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Case Study

Flipkart Improves Peak
Web Performance and
Customer Experience with
Flipkart’s data center infrastructure suffered
latency issues and was unable to handle
peaks in traffic.

Flipkart replaced most of the 15K HDDs in its
MySQL server with HGST FlashMAX

India’s largest online retailer accelerates MySQL database
performance, improves site integrity and conserves power with
HGST’s enterprise-class PCIe SSDs
Following its launch in 2007, Flipkart grew rapidly and is now India’s
largest online retailer. While Flipkart’s explosive growth was clearly a
business success, its data center infrastructure lagged behind and was
unable to handle peaks in traffic. According to Burzin Engineer, director
of engineering at Flipkart, “Our website performance was unpredictable


under load, and during peak load, our MySQL database replication lagged.

• 50 percent increased performance.

The MySQL slaves would never catch up. We needed to recreate the slaves

• Improved user experience and

with a backup and restore to get the slaves back in sync. This got to the

site integrity.

point where it was happening every couple of days.”

• Enhanced website stability with
unconditional peak performance.

In addition, Flipkart’s typical MySQL databases were stored on three
servers with six 15K 146GB hard disk drives (HDDs) per server. The MySQL
servers were running at less than 50 percent of CPU utilization because of
the storage I/O bottleneck. Flipkart needed a solution that would solve the
problem quickly.
Amod Malviya, Flipkart’s vice president of engineering, heard about HGST’s
high-performance FlashMAX® PCIe solid-state drive (SSD) and decided to
test the solution via HGST’s 45-day sample program.

Engineer said.” Before deploying FlashMAX. FlashMAX now delivers more than 10 times the performance with the same reliability through a RAID 5 running on the FlashMAX PCIe SSD. our customers always receive the most up-to-date information. Flipkart .” 2 Amod Malviya. With HGST.” Engineer said. they improved the integrity of its site. “The money we save on power and cooling alone further justifies our FlashMAX investment and could easily pay for the cards over their lifetime.” “The money we save on power Performance and cooling alone further justifies FlashMAX PCIe SSDs completely eliminated the I/O bottleneck caused our FlashMAX investment and by the HDDs. VP of engineering. “FlashMAX enabled us to improve our I/O performance by 10 times with approximately half the power. over their lifetime. which struggles to deliver enough power.Case Study After a quick lab test. our web performance was could easily pay for the cards outstanding right through the peak performance periods.” said Engineer. Flipkart had eight 15K HDDs in a RAID 10 to meet its performance and reliability requirements. According to Malviya. “FlashMAX allowed us to focus on our core business. This is especially true in India. “The problem was solved quickly. but more importantly for Flipkart. “When the slave MySQL servers were so far behind. we would deliver out-of-date information to our customers. Cutting Power Usage Power consumption in the data center is always a concern for any enterprise. but they now have sufficient unconditional peak performance to meet our needs. Engineer decided to replace most of Flipkart’s 15K HDDs in the MySQL server with HGST’s FlashMAX PCIe SSDs.” “We had been thinking about replacing the MySQL servers. “After installing FlashMAX. it was clear that FlashMAX was the solution to Flipkart’s database and website performance problems. instead of on database tuning and administration.” Improving Site Integrity HGST’s FlashMAX PCIe SSDs performed much better than the former disk arrays.” Engineer said.

programs. cameras.hgst. Flipkart achieved dramatic improvements in customer experience. About Flipkart Flipkart. Flipkart’s MySQL environment included: • Three MySQL servers (one master. or services do not imply that HGST intends to make these available in all countries in which it operates. Photographs may show design models. San Jose. Contact HGST for additional information. Product specifications provided are sample specifications and do not constitute a warranty. The site ranks among the top 30 in India (per Alexa rankings) and receives more than 12 million visits every month. and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. mobiles. HGST trademarks are intended and authorized for use only in countries and jurisdictions in which HGST has obtained the rights to use. Other trademarks are the property of their respective companies. FlashMAX is a registered trademark of HGST. went live in 2007 and since then has grown rapidly with the introduction of innovative features such as collect on delivery. Today its product portfolio ranges across 14 categories from books to music. Inc. © 2014 3403 Yerba Buena Road. Inc. personal and healthcare products. Please visit the Support section of our website. computers. TV and home theatre systems. IT performance. Information is true as of the date of publication and is subject to change. All rights reserved. 30-day replacement guarantees and its own delivery network. HGST shall not be liable to third parties for unauthorized use of this document or unauthorized use of its trademarks. India’s largest online retailer. two slaves) • Eight SAS 15K 146GB HDDs in RAID 10 • 32 total HDDs Flipkart replaced the 32 HDDs with four FlashMAX 1.Case Study The Results Before deploying FlashMAX PCIe SSDs. References in this publication to HGST’s products. Produced in the United States 11/14. resulting in the following benefits: • 50 percent increased performance • Improved user experience and site integrity • Enhanced website stability with unconditional peak performance • Extension of the MySQL server’s lifetime by at least a year • 50 percent reduction in storage power usage HGST FlashMAX PCIe SSD By simply replacing hard drives with HGST FlashMAX PCIe SSDs. and the newly launched stationery items. Opex and Capex. for additional information on product specifications. CS12-FLIPKART-EN-01 . market and advertise the brand. home and kitchen appliances. CA 95135 USA.1TB PCIe SSDs. Actual specifications for unique part numbers may vary.