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Rough Draft
Subject: - Language Of Law
Project on: - Law and Language

SUBMITTED TO: Miss. Deepika


Objective of Study


II. Language and law always go side by side. .This project focuses on the language used in law and how legal language influences plain language and vice versa. What is the essence of the legal language? 2. Both attempt to shape reality by using language to persuade the reader or listener. The relationship between law and language extends to broader notions of language as communication too. as rhetorical activities based on narrative. How does legal language influence plain language and vice versa? 3. journals and web sources to find out and compare the various materials and compile a study on the topic. There has always been special stress on use of proper official and professional language in law whether in speaking on a large forum or while writing article or research papers. It focuses on the language of law and it’s specifications. journals and the web III. books. the relationship between law and language is varied and complex. Introduction The use of language is crucial to any legal system especially in the respect that lawmakers typically use language to make the law and courts typically use language to state their grounds of decision. Law and literature have much in common. like the crucial role of silence and non. In essence. Law is a part of culture. What is the law and literature movement? 4. Till what extent does popular culture influence legal language? VI. too. Research Questions 1. Methodology The methodology used in this project is descriptive and analytic. using various articles.verbal communication. V. This project also talks about the influence of law and legal language on popular literature. IV. Sources of Data a) Secondary sources – Books. Tentative Chapterization 1. Hypothesis My hypothesis is that there is a lot of inter relation between language and law as it can be seen that in law a lot of emphasis is put on legal writing.

The law and literature movement The law and literature movement focuses on the interdisciplinary connection between law and literature. the growing focus on the mutability of meaning in all texts. scholarship. Plain language is clear. and use. This movement has broad and potentially far-reaching implications with regards to future teaching methods. law reports and prescriptive legal texts. and.ucl. if often related. and interpretations of legal texts. http://plato. 3.stanford. Conclusion To be included in the final draft. Plain language strives to be easy to read. laws mandate that public agencies use plain language to increase access to programs and services. succinct writing designed to ensure the reader understands as quickly and completely as possible. In many countries. 2. Legal language V Plain language Legal language is made up of several genres. http://www. legislation too is a special form of expression. It avoids verbose. http://www. to the written language in case This field has roots in two major developments in the intellectual history of law—first. as is a judge’s opinion. VII.utoronto. Bibliography 1. characteristics. understand.Language and law are inextricably linked in many ways: rules are expressed. convoluted language and or whether it must be plugged into a large cultural or philosophical or socialscience context to give it value and . and interpreted in language. It ranges from the spoken exchanges in a court to the jargon employed by members of the legal profession in interpersonal communication. second. the growing doubt about whether law in isolation is a source of value and meaning. each with its own specific. whether literary or legal. 4.shtml 3. nte/materiali_didattici/116_Williams.scienzepolitiche.pdf . http://www.