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Having been conceived by the games industry itself. but making games is a serious business with excellent career progression. For example. to study all of the programming core modules. a world first and totally unique way to start a career as a games development professional in the fast-moving video games industry! So why do people want to become professionals in this demanding field? Aside from the sheer excitement and sense of achievement. or gain a wider empathy with other roles. despite its humble beginnings as an enthusiast’s pursuit. Train2Game provides people with the opportunity to turn their passion for games into a very real vocation. art and animation. So. which offers relevant and current games industry content. as well as advice to ensure students and their work stand out from the crowd and are taken seriously by potential employers at interview. in addition to one or two from our art course and maybe another from our game design course should you choose. qualified people. There are many ways to learn the skills necessary for a career in the games industry. So big is the industry now.Preface Welcome to Train2Game. The Open University also offers a series of computer science. whether you wish to specialise solely in a particular discipline. for example. so students are encouraged to seek guidance from their careers advisors on the most appropriate way forward in relation to their individual circumstances and life choices. all of our courses are supplied with a Study Points allowance that you can ‘spend’ as you wish on course modules from any of our courses. there is still a shortfall of experienced. This allows you. Alternatively you could study the core programming modules and then the optional programming modules that offer further insight into specific topics such as AI or multi-core 1 Train2Game 2014 . Career choice is a significant decision. Each of these study options offers a potential avenue into the games industry and each route has its own advantages. art and animation courses. Whilst the Open University courses are less focused on the specific needs of the games industry. there is also real opportunity! Naturally games are fun. The courses offer an insight into the industry. not only is there a real motive to join this thriving business. programming. A number of universities in the UK present courses in games design. And of course there is Train2Game. www. Train2Game courses provide students with the means to develop a career in the most popular branches of game development.train2game. Our modular approach to learning also makes excellent use of our varied course material. they are nonetheless relevant options for any potential student. These courses are usually three years in duration and result in a BA or BSc honours degree. one of the key reasons is that the games industry is now larger than the movie and music industries. provided that you acquire/study all of the compulsory modules in your chosen discipline.

students can study at a pace that suits their current life commitments. A list of the course contributors can be found at the end of this booklet. an analytical and creative mind. Train2Game has been created by the games industry for the games industry. Train2Game teaches games development in a highly focused way. From day one of the course training syllabus. It has also been produced in collaboration with numerous working artists. course tutors. industry relevant training courses that are available to Train2Game students. the student needs to show a commitment and a passion towards gaming. Students can take as long as they need to complete any of the courses with re-sits being part of that process. QA or art and animation techniques. programmers and so forth. Until now. so flexibility really is a consistent feature of Train2Game. though of course any experience will stand them in good stead. depending on their chosen course. Train2Game has designed its courses to offer approachable and unintimidating content that is appealing to work through and geared towards a progressive learning curve. Online presentations. relevant and industry supported. more importantly. live and online. Studying at an average of 10-15 hours a week will see students complete their courses in approximately 18 to 24 months depending on the module choices they make. Train2Game courses are completely unique insofar as they use current games technology and development tools throughout the course syllabus. actually required by the UK development community. Students are able to take the courses at their own pace. The Train2Game courses are completely unique in that they are led by some of the most experienced people in the games industry. These webinars are hosted by key industry personnel to students at home. designers. This professional collaboration has generated a series of extremely high quality. This is especially relevant for those who want to study but have dependants or rigid financial obligations. these are the same skills and techniques used by games development teams across the world today. and the ability to work within complex technical software environments. Instead. Students of a Train2Game course do not need to have previous experience in design. or ‘webinars’. a key feature of Train2Game is that the student does not need to give up any existing work or study commitments in order to get the most out of these courses. need a good understanding of maths. a good PC and Internet connection are required by the student Study when it Suits You As a set of blended learning courses. Most crucially. are presented throughout the courses. The vast blended learning experience provided by MIS – the UK’s most successful blended learning company – together with DR Studios’ proven and successful games industry track record gives the courses both technical superiority and superb learning infrastructure such that Train2Game can offer highly effective blended learning opportunities that are current. They will however.Train2Game Overview The Train2Game team has worked closely with leading games industry figures and training specialists to produce a series of games industry specific training courses. The courses offered by Train2Game have been designed to enable the student to learn industry-specific skills in a variety of core disciplines. fully completing each module whilst receiving guidance from course tutors before commencing the next stage of the course. no such dedicated training plan has existed. Questions are addressed via ‘Student World’ – Train2Game’s own student portal. submittal of assessments and receipt of course updates. programming. the student will be working towards building a skill-set that is relevant and. As all Train2Game courses are home-based and use a proprietary website to interact with lecturers. 2 T2G Designer .

TIGA has over 150 members.A Fierce Collaboration with TIGA With a learning system so directly geared towards the needs of the games development industry. in addition to further optional modules offering specialisations within that same All the courses available through Train2Game carry a TIGA diploma award which students will receive upon successful completion of the course. 3 Train2Game 2014 . TIGA’s role within the Train2Game course structure is to adjudicate exams. This enables you to widen the scope of your knowledge base and become more specialist in disciplines that are of specific interest to you.tiga. Train2Game’s intimate working knowledge of the games industry allows it to ‘shape-shift’ its courses as necessary in order to keep up to date with the industry and offer its students cutting-edge content and techniques.train2game. TIGA is the national trade association that represents game developers in the UK and Europe. For more information on TIGA. subject to the prerequisites shown on the module header having been studied and passed. There are even enough study points* for you to also choose selected modules from ANY other Train2Game courses. TIGA achieves these aims through the use of an exam and quality board made up of key games industry professionals. publisher-owned developers. most of whom are either independent games developers or in-house. Modular Structure Whichever course you choose. * Our QA Tester course includes sufficient points for all modules within that course only. the exam board and its active role within the games industry please see www. ensure a consistently high standard of the final exam process and maintain the quality bar of course content to ensure it remains current and industry-relevant. This highly experienced board manages the quality and relevance of all Train2Game course content and exams. The points allocation you receive will be sufficient to study all of the modules on the course in its entirety. you will be credited with a quantity of ‘study points’ that can be used to acquire the modules that are of most interest to you. All of our courses comprise a number of ‘core’ modules that must be studied in order to fully qualify in that particular discipline. Train2Game collaborates closely with TIGA (Trade Industry Games Association).

whereas our online portal. it’s worth identifying other paths your career might take and then studying for a ‘plan B’ too. you could study all of the art modules and still have enough study points left over to study the Unity module from the Designer course. Dotted around the lessons will be one or more assignments or SMAs. if you want to become a programmer looking after visuals and networking. in order to determine the flow of modules most appropriate to the career path you wish to follow. it is vital that you set some rules and objectives for yourself. Study Methods In order to get the most from the courses. Just as importantly. though there are smaller differences depending on the exact discipline and amount of practical work involved. it will be a good idea to study the core programming modules. known as Student World. you can be sure of the same high standard of learning experience. is used for everything else. assets. and it is important that you set consistent guidelines for yourself in these key areas: The What The what relates to the module choices you make: all courses comprise a series of core and optional modules. Even if you have some spare study points leftover. but you receive sufficient points* to study further optional modules. 4 T2G Designer . videos. Each module of the course is designed to be as self-contained as possible. when and how you study are all interrelated. For example. it helps to have an idea of the kind of areas of development you wish to focus on. and any such prerequisites are clearly marked on each module. Later course modules tend to rely on the learning provided by earlier modules. and more besides. The assessments can be attempted as many times as you like. a clearly-stated list of learning objectives. you are urged to download the plans-of-courses for each of them.The Nature of the Courses All of our courses are constructed in broadly the same way. Even more important is that you observe them! What. including examples. You only need study the core modules in order to gain your diploma. and a module or two from the art course. assessments. You are urged to use every last point you have of your allowance in order to squeeze in as much benefit from the courses as you can. These are multiple-choice and must be completed online ready for marking by one of our tutors. Because our courses are so flexible. Likewise if you wish to become an artist specialising in Unity. and comprises a number of linked lessons (usually four). Whatever course you choose. * Our QA Tester course includes sufficient points for all modules within the course only. At the end of each lesson is an assessment known as a TMA designed to test your comprehension of the topics covered in the lesson. and even some modules from other courses. You are urged to complete them to the best of your ability in order to get the best from the courses. who will provide feedback on any incorrect answers. We use a hybrid print and web approach to deliver the content in its most appropriate form. These are not formally marked. but a sufficiently high score for the entire module must be attained to ensure that you have comprehended it sufficiently. webinars and more. but are designed to maximise your understanding of the topics being discussed. such as an outline/introduction. the optional networking module. the printed matter generally focuses on theory and teaching. areas for further reading where relevant. Lessons also have other features in common.

and make time for your studies. You need to put into practice what you are learning. • Most problems have many solutions.Study Methods – the ‘When’ Everybody’s lifestyle is different and it is really important to identify what times of the day and or week will suit you best. be mindful of this. but also try to understand why theirs is a good solution. to help build confidence. try thinking about alternative answers. Equally important is that you get into a routine. in a queue. so you learn from it. • Postpone tasks or routines that can be put off until your studying is finished. others may have solved it before. and they are unlikely to enhance your employability if you don’t. your study area. If it is a problem for you. it is important to monitor your progress in order to review your time management practices. reschedule a smaller task so that you can still progress in a shorter study period. find opportunities to do this in your everyday life. • Create a weekly/monthly planner and outline your personal study goals. Study Methods – The How Of course the quality of the time you spend studying can vary greatly. • Use ‘free’ time to extend your study periods (waiting at a bus stop. practice and then practice some more. Take a break. • Studying can be 5 Train2Game 2014 . • Be flexible in your thinking and do not be afraid to ask for help. playing a game or going to the pub. whether that is mowing the lawn. This can be a dedicated room or a kitchen table. set realistic goals. and even where you study can affect your mindset and approach to the task in hand. prepare study/flash cards to help you. walking to work or school). put your studies first! Time Management • Set aside specific times each day/week for studying.train2game. • Learn to identify distractions that cause you to stop studying and isolate them. www. schedule your study period as a part of your everyday life! Meeting Challenges • Solve problems. The answer may just come to you if you relax a little and move on to a different task. It is all too easy to make excuses when the work seems difficult. • When time issues make you think you do not have time for the next task. so do not be afraid to push your own limits. • Practice. • Weekly review. • Ask others. • Learn to prioritise your assignments. not something to be afraid of. • Review your previous lesson’s material and notes at the start of every study period. no matter how small. • To fail can be valuable if you learn from your failures. These are all things you can easily defer. and amend them if necessary. but whilst you are using it to study get in to the mindset that it is your classroom. and finish a task. train yourself to be a problem solver and think of them as an opportunity to progress. Thinking and Problem Solving • If a problem appears ‘too large’. Keep these simple pointers in mind: Studying • Find your own study place. schedule out the bigger tasks so as not to leave them all to the end of a module. put it aside and let it sit awhile.

The Main Features of Train2Game are: 6 • Accredited by TIGA. 7 days a week. gameplay mechanics. Train2Game: Qualifying Students for the Games Industry Not only does Train2Game offer a qualification equivalent in terms of content comparable to a university degree. Not only is the student armed with the relevant knowledge and contemporary techniques necessary to develop a successful career within the games industry. • Provides a unique combination of practical and theoretical teaching. by email or webmail.which has been developed by people boasting successful industry careers with a penchant for encouraging this success in others. its courses are also structured around training exercises which are overseen by experienced games industry professionals. The qualification positions students at the front of the pack when it comes to getting a job in the games industry. A key feature of the Train2Game courses is that students will be given ample opportunity to complete real-world projects within the course content provided. Enrolling on a Train2Game course is a student’s first step towards being part of the fast-paced. Train2Game also provides its students with a connection to the industry. they are also able to demonstrate this proficiency through their portfolio of work. • Students can progress at their own pace. • Includes all of the necessary software applications and tools necessary for course completion • Features the Student World Internet support structure that is available 24 hours a day. • Successful completion results in an industry recognised TIGA diploma for students. • Maintains an international job placement programme for its graduates using specialist games industry recruitment. Train2Game Course Features and Benefits Games designers. look.Student Accreditation: All courses So what does all this work amount to? Successful completion of one of Train2Game’s courses results in the student being awarded a TIGA Diploma relevant to the discipline they have studied. vehicles. • No need to give up current work or life commitments. exponentially-growing games industry sector. These real-world projects will also prove invaluable to students when attempting to gain relevant industry experience before graduation. They create the varied building blocks that make up every game we play. environments. using tools that have been created specifically for games development learning. They create the complex interactions between all of the game’s components. guiding them to opportunities and giving them the confidence needed to grasp that opportunity. but crucially. These training exercises utilise state of the art software . • Offers “hands-on” practical time with industry tutors. programmers. T2G Designer . • All final sections are adjudicated by the TIGA exam board. characters. • Utilises leading industry professionals as guest lecturers who make regular web presentations. • Provides tutor support available on the phone. Train2Game’s courses offer its students the theory behind these ‘people skills’ and teaches the conceptual techniques used in creating the many thousands of games launched each year.proven games technology . It follows from this that students will develop a very real portfolio which they can subsequently present to games industry professionals. feel and style. artists and QA testers are the lifeblood of the computer games industry.

Games Programmer. Train2Game set the standard for games design and development 7 Train2Game 2014 .net/ .net/ .Game development resources and news www.mcvuk.Online forums for Train2Game students and non-students.gamingjobsonline.gamecareerguide.gamejobs. Design Scripter. the University of Bedfordshire Chris Kingsley. play and share creations www. collaborate.change-job.gamedev.train2game.gamasutra. Tools Programmer. Environment Artist.Directory of games.Games development news and listings . Graphics www.” Train2Game Advisory Board Richard Wilson. development studios and key personnel www. features and jobs www. Environment Designer. engaging only the best educators such that its courses reflect the latest .biz/jobs www. Network. Job and Careers There are many careers one can choose to embark on after completing a Train2Game . . Possible positions include Games Designer.Covers news and jobs with a focus on business and Associate .opmjobs.edge-online. To provide an idea of the jobs available in the games industry today.tiga. Animator. In addition to this the exam accreditation and review process serves to provide Train2Game with the best possible means of assessing the ability of its students.Helpful information and advice on breaking into the games industry . DR Studios Professor Carsten Maple. www. easy to follow guides that will ensure students gain the necessary skills and experience to help them create the next global blockbuster. Throughout the learning process. Level Designer. Quality Assurance Tester (Games Tester). information and teaching principles relevant to the games industry of today. Project Manager.Industry magazine with news. upload. Engine Programmer.Developers of GameMaker. Project Assistant.1gameagent.develop-online. Level Designer.gamesjobnews.gamesrecruit.mcvuk. please take a look at the following websites: . interviews and jobs www. Games Author. socialise. Rebellion Train2Game Exam and Accreditation Board Train2Game’s examinations have been reviewed and developed by a group of ten leading UK development firms and TIGA in order to ensure they are current and relevant to the student’s chosen .Our Mission Statement “As the UK’s most successful blended learning college. through step by step.TIGA homepage www.Leading games industry information portal www. TIGA Myra Smallman. MIS Clive www.gamesindustry. Train2Game will provide a valuable insight into the multibillion dollar computer and video games industry. Conceptual Games Industry Resources www. students will be prepared for entry into many different areas of the games industry via their highly focused training programme.yoyogames. Conceptual Designer.

and all of the modules from those courses are also available to this course. all of the modules on this course are available to all other course disciplines we cover. subject to some simple conditions outlined below (the study points allowance and prerequisites topics). amber or green. with enough left over to study a few selected modules from any of our other courses. you can go on to study any optional modules before or after these exams up to your study points allowance for this course (shown clearly in the coming pages). you will be able to undertake the final exams for that course. 8 T2G Designer . The only condition is that some modules are marked ‘core’ and have to be studied on their ‘primary’ course. the ‘core’ modules for your own course will be sufficient to allow you to qualify (subject to a final exam). but remember you must study the ‘core’ modules from this course as a minimum. you will need to download course plans for any other course(s) that interest you. Green means open to all courses. modules are all marked with ‘prerequisites’ shown in red. amber means there are recommended prerequisites and red means there are compulsory prerequisites. these are the values to deduct from your allowance.Modularity All our courses feature a flexible module-based structure to enhance your learning! You can select and combine modules to cover the exact mix of skills you wish to develop. e. Subject to prerequisites being met (and having sufficient study points). Unused study points cannot be refunded. In order to see the full range of modules. Prerequisites To help you decide which extra modules to study.g. All modules have a clearly-defined points value associated with them. Final Grades Please be aware that your final grade/qualification will in no way be affected by your choice of additional modules. If you wish. Any additional modules you study are purely to enhance and maximise your own learning experience and help you pursue your chosen career path. There are sufficient points to cover all core and optional modules on this course. you can choose any ‘core’ or ‘optional’ modules from other courses. but are otherwise optional for other course choices such as Designer. Even better. Provided that you at least study the ‘core’ modules for your own course. Study Points Allowance The cost of this course includes the study points allowance shown overleaf for you to ‘spend’ on modules as you choose. core Developer modules have to be studied by anyone taking the Developer course.

com 9 Train2Game 2014 . or even not at all. Prove it . Any unused points after you have studied the ‘core’ modules may be ‘spent’ on this course or any of our others as you wish.the importance of protyping Expanding the idea into a game Next steps Lesson 2 – Basic Use of a Game Creation System Introduction to GCS software Simple partial game example Lesson 3 – A More Advanced Example More advanced example Plan out the basic idea.train2game.. identify and source assets online Implement the idea Lesson 4 – Advanced Concepts An even more complex example Mobile device implementations Previewing over Wi-Fi www.Points Allocation for Designer Course Points allowance provided to purchasers of this course 620 Points required to study core modules only 440 Points required to study all of this course 550 All modules have a cost associated with them. Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 ‑ So You Have a Good Idea. you must deduct these costs from your initial allowance shown above. Module D1: Prototyping with a Game Creation System Designer: Core..

Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – Play More! The importance of familiarity with other games/genres. City Building Business Sim. fantasy. flight Racing games Lesson 4 – Game Genres Pt 3 Construction & Management Sim. TBS Lesson 3 – Game Genres Pt 2 RPG. RPG Vehicle simulation: spacecraft. Party Casual 10 T2G Designer . trains. Puzzle Music & Rhythm. simulation. TPS Rail Shooters. Arcade Games Fighting games. MMORPG Sports games: arcade. Platformers RTS. watercraft. playing lots of games Don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from other products An example of any successful game that has clearly drawn from other sources and further developed the ideas Lesson 2 – Game Genres Pt 1 2D action FPS.Module D2: Getting to Know Games and Genres Designer: Core. God Game Adventure game. management.

Optional for all other T2G courses 30 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – The Process of Development Concept. QA Sub Hardware Sub. Beta.train2game. Considerations. Proof of Concept. retina devices Consoles. smartphones. Full Design Prototype. Gold Master Lesson 2 – Modern Hardware Formats iPad. benefits or limitations of each (touch control. etc. Vertical Slice Production. iPod. Alpha.) Lesson 3 – Analysing the Competition Seeing why the competition failed or suceeded with a similar product Writing a competitive analysis www. motion 11 Train2Game 2014 . etc. Master Candidate. Proposal.Module D3: Getting to Know the Development Process and the Competition Designer: Core.

Sports. Lesson 4 – Choices Avoiding getting stuck. sub-goals Navigable areas. etc. Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – Game Structure The structure of games What players want Brainstorming a game idea The importance of sound and music Lesson 2 – MMOGs Design considerations for Massively Multiplayer Pay to play and free to play Lesson 3 – Genre Issues Genre specific game design issues Including RPG. Puzzle and Educational. critical path Landmarks.Module D4: Common Design Challenges Designer: Core. player choices 12 T2G Designer .

etc. Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: An awareness of programming (Beneficial) Lesson 1 – Introduction to Unity Capabilities UI. More exotic assets. camera.g. billboarding Layers www. extensions. e. Models. prefabs Scripting Lesson 2 – The Asset Store All about the asset store Traditional assets. e. lights Adding movement Adding collisions and other details Lesson 4 – Using 3D to Create a 2D Scene/App 2D strategy Planar objects.train2game. etc.Module D5: Using Unity Designer: Core. Lesson 3 – Creating a Simple 3D Scene/App Creating the 13 Train2Game 2014 . particle systems. Textures.

Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: Designer D5 (Required) Lesson 1 – Paper Design/Concept Art Assessing the look and feel of the game Floor-plans and landscapes Paths and Flow Lesson 2 – Sketching the Level Working with primitives and place-holders Restricting access Playtesting and refinement Lesson 3 – Structure Level separation Level order The components of a level Lesson 4 – Importing Art Assets Asset-lists (explaining what you need) Constructive feedback Importing assets and replacing place-holders Further playtesting and refinement 14 T2G Designer .Module D6: Level Design Designer: Core.

etc. Huddle. etc.g. Lesson 2 – Version Control Why have version control/what is it? Popular types of version control eg CVS. etc. eg Jira. etc. Asana. Project management and issue tracking software. etc. Alienbrain. Photoshop. Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – Office Suites and Collaboration Word processing/spreadsheet/presentation packages Cloud-based vs desktop-based working. Google.train2game.Module D7: Development Tools Designer: Core. regression. Zoho. Version history. SVN. animated GIFs Lossy and lossless 15 Train2Game 2014 . merging and more Lesson 3 – Image Editing and Image Formats Bitmap vs vector. alpha. GIMP Lesson 4 – Bug Tracking Common bug tracking tools eg Mantis BT.) Good reporting practice www. channels. indexed colour. image formats Common graphic packages e. Brief overview of bug lifecycle (claim fix.

Module D8: The Design Process Designer: Core. Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – The Idea Idea sources Pitfalls Turning ideas into games Lesson 2 – After the Prototype Fleshing out the design Starting the GDD Importance of the story bible Lesson 3 – Testing and Tuning In-house playtesting External playtesting Test plans Lesson 4 – When to React to Feedback Assessing feedback Rejecting feedback Managing change 16 T2G Designer .

Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: Designer D7 (Beneficial) Lesson 1 – Why Document the Design? Benefits of documentation High concept document.Module D9: Design Documentation Designer: 17 Train2Game 2014 . Razor X Pitch document Lesson 2 – Consistency Story bible Script Flowchart Lesson 3 – The Main Design The Design Document Technical Design Document Gameplay Lesson 4 – Refining the Game Continuity errors.train2game. playtesting Cloud-based data (tuning post-launch) www. implementation errors Polishing.

storyboarding cut scenes Developing narrative Game Engine Movies (GEMs) 18 T2G Designer . Optional for all other T2G courses 50 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – Controls and Cameras Controllers and interfaces Cameras and how different genres implement them Puzzle solving Lesson 2 – User Interface GUI UI Controls Lesson 3 – Storytelling Storytelling Character development Lesson 4 – Rhythm and Flow Game flow Game progression Complexity Lesson 5 – Cinematic Design Story telling.Module D10: What the Player Sees Designer: Core.

Soft launch and hard launch Lesson 2 – Ongoing support 19 Train2Game 2014 .Module D11: Launch and Post-Launch Designer: Core. Optional for all other T2G courses 40 Points Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – Launching the Game Final testing Closed beta. open beta.train2game. Updates Downloadable content (DLC) Longevity Lesson 3 – Community & Player-Base Virtual communities Developer communities Community management Lesson 4 – The End of Development Post-mortem Archival Sequels www. etc.

Module D12: Free-to-play (F2P) Considerations 30 Points Optional for all T2G courses Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – What is F2P All about the F2P model Changing the way we approach games Case studies Lesson 2 – F2P design Multiple currencies Player motivations Monetisation Lesson 3 – Analytics Analytics Important metrics such as DAU and ARPU Improving player retention Module D13: Marketing Games 10 Points Optional for all T2G courses Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – Marketing the Game Marketing considerations PR Game Demos 20 T2G Designer . 21 Train2Game 2014 .Module D14: Other Game Creation Systems 40 Points Optional for all T2G courses Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – GameSalad Introduction and overview Benefits and drawbacks Comparison and walkthrough Lesson 2 – Stencyl Introduction and overview Benefits and drawbacks Comparison and walkthrough Lesson 3 – GameMaker Introduction and overview Benefits and drawbacks Comparison and walkthrough Lesson 4 – Unreal/UDK Introduction and overview Benefits and drawbacks Comparison and walkthrough www.

there are sufficient points supplied with the course in order to enable you to study different modules as appropriate to your chosen career path: Role Module Choices* Pts Used Pts Spare 470 150 520 100 Junior Designer Des Core D15 UI Designer Des Core A2 Technical Designer Des Core D12-15 550 70 Game Designer/Developer Des Core P2-4 590 30 A7 The table above should help to guide you through the possible module choices that you may wish to pursue.Module D15: Seeking Employment 30 Points Optional for all T2G courses Prerequisites: None Lesson 1 – Building a CV CV writing tips Covering letters Portfolios Lesson 3 – Approaching Employers Recruitment agencies Researching employers Approaching directly Lesson 3 – Interviews Interview tips Likely questions Follow-up Module Choices – Designer As shown previously. *This is only one such path to illustrate how you might use your study points 22 T2G Designer . however if you need further assistance in choosing any compatible modules to absorb your points allowance please call your tutor team who will be pleased to offer advice and guidance.

www. It is because Train2Game’s quality standards are so rigorously maintained that it is able to support its training with a guarantee of success. Your Guarantee With Train2Game’s vast industry expertise combined with TIGA’s accreditation and exam advisory board we are confident that you will enjoy the best possible chance of success with your chosen course.Guarantee When the College receives the student assessment it is double-checked by highly trained tutors in order to maintain College standards. The corrected work is returned to the 23 Train2Game 2014 . By fully engaging with the study material you are assured of a new skill-set and will successfully achieve a valuable qualification. In the event that you do not achieve the marks required to pass you will be given the opportunity to re-sit your exams and revisit marked assignments at no extra cost for as long as you continue to fully commit to the course.

Notes 24 T2G Designer .

train2game.Notes 25 Train2Game 2014 .