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GVI, Greece

Kyparissia Bay
11th July to 8th August

By Cynthia A. Arochi Zendejas

Mission & Objectives __________________________________________________________________________________ 1
Introduction ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 2
Training received & field trips ________________________________________________________________________ 4
Achievements __________________________________________________________________________________________ 6

Mission & Objectives

GVIs mission is to build a global network of people united by their passion
for positive change

The project objectives were:

1. To protect nests against predation and/or inundation.

2. To help to collect data on turtle population and dynamics.
3. To raise public awareness & help people adopt friendlier attitudes
towards the natural environment and possibly reduce their
environmental footprint in the area and the World.

Pagina 1

GVI has been working in partnership with the Sea Turtle Protection Society
of Greece, ARCHELON, since 2005, and running the Under 18s programme
since 2013, in the Peloponnese Area,

Since 1983, the primary goal of ARCHELON, has been to protect the sea
turtles and their habitats in Greece through monitoring and research,
developing and implementing management plans, habitat restoration,
raising public awareness and rehabilitating sick and injured turtles.
GVIs Under 18s programme aims to support our local partners by collecting
data, protecting nests and raising awareness on sea turtle conservation, as
well as to provide a fun and safe experience, and an introduction to the Sea
turtle conservation World while raising awareness on related environmental
issues. The project takes place in Kyparissia Bay, one of the most important
loggerhead turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean, and the data collected
contributes to Greeces coastal management plans and to international
strategy for sea turtle conservation.

Pagina 2

This year we received a total of 27 volunteers from different Countries like

Scotland, Ireland, England, China, Spain, Luxemburg, Egypt and USA, some of
them also held double nationality so we got to know more about Filipino,
French, Danish and Bulgarian culture. Moreover we also had our first local
participant coming from Athens, which was very exciting to receive!

Pagina 3

Training received & field trips

The volunteers received training on different topics such as:
Turtle ecology & conservation
Threats to turtles and the Marine Habitats
Turtle monitoring methodology (night and day patrols):
o Patrol beach to locate new tracks and nests
o Recording data and measurements
o Installing protective nest grids
o Nest relocation
o Bamboo harvesting- assembling nest grids
o Educating public about the project
Main illnesses on turtles and 1st aid measures
GVI around the World & other Wildlife issues like elephants in
Asia and South African game parks.
Sustainable development
Environmental issues awareness
Conservation in Greece
Beach Clean ups

Pagina 4

Not everything focused on work so during this programme the

volunteers also had time to relax, go to the beach, play football,
volleyball, do a couple of quizzes to test their knowledge, did a
few challenges, etc. They also had a birthday pool party and
visited a few surrounding towns, beaches and archaeological
sites such as:

Pagina 5

Sacharo, Kyparissia, Giannitsochori & Pylos towns

Methion and Kyparissia castles
Kiafas lake
Gorges and stalactites
Olympia archaeological site
A few beaches around the area including the beautiful Gialova bay
Agianakis education centre
Sea turtle rescue centre in Glyfadas
Plaka in Athens

The programme was divided in 2 groups, 1 during the first 2 weeks, and
1 during the second 2 weeks.
At the end of the first two weeks the group:

Walked approximately 200 kilometres

Found and protected 45 nests over 25% of the nests on D!
Hammered over 1,000 bamboo sticks
Protected approximately 4500 hatchlings
Recorded 200 adult tracks -153 on South and 47 on North
Relocated 34 turtle nests (27 on North and 7 on South)

At the end of the second two weeks the group:

Pagina 6

Walked approximately 100 kilometres

Found and protected 45 nests over 25% of the nests on D!
Hammered over 200 bamboo sticks
Protected approximately 4500 hatchlings
Recorded 94 adult tracks
Relocated 34 turtle nests
Fixed 20 boxes for hatchlings
Created 2 signs for the Environmental education centre

All this work has contributed for the protection to this endangered
species and survival; as well as provided valuable data in order to declare
Kyparissia bay a protected area, as its major threat is the development of
illegal bars and lights.
Moreover, this programme has given an introduction to the Scientific
field work, and hands on experience & training to 27 young volunteers,
who will hopefully continue raising awareness on current environmental
issues around the World.

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