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: 50 BUTIR
Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C, D or E!
Text 1
The Dangerous of Marijuana
One of the drugs that is dangerous is called Marijuana. The drug is often called
pot, and the habit of smoking pot may send people to their graves before their time. Pot
smoking may damage the brain and other organs in the body, especially, the reproductive
organs. In July 1978 at an international meet held on the dangers, of smoking marijuana,
researchers, from 14 countries presented proof about the dangerous effect of marijuana, on the
lungs, the brain and the other organs of the body. They discovered other efffect too;
sleeplesseness, heavy sweating, lack appetite and nausea.
Marijuana is extract from the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids are soluble in fat so
they remain the bodys fatty organs after the smoking party is over. One organ that contains a
large amount of fat is the human brain. The female reproductive organs also have high fat
1. Taking pot may endanger ......
A. our appetite
B. our sweat
C. our fat

D. sleeplessness
E. the reproductive organs

2. People get marijuana from ......

A. graves
B. cannabis plant
C. dangerous drugs

D. flower pots
E. bodys fatty organs

3. Why do cannabinoids remain in the bodys fatty organs? Because ........

A. the organs are soft
B. they can affect sleepy people
C. they are as liquid as sweat

D. they are soluble in fat

E. fat people are usually weak

4. In paragraph 2, the word they refers to ......

A. fatty organs
B. cannabis plantations
C. cannabinoids

D. the researchers
E. the brains

5. ...... smoking pot may send people to their graves before their time (line 2).
The underlined words can be reblaced by ......
A. disturb people
B. quit people
C. finish people

D. kill people
E. murder people

6. Which statment is true according to the text?

A. Marijuana is good for our brain
B. Marijuana contains a lot of fat
C. Smoking marijuana causes

D. Pot is another name of marijuana

E. Cannabinoids never threatens the
reproductive organs

7. From 40 contries presented proof about ......... (Par. 1)

A. confidence
B. convince
C. evidence

D. competition
E. condition

Text 2
At the Doctor
Budi was very quiet as Dr. Hardi examined him. The doctor looked at Budis mouth
with the help a small (8) ........... than he took his temperature and listened to his (9) ..........
with a stethoscope. He began asking questions to his mother.
Doctor : When did Budi, begin to (10) .......... sick?
Mother : This morning, just after getting up.
Doctor : What did he (11) ......... for breakfast?
Mother : Orange juice, dry cereal and milk.
Doctor : How do you feel now boy?
: (12) ......... I think. I am going to die.
Doctor : Dont worry, youll be fine soon.

A. flash light

B. lamp

C. injection

D. statescope

E. camera


A. lungs

B. liver

C. heart beat

D. noise

E. voice


A. try

B. go

C. do

D. feel

E. rub


A. cook

B. buy

C. have

D. sell

E. carry



B. Excellent

C. Best

D. Happy

E. Resful

Text 3
Tourism in Bali

Thousand of touristts go to Bali each year. To make it easy for the tourists to visit all
the parts of Bali, the goverments and the people there have built some new roads and have
repaired some of the old ones. They have also made Ngurah Rai Airport larger so that big
planes can land there. Roads airports are like the door of a house, and Bali has opened in doors
to its visitors.
There are many hotels where visitors can stay. The three hundred-room Bali Beach
Hotel is one of them. There are just enough hotels now, and there should be more if visitors
come. These hotels offer tourists guides who can speak English and other foreign languages.
The goverment has given guides training because tourist ask them many kinds of question.
Names like Island of thousand temples and Island of the show visitors that
religion is an important part of life in Bali, most of the Balinese people are members of the
Hindu belief. They have religious ceremonies everyday.
When a person dies his family burns him in a crematio ceremony so that his soul may
enter a better place. However the ceremony is not a sad one. Their temples are beautifully built
and visitors always want to see them. The Besakih temple is the most wonderful of all.
Guides always show tourist Balis famous dances. Mass villages have gamelan and
the dance teams for their religions and other ceremonies.

13. What have the goverment and the goverment and the Balinese people done to attract
more tourists to Bali? They have ........
A. built more temples
B. operated more planes
C. created modern dances

D. opened more gates to Bali

E. expanded the Ngurah Rai Airport

14. Information about hotels can be found in paragraph ..........

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3

D. 4
E. 5

Which of the following is the reason for giving guides training?

A. Trainers can get more income.
B. Tourist require more various and detailed information
C. Guides will become more self confident
D. Tourist will be more respectful to them
E. Guides will get more new friends

16. The three-hundred-room Bali Beach Hotel is one of them (par. 2)

The italic word refers to ......
A. roads
B. tourist
C. doors

D. visitors
E. hotels

17. What do the other names of Bali indicate?

A. Dead people will go to heaven automaticallly.
B. Bali is the most wonderful island in the word.
C. Cremation is a must there
D. For the Balinese, religion is the essence of their life
E. Death is much more important than life

These hotels offer tourist guidst. One of the followings is not the synonym of the italic
word ..........
A. support
B. purchase
C. provide

D. supply
E. give

19. How often do Balinese make offerings to their gods?

A. Every five days
B. Once a week
C. On Friday

D. Nearly once a day

E. Only on the week ends

Text 4

People always want their (20) ......... attractive by wearing cloth/dress of the latest
fashion. It means it is a big (21) ......... for other people who run ready made garment
They try hard to study the markets. They try hard to know what people want to wear.
They compete in (22) ....... people by supplying shop and stores with garments of they think,
most people interested in.
A ready-made garment manufacturer can also be called a (23) ........ The garments are
manufactured in the fixed (24) ........ it may mean that people can just only select the size or
sizes for (25) ........ There are labels S (= small), M (= medium), XL (= extra Large)- to
indicate the size of the garments on (26) .......... the labels are attached.
Special directions on how to wash and care for clothes are ussually attached to the
garments. Cotton is easily washed and ironed (27) ...... for other fabrics be sure to follow the
directions on the labels carefully.


A. lives

B. bodies

C. friends

D. behaviour

E. appearance


A. city

B. trial

C. business

D. experiment

E. attactment


A. satisfy

B. satisfied

C. satisfies

D. satisfying

E. satisfaction


A. confection

B. clothes

C. fabric

D. store

E. shop


A. directions

B. materials

C. colours

D. price

E. sizes


A. it

B. her

C. them

D. his

E. us


A. where

B. which

C. when

D. whom

E. whose


A. or

B. so

C. but

D. so that


28. In ........ people like to sunbathe on the beach.

A. wet season
B. auntumn
C. spring
29. X

D. summer
E. winter

: .......... ?
: Yes, it is a bit stuffy here.

A. You should open the window please

B. May I open the window please?
C. Please open the window

D. Open the window please

E. You have to open the window,

30. Mela
: Do you mind if I sit here?
: Of course not.
The underlined sentence expresses ........
A. possibility
B. impossibility
C. giving advice

D. giving permission
E. asking for permission

31. We can watch The Ramayana performances on the enourmous stone stage of the Roro
Jonggrang open-air- theatre at prambanan.
The underlined word means .......
A. very strong
B. very good
C. very high

D. very weak
E. very big

32. Foreign tourists say that Indonesian food is very spicy and so very tasty.
The underlined word means ........
A. delicious
B. bitter
C. sweet

D. salty
E. hot

33. It is said that Indonesian people are polite and charming. Sometimes they are .......too.
A. friend
B. friendly
C. friendship

D. friendless
E. friendliness

34. When my American friend visited Yogyakarta, he said, Ihope that these old buildings
are not .........
A. sold
B. bought
C. restored

D. destroyed
E. reconstructed

35. Foreign visitors usually have great ........ for our cultures.
A. admire
B. admires
C. admirers

D. admiring

36. Sekaten is also one of the tourist ....... it is a ceremony held the king of Yogyakarta, to
commemorate the birth of prophet Muhammad.
A. attract
B. attractive
C. attracts

D. attractions
E. attractively

37. Labuhan is a ceremony in wich people throw ....... to the sea to please Nyai Roro
Kidul, the Goddes of the south sea.
A. offerings
B. clothes
C. stones

D. drink

38. In Ancol Art Market, you can order paintings and sketches or have your portrait done
on paper or canvass. The underlined word is smilar to ......
A. buy
B. ask
C. make
39. X

D. take
E. give

: Excuse me, sir, Do you know Mr. Ali?

: Sure. The man .... is standing there is Mr. Ali.

A. in which
B. whose
C. wich

D. whom
E. who

40. Nowadays, in East Java, some people ...... were considered to be black magicians, were
killed by ninja.
A. who
B. that
C. whom

D. whose
E. which

41. Karang Kates dam is an artificial lake. You can have water recreation there.
The underlined word means ........
A. real
B. natural
C. man made

D. created
E. original

42. You can ride on a kind of cart .... by a horse, to enjoy the beauty of Parangtritis beach.
A. made
B. taken
C. pulled
43. Tania

D. pushed
E. brougtht

: How about drink?

: ..............
: Coca-cola or Fanta?
: Fanta, please.

A. I wont say no
B. Thank you
C. Id like to, but I must leave now
44. Lenny

D. Yes, you are right

E. Yes, with pleasure

: All the articles are very boring.

: Thats right. Im ......... with them.

A. surprise
B. delighted
C. pleased
45. Mrs Ceres

D. satisfied
E. disappointed
: Boys, did you throw stones at my car? Youre so naughty.
: ................ mom. We didnt do that.

A. Youre right
B. We are sorry
C. We deny that

D. We admit it
E. Thats all

46. Cahyo : I never see you so nervous like that. What happens to you.
: I have to do this complicated task, but I dont know where to start.
The underline words express .......
A. dissatisfaction
B. incapability
C. uncertainty
47. Anggi

D. disagreement
E. possibility

: Why are you sneezing?

: Im allergic to smoke.
: Oh, ....... for causing you such an inconvenience.

A. would you mind

B. may I be excused
C. I beg you to apologize

D. Im terribly sorry
E. please, excuse me

48. Boby
: Will you go the movie with me tonight?
Henny : Id love to, but I dont think I can. There is so much homework to do.
From the dialogue, we know that Hanny is .......
A. stating agreement
B. giving an opinion
49. Mr. Bagio
Mrs. Sri

C. accepting an offer asking for permission

D. refusing the invitation

: What sport do you like?

: .........

A. I like badminton better than basketball

B. Im keen on playing cess
C. I fed up with boxing

D. I dont really like soccer

E. I hate fencing

50. By this time next month I .... to Europe for business.

A. will travel
B. would travel
C. will be travelling

D. may have travelled

E. will have been travelling