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Academy: An official organization that encourages the development of

literature, art, science. College where students are taught a particular
skill. (Military academy, dance academy)
Adjust: To gradually become familiar with a new situation.
To change or move something slightly to improve it or make it more
suitable for a particular purpose.
Alter: To change something.
Amend: To correct or make small changes to something written or
Aware: Having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge about
Capacity: The amount of space a container has to hold something.
Someone’s ability to do something.
Something that tests strength, skill or ability.
When someone refuses to accept that something is right or legal.
When someone tries to win something.
Clause: A part of a written law or legal document covering a particular
subject of the whole law.
A group of words that contains subject and verb but which is only part of
a sentence.
Compound: A substance containing atoms from two or more elements.
A combination of two or more parts.
To make a difficult situation worse by adding more problems.
Conflict: A state of disagreement or argument between people, groups or
Contact: Communication with other person. Keep in contact.
Decline: A decrease in the quality, quantity, importance. Say no.
Discrete: Clearly separate.
Draft: Piece of writing, when people join to the army.
Enable: To make possible for someone to do something.
Energy: Physical and mental strength.

purpose. Evolve Expand: To become larger in size. force someone to do something. what you see. Expose to something dangerous. Fundamental: Most basic and important part. Entity: Something that exists as a complete unit. External: Outside part. Prime: Most important. Generation: All people about the same age. Psychology Pursue Ratio: Relationship between two amounts. the best quality.Enforce: To make people obey a rule. Facilitate: To make it easier. Objective: Something that you’re trying to achieve. belief or opinion. volume. Generate: To produce or cause something. picture. Liberal Margin: Margin of error Medical: Mental Modify Monitor Network: Notion: Idea. Image:Public opinion. Reject Revenue Stable: Style Substitute Sustain: make something continue Symbol . independent. Expose: To show something that is usually covered or hidden. Equivalent: Having the same value. Foreign. to tell the truth. idea in mind.

Inevitable: Quota: Proportional part of share. Expounded: to defend with argument. Explain. Rehabilitation Riffling: Riveted: to secure with a rivet Vistas: .Target Transit Trend: Tendency Version Welfare: help benefit Whereas Atheism Dormant: temporarily devoid of external activity. inactive. Feigned: fictitious. not genuine or real. Asleep. Emulate: imitate Engrossing: taking up the attention completely.