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Jamaica Health Minister Talks About Importance of Education

As we know that great nations are reflected by the quality of the people within. What kind of
quality we see from them? Intelligence, achievements, health quality, etc are some of various
things we see from their quality. But what can realize all of these? Yes, none other than
education. A great nation is determined on how educated the people in that nation. Education
gives us wings to explore and dig the welfare. Education also gives people chance to have the
Education becomes one of the most important issue in the world today. It influences many
aspects in a nation development. This was confirmed by one of the most important person in
Jamaica, dr. Fenton Ferguson, minister on health. At the West Rural St Andrew Education
Awards, Dr. Ferguson talked to the audience about the importance of getting higher education
especially for the young.
Dr. Fenton Ferguson is the Eleventh Minister of Health who studied in Howard University USA
where in 1974 he gained BSc. Degree in Chemistry. Also in 1974, he got the dental scholarship
from his country, Jamaica, where in 1978 he gained the post-graduate degree as Doctor of Dental
Surgery. In 1989, Dr. Ferguson entered representational politics and then he was elected as
Member of Parliament for St. Thomas Eastern in 1993.
Dr. Ferguson emphasized that education one of vital factor to build nation and he asked the
parents to accentuate their childrens education. This minister whos fanatic of education, said
that education is the best investment that can be given to their children. Its much more valuable
than any other thing such as land, car, house, etc. Dr. Ferguson was really concerned about the
development of his country, he supported the young to be serious and realize the importance of
getting higher education. He even had a scholarship program as his averment to the importance
of educating people.
He said that people need to be multi-skilled, well-prepared, and competitive because all those
things are needed and wanted by many people. In this occasion, dr. Ferguson also educate the
young people among the audience about the danger of nicotine. He stressed to the audience that
nicotine that contained in tobacco can cause many kinds of cancer and cutting down on the
consumption of tobacco can reduce the number of diseases such as heart attack and strokes. As
his dedication for the health of his country, he set the prohibition to smoke in public area.
This health minister statement about the importance of education was also supported by Paul
Buchanan, member of the parliament. Buchanan said that Jamaica is still in the continuous
learning. Besides politic parties, education is the most concerned thing above all. By grasping all
the chances before the eyes, Buchanan described it as building a better Jamaica.
The most interesting quote of Dr. Fergusons was that liberation can be brought into reality by
education. But stressing education as the best element is not enough, people also need good

attitude. Thats why Dr. Ferguson described gratitude as a thing we shouldnt forget especially to
our parents. Besides, he also said to the scholarship recipients to be responsible for their
scholarship by showing their good attitude, their respect for the virtue, dedication for human
being, to be honest, and to respect another people around their environment.
In this occasion, many students were given scholarship and book grants. They had the
opportunity to study in several universities. Many students who were going to continue their
study in high school were given the assistance in this occasion as well.

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