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Israel-Palestine War 2008-2009

The Gaza Strip has been separated from Israel by the Israel–Gaza barrier since 1996,
which has helped reduce infiltration into Israel. Since the beginning of the Second Intifada,
Gazans are no longer permitted to enter Israel for work purposes. Special permits to enter
Israel for medical purposes have also been greatly reduced, which has made travel for
Palestinians a difficult task1.
Since the Palestinian legislative election, 2006, Israel has been negotiating with Mahmoud
Abbas and the PLO, but has been simultaneously targeting and bombing Hamas activists
and militants and arresting Hamas's elected legislative counsel politicians2.
When the Islamic party Hamas won the January 2006 Palestinian legislative election,
gaining a majority of seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council, the conflict between
Israel and Gaza intensified. Israel sealed its border with the Gaza Strip, largely preventing
free flow of people and many imports and exports. Palestinians have been shooting
Qassam rockets at Israeli settlements located near the Gaza borders, and have staged
cross-border raids aimed at killing or capturing Israeli soldiers.
In June 2007, internal fighting broke out between Hamas and Fatah and Hamas fully
consolidated its power by staging an armed coup d'état and taking control of the Gaza
Strip. Following the internecine fighting that occurred between 7 and 15 June 2007, also
known as the Battle of Gaza 2007 in which 118 Palestinians were killed and over 550 were
wounded3, the entire Gaza Strip came under full control of a Hamas government.
As a response to the Hamas takeover, Israel sharply restricted the flow of people and
goods into and out of Gaza. About 70% of Gaza's workforces have become unemployed or
without pay, and about 80% of its residents live in poverty.
Since Hamas' takeover, Palestinian armed groups in Gaza and Israel continued to clash.
Palestinian armed groups have fired rockets into Israel, killing Israeli civilians, including
children, and wounding others, as well as causing damage to infrastructure; and Israel
have launched attacks, and shelled Gaza with artillery, killing Palestinian combatants as
well as civilians, including children, and causing devastating damage to infrastructure.
According to Human Rights Watch, the Palestinian deliberate attacks against civilians (2008). Restriction of movement. . [ONLINE] Available at:
[Last Accessed 28 october 2014]. (2008). Israel and Gaza Conflict. . [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 28 october

3 Idem.


[Last Accessed 7 November 2014]. however the most important causes to generated the conflict between Palestinians and Jewish. Hamas. Causes Broadly. it is responsible for stopping unlawful attacks even when carried out by other groups4. (2008).aspx?tname=73 2 . this conflict appears in biblical times. it zone is the beginning of Arab religion. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. the Jews genocide. and this place is the currently zone of Jerusalem and its surroundings because the history shows this place is the beginning of their religion. 5Let’s We Forget (2010). an Islamic organization. a Palestinian part and an internationally administered zone to include the city of Jerusalem as a Corpus Separatum to be administered by the United Nations5 But the immediate cause of Gaza War since 2008 to 2010 isthe following context: Hamas won a surprise victory in Palestinian elections in early 2006 but has since been engaged in an intermittently violent power struggle with Fatah. [Last Accessed 28 october 2014]. Human Rights Watch written statement on Gaza to the UN Human Rights Council. Because Hamas exercises power inside Gaza.1948.violate international humanitarian law. a secular political grouping headed by Mr rose to prominence in Gaza during two Palestinian uprisings and refuses to recognize or negotiate with to get the idea of their own Jewish State. After these two world Resolution 181: The Partition Resolution of 29 November 1947. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. 6BBC (2007). 7Copyright © 2010 Jerusalem Media & Communications Development of conflict GAZA WAR TIMELINE7 Date Details 4 Human Rigths Watch. many Jews have influenced the government: United States and United Kingdom to try to get their own Jewish State and as result. [ONLINE] Available at: http://news.jmcc. it is when Theodore Herzl in 1891 – the founder of Zionist. available in http://www. the United Nations make the resolution 181 it determined the following: Palestine was thus divided into 3 parts: a Jewish part. besides they have been to longer time than the Jews in that place even in contemporary age since empire ottoman to the English protectorate. ran the Palestinian Authority until 2006 and officially recognizes in the same way. [Last Accessed 07 november 2014].stm.hrw. Hamas takes full control of Gaza.

along with his brother.033 Palestinians with 4. while residents evacuate. Jan. 27 – More than 50 Israeli war planes fire missiles at numerous areas of the Gaza Strip. 2. Egyptian mediation efforts succeed in convincing Hamas delegation to travel to Cairo. Consequences 3 . Jan. 16 – Gaza Strip experiences the most violent shelling since start of war. with 3. Israeli troops undertake intensive shelling of northern Gaza. white phosphorus bombs are used by Israeli military for first time during attempts to occupy Jabbal al-Rais. Meanwhile. 18. 15 – Jan. 2009) WEEK 2 (Jan. 15 – Israeli army assassinates Hamas interior minister Said Siam. Death toll reaches 1. Jan. Jan. 13. Palestinian factions agree to ceasefire and demand Israeli forces to withdraw in a week’s time. Rockets attacks against Israel continue. Three Israeli soldiers are killed. Approximately 100 rockets are launched to target Israel during this week. Targets include police headquarters of Hamas leadership in Gaza. 27. 2008 4 March 2008 19 June – 4 Novembe r 2008 WEEK 1 (Dec. 8 – UN Security Council adopts resolution 1. Northern BeitLahia is heavily targeted.Juny. Residential buildings come under fire. Meanwhile. Death toll reaches 1. 2009) FINAL WEEK (Jan. 17 – Israel announces unilateral ceasefire. Israeli forces enter BeitLahia. Top Hamas leader Sheikh NizarRayyan is assassinated. called. Second phase of war starts with deployment of ground forces. An additional 55 injuries are reported. the UN Security Council fails to adopt a ceasefire resolution. 2009) Hamas took over control Gaza Strip The Operation.000 wounded. Jan. Palestinian death toll at this stage is estimated at 700. Meanwhile intense fighting continues between Palestinian factions and Israeli forces. including 90 grad missiles. 7. 3 – Jan. 7 – Israeli shelling of an UNRWA school sheltering civilians kills 45 Palestinians. 8 – Jan. Casualties include 330 children and 80 women. “ Hot Winter” began The end of Hot Winter Operation A little time of relative peace Dec.330. Jan. 2007 27 February. 2009) WEEK 3 (Jan.850 wounded. east of Gaza city. 2008 – Jan.860. 18 – Israeli troops begin to withdraw. As many as 560 rockets are launched on Israel. During the week. Fierce battles take place between the army and Palestinian fighters. a commander in IzzedinQassam brigades.

L-3658907. In addition to the work of reconstruction of Gaza. 9 The Governments of Qatar and Mauritania announced the suspended diplomatic relations with Israel as a way to protest over the conflict in the Gaza Strip and exert pressure for an end to the conflict. DOHA. Com.7340. Dozens of stores of weapons of the Islamist organization were destroyed. Hanan 12United Nations (April 2009). El País Internacional. IDF: Hamas forced us to act Greenberg 9 27 de diciembre 2008.html 1016 Ene.html 11 This statistic involve the whole conflict 8 Consecuencias del conflicto de la Franja de Gaza de 2008-2009 http://es. the situation in which were both the Gaza Strip and southern Israel after the offensive. the resumption in the rhythm of rocket launch from the coastal strip into Israeli territory and attacks carried out by the Hebrew army in Gaza following the complete withdrawal of the Israeli troops on January and according to the Israeli army estimates. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. in the two years that followed the imposition of the blockade (15 June 2007 . and the different diplomatic and political consequences that resulted from the conflict. 4 .europapress. The main consequences derived from damage both in the Gaza Strip and in southern Israel as a result of the increase in hostilities during the conflict.wikipedia. the accusations by various international organizations on both sides by the possible Commission of crimes of war and use of prohibited weaponry during the war.ochaopt.8 Aerial attacks perpetuated over the years than hard this confrontation. pdf. http://internacional. News.html in civilian areas.The consequences of the conflict were as varied as the nature of the Arab-Israeli conflict in which it is framed. 2009. altered because of the political situation in which is located the coastal territory after the conflict. LOCKED IN: THE HUMANITARIAN IMPACT OF TWO YEARS OF BLOCKADE ON THE GAZA Overall.15 June 2009).elpais. mainly on the Palestinian side.00. 500 militiamen died from bombing and fighting11.700 people were injured12. the number and the nature of the victims produced. Palestine (Hamas) is unable to establish relations diplomatic with Israel's allies on the other hand creates a climate of tension among the involved10 The military power of Hamas was seriously damaged during the Israeli offensive. killed 225 and left more than 700 people. a total of 2. (EUROPA PRESS) http://www. in a single attack by left thousands of wounded and dead. [Last Accessed 7 November 2014].008 Palestinians were killed and approximately 6.

More than 20. coupled with the ban on exports. in the houses of relatives and in tents next to their damaged houses14.383 Palestinians. a significant proportion of these fatalities were civilians not involved in the hostilities13.116 (IDF) to 1. including 333 children whose death was confirmed by at least two independent sources.pdf Nations.455 (Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza). OCHA has identified the records of 1.ochaopt.The reported number of Palestinian fatalities during "Cast Lead" ranges from 1. including raw displaced people are forced to continue living in rented apartments. Based on the cross-checking of multiple fatality lists. The lack of essential imports. has decimated economic activity in the private sector and resulted in the loss of 13 Idem 14Idem 5 . Economic Damage on Palestine Source: United http://www.

it is the one developed in the previous pages. in which affected children. become vigilantes of the human rights of the civilian population of both parties involved. Conclusion Israel and Palestine have been in constant clashes throughout history. are currently unemployed15. one of the most recent and bloody conflicts between the two. which has become so necessary between Israel and Palestine. Over 40 percent of Gaza's workforce. A comprehensive survey performed by the Gaza Private Sector Council indicates that 268 establishments were totally destroyed and 432 sustained damage. the most recent Israeli military operation resulted in the widespread loss of productive agricultural assets with an estimated direct loss of USD 180 million17 Consequences on Israel In the same period. women. through the Commission on human rights. As a group we can conclude. 15Idem 16Idem 17Idem 18Idem 6 . in order to avoid events that occurred between 2008 and 2009. girls. that it is necessary for the international community to make relevant efforts to contribute to generate a dialogue of peace between the two sides that may lead to the creation of a peace agreement. which took place in the period 2008-2009.approximately 120. young and innocent and civilian adults were. We believe that it is of great importance that institutions like the United Nations.000 jobs.000 people. resulting in a combined loss estimated at US $139 million16 In addition. or more than 140. a total of 25 Israelis were killed and 586 were injured inside Gaza and in towns in southern Israel18.

in the economy the damage is shared by Jews Citizens. entire homes were under fire. but without even agreement that ensures peace in between the two States. about 300 children who have died from this war .it shows that many people are not Hamas fighters .However the damage to Israel that the Palestinians are less damage. about 25 people. 7 . the actions carried out by Israel and Palestine during the conflict are varied but include: the deployment of Israeli troops and Hamas rocket. Hamas assumed administrative control of Gaza. on the grounds that Fatah was no longer providing security.The purpose of this essay is to explain the backgrounds. Israel and Egypt then partially sealed their border crossings with Gaza. buy medicine or find food. As result. In the case of Palestinian legislative election. The deployment of Israeli troops.or just was their lucky day and they were part of more than 6. foreign journalists left the Gaza strip due to the lack of security in the zone. They imposed a blocked on the territory. After many acts of violence. Conflict Israel-Palestine goes back many years a following. The launch of rockets by Hamas. about 300 million dollars per year. Second. so far have existed various conflicts with areas of high fire. 2006 victory. Palestinians still are living have not little chance to go to a hospital. develop and consequences in Gaza war: 2008-2010. (Werner Braun). not the physical”. tanks and troops have destroyed their environment. First. All Israeli weapons have caused damage to the Palestinian economy. Israel conducted airstrikes and raids against Hamas and other targets in Gaza during 2007 and 2008. seeing and feeling like Israel planes. crushed and executed by the army of Israel.000 Palestinians injured. the fishermen have seen as Israeli navy prevented from going beyond 3 nautical miles and farmersremind the tanks smashed their crops and irrigation. yet Israel decided to keep the blockade of humanitarian needs. were a response to attacks Israelis. consolidating this control after a military conflict with Fatah. In Palestine around 1300 people have died since the outbreak of hostilities between Hamas and the Israeli army. It estimates that this stage of the conflict leave 700 wounded. Palestinians death: bleeding. As a result of the June 2007 tightening of the Israeli embargo on Gaza Hamas and other Palestinian paramilitias more than doubled the monthly number of Qassam rockets and mortars fired from the Gaza strip into Southern Israel. were part of the second phase of the conflict. mutilated. prohibiting many exports and allowing only enough imported goods to avert a humanitarian or health crisis. the Gaza War in both countries have several damages on people and the economy. causing severe damage. the background of Gaza War: 2008-2010 in the point of view of both countries. also inside this statistics. which caused destruction of buildings.Summary Essay Israel-Palestine War 2008-2009 “The man is not wise to resolve all conflicts with the weapons of the mind. Israeli troops begin an intensive bombardment of northern Gaza. Palestinians used powerful rockets that came to affect cities Israeli Ashkelon and Ashdod. because even after that they have been hearing.

develop and consequences about Gaza war: 2008-2010 was a result of the previous tensions among Palestinian forces (Hammas and Al Fatah) and Israel. stating so a new conflict had 8 . The constantly attacks by Palestinian factions mainly by Hammas radical groups after they won the legislative elections and the internal fighting between Al Fatah and Hammas where this second group takeover the control over this zone and continue with the provokes against Israel settlements near of the Gaza strip provokes that Israel answer this threatens with airstrikes and ground incursions. and the rising of a barrier to limit the access of Gazans into Israel. where each part wants to exert control over the Gaza Strip. the backgrounds. this action intensified getting more discontent by Gazan authority.In summary. As a result of these confrontations many Gazans died nearly 118 others 550 were wounded and thousands were displaced from their homes. The conflict solution was the Israel withdrawn from the Gaza strip of unilateral way.