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Aswin Vivek M S

----------------------Date of birth : 10/10/1990
: +917702493259
: ,

Career Objectives
I am embarking upon my career path now and at this stage, I'm not sure where I fit in. I'm aware of
my potential, interests and expertise. I aim to work with an enterprise or a community that can
leverage these , while letting my horizon broaden at opportunities that enthuse me. To drive my
passions to an edge that would benefit the collective, be a relevant part of the engine that fuels the
growth of the organisation I work with.

Educational Qualification
● Higher Secondary, Kerala State Board. (Malayalam was a main paper)
● BA (Hons) English, The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad (With a focus
on Linguistics).
● Masters in Computational Linguistics, The English and Foreign Languages University
(Incomplete, put on hold due to an unfortunate circumstance).

Skills and Abilities
Updated awareness of standards and phenomenons of the Internet.
Skills in organising files, efficient research on the internet
A fine command of English and Malayalam languages, including the digital counterparts.
Skills in aggregating relevant data swiftly, to utilise it to solve the problem at hand.
Excellent communication skills, and insight to expectations and needs of others.
(Received training in oral and written communication provided by the English Language Education

(ELE) courses in the EFL University).
The ability to master new skills quickly, considering most of my technical skills are self-taught.

Technical Skills
Working knowledge in Linux and other Unix-like environments), basic handling skills(self-taught) of
the servers, (Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD etc).
Working knowledge of Windows, and essential applications including Office Suites.
Typing speed around 80 wpm.
Skills in organising files, efficient research on the internet.
Efficient understanding of the social media.
Experience of setting up and handling IRC network servers/Forums, administering them.
Trouble-shooting common software/hardware issues, with different types of platforms.
Adequate patience and expertise in imparting the technical knowledge/skills to others.
Basic knowledge of programming languages(Limited) Such as C++, Python, Prolog etc.

I have worked as an English Language communication skills trainer for 2 months, in Kerala.
For several years, I have been a part of different online communities like freenode where I could
effectively solve technical issues in different platforms I'm familiar with.

Other Interests
Reading, keeping myself updated with the technology news, poetry, films, cooking and many more.

*References available on request.