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Floppy Fairisle Hat

An original design by Virginia Tullock, of FatCatKnits

Copyright 2007.

Finished size:
23 circumference.

About 3 4 oz yarn, in 5 colors (Cascade 220 Heathers, 100% wool, used for sample)
A set of dbl pt and a 16 circular needle, US #7/ 4.5 mm, or size to meet gauge. If you are a loose
knitter, please go down in size as needed, or your hat will be too floppy.

18.5-19 sts/ 22 rows = 4 in.(10 cm)

Yarn Colors:
A: mustard (Cascade color #4010)@ 45 yds
B: teal green (#2430)@30 yds
C: light green (#2452) @30 yds
D: light blue (#9452) @10 yds
E: dark olive (#9459)@60 yds
Plus yarn for tassels

With A, CO 108 sts. Join, making sure not to twist.
Work in k1, p1 rib, working k sts in E and p sts in A, for 5 rounds (rds). With C, k 1 rd as follows:
*k8, knit in the front and the back of the next stitch (k f&b)*. Thus you are turning every 9 sts into
a 10 st section, for a total of 120 sts.
P one rd.
Work Chart 1.
With C, k 1 rd, p 1 rd.
Work Chart 2, then Chart 3, the Chart 4.
Dec rd- Work next rd in E, *k1, k2tog*. 80 sts.
Work Chart 5.
Remainder of hat is worked in E:
Dec rd- *k1, k2tog*, end k1. 54 sts.
K 2 rds.
Work 2 rds *k1, p1*.
Dec rd- *k1, p1, k1, p3tog* end k1, p1. 36 sts.
Work 4 rds *k1, p1*.
*K2tog*. 18 sts.
Break yarn, and run through remaining sts, do not pull tight yet.

Twisted Cords (make 3):

Cut 6 strands of yarn 21 inches long. Take two strands and twist together very, very tightly. Holding
both ends firmly, fold in half, and twist a whole lot in the other direction. Let go.

Tassels (make 3):

For each tassel cut twelve 12 strands of yarn. Fold in half. Tie at fold with long strand of yarn. Wrap
one strand of the tie around the bundle several times, about from tied area, tightly. Weave ends
of tie through the wrap, and hide inside tassel.
Take the folded end of the twisted cord, and weave it through the top of the tassel, parallel to the tie.
Open up the end of the twisted cord, and pull the length of the twisted cord through this opening.
Bury the raw ends of all three twisted cords inside the hole at crown. Close the hole by pulling the
yarn that is wound through the stitches rather tightly, wind it through the sts again, and weave in on
the inside. Weave in remaining ends.
Thank you for purchasing this pattern!

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Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

Chart 1

Chart 4

Chart 2

Chart 5

Chart 3

Color Key
A: mustard (Cascade color #4010)
B: teal green (color #2430)
C: light green (color #2453)
D: light blue (color #9452)
E: dark olive (color #9459)