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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

139 / Friday, July 20, 2007 / Notices 39801

scheduled to complete its Direct, indirect, and cumulative PT–TR, Bldg. 5400, Redstone Arsenal,
transformation in 2007. By November impacts of the Proposed Action have AL 35898–5000.
2007, the Army requires that the SBCT been considered in the DEIS. The DEIS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr.
be ready for deployment to support identifies significant impacts at each of Russ Alexander, Officer of Research &
ongoing operations. the three alternative locations which Technology Applications, (256) 876–
In October 2006, the Federal Court of would occur as a result of implementing 8743.
Appeals for the Ninth Circuit the proposed action. Impacts at
determined that the Army had not fully SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
alternative sites would result from
complied with NEPA for the Artillery Rocket Trajectory Correction
construction and training activities.
transformation of the 2/25th because it Kit (TCK) is a completely self-contained
Significant impacts to resources would
did not adequately address or analyze retrofit kit that is externally and fixedly
be direct and long term. The No Action
potentially reasonable alternate mounted as an add-on to the rear (aft of
Alternative provides the baseline
locations for the transformation and the tailfins) of an existing, unguided
conditions for comparison to the
training of this unit. In particular, the rocket. The TCK continuously measures
Proposed Alternative. Additional
Court concluded that the Army had a the pitch and yaw of the rocket during
concerns or impacts may be identified
duty under NEPA to consider locations the initial seconds of the flight as it is
as a result of comments received on this
other than Hawaii for the permanent released from the launch tube. A
stationing of the 2/25th SBCT, and the The Army invites full public trajectory correction is calculated to
Court ordered the Army to prepare an participation to promote open allow the rocket to stay on a desired
EIS to address a broader range of communication and better decision path. Selected thrusters are then
alternatives. The Army has prepared an making. All persons and organizations activated to make any necessary flight
EIS in accordance with the Court’s that have an interest in the permanent correction. The thrusters are positioned
guidance to examine reasonable stationing of the 2/25th SBCT are urged around the circumference of the rocket
alternative locations for the proposed to participate in this NEPA evaluation body so as to correctively steer the
action to permanently station the 2/25th process. Assistance will be provided rocket. Thus, rocket accuracy is
SBCT. upon request to anyone having improved and collateral damage is
The EIS examines several Army difficulty understanding how to reduced.
installations capable of supporting the participate. Public meetings will be held Brenda S. Bowen,
permanent stationing of the 2/25th in Hawaii, Alaska, and Colorado. The Army Federal Register Liaison Officer.
SBCT. The EIS will provide the Army locations, times, and dates of the public
senior leadership with a hard look at [FR Doc. 07–3537 Filed 7–19–07; 8:45 am]
hearing will be announced in advance
environmental impacts associated with through notices and media news

the Proposed Action and better inform releases.

their decision-making process for
selecting the final stationing location. Dated: July 13, 2007. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
This effort includes analysis of all Addison D. Davis, IV,
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army,
Department of the Army; Corps of
activities (training, facilities
(Environment, Safety and Occupational Engineers
construction, and Soldier and Family
support) required to permanently Health).
Public Hearing and Notice of
station the 2/25th. This EIS effort will [FR Doc. 07–3530 Filed 7–19–07; 8:45 am]
Availability for the Draft Environmental
assist the Army in arriving at a decision BILLING CODE 3710–08–M
Impact Statement for the Matagorda
that can accommodate the Brigade’s Ship Channel Improvement Project,
training, operations, and quality of life Calhoun County and Matagorda
requirements while meeting the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
County, TX
strategic defense needs of the nation.
After reviewing the full range of Department of the Army AGENCY: Department of the Army, U.S.
potential Army stationing locations, Army Corps of Engineers, DoD.
Intent To Grant an Exclusive License
three alternatives for implementing the ACTION: Extension of comment period
of a U.S. Government-Owned Patent
proposed action have been identified by and rescheduling of Public Hearing.
the Army as reasonable alternatives AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD.
capable of meeting the Army’s need ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Notice of Availability for
criteria and screening criteria. the Draft Environmental Impact
Alternatives for the proposed action SUMMARY: In accordance with 35 U.S.C. Statement (DEIS) published in the
include: (1) Permanently stationing the 209 and 37 CFR 404.7(a)(1)(i), Federal Register on Friday, May 18,
2/25th SBCT at Schofield Barracks announcement is made of the intent to 2007 (72 FR 28032), required comments
Military Reservation (SBMR) while grant an exclusive, royalty-bearing, be submitted on or before July 2, 2007.
conducting required training at military revocable license within the geographic An editorial correction of the Notice
training sites in Hawaii; (2) permanently area of the United States of America and document was published in the Federal
stationing the 2/25th SBCT at Fort its territories and possessions to U.S. Register on Thursday, June 2, 2007 (72
Richardson while conducting required Patent application 11/229,425, filed FR 31660). The comment period has
training at military training sites in September 16, 2005 entitled ‘‘Artillery been extended to September 4, 2007.
Alaska; and (3) permanently stationing Rocket Trajectory Correction Kit,’’ to Additionally, the June 5, 2007, Public
the 2/25th SBCT at Fort Carson while Diehl BGT Defense GmbH & Co. KG Hearing on the proposed project has
mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

conducting required training at military with its principal place of business at been rescheduled to August 9, 2007, at
training sites in Colorado. In addition to Massberg Facility Alte Nussdorfer the Bauer Community Center, 2300
these alternatives, the no action Strausse 13 88662 Uberlingen, Germany. North Highway 35, Port Lavaca, TX
alternative is described and its ADDRESSES: Commander, U.S. Army 77979. Poster presentations will be
environmental impacts fully assessed Research Development and Engineering available for viewing and project team
and considered. Command, ATTN: AMSRD–AMR–AS– members will be present to discuss the

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