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Blues In The Night (My Mama Done Tor Me) Words by Johnny Mercer ‘Musie by Haro Anion s&s zn a yt rare ma-ma done tol! me—— when I was in |Rnee-pant —— tails, M1 sweet talk, SESE {ir and give ya the big eye, — = 7 bs 3 Bb ry co, al BE fa sing the 24 o in the night, Now the rain’s a-fall-in, hear the train a-calt-in, whoo-ee, Oty ————— ma-ma done tol me,—) Hear dat lone-some whis-tle blow - in'crossthe tres-tle, whou-ee,— (My ty clack's a- ech o-in’ back th’ + (orm) ma-ma done tol’ me, JA whoo-ee-duh-whoo-ee— iF fe in the ighie-The evecnia’ breeze - ‘ll start the trees to cryin’ and the — “ _ = broadly 28 pi, C+, cr, gy G75 Be 7 La Zine se ee Gn a ee oe moon - ‘Il hide ite light, when you get the blues in the night. Zime a bi, Ge RR Take my word, the mock - in’ bird-'ll sing the sad - destkind 0! fe Fe cee? aa oe Bhs 7 F fl ee fay Aa knows things are wrong and he's right From Nat-chez to Mo-bile,— from —= 26 Mem-phis to St. Joe,—where- ev-er the four winds sy —— Fe oe heard me some big talk, but there is one thing’ I know, —— os Fr a a a re ome thing wholll leave ya sing the —— = SPA wom-an's = ‘A man_is_ a two-face— a in the night. = Ja x