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Women are Goddesses, women are the life-breath, women are jewels.

Always be with a woman, anothers or your own.

(Kali-tantra 4.14, 8.10; Kaulavali-nirnaya 10.88; Yoni-tantra 7.17)
Women are Divine, women are Creation, women bring happiness.
O Devi, all that exist in this world is in the form of a woman.
Every woman should be worshipped by the whole world.
(Shaktisangama-tantra, Kali-khanda 3.142-143)
Women should be revered;
Women are Heaven, women are Dharma, women are the Flame of transformation.
Women are Buddha, women are Sangha, women are the Ultimate Wisdom!
(Chandamaharoshana-tantra 8.30)
O Devi, all Vidyas are Your aspects, and in the world You dwell in women!
(Devi-mahatmyam 11.6)
All men are Mahakalas forms, all women are of Kalis and Taras nature.
When you percieve it in this way, theres no imagined samsara anymore!
(Shaktisangama-tantra, Kali-khanda 5.4-5)
O Kulabhairava, every woman should be worshipped and contemplated [with bhakti].
They all are the Highest Goddesses, who must be revered!
(Kulachudamani-tantra 3.53)
In the form of women Devi resides amongst the creation. From a woman creation
comes into being, in her it dissolves. Therefore woman is the highest Essence
and should be served with all effort.
(Kaulavali-nirnaya 10.76-77)
Always serve a woman to please her. Happiness lies in womans joy. Rejecting the
service to women brings misery.
(Kaulavali-nirnaya 10.79)
He who doesnt worship his beloved, gets stuck in obstacles and loses all
benefits acquired in previous births. Then what to say of the highest birth?
(Shyama-rahasya 5.76; Kulachudamani-tantra 3.55; Kaulavali-nirnaya 12.180)
When you look at a beautiful form, bow before it. The beauty brings Bliss.
If you enjoy a beautiful form, what else is needed?
Beauty is the highest abode, beauty is the highest tapas;
Nothing can be above beauty in all times!
(Shaktisangama-tantra, Kali-khanda 3.145-146)

He who knows the Heart of Kalika and is submerged in sadhana with a woman,
becomes Godlike and attains the eternal Liberation.
(Kali-tantra 9.23)
See the woman, touch her and join with her, especially with blessed one born in
(Kali-tantra 8.15; Kaulavali-nairnaya 10.92)
Never theres Attainment without a woman, therefore give yourself to her!
A man can be perfect only by joining with a woman and not otherwise.
(Guptasadhana-tantra 3.9)
Siva said:
Woman is the Essence of the whole world, woman is the essence of highest tapas.
Take a refuge in woman...
Woman revered by a sadhaka is a cause of his Jnana. So he enjoying the happiness
in this world gets submerged in the Body of Goddess. Such best sadhaka attains a
great siddhi and goes to the world of Hari. That is why he should worship a
woman with the 5 ma-karas [through panchatattva, in maithuna].
(Guptasadhana-tantra 1.9-11)
Useless is nyasa, useless is puja, useless are japa and prayers, useless are
homa and dakshina if a sadhaka doesnt please a woman!
(Maya-tantra 11.34)
Woman is the root of sadhana, woman is the base of japa etc, woman is the
Essence of the Way, woman is the essence of life. Woman is the cause of benefits
in this world and woman is the cause of Salvation.
(Kamakhya-tantra 3.41-42)