minutes.

1 kg Gross Weight 8.3.1 kg :: Trevilpress .2 Litre water bottle Quick 2-minute heat-up time 1350 watt heating element 2 hours operation between fills good quality castors able to swivel 360 lint removing brush on steam wand head simple on/off switch operation low water level alarm & auto cut out .2 Litres Continuous Operation 2 Hours Hose Length 1600 mm Steam Temperature Net Weight 7.TECHNICAL DATA Electrical Power 240V / 50Hz Rated Power 1350W Water Volume 3.6003 Series :: 98 C .

Optionals: boiler aspirator iron.Upper board descent through pedals with hand safety frame. :: Technical Data :: Ironing press with universal surfaces equipped with hand safety frame feature. . . .The new line of presses respond to several needs.Balanced upper board for a supple alignment of the boards.Mobile and pneumatic control pedals. Electrical power supply: 400v 50hz Steam pressure: 500 kPa (5 bar) Steam consumption: 15÷20kg/h Aspirator connection: Ø 100 mm Suction pressure: 250mm h20 .

Roller ironers are identified through their diameter and roller length. not being confusable with others already present on the Market. These dimensions. determine machine performances. for the quality of finishing and innovative technological solutions.55kw Overall dimensions: 130x120 cm Net weight: 360kg Gross weight: 400kg Packing dimensions: 140x115x140 cm Volume: 2. since their first appearance. consents a charming product presentation.45kw Pump motor: 0. constantly improved. From the commercial point of view.Suction consumption: 400M3/h Water supply: Ø 16 mm Boiler discharge: 1/2" Aspirator discharge: Ø 100 mm Boiler resistance: 12÷15kW Suction motor: 0. these products grant to Distributors an exclusiveness image. together with heating power and other technical characteristics. arose interest and appreciations for their originality. A series of international Patents protects the originality of mechanical system. while aesthetic.25 m3 :: Roller Ironers :: Roller ironers. :: Series 20 :: .

Simple to use and absolutely safe also for operators having little expertise.400/3+N/50Hz 4. which makes them the ideal products for a sporadic use. A lot of space can be saved thanks to their reduced dimensions and the frontal return of ironed linen Technical data ROLLER DIMENSIONS GMP 1000 GMP 1200 Ø200x1000 mm Ø200x1200 mm IRONING SPEED 3.The Series 20 is divided into GMP 1000 and GMP 1200 These models are the smallest GMP produces. Marking sign of these ironers is the extreme constructive simplicity.400/3+N/50Hz V.3 m/min V.230/3+N/50Hz V. they grant good performances and ironing quality.230/1+N/50Hz V. further to long time gaps between maintenance interventions thanks to the reduced number of mechanical components.78 kW 5.3 m/min 3.6 kW 5. Usually matched with small washing machines and dryers they allow ironing linen with residual moisture up to 25%.6 kW TOTAL POWER 4.8.5 A 17 A .78 kW ABSORPTION 24 A .10 A 20 kg 25 kg SUPPLY HEATING POWER HOURLY OUTPUT .

A. The range of ironers with roller diameter 250 mm is the natural evolution of smaller models GMP 1000 and GMP 1200. Analysing the name of this model.IRONER DIMENSIONS 1305x420x993 mm 1505x420x933 mm PACKING DIMENSIONS 1420x540x1120 mm 0. other characteristics must be added for GMP 1400ES. In comparison to models of series 20.86 m³ 1620x540x1120 mm 0. the range 25 has got a larger ironing surface. GMP 120/25. To these. a higher ironing pressure and a bigger heating power. GMP 1400ES. . GMP 1400ES and GMP 1400ES. Thanks to their very simple and practical use and to the extreme competitiveness of acquisition and operating costs these ironers allow obtaining better performances and ironing quality than smaller models without renouncing to maximum safety for operators.5 / 93 kg :: Series 25 :: The Series 25 is divided into GMP 100/25.98 m³ NET/GROSS WEIGHT 74 / 85. During last years markets in which GMP is operating refer to these models as the most suitable products for little integrated laundry (a laundry installation inside a predominant activity).5 kg 80.

400/3+N/50Hz HEATING POWER 6 kW 6.12 A 21.The series 25 includes four basis-model that."ES" means Energy Saving.21 m³ .10. The model GMP 1400ES. second ironing speed and exhaust suction system it offers great performances and mechanical reliability.08 kW 7. Last but not least feature of this model is the great competitiveness in comparison to similar models already present on the market.5 Kw power).5 A .5 A .230/3+N/50Hz .8 m/min 3.8 m/min SUPPLY V. being planned for users of middling size.18 kW 7.400/3+N/50Hz V. while the initial "A" indicates the presence of an efficacious exhaust suction system (application typical of products with bigger dimensions).400/3+N/50Hz V.9 kW 7.08 m³ mm . to satisfy most exigent markets.0.V.13 A HOURLY OUTPUT 30 kg 35 kg 25 kg IRONER 1440x420x1003 1640x420x1003 1840x420x1003 DIMENSIONS mm mm mm PACKING 530x1560x1160 530x1760x1160 530x1960x1160 DIMENSIONS mm .1. which allows obtaining higher output and saves roller padding from hydrolysis effects.8 m/min 3.68 kW ABSORPTION 18 A . GMP can equip with accessories planned and expressly realised thanks to our experience to obtain performances. to indicate a study purposely done to obtain good performances saving electrical energy (only 7.5 A 20.1.230/3+N/50Hz V.96 m³ mm .5 kW TOTAL POWER 6. Equipped with double switch pedal. minimizing operating and maintenance costs.A in particular.230/3+N/50Hz . represents a link with the range of professional machines (with roller diameter 300 mm). Technical data GMP 100/25 GMP 120/25 GMP 1400ES* ROLLER Ø250x1000 mm DIMENSIONS Ø250x1200 mm Ø250x1400 mm IRONING SPEED 3.V. which can satisfy specific needs of final customer.

they fulfil requirements of solidity and reliability and offer high output (superior the average) and low using costs. introduction and expulsion belt conveyors.3 m/min VARIABLE SPEED 1. These models can count on a complete range of rational and economic accessories such as exhaust suction system. has allowed our ironers to assert successfully even in the most exigent markets.3 m/min 2. variable speed.8 ÷ 4.A ROLLER DIMENSIONS Ø300x1400 mm Ø300x1600 mm Ø300x2000 mm IRONING SPEED 2. heating elements.7 . etc. This. Planned for a continuous and professional use.A With these models.).8 ÷ 4. grant a constant production both for quality and quantity and reduce maintenance interventions. roller padding. Technical data GMP 1400 GMP 1600 GMP 2000.6 m/min 1.4.7 . which are typical of the use of these machines. together with the using simplicity and the high safety level for the operator. The components (electronic thermostat T2SK.8 ÷ 4.4.NET/GROSS 94 / 119 kg WEIGHT 100 / 124 kg 106 / 128 kg :: Series 30 :: The Series 30 is divided into GMP 1400.6 m/min 1.7 .6 m/min 2. GMP 1600 and GMP 2000.3 m/min .4. studied to respond to the solicitations. we enter in the range of GMP professional products. equipped with roller diameter 300 mm. exclusive roller paddings realized with lamellar springs.

1.2.5 A HOURLY OUTPUT 40 kg 50 kg 55-60 kg EXHAUST SUCTION CAPACITY 80m³/h 80 m³/h 80 m³/h Ø75x55 mm Ø75x55 mm EXHAUST SUCTION Ø75x55 mm DIMENSIONS IRONER DIMENSIONS 1890x552x1073 2090x552x1073 2490x552x1073 mm mm mm PACKING DIMENSIONS 2000x660x1250 2200x660x1250 2600x660x1250 mm .82m³ mm . G 21-35.SUPPLY V. Among them.400/3+N/50Hz V.1.65m³ mm . These new models of drying ironers are gas heated and were born from GMP experiences in the field of thermoregulation.230/3+N/50Hz V.400/3+N/50Hz V.82 kW 12.400/3+N/50Hz HEATING POWER 9.32 kW 15. G 12-25 and G 14-25. from over a year of laboratory tests and from a planning careful to basic-parameters. Equipped with frontal linen return and characterised by a particularly compact structure.92 kW 36.21 A 46 A .26 A ABSORPTION 32 A .230/3+N/50Hz V. these ironers can be positioned at few centimetres from the wall.19. constructive simplicity.5 A .15 m³ NET/GROSS WEIGHT 209 / 232 kg 221 / 245 kg 243 / 271 kg :: Series G :: The series G is divided into G 15-35. maximum efficiency in the components and quality results superior to what already present on the market.4 kW 15 kW TOTAL POWER 10. allowing .9 kW 11. G 18-35.230/3+N/50Hz V.

thanks to the quality of Nomex material and to an efficacious tensioning system. The ironing speed can be regulated from 1. Innovative solutions have allowed us to obtain a rapid answer to temperature subtraction without creating that costly thermal inertia which negatively weights on machine performances. obtaining results. which are superior to the actual market level in terms of performances and duration of the single components. by way of example. realised by a primary Brand in the burner sector and developed in cooperation with our technical department. safety thermostats purposely calibrated. The machines of series "G" have a rotary roller hauled by drying belts purposely created. Exhaust fumes and vapours suction systems are separated. Also for the version with electric heating GMP has used the experience of a big manufacturer. which also has the function of "rapid stop". which we believe being nowadays the most performing and reliable in our sector. The burner ignition and shutdown during work are obtained by pressing a comfortable pedal. The belts keep constant the pressure over the roller. The combustion chamber created inside the roller is heated by an innovative titanium-steel burner. hardly tested during the certification. A long research. pressure switches on the fumes exhaust system and an electrical system modernly planned and easy to inspect. following the most recent norms concerning pollution and safety on working place. The technical and project choice of this version offers further advantages. as safety device. together with heating power and temperature regulation is one of the basic parameters to consider the quality and the efficiency of an ironing machine. at the base of the excellent results of "G" range. such as. The electronic thermostat has been studied by GMP for obtaining great precision and saving energy with performances superior the average. has allowed to optimise combustion through the right exhaust fumes suction and the distribution of power along the whole roller surface. Pressure. while inside are installed the components creating the so called "Venturi effect". . including split devices. The burner surface is realized with laser for a perfect flame distribution.working in little space but comfortably and in safety. which is installed separately from gas components location. To the technical solutions we must add the extreme care of the details and the quality of the materials chosen by GMP. The heating power is controlled trough quality products. The safety devices planned for "G" range go farther than EC directives. Every component of these systems has been dimensioned and tested to grant efficiency and safety. the reduced maintenance costs thanks to the simplicity of the system. Thermoregulation and heating power control are the strong points of "G" series. using last generation motors and inverter.6 to 5 m/min.

19 m³ 2.400/3+N/5 V.6 ÷ 5 m/min GAS 1/2" CONNECTION 1. Technical data G 15 .4 kW 9 kW 12 kW CALENDER DIMENSIONS 550x2010x1 550x2340x1 550x2640x1 510x1805x1 510x2010x1 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm 080H mm 080H mm MOTORS POWER 1 kW PACKING DIMENSIONS 640x2100x1 640x2440x1 640x2840x1 400 mm 400 mm 4000 mm 1.6 kW 27 kW 11.400/3N/50H Hz (electric) z (electric) THERMAL CAPACITY (gas 22 kW heating) 25. 50-54% 50%) 50%) SUPPLY TENSION V.400/3N/50 V. with a strong structure in electro-zinc plated plate.h.h.The ironers are aesthetically pleasant and solid.38-40 kg . has obtained EC certification with excellent results.25 ROLLER DIMENSIONS Ø325x1500 Ø325x1800 Ø325x2100 1200 x Ø 270 1450 x Ø 270 mm mm mm mm mm IRONING SPEED 1.37 kW . GMP's traditional constructive planning. Controls are easy to identify and to reach. r. tested by the certifying society 0063. with minimum equipment and waste of time.h. 50-54% r.6 kW HEATING POWER 18 kW (electrical hea ting) 23.h.35 G 18 .35 G 12 . “G” range.4 kW 23.54 m³ 474 kg 520 kg 580kg 1 kW 1 kW 0.400/3+N/5 V.37 kW 0.400/3+N/5 (gas) (gas) 0Hz 0Hz 0Hz V.h. epoxy powder painted. 50-54% r. for instance in the facility of access to a great part of mechanical components.230/1/50Hz V.35 G 21 .6 ÷ 5 m/min 0.8 ÷ 3 m/min 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" HOURLY OUTPUT 32-34 kg .230/1/50Hz V. 24 kg/h (r. finds its confirmation in this range of products.8 ÷ 3 m/min 0.6 ÷ 5 m/min 1.44-46 kg 20 kg/h (r.25 G 14 .2 kW 13.88 m³ 2. already shown with the electric-heated products.