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Submerged arc welding for the future

a new generation of power sources

Harm Meelker
Lincoln Smitweld B.V.
Conference, Oct. 2012
of X80.NF.12.1

Traditional SAW equipment 
Process variables 
Next generation SAW equipment 
Procedure development 
Energy savings 
Welding of X80.NF.12.2

Market Demands
Lower production costs 
increased production
Increased quality
Higher strength materials 
less total weight of construction
+ possible lower material costs
Greater flexibility
Welding of X80.NF.12.3

Conventional equipment

Welding of X80.NF.12.4

SAW process variables
Single arc

Multiple arc

Single wire
Welding on DC minus
Tubular Cored Wire
Iron powder
Long Stick Out
Narrow gap
Semi-narrow gap

Tandem twin
3 - 4 - 5 wires
Cold wire
Hot wire
Semi-narrow gap

Welding of X80.NF.12.5

6 .NF.12.225 190 145 125  Welding of X80.

12.NF.Machined Grooves Offer Greater Savings Potential Welding of X80.7 .

5o typical (1.2o min.NF. up to 50o Compound bevels also typical Typically <100mm Narrow Gap:      Welding of X80.Narrow Gap or Narrow Grove Narrow Groove: Narrow Gap     Larger gap and radius Larger sidewall bevel angles.) Results in a narrow gap at the top of the bead Typically employed on wall thickness greater than 100mm up to 350mm .8 Very small gap at the bottom: 20mm typical (10mm radius) Same sidewall angle bevel Sidewall bevel: 1.12.

12.9 Very difficult to weld More difficult to repair and remove slag Higher capital cost PQR requalification cost Precise weld joint fit-up very critical Need for machined joint .Narrow Gap Advantages:    Lower joint volume Reduced consumables cost Higher weld productivity Disadvantages:       Welding of X80.NF.

10 .12.The next generation in Submerged Arc Welding “State-of-the-Art” in inverter technology Highest capacity available on the market High efficiency inverter Waveform Control Technology TM Greatest control over the welding process Solid State Switching Technology AC or DC Welding Process Welding of X80.NF.

Influence of current Voltage and Travel Speed on penetration in SAW Constant wire diameter and stick-out Current [A] Voltage [V] constant voltage and travel speed constant current and travel speed Travel speed [cm/min] constant current and voltage  Welding of X80.12.NF.11 .

12 Waveform control technology Digital communications technology .12.NF.AC/DC Submerged Arc Welding • • Unique in the industry Variable polarity for better process control • High deposition   • • • • high-speed welding thick section welding Penetration profile Arc stability in multiple-arc applications Reduction in heat input Technologically advanced • • Welding of X80.

13 .12.NF.Infinitely variable AC Positive Current. Voltage or Power Current Level => PENETRATION Cycle Balance => PENETRATION & DEPOSITION Frequency time Negative Current Level => DEPOSITION The waveform can be varied to control penetration. electrode negative deposition eliminates arc blow & arc-to-arc interaction by phase shirt control Welding of X80. bead shape.

NF.Wave Balance Typically run at 25% positive & 75% negative Welding of X80.12.14 .

• Large values of current offset interferes with voltage regulation causing system instability Welding of X80.12.DC Offset • Offset is a very sensitive parameter • Typical range limited to 0 to -10%.NF. 8% offset => 25% balance.15 .

16 Positive = 835 Amps Positive = 450 Amps Negative = 519 Amps Negative = 822 Amps Penetration = .242” .12.NF.Waveform Control Technology Offset Wave Balance Welding of X80.387” Penetration = 0.280” 70% Positive 50% Positive 30% Positive Penetration = 0.366” Penetration = .346” Penetration = 0.

12.Deposition rates Welding of X80.NF.17 .

12.& AC (3 Phase) CV and CC Modes AC to DC Electronic Switch Wave Balance Control 100% Duty Cycle Frequency Control Wave Shape Design Production Monitoring 2™ Weld History Integrated Multi Arcs .18 Inverter Power Source Energy Efficient DC+.NF. DC.® ® Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD Waveform Control Technology             Welding of X80.

12.NF.19 .Systems Welding of X80.

Arc configurations Welding of X80.NF.12.20 .

NF.21 .12.Multiple Arc Welding Welding of X80.

V. Middelburg. PW AC/DC 1000 with column & Boom Consumables. decreased to 40 min. 30% Cost Reduction Procedure/Follow up Introduce and demonstrate PW AC/DC 1000 Results More than 33% reduction in labor costs Sold SAW welding station. van Dorst..NF. Adress Nijverheidsweg 24.Practical example: Tube welding Company Herstaco Tube Welding B.Keultjes. F. P.22 Welding time per weld (1060x28mm) in a pile was 60 min. T. The Netherlands Type of business Metal trading company Tube/pile welding Project team Distributor Wagenvoorde Lastechniek. . Meyer Area of cost savings/target Higher deposition rate by use of Powerwave AC/DC 1000 Target.12. L61/LW860 Deposition rate filling layers from 6 up to 9 Kg/Hr Welding of X80.

23 .31 Volt 550 .Practical example: Tube welding ø 1060 x 35mm Equipment Conventional Wave Control DC 1000 PW AC/DC.38/40 Volt = 7.34 Volt = 6 kg/h = 9 kg/h Cap 650/680 A . 55% DC-.12. with 40 Hz.6 kg/h = 10. 5% offset Fill 500/520 A .  Welding of X80. 40 min.NF.2 kg/h Travel speed 40 cm/min 60 cm/min Welding time 60 min.34 Volt 720 A .

830.- Labor Cost savings for this project. so the total cost saving is more than the calculated 33%.170.000. The investment of 1 machine is almost paid in 1 project.-/hr = € 32.-/hr = € 49.NF.Wave Control process Labor costs 1400 x 0. but were not calculated.Energy savings are there too.-/hr Project Humber UK.24 . 350 Piles x 4 = 1400 Welds Conventional process Labor costs 1400 x 1hr x €35.12.Herstako cost reduction result based on labor rate (€35. € 16.67 hr x €35. Welding of X80.

25 19mm Plate 36mm Plate .Optimising procedures BEFORE 70º 36mm 2mm  A new procedure replaced a 9 pass single arc approach with a 2 pass tandem arc  Cost Savings – greater than 50% reduction in weld time and consumable savings AFTER 50º 13mm Plate 36mm 6mm Welding of X80.12.NF.

222 Time to weld Circumferential Weld (Min) 69.12 Welding Consumables per Joint (Lbs) 25.NF.8 Time to weld Circumferential Weld (Min) 25.29 Travel Speed Procedure 2 (IPM) Number of Passes Welding of X80.24 Time to weld 1 Linear Foot of Weld (Min) 2.66 Min) 65 % .78 Welding Consumables per Joint (Lbs) 50.96 Volume saved (24.12.Optimising procedures Three Meter Diameter Can Single V Travel Speed Procedure 1(IPM) Number of Passes Double V 5 Deposition Rate (Lbs/hr) 43.32 Kg) 48 % Time Saved (44.26 27 30 2 Deposition Rate (Lbs/hr) 62 Time to weld 1 Linear Foot of Weld (Min) 0.

.12.NF.0 mm 700 A 34 V Deposition rate = 21.0 mm 950 A 30 V Ø4.27 . .Traditional procedure ORIGINAL PROCEDURES Impacts: 27J @ -20ºC Travel Speed = 530 mm/min.5 Kg/hr Welding of X80. CC+ AC Ø4.

12.28 25-35 mm .Powerwave technology TANDEM CAPABILITIES Advantages: CV & CC mode (CC is prefered). Welding of X80. Short distance between wires (one puddle). Better duty cycle rating.NF.

Procedure development Welding of X80.29 .12.NF.

NF.12.Procedure development Welding of X80.30 .

Procedure development Welding of X80.NF.31 .12.

NF.12.Procedure development Welding of X80.32 .

Traditional tandem.0mm -40 C and 45 kg/hr Welding of X80.12.4mm -50 C and 35 kg/h Powerwave 3x4.33 .0mm -20 C and 21kg/hr Powerwave 1x4.Deposition rates Summary.NF. 2x4.0mm/2x2.

Savings with the PW1000AC/DC Welding of X80.34 .NF.12.

Importance Increased machine efficiency The Inverter technology used in the PW1000AC/DC has a high efficiency.Three ways to save energy Idle consumption The power consumption of the PW1000AC/DC when the machine is running but not welding.NF. Process efficiency The Advanced AC Sub Arc process is showing higher deposition and lower Heat input.35 .12. The energy required to complete one joint is reduced PW 1000AC/DC 400V 3Ph 50Hz Welding of X80.

PW1000AC/DC versus conventional inverter Three machines running 600A 30V Comparison Commonly used in the industry AC 1200 PW1000 AC/DC DC1000 Efficiency 80% Efficiency 86% Efficiency 78% Power Factor 0.95 Power Factor 0. line current and idle power levels are supporting savings Welding of X80.73 KW 22.81 Power Factor 0.1 KVA 27 KVA 22 KVA 31.9 KW 23.NF.36 .12.6 Line current 67A Line current 32A Line current 32A Idle Power 2500W Idle Power 300W Idle Power 2000W Efficiency.5 KW 20.

4mm FLUX 960 Vessel diameter Ø1250mm 50º GMAW root pass PowerWave 1000AC/DC Layer 1 2 3 4 5 6 Amps 325 340 640 800 885 850 Volts 27 27 30 32 33 33 TS (cm/min) Total time per joint 26 minutes Savings: DC1000 75 75 95 110 110 110 HI (Kj/cm) KJ/layer 7.5% weld time per joint.615 8.481 15.755 7.760 13.760 16.977 3.168 6.499 8.772 41.126 4.300 6.346 20.37 HI (Kj/cm) KJ/layer 7.0mm 16mm Vessel fabrication Material SA517 Grade 65 Wire LNS 133 2.800 7.Field experience Application: SA Twin 2.020 2.046 19.253 15.883 12. 32% energy cost The PW1000AC/DC is saving joint time + Energy Welding of X80.NF.092 20.345 3.12.131 8.964 5.930 6.126 4.136 Layer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Amps 325 340 640 800 885 880 850 Volts 27 27 30 32 33 33 33 TS (cm/min) 66 66 95 95 85 85 85 Total time per joint 34 minutes 23.344 2.005 28.276 12.421 .

NF. Start Quality Analysis  Welding of X80.Quality Analysis Advanced analysis tool for calculating overall “quality” of a weld based on deviation of wire deposition rate.38 Lincoln Smitweld .12.

12.Welding of X80.39 .NF.

40 .Production Monitoring Weld History Diagnostics Welding of X80.NF.12.

12.Distributed system architecture Clock Signal Arc Link .TCP/IP Wire Drive Control & Power Supply Positioning Control & Power Supply Wide Area Network Monitor Application All components communicate via a network using Arc Link over TCP/IP Protocol Welding of X80.41 .NF.

3m/min • No change to weld bead profile or mechanical properties • 35% increase in production Welding of X80.and 4.NF.arc welding • 1.42 .12.Application – Pipe Mills • Longitudinal pipe welding • Conversion standard 3and 4-arc welding to wave control 3.7m/min travel speed increased to 2.

NF.43 .Welding of X80.12.

44 .12.STT powerwave MIG + SAW set-up Welding of X80.NF.

12.45 .NF.Welding of X80.

Shipbuilding with SAW robot Welding of X80.46 .12.NF.

NF.47 .SAW robot Welding of X80.12.

12.SAW robot Welding of X80.NF.48 .

NF.12.Conclusions • New technology for SA-welding was developed • Inverter technology • Waveform control • Cost savings • Energy • Higher deposition rage – up to 30% • Pay-back time of equipment investment • Increasing quality • Superior parameter control • Diagnostics • Weld-log • Energy • Higher productivity • Fast responding Welding of X80.49 .

12.Conclusions/Benefits Welding of X80.50 .NF.

51 .12.Thank you! Questions? Welding of X80.NF.