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A transition guide for new international students
Office of International Programs, Colorado State University

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Welcome to Colorado State University
Colorado State University has welcomed international
students for more than one hundred years. Currently, more
than 1,900 international students and scholars from over
100 countries study and work here in Fort Collins. CSU
places great value in the cultural and intellectual diversity
that you will bring to our community. On behalf of the
Office of International Programs, we look forward to
welcoming you to campus.
The Globe Trotter provides information to help you to
prepare for your first few weeks in Colorado. By reading
this guide thoroughly, you will understand the services we
provide to assist you in your transition to CSU and to be
prepared for the tasks ahead.

Over the course of your stay at Colorado State University,
the Office of International Programs will assist you with
your cultural adjustment, academic integration,
professional growth, and personal support. You will find
that our staff are sincerely interested in your success. With
best personal regards, I wish you safe travels and look
forward to welcoming you to Colorado State University
upon your arrival.

Mark Hallett
Senior Director
International Student & Scholar Services

International Student
& Scholar Services Staff
Mark Hallett, Senior Director
Lisa Pappas, Associate Director
Paul Collier, Assistant Director, Immigration Issues
Christy Eylar, Assistant Director, Sponsored Students
Courtney Beardmore, International Student and Scholar Advisor
Ben Mwaura, International Student and Scholar Advisor
Rebecca Downey, International Student and Scholar Advisor, INTO-CSU
Aimee Nord, Program Coordinator
Liesl Driver, International Recruitment and Retention Specialist
Linda Cardenas, SEVIS Coordinator
Weltha McGraw, Administrative Assistant
Christina Branson, Documentation Analyst
Barbara Pretzer, Administrative Assistant
Nancy Daniels, Administrative Assistant

Office of International Programs
Laurel Hall
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523 - 1024
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. –5 p.m.
E-mail address:
Phone number: (001)970.491.5917
Fax number: (001)970.491.5501

Other Resources
Colorado State University:, check out the main university web page.
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RAMWeb:, sign up for classes, pay bills, search for jobs and more!
CSU Events Calendar:, discover activities to participate in while at CSU!
Virtual Tour of CSU:, become familiar with the layout of your new university.
Fort Collins Visitors Information:, explore the fun things our city has to offer.
Colorado Travel & Tourism:, search the uniqueness of Colorado.
State of Colorado Government:, gather information about local laws and Colorado.
Study in the States:, helpful immigration information

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along with your current local address and emergency contact information. If you are reading this guide online. Be prepared to include the name and address of the school program where you will enroll/participate. but is always longer during the busy months of June. Secondary Inspection at the Port of Entry If the CBP officer at the port of entry cannot initially verify your information or you do not have all of the required documentation. Embassy or Consulate—find one near you by visiting http://www. Please note.html)  A receipt of the paid SEVIS I-901 fee  Financial evidence that shows you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses during the period of your study. Schedule this appointment as early as possible. You must bring the following items: passport. 6. Pay the visa application fee Pay the visa application fee by following the instructions on your local U. Remain calm and answer all the Visa Officer’s questions openly and honestly Make sure you can explain your goal. you will be required to come to Laurel Hall to complete it as soon as possible. Plan to arrive before the mandatory orientation program. available on your local U. diplomas or certificates that were used in your application to CSU. the earliest the U. Our office must report your arrival within the SEVIS system. Present the following documents:  Passport  Form I-20 or DS-2019  Customs Declaration Form CF-6059 (The Customs and Declaration Form should reflect the address where you will reside---not the address of the school or program). embassy or consulate. you may be considered to be in violation of your status in the United States. This may include proof of property. Embassy or Consulate Your next step is to schedule an appointment for your visa interview at your local U. 7.  School admission letter  Completed visa application forms (a printed DS-160 confirmation notice)  Two “2” x “2” photographs in the prescribed format (http:// travel. and still need your I-20 or DS-2019.1111.S. the inspecting officer will: Stamp your passport. you may be directed to an interview area known as “secondary inspection. You will not be able to register for classes until you complete this step. All visitors entering the US must state their reasons for wishing to enter the country.S. You will also be asked to provide information about your final destination.5917. 5. 8. You may wish to bring copies of any standardized test scores. July and August. Make two sets of copies of your immigration documents—leave one with your family. 3. you will not be allowed to enter the country more than 30 days before the start of your program if you are an initial entry student. please contact: Mark Hallett. duration. please visit www. and one in your luggage. If this report is not submitted. transcripts.) Make copies of this receipt and keep it with your other important immigration documents. Make a visa appointment at a U. Visa and Immigration-related Information For every immigration document you receive.state. Be sure to input your name exactly as it appears on the I-20 or DS-2019 form.fmjfee. the visa officer may also have to get special clearances. Always carry your original I-20 or DS2019 and passport with you. Prepare and bring the following to your visa interview:  A passport valid for at least six months  Form I-20 or DS-2019 (Be sure to sign your name and date it. Embassy or Consulate’s website. Senior Director of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at (970) 491. or other ties to your community.dhs.S.S. please visit http://isss.  Any information that proves that you will return to your home country after finishing your studies in the U.S. the database from which your school or program issued your paper Form I-20 or DS-2019. In case of an emergency. field and level of study. Receiving an I-20 or DS-2019 from Colorado State University If you have received this Pre-Arrival Guide by mail. pay the I-901 fee online at www. Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee At least two weeks before your visa interview. Assign you an Admission Number (I-94). If you are applying for a J-1 Embassy or Consulate’s website. You can locate your I-94 number by visiting this website: http://cbp. 2.” Secondary inspection allows inspectors to conduct additional research in order to verify information without causing delays for other arriving 2 . and I20 or DS-2019 to be Please make sur e tthis is stamped with the correct date and visa type (F or J) and is marked D/S for Duration of to learn more. The wait time for a visa interview varies. 4.studyinthestates. visa. 1. You will be able to complete this requirement on the first day of Orientation. Tuesday morning. Embassy/ Consulate can issue an F-1 visa is 120 days before the start date of your program in the United States. For additional information. Print the receipt and bring it to your visa interview.S. If you miss this step at you may apply any time before the beginning of your program. Depending on your course of study and nationality. border. Mark can be paged after hours by calling the Colorado State University Operator at (970) 491. (Canadians should present this receipt at the U. The inspector will first attempt to verify your status by using the Student and Exchange and Visitor Information System (SEVIS). your Form I-20 or DS-2019 will be included in the packet. which begins the week before classes begin. In the event that the CBP Officer needs to verify information with your school or program. and future plans such as career goals.usembassy. Immigration Document Review All international students and scholars must complete an Immigration Document Review with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services at CSU.colostate. It is important that you tell the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer that you will be a student. You will be required to submit this document when you apply for a visa at a U. For the latest updates. As You Arrive at the Port of Entry Proceed to the terminal area for arriving passengers.S. Returning students do not have this requirement. Plan Your Arrival Keep in mind. and not in your luggage! 9. Once your inspection is successfully completed. which would increase wait times further.The Globe Trotter: Office of International Programs Colorado State University U. Complete the DS-160 form The DS-160 form is a nonimmigrant electronic visa application. visit www.S. make sure to check that the spelling of your name and your date of birth (DOB) are exactly the same as listed on your passport.

isss. We recommend bringing more than you expect to need.sfs. There must be at least 28 calendar days between the two vaccinations. Consider expenses such as linens and other move-in costs. Tuition and fees will be charged to your account each semester. through wire For the latest updates. Access your CSU bill through RAMWeb (www. child care. nurse.colostate. Learn more at: www.S.The Globe Trotter: Office of International Programs Getting Finances in Order How much money should I bring to the US? You can find the Estimated Expenses for your first year at CSU online at www. we recommend you have temporary insurance coverage up to this date. Cash: We do not recommend you carry around large amounts of cash. and counseling services at the Hartshorn Health Center and Counseling Services. Colorado State University Tuition and Fee Due Dates Electronic billing is the best way to pay tuition and receive email notification about due dates (emails will be sent to a student’s @colostate. personal items. or school official and dated after the last MMR. more food. J -2 dependents may apply for work permission from the USCIS only if the income earned is to be used for support of the spouse or children. in your local currency and before coming to the U. but CSU does not offer a health insurance plan for family. You should receive the required vaccinations and submit completed records before you register for transportation.colostate. debit cards. Learn more here: www. Other health insurance options for your family can be found athttp://connectforhealthco.colostate. and be translated into English. etc. Health Insurance is r equir ed for all family member s. and securing permanent housing. and temporary housing.S. Learn more at the Student Financial Services Website: www. Be signed by a doctor. This is usually in the range of $100 to $400. month and year of vaccinations.colostate. You must pay in full by each semester’s deadline. while you make plans to open a checking account. for those not living on-campus. which allow you to utilize on-campus medical. Visit http://bit. dental. If you arrive before Monday. You will learn more about health insurance requirements and medical. Alcohol Edu & Haven: Sexual Assault Prevention Program All students must complete the online Haven: Sexual A ssault Prevention program. which is more secure than cash. and ATM cards also 3 . Part of your student fees are for University health and counseling fees. Students under the age 23 must complete the Alcohol Edu program. dental and counseling services offered on campus at Orientation. Most care provided at these medical centers is free of Bringing Your Family? If any family members are accompanying you to CSU. but make sure you have enough money to cover your expenses during your first few days of arrival in the Health Forms Health Insurance You are required to submit the following documents before the first day of classes: All International students who are enrolled at CSU are required to maintain health insurance and are automatically enrolled in the CSU Student Health Insurance plan each semester unless proof of comparable coverage is approved through the student insurance office by the 10 th day of classes.colostate. F-2 Dependents may not wor k under any cir cumstances.colostate. Include the day. and a registration hold will be placed on your account preventing future registration for The CSU Health Insurance Plan begins the Monday of Orientation Week. textbooks. Health History and Tuberculosis Screening Forms Make sure to consult your family members and your doctor before leaving so you can provide a thorough health history form and updated tuberculosis screening information. visit : Paying your CSU bill: Electronically: Electronic payment can be made through your RAMweb under “Finances”.isss. Show proof of two vaccinations for measles and mumps and one vaccination for rubella given no earlier than 4 days before the student's first address). Consider expenses such as food. cell phone plans. International Wire Transfer: You may make a payment for tuition and fees online. Immunization Records Colorado law requires every student to provide proof of two vaccinations against measles and mumps and one vaccination against rubella (MMR) before coming to campus.. along with any on-campus housing and CSU health insurance charges.colostate. Major credit cards.isss. please know:     Living Expenses may incr ease by 50-percent or more since you will likely have an increase in your rent. All forms can be found and submitted online at: www. Cards and Traveler’s Checks: Your first several weeks of expenses can be covered with traveler’s checks. The completed immunization record must:     Include your name and birth date. not for support of the J-1 student or scholar. purchase additional bus passes. Expect an email from the University one month prior to the start of classes inviting you to access the program through your RamWeb account. Semester Fall Spring Summer Billed to your Account August January May Payment Due September 10 February 10 June 10 Late fees will be charged if the bill has not been paid in full by the Spouses or domestic partners of eligible students may access the CSU Health Network by paying the Student Health Fee on a semester basis or paying for medical services as they are received.

com/coloradostate. sweaters.greenrideco. Graduate students Graduate students should contact their department to receive information about signing up for classes. hat. If you’re living on campus. It is very important to have a good winter coat. along with other comfortable and outdoor-friendly clothing. Most students dress very casually. The cost for either Greenride or Super Shuttle is around $32 for a one-way ticket. Learn more at: www. Fort Collins boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine per year! The area has low humidity. so look for emails with information on test days and do not be a city an hour south of CSU. they can drop you off at a specific address. it is important for you to drink a lot of water each day and wear protective sun gear. visit: www. towels and other necessities can be purchased once you arrive in Fort Collins. Learn more about transferring credit at: www. Transfer Students Transfer students must complete the Pre-Orientation Module.aspx Getting to Colorado State University If your admission to CSU is conditional upon improving your English skills. Both services offer rides every day of the Packing your Bags Arrival Date: All new students must arrive in time to attend the mandatory Orientation activities. For Your Room Arrival Location If you already know where you will be living in Fort Collins.supershuttle. Look for an email from Orientation and Transition Programs at CSU with instructions on how to complete this step. For men. you will attend classes at INTO CSU.colostate.registrar. The average high temperature in the summer (June to August) is about 30˚C. Each graduate department has different policies about signing up for classes. 2015. During the winter (November to February). Students cannot register for classes without taking the English 4 .colostate. along with all new undergraduate students.colostate. temperatures average between -10˚C and 6˚C.The Globe Trotter: Office of International Programs Colorado State University Registering for Classes Pathway and INTO program students Undergraduate Students Undergraduate Students need to complete the online PreOrientation Module in order to register for classes. you will be able to sign up during Orientation. You can purchase these items after you arrive. Photographs of family and friends. You may want to bring at least one nice outfit for interviews or special -students/ degrees. For an additional fee. Bed linens. From or www. a sport coat or suit jacket and tie is fine. You can expect about 40 cm of precipitation each year. moderate winters and an overall mild yearround climate. See the next page for Housing information! For more resources. visit: Don’t forget to bring some items for your room that will remind you of home. you will need to submit more detailed information about previous courses if you wish to use that course credit toward your CSU degree. As you pack for your life in the United States.intohigher. New INTO CSU students will take an English test to determine their appropriate course level. you may prefer to get dropped off at the CSU Transit Center and walk to your Residence Hall or University Apartment.5 hours to reach Fort Collins. You will be invited on complimentary shopping trips during Orientation Week for this purpose. with about one-third of it in the form of snow. mementos and cultural items will not only help you adjust. departing once every hour. boots. and a suit or dress is appropriate for women. jackets. Because of the dry air and the high altitude. keep in mind that you will have to carry your luggage—we recommend packing light! You will be able to purchase all of your basic living necessitates once you arrive. For more information or to place an online reservation. and other warm clothes are necessary. including major hotels and the CSU campus. Colorado. and boots. gloves. In warm weather. it is 90 minutes by shuttle to reach CSU. Please note that course selection is limited. Style Both services can drop passengers off at various central locations around Fort Collins . While you already submitted secondary course work information with your admission application. August 15 or 16. In the winter. Denver International Airport is the most common way for students to arrive in Colorado. Denver International Airport: Weather Fort Collins is most easily reached by way of Denver. Shuttle Service to Fort Collins: The most economical way to travel between the Denver International Airport (DIA) and Fort Collins is to take either the Greenride or Super Shuttle. and you may not be able to sign up for desired classes if you wait to sign up for classes at orientation. Travel time is approximately 1.isss. Contact information for each academic department may be found online at: www. If you do not sign up for classes before arrival. students wear shorts and t-shirts. Jeans and sweatshirts are very common. Please arrive by Saturday or Sunday. we recommend you get dropped off at that location. books. www. but can also be shared with the new friends who want to learn about your home.

or applying for Residence Life housing or an apartment off campus. Please email aimee329@colostate.colostate. Residence Life housing deposit is partially refundable based on the date you notify the The Apartment Life housing deposit is refundable if you do not received an apartment assignment. Fill out the Home-stay Request Form online at www. Furnished apartments as well as month-to-month leases are available. Please apply for your home-stay a few weeks before you Visit www. and is a convenient way to find temporary housing. please contact the Program Coordinator at aimee329@colostate. On-Campus Housing: All newly admitted first-year undergraduate students.isss. We recommend applying very early for Apartment Life if you wish to be considered. You can learn more at www. For more information about this option. Residence Halls: There are 15 residence halls on the CSU campus. Local Hotels: Temporary Rental in a Home: You may choose to stay in a hotel at an average cost of US $85 to $150 per night. Two different on-campus housing options are available.colostate. Others may be inconveniently far from campus. It is never too early to apply! Off-Campus Housing Tips Off-campus housing is another option available for transfer and graduate students. There are a small number of families who have space in their homes to temporarily rent to an international student. Transfer students and graduate students are not guaranteed housing. Temporary Housing Available for New Arrivals Students should arrive by the weekend before Ram Orientation. you may want to consider living in one of the Residential Learning Communities (RLC) to enhance your academic and social experience at CSU. The CSU Off Campus Life office has many great resources for international students looking for housing. This webpage may help you find temporary housing for the first few nights you are in Fort Collins: www. so we recommend applying for housing as soon as you know you are coming to CSU. are required to live on campus in the residence halls for their first two semesters. This is not an option for newly admitted first-year students. Sometimes there are a few days between the day you arrive and your arranged move-in date to your apartment or on-campus housing arrangement. Apartments: All three apartment complexes on campus offer both single and family apartments.housing. including a very useful tool called CSU Rental Search: www. This is a great opportunity to learn more about American culture and begin to make friends in the community. plan accordingly. many apartments require you to pay your first and last month’s rent before you move in.isss. but may apply with either Residence Life or Apartment Life if they wish to live on campus. they may be able to help you find temporary housing. For more housing resources.colostate.colostate. also known as 5 .edu/temporary-housing/ Temporary Home-stay Program: International Student Groups: If your country has an international student group at CSU. The earlier you apply. as this is a popular option for incoming international students and space is limited.isss. apply for housing soon after you receive admission. Student Legal Services at CSU can help you with the lease signing process to make sure that the lease is legal and appropriate. which takes place the week before classes begin. Please note that finding furnished apartments is rare. for more information. The closest hotels to campus are the Hilton and the Best Western.colostate. Be sure to visit the rental in person before committing and signing a lease. unlike most off-campus under the “Temporary Housing” tab. the better the chance you will receive housing. Housing is guaranteed for freshmen students. Tips for Securing Housing: Whether you’re looking to live on or off campus. Housing space fills quickly. possibly without public transportation. you should search for housing as early as possible to make appropriate arrangements.sls. Visit Student Legal Services online at: www. Availability will be limited during the 2015-2016 school year as some apartments undergo The ISSS Program Coordinator maintains an updated list of community members offering rental arrangements specifically for international students. Special Residence Life housing programs are available.The Globe Trotter: Office of International Programs Colorado State University Permanent Housing Options Available in Fort Collins All students must arrange their own living accommodations before arrival in Fort Collins.colostate. On-Campus Housing fills up quickly. visit: The Fort Collins International Center (learn more on the next page) offers a Temporary Homestay Program which provides up to 5 nights of free housing with a local community member for new for this list. If you prefer to live off campus.ocl. Most residence halls will place you in a room you will share with one other student.isss. Signing a Lease: Most apartment owners require a one year www.

safety.isss. domestic students and the Fort Collins intlinfo/ Day in the Mountains Celebrate your first month at CSU with an intercultural retreat to the mountains of Colorado! This unique program takes students up into the beautiful Rocky Mountains for a day of intercultural activities and relationship-building with other students.  Foundational knowledge of the U. In the summer these weekly social gatherings move outside for a traditional U. and take the opportunity to share information about your own country and culture! Global Ambassadors: This student organization arranges for international students to share their home culture in local classrooms. and following all regulations. from hiking to snowshoeing. One of the best ways to prepare for your move to CSU is to sign up for a Cultural Mentor.S. Friendships develop as they share experiences and each other’s unique culture. laws. Spouses are especially encouraged to come. Learn about different places of the world. Trips to local stores for purchasing personal items.The Globe Trotter: Office of International Programs Colorado State University Orientation for New Students Cultural Mentor Program Coming to a new country is exciting. Cultural Mentors are CSU students who assist new international students in adjusting to life and the culture at CSU and the greater Fort Collins community. Orientation takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday before classes begin. Sign up for a weekly email about upcoming events and opportunities at www.colostate.S. American potluck picnic and hamburgers on the grill (always with plenty of vegetarian options).isss. and also serve as a place to share cultural experiences.colostate. which emphasizes personal responsibility for learning. Useful tips about overcoming culture International Info The best place to learn about programs & events is through our International Info newsletter. to snowboarding or skiing. Sign up soon so you can begin emailing with them before you depart! They will be involved throughout Orientation Week to help answer questions and lead small groups.    Various tours of the campus and community. food and fun. understanding. their families and the broader community with the following programs: International Friends: Families or individuals from our community offer new international students a way to get acquainted with Fort Collins and make new friends by inviting them to dinner in their homes and attending various events in the area.colostate. cultural exchange and friendship among international students. Outdoor Activities: International students are invited each month for an outdoor trip to experience the beauty of nature in Fort Collins International Center Fort Collins International Center is a local volunteer organization devoted to enhancing international understanding.S.isss. interacting with U. meet new people and make new friends.S. The Fort Collins International Center support international students. They meet weekly. These events will allow you to try various outdoor activities. Sign up today at www.isss. Evening social events to help you become acquainted with fellow students and the Fort Collins & CSU community. International Night at the Library: Thought provoking and informative global programs are presented each month to community members at the local 6 . a cultural talent show and more. customs.S. and can help with language skills. Conversational English Classes: Free classes to practice English are offered to people of all Get involved with the Fort Collins International Center and learn more at their website: www. To assist you with the transition from your home country to Please visit our website to register for Orientation and learn more about this fun filled week: orientation/ Orientation will provide you with:  Skills to balance requirements of U. Refreshments are provided. Join our Facebook group where many Cultural Mentor events are advertised: www. American Academic Join the community of International Rams on Facebook at: www.   Information about U. International Women’s Club: This weekly social hour is a great place for international women to build community. Activities include small group discussions.facebook. hiking. They also plan many activities throughout the semester that are a great way to build community at CSU. immigration regulations with that of CSU academic policies. on August 18 and 19. insight into U. It is the officially recognized volunteer organization of the Office of International Programs at CSU. Learn more at www. but also challenging. all new international students are required to attend International Student Orientation.facebook. Friday Afternoon Club (FAC): During the academic year international students and community members meet regularly for conversation. 2015. Americans and how to make the most of your intercultural experience at CSU. The club leaders organize free transportation to and from the schools.S. and children are welcome! Learn more at www. and it is an excellent way to practice their presentation skills. and health-care. camping to climbing.

which was inspired by our charming downtown! Fashionable clothes. basketball and volleyball. shopping malls and ethnic food stores. full-day program. and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Colorado State University is located in a greener part of the state. and many of these have organized student organizations. sharing your culture with the Fort Collins community through food.S. please visit: Learn more about this new service at: www. fishing. light snacks. or other programs. Discover and take a picture with Cam the Ram and the “A. and many other winter sports. meaning “red colored. coffee houses. desert. the capitol city. Learn the rules and enjoy a tailgate party at Hughes Stadium! The biggest cultural celebration in Northern Colorado is put on each year by the international students of CSU. the Poudre Canyon. especially from the United States. you become part of a community. Participate with International Festival: World Unity Fair. and camping through the city park system. and is within driving distance of a diversity of landscapes—including mountains. games. Attend Homecoming and other CSU traditional events. American Football: attend Football 101 and go to a CSU Football Game. The Bustang is an Interregional Express Bus Service that will not only connect Fort Collins to Denver. Volunteer with a service-learning project at CSU. mesas. Football 101 Each September. snow-shoe. the Office of International Programs hosts a cozy time of getting to know others around a hot cup of tea during International Tea in Laurel Hall. or make a snowman. You will find many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and the local wildlife. and exciting music and food festivals. Dinosaur National Monument. cinemas. snowshoe.codot. CSU international students represent over 100 countries. new international students experience the unique American tradition of football in this fun. Make friends with people from all around the world. and the many opportunities for entertainment—from professional sports to world-class art and theatre.isss. and more. This means increased opportunities for you to explore our beautiful state! For more information. and other nearby open spaces. rafting. canyons.colostate. horseback riding. snowboard. at the Friday Afternoon Club. or start your own if your country is not yet represented! www. This is a great place to meet new people because it is a relaxed atmosphere with no agenda other than letting attendees enjoy each others company with some fresh tea and 7 .edu/events_programs/ Special Events Regular Events World Unity Fair Friday Afternoon Club Friday Afternoon Club (FAC) has been an international tradition at CSU for over 40 years! Each week features a cultural theme. sporting equipment.colostate. and performances! Other ways to Get Involved International Tea Each month. This year.S. theaters. The Bustang Before now. the vibrant downtown. Fort Collins residents will be able to purchase a low-cost ticket for a bus ride into the city! From there. Learn more at www. plateaus. the Horsetooth reservoir. Learn to ski. You may recognize the historic buildings of Old Town in Fort Collins if you visit Disneyland and walk down Main Street USA. students can also enjoy hiking. but also Denver to Colorado Springs in the south and Glenwood Springs in the West. is a combination of exciting urban culture and peaceful natural areas: it has the largest city park system in the nation.isss. We encourage you to join. you get involved in the Ram Community. international students have had to rely on friends with cars to take a trip to Denver. biking. International Student Organizations State of Colorado City of Fort Collins The word Colorado is of Spanish origin. Travel throughout Colorado: visit Mesa Verde. As a vibrant student town Fort Collins also excites its newcomers with numerous restaurants. the local public transportation options allows you to explore all that the city Outside activity is one of Fort Collins' longest traditions. We hope that in addition to learning and earning a degree. Denver. ice-cream shops and art galleries can all be found in this unique area. Aspen. Fort Collins is a U. Students visit for restaurants. Top Things to do while at CSU           Experience www. Besides globally favored sports such as soccer. however.” Attend Day in the Mountains. American college town with a global atmosphere.colostate. Share your culture through the Global Ambassadors Program. Below are some of the events offered specifically for international students at CSU. Join your international student organization on campus to be part of the fun. rock climbing.The Globe Trotter: Office of International Programs Colorado State University Don’t miss these International Events! When you come to CSU. and plains of farmland. food markets. The mountainous region is also a perfect place to learn to ski or snowboard. the Great Sand Dunes.” If you travel throughout the state. you will see much of its beautiful landscape is made of unique red rock formations.

A.  INTO CSU Students: Learn about Orientation at: www.colostate. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.DEPARTURE CHECKLIST Colorado State University _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________ Immigration Documents: (see page 2) Copy all documents prior to Immigration Document Review: You must complete the Immigration Document Review. The CSU International Student and Scholar Services Staff: Mark.S.S. Orientation: (see page 6)  Undergraduate students: Register for Orientation at: www. you will need to visit the Office of International Programs in Laurel Hall soon after arriving to campus.  Budget for expensive textbooks.S. Hand carry all originals and put copies in a separate place. 8 .health. Make sure to bring the documents above. August 18. Ben.aspx Housing: (see page 5)  Undergraduate students: complete a housing application for Residence Life. Courtney.colostate.  If your move-in date is after your arrival date. address and phone number If you miss Orientation or Immigration Document Review. Make sure to bring the following documents (for yourself & any dependents) to Orientation on Tuesday. temporary housing. and in your home country  Current videos.colostate. apply for Fully-admitted graduate students should:  Contact their departments to gain information about their pre-arrival academic Globe Trotter: Office of International Programs PRE . they need to be cashed in a bank  Make plans on how you will pay for your tuition and fees by Health Documents: (see page 3)      Travel insurance to cover you until the first day of classes Immunization records in English submitted or bring with you CSU Student Health Insurance waiver documents. Brie. Rebecca. ARE YOU READY? We hope this guide has been helpful and provided you with valuable information to aid in your pre-departure We wish you a safe and pleasant journey and we look forward to meeting you! Sincerely. recipes. books. $300-600 per semester Transportation: (see page 4) Academic: (see page 6)  Plans to arrive the weekend of August 15 or 16  Transportation reservation on either GreenRide or Super Shuttle Fully-admitted undergraduate students should:  Take the Math Placement Exam before arriving  Take the Composition Exam before arriving  Complete the Pre-Orientation Online Module www. if applicable Prescription medication for chronic medical conditions Health history and tuberculosis screening results submitted through Health History and Tuberculosis Screening Portal at Paul.colostate.aspx Sharing:  Music.  Passport valid at least six months from the date you plan to enter the U. Christina. debit cards or travelers checks for initial living expenses such as housing and food. clothing & other cultural items from your home country  Graduate students: Register for Orientation at: www.  Graduate students: Reserve housing either on campus or off campus as soon as possible. visit http://isss. Please note that while traveler’s checks are a safer way to bring money. You can reach us at ISSS@colostate. Liesl.colostate. or bring with you tuberculosis skin test or IGRA blood test result and chest x-ray result  Haven: Sexual Assault Prevention Program completed  Alcohol Edu completed (students under age 23 only) Health Care:  Visit your eye doctor and get an extra pair of glasses  Visit your dentist  Visit your medical doctor for a check-up the designated  Valid visa for the school you will attend  I-20 or DS2019 with a report date of your planned enrollment Financial: (see page 3)  Bring enough accessible money in cash. Weltha. Linda.otp. 2015:  Your passport  Form I-20 or DS2019  The name and address of an emergency contact in the U. You will not be able to register for classes until this requirement is completed. Aimee. Lisa.otp. For additional information please visit our website: www. photos.isss. Nancy and Barbara For the latest updates.