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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

133 / Thursday, July 12, 2007 / Rules and Regulations 37999

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION could result in the parachute failing to in the Federal Register as a notice of
successfully deploy (CAPS failure). proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on May
Federal Aviation Administration DATES: This AD becomes effective on 17, 2007 (72 FR 27766). The NPRM
August 16, 2007. proposed to require you to replace the
14 CFR Part 39 On August 16, 2007, the Director of pick-up collar support and nylon
the Federal Register approved the screws, of the CAPS, with a new design
[Docket No. FAA–2007–27976; Directorate incorporation by reference of certain pick-up collar support and custom
Identifier 2007–CE–042–AD; Amendment publications listed in this AD. tension screws.
39–15125; AD 2007–14–03]
ADDRESSES: For service information
identified in this AD, contact Cirrus
RIN 2120–AA64 We provided the public the
Design Corporation, 4515 Taylor Circle,
Duluth, Minnesota 55811; telephone: opportunity to participate in developing
Airworthiness Directives; Cirrus
(218) 727–2737; Internet address: http:// this AD. We received no comments on
Design Corporation Models SR20 and the proposal or on the determination of
SR22 Airplanes
To view the AD docket, go to U.S. the cost to the public.
AGENCY: Federal Aviation Department of Transportation, Docket
Administration (FAA), Department of Operations, M–30, West Building
Transportation (DOT). Ground Floor, Room W12–140, 1200 We have carefully reviewed the
ACTION: Final rule. New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, available data and determined that air
DC 20590, or on the Internet at http:// safety and the public interest require
SUMMARY: We are adopting a new The docket number is adopting the AD as proposed except for
airworthiness directive (AD) for certain FAA–2007–27976; Directorate Identifier minor editorial corrections. We have
Cirrus Design Corporation (CDC) Models 2007–CE–042–AD. determined that these minor
SR20 and SR22 airplanes. This AD FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: corrections:
requires you to replace the pick-up Wess Rouse, Aerospace Engineer, 2300 • Are consistent with the intent that
collar support and nylon screws, of the East Devon Avenue, Room 107, Des was proposed in the NPRM for
Cirrus Airplane Parachute System Plaines, Illinois 60018; telephone: (847) correcting the unsafe condition; and
(CAPS), with a new design pick-up 294–8113; fax: (847) 297–7834. • Do not add any additional burden
collar support and custom tension SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: upon the public than was already
screws. This AD results from a CDC proposed in the NPRM.
report of an in-flight CAPS activation Discussion
Costs of Compliance
where the parachute failed to On May 11, 2007, we issued a
successfully deploy. We are issuing this proposal to amend part 39 of the Federal We estimate that this AD affects 2,677
AD to correct pick-up collar support Aviation Regulations (14 CFR part 39) to airplanes in the U.S. registry.
fasteners of the CAPS, which could include an AD that would apply to We estimate the following costs to do
result in the premature separation of the certain CDC Models SR20 and SR22 the replacement of the pick-up collar
collar. This condition, if not corrected, airplanes. This proposal was published support of the CAPS:

Total cost per Total cost on

Labor cost Parts cost airplane U.S. operators

2 work-hours × $80 per hour = $160 .......................................................................................... $17 $177 $473,829

Note: CDC will provide warranty credit to because it addresses an unsafe condition under the criteria of the Regulatory
the extent noted in Cirrus Alert Service that is likely to exist or develop on Flexibility Act.
Bulletin No. SB A2X–95–10 R2, Issued April products identified in this AD.
2, 2007, Revised: April 24, 2007. We prepared a summary of the costs
Regulatory Findings to comply with this AD (and other
Authority for This Rulemaking information as included in the
We have determined that this AD will Regulatory Evaluation) and placed it in
Title 49 of the United States Code not have federalism implications under the AD Docket. You may get a copy of
specifies the FAA’s authority to issue Executive Order 13132. This AD will this summary by sending a request to us
rules on aviation safety. Subtitle I, not have a substantial direct effect on at the address listed under ADDRESSES.
Section 106 describes the authority of the States, on the relationship between Include ‘‘Docket No. FAA–2007–27976;
the FAA Administrator. Subtitle VII, the national government and the States, Directorate Identifier 2007–CE–042–
Aviation Programs, describes in more or on the distribution of power and AD’’ in your request.
detail the scope of the agency’s responsibilities among the various
authority. levels of government. List of Subjects in 14 CFR Part 39
We are issuing this rulemaking under
the authority described in Subtitle VII, For the reasons discussed above, I Air transportation, Aircraft, Aviation
Part A, Subpart III, Section 44701, certify that this AD: safety, Incorporation by reference,
‘‘General requirements.’’ Under that 1. Is not a ‘‘significant regulatory Safety.
section, Congress charges the FAA with action’’ under Executive Order 12866;
Adoption of the Amendment
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC71 with RULES

promoting safe flight of civil aircraft in 2. Is not a ‘‘significant rule’’ under the
air commerce by prescribing regulations DOT Regulatory Policies and Procedures ■ Accordingly, under the authority
for practices, methods, and procedures (44 FR 11034, February 26, 1979); and delegated to me by the Administrator,
the Administrator finds necessary for 3. Will not have a significant the Federal Aviation Administration
safety in air commerce. This regulation economic impact, positive or negative, amends part 39 of the Federal Aviation
is within the scope of that authority on a substantial number of small entities Regulations (14 CFR part 39) as follows:

VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:27 Jul 11, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00009 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:\FR\FM\12JYR1.SGM 12JYR1
38000 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 133 / Thursday, July 12, 2007 / Rules and Regulations

PART 39—AIRWORTHINESS Effective Date Unsafe Condition

DIRECTIVES (a) This AD becomes effective on August (d) This AD results from a Cirrus Design
16, 2007. Corporation (CDC) report of an in-flight
■ 1. The authority citation for part 39 Affected ADs Cirrus Airplane Parachute System (CAPS)
continues to read as follows: activation where the parachute failed to
(b) None. successfully deploy. We are issuing this AD
Authority: 49 U.S.C. 106(g), 40113, 44701.
Applicability to correct pick-up collar support fasteners of
§ 39.13 [Amended] (c) This AD applies to Model SR20 the CAPS, which could result in the
airplanes, serial numbers (SN) 1005 through premature separation of the collar. This
■ 2. FAA amends § 39.13 by adding the 1798, and Model SR22 airplanes, SN 0002 condition, if not corrected, could result in the
following new AD: through 2437, that: parachute failing to successfully deploy
(1) Are certificated in any category; and (CAPS failure).
2007–14–03 Cirrus Design Corporation: (2) have not incorporated the actions in
Amendment 39–15125; Docket No. Compliance
their entirety of Cirrus Alert Service Bulletin
FAA–2007–27976; Directorate Identifier No. SB A2X–95–10 R1, Issued April 2, 2007, (e) To address this problem, you must do
2007–CE–042–AD. Revised: April 10, 2007. the following, unless already done:

Actions Compliance Procedures

Replace the pick-up collar support of the CAPS Within the next 25 hours time-in-service (TIS) Follow Cirrus Alert Service Bulletin No. SB
with the new design pick-up collar support after August 16, 2007 (the effective date of A2X–95–10 R2, Issued April 2, 2007, Re-
and the two nylon collar support screws with this AD) or within 60 days after August 16, vised: April 24, 2007.
new custom aluminum tension screws. One 2007 (the effective date of this AD), which-
of the following must do the replacement: ever occurs first.
(1) A CDC trained and authorized para-
chute system technician who also holds
an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) me-
chanic certificate; or
(2) A CDC trained and authorized para-
chute system technician who is super-
vised by an A&P mechanic.

Alternative Methods of Compliance code_of_federal_regulations/ another country to identify and correct

(AMOCs) ibr_locations.html. an unsafe condition on an aviation
(f) The Manager, Chicago Aircraft Issued in Kansas City, Missouri, on June product. The MCAI describes the unsafe
Certification Office (ACO), FAA, has the 29, 2007. condition as:
authority to approve AMOCs for this AD, if Kim Smith,
requested using the procedures found in 14 It was detected by the STC holder that in
CFR 39.19. Send information to ATTN: Wess Manager, Small Airplane Directorate,Aircraft earlier installations of the ACASII system
Rouse, Aerospace Engineer, FAA, 2300 East Certification Service. there were no isolation diodes installed in
Devon Avenue, Room 107, Des Plaines, [FR Doc. E7–13248 Filed 7–11–07; 8:45 am] the Heading and Attitude Valid lines. The
Illinois 60018; telephone: (847) 294–8113; absence of an isolation diode in the valid
fax: (847) 297–7834. Before using any lines can prevent the valid flag to come up
approved AMOC on any airplane to which even if a gyro fault exists. The problem has
the AMOC applies, notify your appropriate only been detected for Heading Valid lines
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION but could equally affect the Attitude Valid
principal inspector (PI) in the FAA Flight
Standards District Office (FSDO), or lacking lines.
Federal Aviation Administration With installation of the ACASII, the
a PI, your local FSDO.
heading and attitude valid lines have to be
Material Incorporated by Reference 14 CFR Part 39 connected to the TPU67A. On valid state, the
(g) You must use Cirrus Alert Service signals are +28VDC. On invalid, the signals
Bulletin No. SB A2X–95–10 R2, Issued April [Docket No. FAA–2007–27680 Directorate are open. This condition of direct connection
2, 2007, Revised: April 24, 2007, or Cirrus Identifier 2007–CE–026–AD; Amendment (without an isolation diode installed) of the
Alert Service Bulletin No. SB A2X–95–10 R1, 39–15128; AD 2007–14–06] valid lines to the TPU67A, if not corrected,
Issued April 2, 2007, Revised: April 10, 2007, could cause the TPU67A to feed current into
RIN 2120–AA64 the open stated valid lines. This prevents the
to do the actions required by this AD, unless
the AD specifies otherwise. flag to appear even if the gyro is invalid,
Airworthiness Directives; providing the flight crew with erroneous
(1) The Director of the Federal Register
approved the incorporation by reference of AEROTECHNIC Vertiebs-u. Service navigation information.
this service information under 5 U.S.C. GmbH Model Honeywell CAS67A We are issuing this AD to require
552(a) and 1 CFR part 51. ACAS II Systems Appliances actions to correct the unsafe condition
(2) For service information identified in on these products.
this AD, contact Cirrus Design Corporation, AGENCY: Federal Aviation
4515 Taylor Circle, Duluth, Minnesota 55811; Administration (FAA), Department of DATES: This AD becomes effective
telephone: (218) 727–2737; Internet address: Transportation (DOT). August 16, 2007. ACTION: Final rule.
On August 16, 2007, the Director of
(3) You may review copies at the FAA, the Federal Register approved the
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC71 with RULES

Central Region, Office of the Regional SUMMARY: We are adopting a new incorporation by reference of certain
Counsel, 901 Locust, Kansas City, Missouri airworthiness directive (AD) for the publications listed in this AD.
64106; or at the National Archives and
Records Administration (NARA). For products listed above. This AD results ADDRESSES: You may examine the AD
information on the availability of this from mandatory continuing docket on the Internet at http://
material at NARA, call 202–741–6030, or go airworthiness information (MCAI) or in person at Document
to: issued by an aviation authority of Management Facility, U.S. Department

VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:27 Jul 11, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00010 Fmt 4700 Sfmt 4700 E:\FR\FM\12JYR1.SGM 12JYR1