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KOLATH & CO “« Chartered Accountants \CConinanial Plaza, A1/D951A ORS Road, 12272, KR. Tower 705, oun Road, Kacherpady Emakiam, 100 Ring Read BTM ts Stage, GHENNAl-60008. KOCHI" 68 Oto BENGALURU 560 08. Prom secsrose — Phsoiee= 2007447 Ph O@0-20761720 Mobis: +91-94471 36869, E-mal:kolath@kolathin Website: wawkolathin Limited Review Report To The Board of Diroctors, Kitex Garments Limited. ‘We have reviewed the accompanying statement of unaudited financial results of KITEX GARMENTS LIMITED, P.B.No.5, Kizhakkambalam, Kochi, Kerala 683 562, for the nine months period ended 31.12.2014 except for the disclosures regarding “Public ‘Shareholding’ and "Promoter and Promoter Group Shareholding” which have been traced from disclosures made by the management and have not been audited by us. This statement is the responsibility of the Company’s Management and has been approved by the Board of Directors/ Committee of Board of Directors. Our responsibility is to issue a report on these financial statements based on our review ‘We conducted our review in accordance with the Standard on Review Engagements (SRE) 2410, Review of Interim Financial Information Performed by the Independent “Autor of the Eniy issued by the Ista of Chartered Accountants of India, This standard requires that we plan and perform the review to obtain moderate assurance as 10 whether the Financial statements ar fee of material misstatement. A review is mit Primarily 1o inguisies of company personncl and analytical procedures applied 10 Financial data and thus provide less assurance than an anit. We have not performed an anit and accordingly, we do not express an ait pinion ‘Based on our review conducted 2s above, nothing hs come to our attention that causes us to believe that the accompanying statement of unaudited financial results prepared in accordance with applicable accounting standards and other recognized accounting practices and policies has not disclosed the information required to be disclosed in terms fof Clause 41 of the Listing Agreement including the manner in which it is to be disclosed, or that it contains any material misstatement For KOLATH & CO Chartered Accountants Firm Regn, No, 0089268 Kizhakkambalam 12.01.2015 “e- Rita Kitex Garments Limited eee CN: LiBiOIKLI992P1,c0n0<" Ret ‘Regd.Ofrice ; PB NO.S, KIZHAKKAMBALAM, ALWAYE, KERALA Serene pre ee eee Da ica) — eno eae aoe | Sasi Tae | Sitaned 1 — maa ; pau ea 7 ans snooats| 4221.00 — sges| ae aut an r a ee a =e 2 rs JS) as | Se | aan ae , FS iercetariemesenmore—|— dale aoa — ae | = ae) ee aa hee a en 2 RESECmnomeypaeenem SS ee Se ae ee A oe esos : 3 komacy moore 20] aie! — ues mitt — sent te 2 ta murora 2. = = a as eee ah a= eee. Enea wn ieanen 2 Sr ae es REE Nt comes | nee ers athe = att ea — eS ed eee eee Cade Sey oe eae SS ee ee eee paras | Ge en == a ee ee ee a ee : | = ee Ss ee eeweceee | = ne es =o ent ra EE at aca = ey a eres feo (il eee | | Reece | ws] aa] in] a “- aT Bee Kitex Garments Limited regione eeee See sal poner sag S| ee, | et aa ei RI oe ee te eae : ae i eh ee ae a it — Be 2 ci ee Ss