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--Here is a very amazing way to meet God as you know God--

Other names are Source, UnNameable, Allah, Power, Aha, and hundreds more. This
works for those who actually, seriously follow these steps. The Kingdom of Heave
n is within. Allness is in all. This is nonfattening, not illegal and can be pro
1. Sit or lay in a comfortable position. Breath normally. Close your eye's. For
a moment see the inside of your eyelids; keeping your eye's closed for the entir
e session. It should initially be a blackness when looking into your closed eyel
id's. If you see images its ok. (I always see things - in color, with my eyelid'
s closed)
2. Prepare to use your imagination. Say to yourself "I am now accepting the pass
age of my imagination so I can encounter God, as I know God." Repeat this three
times or so. Start by imagining what the place will be like when you get there.
(where God is as you know God)
3. With eyes closed start to ask for a experience of God. You are asking yoursel
f, or imagination, but it is much more than that. Everything you ask for you get
. (even when you don't think you got it)
4. Lay comfortably peaceful and still. Allow time to disappear. Have the feeling
of going to some where deep inside. Imagine going deep inside to the Kingdom of
Heaven. Imagine what you would see, if you were in the Kingdom of Heaven. Allow
imagination, your imagination to construct for you an image of the place where
God, as you know God, is. Call out in your imagination to God. Request in your i
magination for you to be allowed into the experiential presence of God, as you k
now God.
5. Accept any image re-presented to you through your imagination. You won't get
lost or do anything, just acceptance of what your imagination sets before you. A
s you gradually become aware of the imagination's image - start to look in that
image for God, as you know God. It might take a few seconds, or minutes, but you
will, guaranteed.
6. As your imagination sets before you, your inner Kingdom of Heaven image, look
forward to where God as you know God, is. Just there in front of you in the dis
tance, look. Look until you notice something powerful, bright, maybe re-presente
d to you in colors or in blackness or in white light. Each imagination, includin
g yours, has a different image. Some slightly different than others. some dramat
ically different.
7. At some point you will start to FEEL something. The image stillness evokes an
image of feelings now. For some it is to bow. For others it is to feel tears. D
ifferent for others. Allow that feeling to communicate to you. Say "Iâ am Open."
8. At this point many will imagine themselves falling down on their knees and pl
acing their foreheads on the place where they were standing. If you feel like th
is, then do so. You are now in a most Sacred place. The place where God is for y
ou as you know God.
9. Remain silent and wait. Ask nothing. Seek nothing. Require nothing. Be still.
You may get impressions of other feelings. You may experience a soft voice, but
that feels full of Unconditional Love. Listen, pay attention.
10. You may at anytime make a request to God as you know God. The answer might b
e instant, in the form of knowingness. There is no auditory sound of voice. It i
s all within you and set inside your imagination. Your answer may not be forthco
ming, that is as it is. You can ask for a sign, or in another way, even tomorrow
11. Finally thank imagination for doing its work. Thank God as you know God for
allowing your knowledge of God's presence. (God is always pre-sent) As you slowl
y come back, be in a stillness with Grace and Love. Tell God anything, in your m
ind, what you feel or experience.
12. Being now all the way back from where you were, in your imagination, be peac
eful, rested, feel the Unconditional Love and Grace of God with you as you know
God. Express gratitude and Loving-kindness, be alert to everything you can the r
est of that day, even week. You will be sent a sign, from God as you know God th
at you are always welcome. Many have received gifts after this work. Know now th
at you have been in the direct pre-sence of God as you know God.
That is it. After a few times it will be natural and much faster. God as you kno
w God will become aware of your gratitude, loving-kindness and willing heart, an
d will response in kind. God meets us, as we meet God. As for answering the ques
tion: How is it that imagination can bring me before God, as I know God? I have
no answer to share at this time. As you believe, so it shall be done unto you.
I am thankful to be able to share this with any who find it, try it, and are ble
ssed by it. May God bless every person who reads this with Love and Gifts beyond
Always with care,,
Bullion Grey