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Thanks to the Terraria Online Wiki for Pictures and Statistics

Version 0.17

Chapter 1: What is Terraria?

Terraria is a 2D, side scrolling, action-adventure game with some sandbox elements
incorporated. Terraria has a functioning multiplayer system with server-based play and a PvP
option. It is often referred to as a cross between Metroid and Minecraft; though it may have
been inspired by those games, it should not be thought of as a rip-off of either. Terraria has
NPCs, Bosses, magic, a wider variety of monsters, numerous items and armor sets, and
dynamic events. The building and mining elements of the game are mostly there to supplement
the action and exploration aspect of the game.
When you create a character in Terraria, they are carried over into any world you enter,
whether it be on Singleplayer or Multiplayer allowing for in-game trading and easy PvP. When
you create a new world, a randomly generated map of a preset size will be created. Every map
in Terraria contains a Dungeon (guarded by the most difficult boss Skeletron) and an
Underground Jungle (containing exclusive mobs and items). The two locations are always
generated on opposite sides of the map and are generally end game areas. Along with the
Dungeon and Underground Jungle, a series of 3-5 (depending on map size) Floating Islands that
hold a small brick room with a chest inside are generated as well. These chests may contain
items that you cant find anywhere else including the Starfury, Lucky Horseshoe, and Shiny Red
Balloon. Due to the random map generation and persistent character, you cant really ever run
out of resources or areas to raid.
Before you can start venturing into the vast world, you should create a home for you to take
shelter in the dark of the night. Terraria lets you construct structures and furniture using the
materials you find throughout the world. As you expand your base of operations, NPCs will
make their way into your house and provide you with chatter and buyable goods. There are a
lot of items that can be purchased only through NPCs and some of the items just make
exploring much more convenient early game.
Moving ahead in Terraria is mostly done through gear progression. Gear progression means
that instead of leveling a character up like a normal RPG, your character becomes more
powerful in conjunction with the armor and items he wields. If you want to you can think of
each armor set as a level, with Molten and Cobalt being the highest level of each specialization.
Armor is obtained through mining and smelting, with the exception of a couple sets that are
found and crafted through monster drops. Most of the basic weapons can also be crafted with
ores, though the more powerful weapons and accessories are found through monster drops
and chests scattered throughout the world.

Throughout Terraria you can either focus your character as a Warrior (hoarding life crystals,
defense-armor, basic weapons), a Ranger (bow & arrows, guns & ammunition, and usually use
the Necro armor set), or a Mage (mana crystals, mana-armor, and magic weapons & spells). At
the current end game, the Warrior and Mage classes become the most distinct. The two main
end game armor sets are the Molten (28 Defense + 10 Defense Set Bonus) and the Cobalt (19
Defense + Reduces Mana cost by 25%) sets. The third armor set is the Necro (19 Defense +
Speed Boost) set which would serve as a viable set for a Ranger. Once a character has acquired
the armor of their choice, they generally start collecting the rare weapons and accessories that
benefit their specialization.
The weapons in Terraria are much less ambiguous than the classes and are easily separated into
three categories. Melee weapons are mostly crafted swords, phaseblades, and the Muramasa
& Blade of Grass. Ranged weapons are mostly crafted bows & arrows, purchases or found guns
and ammunition, boomerangs, and flails. Magic weapons arent crafted (with the exception of
the Space Gun), but rather found in dungeons or chests in the world. Some of the more notable
magic weapons include the Flamelash, Vilethorn, and the Starfury.
If this isnt enough for you, Terraria is still undergoing updates, fixing bugs and adding
CONTENT! In fact, the programmer and designer of Terraria, Andrew Redigit Spinks said, Ive
already thought about some cool ideas for Terrarias replacement, but that will be several years
away. Right now our focus is on Terraria and nothing else. We still have a lot of plans for the
game. It was only in development for four months before it was released, and in another four
months from now you wont recognize it anymore.

Chapter 2: The Bestiary

The Dungeons:

The Surface:

The Caves and The Underworld:

The Corruption:

The Underground Jungle:

Chapter 3: Dynamic Events

The Goblin Invasion:
The Goblin Invasion is a dynamic event that occurs is Terraria. There is a very small chance
every dawn that an army of Goblin Mobs will appear after a string of warning messages in the
bottom-left corner of the screen. For this event to occur, the following criteria must be met:

At least 1 Player in-game

At least 1 Player must have more than 200 Health (NOT maximum)
It has to have been at least 7 in-game days since the last invasion

The Goblin Army consists of Goblin Peons, Goblin Warriors, Goblin Thieves, and Goblin
Sorcerers. There are 3 exclusive drops you can obtain from a Goblin Invasion: the Spiky Ball,
Harpoon (Rare), and the Rocket Boots (Uber-Rare). The number of Goblins that spawn depends
on the number of players in the game and the collective health of the players. A goblin army
can max out at 500 units and the total gold obtained from an invasion ranges in between 8 and

The Blood Moon:

Occasionally at nightfall (1/8 chance), a message may appear that warns you of a Blood Moon.
A Blood Moon lasts for one night and can be troublesome for inexperienced players. During a
Blood Moon, the spawn rate of Zombies and Demon Eyes is drastically increased. Along with the
increased spawn rate, Zombies gain the ability to break open doors after a couple of hits.
Early game: Blood Moons can prove to be troublesome and it is sometimes best to just
blockaded yourself and your NPCs in your house. The easiest way to prevent monsters from
getting in is to place at least one block of dirt adjacent to your doors. This lets the Zombies open
the door but prevents them from walking in (though a few Demon Eyes can still squeeze in).
Late game: the Blood Moon serves as a great time to farm for gold and Lenses if youre trying to
summon the Eye of Cthulhu.

Eye of Cthulhu:
The Eye of Cthulhu appearance can only happen once per World. If the player has yet to fight
him, has at least 10 hearts, and has at least 3 NPCs a warning message may appear saying,
You feel an evil presence watching you. Soon after the message the Eye of Cthulhu may
spawn and attack you.

Chapter 4: Bosses
The Eye of Cthulhu:
The Eye of Cthulhu is often dismissed as the easiest boss in Terraria, though he can still be
difficult to overcome as a new character. The boss can appear
through a dynamic event and can also be summoned using a
Suspicious Looking Eye. To craft one, youll need 10 Lenses (dropped
by Demon Eyes at night) and you have to be standing next to a
Demon Altar (often found in the Corruption and sometimes
underground). To summon the boss, use the Eye outside during the
night (will not work during the day).
The boss fight is fairly straightforward and shouldnt take more than
5 minutes. At higher levels, Cthulhu is a viable method for farming
gold due to the common Demonite Ore drops. It can drop Demonite
Ore, Unholy Arrows, Corrupt Seeds, Lesser Healing Potions, and Coin.
Cthulhu has 3000 HP and goes through 2 forms in the battle (Form 1: DMG: 18, DEF: 6/ Form 2:
DMG: 30, DEF: 3). While in his first form, he passively summons Servants of
Cthulhu (HP: 8, DMG: 23, DEF: 0) that act like
smaller Demon Eyes. At 1500 HP (half health),
Cthulhu will begin to spin around its center and the
pupil will turn into a mouth. During his second form, servants are no
longer summoned and he mostly focuses on charging you.
Defeating the boss is much easier with the use of ranged weapons
such as bows or guns. Another early game option is Shurikens. They
are cheap and do more damage than most bows do at the start of
the game. During the first form a melee weapon (or a ranged that
can damage multiple enemies at once such as a flail or boomerang)
is a good choice because you can continually swing and fend off the servants while you try to
steal a few hits on Cthulhu himself. With decent dancing, the first form should be easy to take
down. During his second form it becomes more dangerous to use a melee weapon and its
advised that you switch to a ranged weapon. If you avoid his attacks and constantly shower him
with attacks, he should go down quickly without much trouble.

The Eater of Worlds:

The Eater of Worlds is by far more difficult a boss than the Eye of Cthulhu and each battle can
vary depending on the way one goes
about killing him. The biggest danger
in the boss fight is having him split
into multiple worms making it
immensely more difficult to avoid
his attacks.
The Eater of Worlds will appear
every time 3 Shadow Orbs are
broken after multiple warning
messages. The boss can also be
summoned using Worm Food when
in the corruption. To craft worm
food you must be standing near a
Demon Altar and have 30 Vile
Powders and 15 Rotten Chunks.
The boss is separated into 3 different units, all making up the full worm. The head does 40
DMG, has 120 HP, and 0 DEF. The bodies do 15 DMG, have 200 HP, and 4 DEF. The tail does 10
DMG, has 300 HP, and 8 DEF. Because he has multiple segments, every second you spend
within his bodys damage range can whittle you down to no health quickly. Letting him trap you
in circles or get parallel to you will get you killed you fast.
The most effective weapons for conquering him are ones that do area damage or hurt more
than one enemy on one pass through. The most effective in my opinion is the Vilethorn. With
decent mana and regen you can spam the spell and damage most of his segments at once.
Alternatives also include the Ball O Hurt and the Enchanted Boomerang and can be used in
much the same way as the Vilethorn. The most important aspect of the fight however, is to
focus the head and tail rather than the bodies. If you kill a body the worm will split into 2
segments making it much more difficult to kill (if you continue to kill bodies it will continue to
split, with the max size being 3 segments). Each individual segment can drop Demonite Ore and
Shadow Scales, and when killed the boss will drop a random piece of Shadow Armor, Demonite
Ore, and Shadow Scales.


Skeletron is by far the most powerful boss in Terraria and should not be taken lightly. Soloing
him is very difficult and he can still prove a very formidable opponent even with a group.
Skeletron cannot be summoned and appears only once per world. He is the guardian of each
worlds Dungeon and can be awoken by speaking to the Old Man at night. At daybreak
Skeletron will kill everyone in his sight and disappear giving the player a very small window to
kill such a powerful boss.
The actual boss is
made up of 3 units.
The Skeletron Head
(35 DMG, 6000 HP,
12 DEF) which will
end the boss fight if
killed and 2
Skeletron Hands (30
DMG, 2000 HP, 18
DEF). When soloing
him it is better to
focus down the
head rather than
the hands due to
the large time
constraints. After
Skeletron has been
defeated on a map, he will not
return and players will be free to enter the dungeons as they wish.
The most effective way to fight him is to create a small arena like structure above the Dungeon
with and open top and flattened floor. This allows faster movement and a better view of the
boss. AOE Ranged items are once again your best bet since they let you hit more than one unit.
If youre soloing him you should try to hit the head as much as possible and take advantage of
any opportunity to hit the hand and head simultaneously. Use a flail, a gun, or the Starfury to
take him down and heal constantly throughout the fight. Even if youre only at half health be
sure to pop a potion due to his heads spin attack.
Skeletron drops nothing ;( though the loot within the Dungeon is often more than reward

Chapter 5: Armor
Because most of Terraria revolves around gear progression, the armor you chose will determine
the type of character you play. You can tank with Molten Armor or be a mage with Cobalt
Armor. The way you play is up to you, but you have to have the means to do it. Whether you
wanna light the way with your Molten, or just look like a boss with the Goggles, armor is a

Copper Armor:
The most basic set of armor a character can wear. Copper armor grants 4 DEF with a set bonus
of 2 DEF. It takes a total of 60 Copper Bars to craft a full set.

Iron Armor:
The next set of armor is once again a strict defense set. Iron armor grants 7 DEF with a set
bonus of 2 DEF. It takes a total of 75 Iron Bars to craft a full set.

Silver Armor:
Silver Armor is by far my favorite armor in terms of appearance but still remains unviable late
game. It grants 10 DEF with a set bonus of 3 DEF. It takes a total of 75 Silver Bars to craft a full

Gold Armor:
Golden Armor is the last of the basic defense sets and grants 13 DEF with a set bonus of 3 DEF.
It takes a total of 90 Gold Bars to craft a full set.

Meteor Armor:
If youre looking to Mage it up mid game, the Meteor set is the set for you. It grants 13 DEF
with a set bonus of 20% Spell Cost Reduction and the set also lights up as the player moves. It
takes a total of 90 Meteorite Bars to craft a full set.

Shadow Armor:
Shadow Armor may be difficult to obtain, but it makes for a versatile armor in the mid game. It
grants 19 DEF with a set bonus of 15% Melee Attack Speed Boost and a small mana regen buff.
It takes a total of 60 Demonite Bars and 45 Shadow Scales to craft a full set.


Necro Armor:
Necro Armor is difficult to obtain early game-mid game making it less effective when you
actually acquire it. The speed boost it provided is still somewhat beneficial when coupled with
the Anklet of the Wind. It grants 19 DEF with a set bonus of a Constant Speed Boost. It takes a
total of 140 Cobwebs and 90 Bones to craft a full set.

Cobalt Armor:
Cobalt Armor is a must for any caster based character. It serves as a late game replacement for
the Meteor Armor and differs only in the it heightened defense and mana cost reduction. It
grants 19 DEF with a set bonus of 25% Spell Cost Reduction. Coupled with Bands of Starpower,
a caster can have seemingly limitless mana. Cobalt Armor is also very difficult to obtain and is
an uber-rare drop from Hornets in the Underground Jungle.

Molten Armor:
Molten Armor is the tankiest it gets. It grants 28 DEF with a set bonus of 10 DEF and it lights up
while moving. Thats a total of 38 Defense which is massive compared to the other armor sets.
It takes a total of 105 Hellstone Bars to craft a full set.


Chapter 6: Weapons (& Magic)(& Consumables)

To make progress at all in Terraria, you have to be able to engage in combat. From your humble
beginnings with a Wooden Sword all the way until youre rocking the Star Cannon, weapons will
be an essential in your quickbar.

Melee Weapons:
Melee weapons are probably the most common weapon in Terraria. They are easy to craft
when starting out and almost all of the melee weapons can be crafted with the exception of the
Muramasa and the Staff of Regrowth.

Basic Melee Weapons:

Wooden Sword

7 Wood




Copper Broadsword

8 Copper Bars


Copper Shortsword

7 Copper Bars

Very Fast

Iron Broadsword

8 Iron Bars



Iron Shortsword

7 Iron Bars

Very Fast

Silver Broadsword

8 Silver Bars



Gold Broadsword

8 Gold Bars



Gold Shortsword

7 Gold Bars


Very Fast

Lights Bane

10 Demonite Bars



The Breaker

10 Demonite Bars + 5
Shadow Scales
10 Demonite Bars



Very Slow



War Axe of the Night



Unique Melee Weapons:

Phaseblades: The first set of unique melee weapons you will likely craft
are the Phaseblades. They deal 21 DMG and a knockback of 3. To craft
a phaseblade youll need 20 Meteorite Bars and 10 Gems of one color
(Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond). When swung,
phaseblades emit a small amount of light and make you look like a
badass Jedi.
Muramasa: The Muramasa is a rare blade found only in Dungeon chests. It is better than
the Phaseblades and deals 22 DMG. When used it creates a small amount of light. It has
a fast attack speed and holding the left mouse button will swing it continuously
unlike other swords. When coupled with Melee Boosting items, the Muramasa
becomes a deadly mid-late game weapon.
Staff of Regrowth: The Staff of Regrowth is less of a weapon and more often used as a
tool. It allows the player to create grass on any dirt tile in the world. It can only be found
in the Underground Jungle in a Jungle Shrine. It deals 20 DMG and has fairly highspeed making it useful in the mid-game. Late game, the Staff becomes less useful and different
weapons should be used instead.
Blade of Grass: The Blade of Grass has the longest range of any melee weapon in
Terraria. It can be dropped (though very rarely from Hornets) and it can be craft using
1 Silver Broadsword, 40 Jungle Roses, and 20 Stingers. It deals 28 DMG and has an
attack speed slightly faster than the Fiery Greatsword.
The Fiery Greatsword: The most powerful sword in Terraria. The Fiery Greatsword has
a huge range and emit light when swung. It deals 34 DMG though isnt as useful due
to its slow use speed. It takes 35 Hellstone Bars to craft a Fiery Greatsword.


Ranged Weapons (& Ammunition):

If smashing Zombies in the face with a Greatsword isnt your thing, then ranged weapons will
let you pick off your enemies from afar. You can choose from 4 classes of ranged weapons;
Bows, Guns, Boomerangs, and Flails. You can choose to use the allmighty Sunfury or rock some
face with the incredibly imba Star Cannon.

Basic Bows:
Note: Ammunitions Damage is applied on top of a ranged weapons base damage.
Wooden Bow

10 Wood



Iron Bow

7 Iron Bars


Silver Bow

7 Silver Bars



Gold Bow

7 Gold Bars



Demon Bow

8 Demonite Bars



Molten Fury

25 Hellstone Bars



Dropped by Shadow
Sold by Arms Dealer (5
Dungeon chests


ly Slow

Sold by Arms Dealer

(50 Gold)
Handgun, 20 Hellstone


The Molten
Fury lights
wooden arrows
on fire

Basic Guns:
Flintlock Pistol
Phoenix Blaster





Unique Guns:
Star Cannon: The Star Cannon is by far the most powerful weapon in Terraria, dealing 75
damage per shot! It shoots extremely fast and can wreck bosses easily. The Star Cannon is

crafted using 1 Minishark, 5 Fallen Stars, and 20 Meteorite Bars. The only
useable ammunition for the Star Cannon however is Fallen Stars making it
quite difficult to carelessly spam.

Wooden Arrow

1 Stone Block, 1 Wood


Knockback Picture

Flaming Arrow (5)

5 Wooden Arrows, 1
2 Wooden Arrows, 1
Worm Tooth

Found in Chests

Sold by Arms Dealer for 7

8 Copper, drops from
Shadow Orbs.
1 Meteorite Bar

Unholy Arrow (2)

(can pass through 3
Jesters Arrow (can
pass through
mobs)(emits light)
Musket Ball

Meteor Shot (100)


Though there are only 4 flails in Terraria, one of the most damaging weapons in the game the,
Sunfury, falls into the category.
Ball O Hurt: This flail will probably be the first one you obtain in Terraria. It can be
found by either breaking a Shadow Orb or by killing The Eater of Worlds. It deals 15
DMG and has a knockback of 7. The Ball O Hurt (like other flails) is useful when
fighting serpents such as the Eater of Worlds because it can deal damage to more than one unit
in one shot.
Blue Moon: The next step up from the Ball O Hurt is the Blue Moon. It is found in
Dungeon chests making it a late game weapon. Usually by the point the player
obtains one however they usually have already found a Sunfury (which is vastly
superior). The Blue Moon deals 30 DMG and has a knockback of 7.
Sunfury: The Sunfury is one of the most powerful weapons in Terraria. It deals 40
DMG and has a knockback of 7. It is difficult to obtain however due to its extremely
low drop rate from Bone Serpents (1% Drop Chance).

Harpoon: The Harpoon is a flail that acts very similar to a Bow without the need
for ammunition. It deals 15 DMG with a knockback of 6. It is a very rare drop from
the Goblin Sorcerer during a Goblin Invasion.

One of the first ranged weapons (other than the bow) youll be likely to find is the Enchanted
Boomerang. Theyre easy to use, but dont really seem to have a place in late game PvP asides
from the Flamarang.
Enchanted Boomerang: Early game, the Enchanted Boomerang is a very useful replacement for
a bow & arrow. Once thrown the boomerang will strike through multiple enemies and come
back to the thrower. The boomerang can be found in chests throughout the world. It deals
13 DMG and has a knockback of 8. The boomerang also emits light when thrown making it
useful for cave hunting.
Thorn Chakrum: The Thorn Chakrum is a mid-late game boomerang crafted with 40 Jungles
Roses and 30 Stingers. It deals 25 DMG and has a knockback of 8. One of the benefits to the
Thorn Chakrum is that it can bounce more than once off of a wall. This makes it exception
while clearing out small spaces of mobs.
Flamarang: The Flamarang is the most powerful boomerang in Terraria. When thrown it emits
light and light particles and acts like an Enchanted Boomerang. It deals 32 DMG and has a
knockback of 8. Because it requires no ammunition it makes a great alternative to a bow and
can be a great weapon for a ranged PvP character. The Flamarang is crafted using 1 Enchanted
Boomerang and 15 Hellstone Bars.

Magic Weapons: