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Protective Vents

Protective Vents

adhesive vents

The Science Behind the Solution

About W. L. Gore & Associates

GORE® Protective Vents incorporate a membrane of expanded
polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). This unique membrane is
constructed with billions of pores 700 times larger than an air
molecule. These pores allow air to flow freely in and out of the
housing, which prevents stress on seals. At the same time, the
membrane pores — which are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of
water — serve as a barrier against water, dirt and debris. GORE®
Protective Vents can be designed with a variety of specific
properties for maximum performance in any venting application.

Well known for waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® fabric, Gore
is a technology-driven company focused on product innovation.
The company’s portfolio includes everything from high-performance fabrics and implantable medical devices to industrial
manufacturing components and aerospace electronics. Gore
products have remained at the forefront of creative solutions
because they are engineered specifically for challenging
applications requiring durable performance where other
products fail.

The GORE Membrane is:
• chemically inert
• UV-resistant
• non-shedding
• temperature-resistant

For almost thirty years, Gore has delivered venting solutions for
a variety of applications installed in rugged environments
throughout the world — applications such as solar, lighting,
security, telecommunication and other electronic systems;
automotive and heavy-duty vehicles; and chemical and
agricultural packaging. Engineered with the latest materials
and technology, GORE® Protective Vents are backed by years
of research and testing to help extend product life and enhance
reliable performance — all to ensure that these venting
products maximize performance and extend the life of products
used in the most demanding applications.

Gore’s expanded PTFE membrane magnified 40,000 times.

RoHS Information
W. L. Gore & Associates declares that the products listed in this
document are below the thresholds established in EU Commission
Decision Directive 2011/65/EC, Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and
Directive 2003/11/EC.

adhesive vents

Increase your equipment’s
durability in harsh environments
Venting for Protection
Outdoor enclosures are continuously exposed to harsh environments such as rainstorms, dust, sand and high winds. During
changing environmental conditions, pressure can build inside
a sealed enclosure, putting stress on seals. Over time stress
causes seals to fail, which allows water, corrosive liquids,
salt and particulates to enter the enclosure and damage the
internal electronics.
With proven performance for more than 20 years, GORE®
Protective Vents are the leading solution for protecting your
sensitive electronics. These vents equalize pressure and
reduce condensation by allowing air to flow freely into and
out of sealed enclosures. At the same time, they provide a
durable barrier to protect the electronics from contaminants.
The result — improved reliability, increased safety and longer
product life for your sealed electronic devices.

Headquartered in the United States, Gore employs approximately
10,000 associates in 30 countries worldwide. In Europe, Gore
started its first business operations only a few years after the
Enterprise’s founding in 1958.

Venting Solution for any Application
Available in a variety of sizes, designs and constructions,
GORE® Screw-In Vents meet the challenges of any application.
The screw-in design is engineered specifically to withstand the
mechanical stress of rugged environments, and many provide
full product traceability with 100 percent online quality control,
including individual laser marking. The specific vent solution
for an application depends on the housing material and size:

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This information is based on our current level of knowledge and
does not constitute a representation or warranty beyond those
contained in our standard terms and conditions.

• The standard series — GORE® PolyVent M12x1 and
M12x1.5 — is suitable for housings with various wall
thicknesses that may or may not require a counter nut.

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FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or
medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.
All technical information and recommendations given here is based on Gore’s previous experiences and/or test results. Gore
gives this information to the best of its knowledge, but assumes no legal responsibility. Customers should check the suitability
and usability in the specific application, since the performance of the product can only be judged when all necessary operating
data are available. The above information is subject to change and is not to be used for specification purposes. Gore’s terms
and conditions of sale apply to the sale of the products by Gore.

• Meeting the same requirements as the standard series, the
GORE® PolyVent M12x1.5 HA has the added benefit of providing
high airflow.

GORE, GORE-TEX and designs are trademarks of W. L. Gore & Associates.
© 2011 - 2013 W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.



• As proven by its EX-approval rating, the GORE® Metal Vent
delivers added durability to provide robust protection
and performance in extreme conditions.
• Engineered specifically to maintain high airflow in large outdoor
enclosures with volumes that exceed 200 liters, the GORE®
PolyVent XL meets the most rigorous industry standards — even
the solar resistance IEC 62108 standard.

Realize the Benefits of
GORE® Screw-In Vents:
• Increased safety from rugged screw-in construction
with a durable O-ring that ensures stability and security
• Easy installation to ensure safe, durable performance
in any application
• Durable protection against water, salts and corrosive
liquids even after liquid immersion
• Longer product life with durable vent that is temperatureresistant, hydrolytically stable, and UV-resistant

Hellmann A (Metal ProjectionVent only) Macrom Übersicht(Polyvent XL only) HousingC body and cap A resistance 13.3 C0.2013 Rev Through-hole diameter when using 15.7 -+ 0.7 +.idw Method: • ASTM G-21 Blatt Sheet 1/1 Format A2 4 Blatt Sheet 1/1 Format A2 1/1 Format A2 1 6 5 Flammability and UVC Resistance Testing p M32x1.5 7 NEW GORE™ Membrane M12x1.6 C0.Protective Vents 8 7 6 5 4 3 8 2 7 1 6 5 4 screw-in adhesive vents = passed 0.5 Q14.2 9.0. Dimensions without tolerances follows DIN 16901/130. 0. 0.3 bar / 30 sec M12x1.2 9.2 Recommended Installation E O-Ring 10x2 D 7 9.3 C0. Gore & Associates GmbH The content of this document is strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties and shall only be used for the intended purpose.3 bar / 30 sec Q14.L.5 DIN13-21 6g 21.L.03. part number) 16 mm E max.2 3 D ePTFE / Polyester (PET) A Q17 5 4 Laminate: membrane / backing material 2500 ml / min (dp = 70 mbar) E max.4 PMF100320 (black) / PMF100321 (grey) Product Performance GORE™ Membrane PolyVent / M12x1. in whole or part.25 Housing 10 C0.5 DIN13-21 6g C Recommended torque: 0.25° A C. to third parties and shall only be used Productinfo • IEC 60068-2-14 immersion: 2 meters for the intended purpose.0.5 M12x1.5 DIN13-21 6g 10.2 M12x1.5 DIN13-21 6g Q11 B 21.2 0.2 10.5 Oleophobic E ePTFE / Polyester (PET) 1 F PMF200542 Corehole 60° 1 E PolyVent XL / M32x1.55 a backing nut: 12.0.5 DIN13-21 6g ePTFE6g / M32x1.6 bar / 30 sec 1 GORE Metal E ™ Membrane PMF100519 (black) / PMF100520 (grey) GORE™ Membrane Water entry pressure 4 O-Ring 55x3.3 C0.03.2 PMF100391 (black) / PMF100392 (grey) 22.7 mmC Corehole 6 0° Housing 10 C0. Clx) 13.4 Wrench size D Oleophobic O-Ring 10x2 Q75 Q17 Black: RAL 9011 / Grey: RAL 7035 Silicone 60 Shore A Q17 Black: RAL 9011 / Grey: RAL 7035 Silicone 60 Shore A M12x1 DIN13-21 6g 0.0. Copying or Dimensions without toleranceshours follows DIN 16901/130.2013 Datum/Date Autor Author Genehmigt Approved 13.55 Autor Author Genehmigt Approved B O-Ring 55x3.4 Black: RAL 9011 / Grey: RAL 7035 Silicone 60 Shore A B Q14.2 9.25° A Q10. is strictly prohibited. M12x1.2013 Datum/Date 3 Name Method: • GR-3108-CORE A 13. Datum/Date Autor Author Genehmigt Approved 13. p Teilenummer/Part Number Blatt Sheet B A E max.5 DIN13-21 6g M32x1.25 10 4 21.2 3 PMF100444 > 0.55 Nicht skalieren Do not scale Teilenummer/Part Number Zeichnungsnummer/Drawing Number 10 Specification n n M32x1.2 Polyamide (PA6) Color of housing material similar to C Housing F O-Ring material GORE™ Membrane 60° M32x1.2 Q17 GORE™ Membrane A 6 60° n n B 10 C0. SOx.3 C0.3 C0.7 -+ 0.2 9.2 PMF100318 (black) / PMF100319 (grey) Part Number M32x1.2013 Name C. 0.3 C0.2 C 15.8 Nm Datum/Date M32x1. in whole or part.1 21.5 DIN13-21 6g M12x1.2 Nm Nicht skalieren Do not scale Specification Autor Author Genehmigt Approved 13.6 C0.2013 C. grey (M10510-009) M12x1. 13.8 (humidity freeze – high GORE™ Membrane temperature / humidity followed by freezing temperature) • IEC 62108 10.6 C0.6 – 0. in whole or part.5 DIN13-21 6g Polyamide (PA6) E Oleophobic Q75 Housing 5 Polyester (PET) 16 l / min (dp = 12 mbar) A E max.6 bar / 30 sec 0.7 +.1 5 p Humidity A Testing Vent durability in hot. 60° C GORE™ Membrane Q17 8 p Ingress Protection Testing Corehole B Housing p GORE Screw-In Vents have been tested by independent laboratories and meet these performance standards.0.55 Oleophobic 0. Document or any copy thereof shall be returned in any form upon request or after intended use.4 > 0. Goth Q11 Unless otherwise specified all dimensions are mm.5 GORE™ Membrane O-Ring 10x2 Plastic backing nut.7 +.03. Goth D.5 All certificates are available upon request.L.7 0. is strictly prohibited.25° A Aluminum zinc alloy with nickel. Goth Durability in explosive to flames and ultraviolet light environment 3 2 Rev A Through-hole diameter when using a4 backing nut: 33 ± 0. Document or any copy thereof shall be returned in any form upon request or after intended use.2 Installed height E max.2 450 ml / min (dp = 70 mbar) Product Characteristics 22.2 22.2013 Testing Projection A Rev Vent C.1 10 M12x1.55 M12x1 DIN13-21 6g Q18.5 DIN13-21 6g C 2 Q14.55 O-Ring 10x2 GORE™ Membrane 21. NOx.2 M32x1.1 O-Ring 10x2 10 7 D Temperature Testing M12x1. Document or any copy thereof shall be returned in any form upon request or after intended use.2 A DMacrom Übersicht.5 mm M32x1. Results for the new GORE® Housing 10 PolyVent XL will be available as soon as the independent testing is completed.7 -+ 0. copper coating M12x1.3 bar / 30 sec 4 Vent / M12x1.idw 2 7 ©2 The con to for dist stri the req A E max.6 mm Q10.5 DIN13-21 6g p Q10. 2nd • IEC 60068-2-1 (low temperature of -40 °C) IP66 Test conditions: • IEC 60068-2-2 IP67 85 °C © 2008 W.3 C0.2 A M12x1 60° Q11 Q14. Gore & Associates GmbH The content of this document is strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties and shall only be used for the intended purpose.durability in corrosive gas Goth environment (e.5 Housing material M32x1.8 Nm Recommended Environmental Performance A 60° O-Ring 10x2 E 15. Productinfo 13.g.5 DIN13-21 6g F M12x1 O-Ring 55x3.2 9.5 Q17+.2013 D.4 22.7 -+ 0.2 • Install on a flat.25 Blatt Sheet 1/1 Durability in solar applications A2 Format Macrom Übersicht.55 Q18.5 O-Ring 10x2 GORE™ Membrane > 0.2 Q75 Zeichnungsnummer/Drawing Number Vent protection against ingress of particulates and water 7 E 10 C0.5 Polyamide (PA6) Design and Dimensions 15.2 D 5.5 M12x1.4 Typical airflow > 0.2 0.5 HA Q75 5 2 Q18.03.6 – 1. Gore & Associates GmbH Nicht skalieren Specification The content of this document is strictly (high temperature of +125 °C)Do not scale 85% relative humidity IP68 (tested for extended confidential and shall not be disclosed Unless otherwise specified all dimensions are mm.03.5 DIN13-21 6g Q17 GORE™ Membrane F 10 Q14. Hellmann between -40 °C and +125 IP69k B °C) Projection Macrom Übersicht n n n n Massstab Scale Vent resistance to salty environments 7 4 Methods: • IEC 60068-2-11 (salt fog) • IEC 60068-2-52 (cyclic salt fog) Werkstoff Material n © 2008 W..55 10 C0.2 Q11 Laminate: membrane characteristic ePTFE / Polyester (PET) 2 2000 ml / min (dp = 70 mbar) Q14.5 8 22.6 C0. Unless otherwise specified all dimensions are mm. Hellmann Corrosive Gas 13.25° A Zeichnungsnummer/Drawing Number O-Ring 10x2 Method: • Council Directive O-Ring 10x2 94/9 / EC ATEX (95) I M2 Ex e I II 2G Ex e II II 1D n Q18.5 Recommended torque: 5 Nm © 2008 W.3 C0.2 ± 0.27 8 5 Q14.5 DIN13-21 6g M12x1.5 F 6 3 M12x1.5 Corehole 8 Q10.03.5 DIN13-21 6g E PolyVent / M12x1 F 4O-Ring 55x3.5 DIN13-21 6g 16 mm Polyamide (PA6) E O-Ring 10x2 Oleophobic M12x1 DIN13-21 6g 16 mm A GORE™ Membrane 0.03. Copying or distribution of it.5 Q11 Specification Nicht skalieren Do not scale Productinfo Unless otherwise specified all dimensions are mm.2 Product Information Product Name F F M12x1 F . Copying or distribution of it. Goth Massstab Scale Q10.5 Werkstoff Material p Teilenummer/Part Number Bezeichnung/Title Zeichnungsnummer/Drawing Number Method: • UL 94-V0 f1 Datum/Date GORE™ Membrane GORE™ Membrane Creative Technologies Worldwide Name Rev Explosion Solar Industry Testing 13. vertical housing surface where water or other B contaminants will not pool.2013 13. © 2008 W.2 0. Goth Datum/Date Name C. Gore & Associates GmbH The content of this document is strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties and shall only be used for the intended purpose.5 HA PolyVent / M12x1. Document or any copy (cycling temperatures for 1 hour) 13.2 0.4 16 mm ePTFE /DPolyester (PET) E 10. in whole or part.03. Hellmann Corehole Bezeichnung/Title Creative Technologies Worldwide Name Housing Q75 Werkstoff Material B Bezeichnung/Title C. is strictly prohibited.25° A 2 O-Ring 55x3. 3 8 C.0.2 Corehole D Q18.2013 Testing D.55 GORE™ Membrane Hydrophobic ePTFE / Polyester (PET) M12x1. grey (M10510-009) A 5.5 mm O-Ring 10x2 Housing 5 GORE™ Membrane Corehole 60° M12x1. humid environments 5 Salt Fog Testing B 8 Method: • IEC 600-2-78 • IEC 529.55 backing nut. 0. Copying or distribution of it.6 mm 3 Q18.L.6 C0.3 C0.000 distribution of it. 1.55 O-Ring 10x2 5 D GORE™ Membrane GORE™ Membrane O-Ring 10x2 M12x1.25° A 5.5 E GORE™ Membrane F 8 18 mm Plastic10. is strictly prohibited. 0.25torque: 0.2 6 Q10.2013 C. • Orient the membrane so that it faces 5 the external environment.7 -+ 0.4 O-Ring 10x2 A 10 C0. Dimensions without tolerances follows DIN 16901/130.6 mm 1 Black: RAL 9011 / Grey: RAL 7035 Silicone 60 Shore A M12x1.03.2 9. ® M12x1.4 Plastic backing nut.7 +.3 bar / 30 sec M12x1 DIN13-21 6g 450 ml / min (dp = 70 mbar) > 0.idw Methods: 1 GORE™ Membrane • IEC 62108 10. UL94-V0 6 22.5 n/a Accessory parts (incl.4 0.2013 60° Projection Housing Creative Technologies Worldwide Name Creative Technologies Q17 Teilenummer/Part Number B D Macrom Übersicht p Massstab Scale Werkstoff Material Fungus Testing Macrom Übersicht A Bezeichnung/Title Vent resistance to growth of 5 fungus 1 Macrom Übersicht. grey (M10510-009) 60° Housing 5 Grey: RAL 7035 Silicone 60 Shore A.2 A Q14.4 GORE™ Membrane Q14.1 Q17 GORE™ Membrane O-Ring 10x2 C 5 Metal backing nut (M10510-008) 7 70 mm 8 11.03.5 DIN13-21 6g PolyVent / M12x1.2013 Datum/Date Productinfo Massstab Scale Recommended torque: 0. Goth thereof shall be returned in any form upon request or after intended use. 0.1 6 Housing F GORE™ Membrane Corehole 5 Plastic backing nut. 2 6 H2S.4 5.5 DIN13-21 6g Q17 M12x1 DIN13-21 6g O-Ring 10x2 C M32x1.3 C0.5 DIN13-21 GORE™ Membran > 0.3 C0.5 DIN13-21 6g Q17 M12x1 Q17 Corehole 60° 15.6 – 0.5 M12x1.6 mm D Metallic Silicone 60 Shore A Corehole Polycarbonate (PC) M32x1.7 +.7 -+ 0.1 mm p Corehole O-Ring 55x3. Dimensions without tolerances follows DIN 16901/130. Goth D.9 (hail impact) O-Ring 10x2 O-Ring 10x2 10 15.5 Q75 1700 ml / min (dp = 70 mbar) O-Ring 55x3. grey (M10510-010) 10.25 p Vent durability in a range C of temperatures 6 Name M12x1 Q14.