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1.1.Origin of the report:
My honorable course teacher S.M. Arifuzzaman gave me the opportunity to prepare this
report. He assigned me to prepare a report on Business Communication and I specially
choose Internal-operational Communication of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited to work
on. It is a test for me whether I can prepare report or not. The date of submission is
January 28, 2010.

1.2.Purpose of the report:
The purpose of the report is to teach us

The way to write a report & to make us understand about the importance of
communication in business.
What kind of communication system is used in what place, the methods of
communication & to associate us to the corporate world.

1.3.Scope of the report:
To make this report I mainly surveyed in one branch in Khulna of Islami Bank. I also
tried to gather information from the internet, newspapers etc. So I can say that I covered
most of the information about Islami Bank’s internal-operational communication.

1.4.Limitations of the report:

Inexperience: The major problem I faced was my inexperience in doing such type
of report. As I have prepared the report for the first time, I faced a lot of problem
while preparing this.
Limitations of supporting tools: I had not any communication related journals or
something else and it caused a big problem on making this report.
Unfriendly working area: The employees of the organization were too busy to
there work. For this they did not give sufficient time to fulfill my queries and
some of them neglected us to support.
Limited data: Many officers of the organization were not well known about all
information that I asked them. Many of them also hesitated to answer the
questions. These things hampered the information collection.

from assignment of the report to finally the report wide web E-mail-electronic mail HRD. The following sequential steps are followed to prepare the report:        Assignment of the report Planning the way to proceed Selecting areas to collect data Try to gather the main theme Making contacts with professional people & collect data Interpretation of the theme Finally preparation of the report 1. The system a business use for this communication is called internal-operational communication system.Methodology: It is the outline of my report preparation.List of Abbreviation:     IBBL-Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited www.6.1.5.Human Resource Development 9 .Internal-Operational communication system: All the communication that occurs in conducting work within a business is classified as internal operational communication. 1.

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW Bangladesh is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Bangladesh Date of Incorporatio n 13th March 1983 Inauguration of 1st Branch (Local office. 2.10. This Bank is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia & Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has by now earned the unique position of a leading private commercial bank in Bangladesh. 2009) HEAD OFFICE Islami Bank Tower 40 Dilkusha C\A Dhaka1000. 1983.63% Foreign Shareholders 57.00 million Deposits Tk.1.00 million in Shares) Foreign Exchange Business Tk.6. 1983.419.37% Authorized Capital Tk. is the true reflection of this inner urge of its people.177.00 million Investments (including Investment Tk. The establishment of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited on March 13.00 million Paid-up Capital Tk.239. which started functioning with effect from March 30. it remains a deep cry in their hearts to fashion and design their economic lives in accordance with the precepts of Islam.00 million Number of Branches 211 Number of SME Service Centers 20 Number of Shareholders 51931 10 .369. The people of this country are deeply committed to Islamic way of life as enshrined in the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah.957.000. Dhaka) 30th March 1983 Formal Inauguration 12th August 1983 Local Shareholders 42. Naturally.Corporate Information (as on Nov 30.513.230.

This facilitates rapid decisions. Of them eight represent the sponsors and general public and four senior officials in the rank and status of Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary represent the Government. 2. Currently it consists of 15 Directors. Md. Deputy Managing Director and Head of Divisions are responsible for achieving business goals and overseeing the day to day operation. there is an Audit Committee in the Board to oversee compliance of major regulatory and operational issues. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Name Prof.3. There is an Asset Liability Committee comprising member of the Senior Executives headed by CEO and Managing Director to look into all operational functions and Risk Management of the Bank. Abu Nasser Muhammad Abduz Zaher Janab Yousuf Abdullah Al Rajhi Janab Mohammad Abdullah AlJalahma Engr. Eskander Ali Khan Dr. Md. The CEO and Managing Director. Key issues are managed by a Management Committee headed by the CEO and Managing Director.Management Structure: The fifteen members of the Board of Directors are responsible for the strategic planning and overall policy guidelines of the Bank. Further. there is an Executive Committee of the Board to dispose of urgent business proposals.Manpower 9616 2. Managing Director is the ex-officio Director of the Board.Board of Directors: Board of Directors of the Bank is a unique combination of both private and Government sector experience. Abdulhameed Fouad Al Khateeb Dr.2. The CEO and Managing Director is assisted by a Senior Management Group consisting of Deputy Managing Director and Head of Divisions who supervise operation of various Divisions centrally and co-ordinates operation of branches. Shafiqur Rahman Designation Chairman Vice Chairman Director Director Director Director 11 . Besides.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited proudly presents its own ATM network for the valued clients.HRD: 12 .        SSL Wireless and Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited have entered an agreement to provide Mobile Banking Services in Bangladesh for all the major telecom providers. There are many websites for Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. IBBL has set up a huge network through popular social network facebook. a financial institution. Subsequently. On 04 September 2008. Shahidul Islam Engr. At present all 65 domestic branches are fully computerized under networked environment. IBBL's own ATM officially inaugurated on 21st December 2009. Muhammad Dawood Khan Janab Mohammed Nazrul Islam Janab ATM Ataur Rahman 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Director Designation Director Ex-Officio Director Director Vice Chairman Director Director Director Independent Director 2. Islami Bank has been giving great emphasis on the adoption of modern technology. a financial services company and Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. Fariduddin Ahmed Janab M. Inc.7 Janab Wasim Ahmed Name Janab Hafizul Islam Mian Janab M. Modern technology. It became the pioneer in the field of automation by introducing computerized branch banking right in the same year.Technology: Since the beginning of its journey as a commercial bank in 1983. all the branches were brought under similar automated platforms with upgraded software applications to offer all the critical banking features. In accordance with the agreement. Mustafa Anwar Janab Md.A Mutalib Chowdhury Engr.. 2. have signed an agreement for remittance arrangement. MoneyGram Payment Systems.5. larger banking channel and IBBL's Internet facility would ensure the reception of money sent by expatriates to recipients in a short period. SSL Wireless will provide both Push and Pull Banking solutions to Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited with the aid of the mobile phone SMS features.4.

311 5. Main training activities consist of in-depth foundation programs for entry level Management Trainees.421 33 1.486 1.397 as on 31. Human Resource Total number of employees of the Bank stood at 9.12. accounting. Specialized training programs in the areas like general banking.884 7.Bran.603 Sub-Staff 828 934 1.357 1. modern training aids and professional faculty. marketing and accounts etc.397 151 169 176 186 196 - - - - 10 37 42 45 46 35 13 . management.483 1. advance. are also organized by the Academy depending on need.327 3.430 4.776 5. Library has about 5000 books on banking.944 2.) 4.095 9.232 RDS employees 669 757 978 5. The manpower position of last 5 years are given below: Category 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Executive & Officers 2.133 8. economics.Human Resources Development is focused on recruitment and in-house training for both on the job and off the job Bank staff members through the Bank’s Academy. foreign exchange.2008.924 3. Academy is fully equipped with a professional library.876 4. Islami Bank Academy – the oldest institution in the private sector – was conceived of as an in-house training center to take care of the training needs of the Bank internally.030 1.018 141 - Total Total Branch SME Service Centre Per. Manpower (Approx. marketing and other related subjects.

8.7.Website & E-mail Address: Web : http://www. Policy and Planning Department Project Investment Division Rural Development Division Assets Management Division Foreign Trade Operation Division Treasury and Fund Management Division Audit and Inspection Division Secretriat ( Board & Company) Share Department Research.2.Main Activities:     General Banking Investment Foreign exchange Various kinds of loans 2. Planning & Development Division E-Mail 14 .6.Department & Division:                   Branches Control Department Development and Marketing Department Public Relation Department Real Estate and Engineering Department Human Resmyces Division Financial Administration Division Establishment and Common Services Division Information Technology Division : info@islamibankbd.

1.Communication Process Among Branches: The communication process among branches is mainly written communication. 3. Letter Statement Report Fax E-mail 28% 30% 15% 12% 15% 15 . Most of the written communication is conducted is English and the oral communication is done mainly in Bangla. loan agreement. 4.2. 3. foreign exchange and other financial activities. The percentage is given below: 1. 3. From my survey I found that the percentage of written communication is 62% and the percentage of oral communication is 38%. They use some manual and technological tools too. 2. investment.INTERNAL COMMUNICATION OF ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESH LIMITED As a financial institution Islami Bank has to sustain a strong internal-operational communication system to make decision and implementing them to maintain general banking.Ways followed by Islami Bank while internal communication: Islami Bank mainly follows written way of communication for their internal official purpose. 5.

Most of the times there are three methods of oral communication. Phone 2. They use both upward and downward communication process.5. Face to face 56% 29% 15% 3. Cell Phone 3. They recruit some training personnel from Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management. White Board and other training related materials. 3. They have a training centre.Communication Process Among Organogram: Islami Bank has a vertical organizational structure.4.6.In some cases they use oral communication. The lower level employees can directly contact with their 16 . They mainly use face to face communication. In the training program they use some manual technological tools such as OHP.Communication In Meeting: They arrange many regular meetings in their meeting rooms which is situated in their office. The percentages are given below: 1. Sometime they use projector to present their ideas with a presentation.Communication among colleagues: Mainly they use oral communication in terms of communication among the colleagues.3. They mainly communicate with their colleagues face to face. In some rare cases they use some written documents to convey their massages. They make reports after every meeting on the basis of agenda and send these reports to all branches. 3. 3.Training Program: They have some communication training program to intensify the communication ability of their employees. Sometime they use phone and cell phone.

seniors. they have to maintain a formal way of communication process. but in terms of special circumstances such as show cause. Organogram 17 .

7.Uses of Technological Tools: 18 .3.

clearing etc. ENDING SUMMARY 19 .8. phones.Crisis Communication: According to their speech they did not face any crisis communication situation. 3. internet. savings. 2. Land Phone 05 4. They use computers.9.They use a lot of technological tools for communication. Quantities of different technological tools they use in Head office and Khulna Branch which I surveyed is given bellow: Table-1: Quantities of technological tools in Head Office of Islami Bank: 1. Cell Phone 27 3. Normally they do not get any response letter after sending regular massages. But in emergency cases they maintain the rule to send a response letter. 4. Fax 01 3. investment amount posting through internet.Emergency Communication: In case of emergency communication they mainly use land phone and cell phone. 3. Computer 18 2. So I can not provide any further information on crisis communication of Islami Bank. Computer Cell Phone Land Phone Fax 46 60 05 03 Table-2: Quantities of technological tools in Khulna Branch of Islami Bank: 1. They also use postal service for written form of communication. They mainly use computer for check posting. faxes etc for communication. cell phones.

In written system letter and statement is mostly used. APPENDIX 20 . For better internal communication they also have training program on communication system. But now a days oral communication is gaining popularity. Land phone and cell phone get the priority in oral communication. CONCLUSION Lastly it can be said that Islami Bank has a strong internal-operational communication system but even then they sometime faces some problems. Internal-operational communication can be done in both written and oral way with both having some subdivisions. This surely improves their communication system. Technological tools plays a vital role in Islami Bank’s internal-operational communication system. With the help of new technological tools they are overcoming whatever small problems they are facing while conducting internal-operational communication.This report is on internal-operational communication of Islami Bank. The best thing about Islami Bank is they are eager to practice the newer & better technological tools for their internal communication system. Islami Bank mostly relies on written communication while conducting their internal communication. They try to work with the latest technological tools.

Establishing date: 4. How many branches? 6. How they communicate with their branches? Fax/email/phone/cell phone/report /letter/postal service 8. If yes what type of communication tools they use? 11. On what subject training is arranged? 14. What are their main works? 15. Who gives these training? 13. Does any training program held? Yes/no 10. Do you contact with outsiders? Yes/no 16.1. Basically for whom the training is arranged? 12. Head office’s location: 5. How do you contact them? Written/oral 17. Name of the organization: 2.Questionnaires 1. With whom I talked: Name: Designation: 3. What is the amount of total employee? 9. If written then what they use? Fax/e-mail/letter 21 . If orally then what type of media they use? Telephone/mobile/face to face 18. Where are they? 7.6.

What percentage they use this media given below?  Phone  Cell phone  Fax  E-mail  Letter 30. Do you use internet? 22 . How they are sure that the massage is conveyed? 31. What is their organogram? 28. How lower level employees communicate with their higher level employees? Orally/written 20. What type of communication tools they use among their colleagues? Fax/e-mail/phone/cell phone/report/letter/postal service 22. Can their lowest level employees contact with their top level employees directly? Yes/no 25. How they communicate among their colleagues? Written/orally 21. Most of the time which media they use while communication? Written/oral 29.19. How is the communication process? Downward/upward/both 27. What do they do if there is no reply? 32. In meeting what type of tools they use? 24. If any emergency announcement occurs how they pass the news? Letter/e-mail/orally/phone/cell phone 23. What is the organization’s structure? Horizontal/vertical 26.

. How quickly your organization response to the crisis? Thank You........................ Senior Vice President.. Shah Alam.. If yes then what type of crisis did you handled? 38................... Is there LAN system in the office? 34.......... Signature ....2..........33.... Do you have any experience in handling crisis communication in your Bank? Yes/no 37....... Name . 6. What is the number of technological tools in the office?  Computer  Land phone  Cell phone  Fax 35... Khulna Branch 23 ....References:  Branch Manager Md. What is number of skilled personnel in handling technologies in your office? 36............

 2nd officer Khan Mosharraf Hossain. Assistant Vice 24 . Khulna Website: www.islamibankbd.