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Don't Be Good Enough, Strive To Be The Best

Heres a fact: The best gets better things in life.

Whether you admit it or not but TO BE THE BEST is what most of us wish for. It is
part of human nature that people strive and work hard in life to stand out among
others. In work, particularly, we spend 8 hours or more of our time not without a
purpose. We strive hard to be able to achieve finer things in life.
However, the problem in most of us is that we think that being the best is difficult to
achieve and so we settle in mediocrity. We settle in being just good enough rather
than striving for the best. Because of this mentality we fall short in our efforts. But
truth is, striving for excellence is not as complicated as what most people think. A
little change in the way of thinking can help us achieve excellence.
Here are the simple things we can do that can help us in our journey towards
Stay Proactive
Pragmatically speaking, proactive people are the ones that become the most
valuable employees and they are those people who have more chance to be
promoted in the workplace.
Proactive people look in the future, move forward and have more control over the
situation. Basically, proactiveness means you are in control you make things
happens rather than waiting for things to happen before responding.
It might be confusing to determine the difference between proactive and reactive
responses in the workplace. But lets put it this way; when you are proactive you try
to avoid threats; you anticipate future opportunities and take advantage of it for
your benefit. On the other hand, a reactive person wait for the threat to happen
before it make changes to avoid further damage and opportunities are not fully
capitalized because of lack of preparation.
Reactive people are often affected by their physical environment. If the weather is
good, they feel good. If it isnt, it affects their attitude and their performance.
Proactive people can carry their own weather with them. -Stephen R. Covey
Adapt And Adjust To Unexpected Situations
Change is constant. Clich as it is but true. As individual seeking for success, you
have to prepare yourself for changes. In the world where developments, discoveries
and explorations are inevitable, learn from your experiences and figure out a way to
adapt with the developments and changes in life.

Change happen whether we want it or not. No matter how proactive you are,
unexpected things might happen without you knowing it so learn to turn these
unexpected things into an opportunity to grow. It is crucial for you as individual to
be flexible enough to change in order to keep up in this competitive world. But how
do you adapt and adjust yourself to changes?
People are susceptible to unforeseen changes. These changes might cause fear and
it is natural. Instinctively, our bodys fight or flight response maybe triggered due to
adrenaline rush which naturally occur because of our survival instinct. This
oftentimes can be overwhelming and taking control of the situation might be a
challenge. But once you have been successful handling the situation, it can provide
you with a good avenue for success.
To handle these inevitable changes effectively, the key is to simply change our
attitude and the way we perceived life. Changes should be seen as opportunity to
achieve goals rather than as hindrance in achieving success.
Boost Your Productivity
Scrambling with paper works, preparing for the next big presentation and doing the
same boring routine every day could affect ones productivity. According to NAPO or
National Association of Professional Organizers, a total of 4.3 hours per week is
wasted in paper document management.
Disorder and chaos can become our habit and without us knowing it, it has already
affected our productivity. Have you ever experienced a situation when you think you
have done so many things and yet at the end of the day, you realized you have
never finished anything? Thats a perfect example of being unproductive. And for
sure, you dont want this to be part of your habit, right?
Boosting productivity is not as complicated it may seem. According to this post, you
can boost your productivity by simply knowing your priorities, time management,
active lifestyle and learning how to handle stress.
Productivity is essential to achieve the best in life. It can keep us motivated, focused
and encourage creative thinking which we can make use of perform our task very
Stay Level-Headed
When people are faced with failures, it is natural to get disappointed and frustrated
but that does not mean that you have to let failure control your life. To be levelheaded means you will not let yourself be torn down by failures that easily. In every
situation, it is understandable to feel some emotions but never let this emotions
rule you and your judgment. To be level-headed is simply to be a logical-thinker.

However, learning to develop this kind to thinking is not as easy as it can be

defined. Logical thinking is a mental strength in which you will be able to think fairly
and justifiably amid the emotional situations you are confronted with.
In life you either win or lose so do not put too much fuss whenever you lose in some
situations. Definitely, there is more to life that you can try and someday you are
going to win. In every situation you encounter, be impeccable, do not make
assumptions and most especially learn to accept constructive criticism openmindedly and do not take it personally.
Regardless of who you are and what you do, achieving excellence can make you a
better person. Striving for excellence does not necessarily mean pushing yourself
too much and striving for perfection. To be the best to excel or stand out from the
rest, you have to simply use your abilities, skills and talents in the best way you
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As a success-seeker herself, Key Acanto is not used to settle for anything less. As an
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